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Aussie diver hailed a hero in boat rescue; 'to put your life at risk to help another - he did'
date added: 2010-12-16  source:

Alabama AG: Honeymoon scuba killer Watson should not get bail
date added: 2010-12-09  source:

gabewatsonmugshotsmLawyer: Honeymoon scuba killer Watson facing Alabama 'lynch mob'
date added: 2010-12-03   source:

LA judge approves honeymoon scuba killer's extradition to Alabama
date added: 2010-12-02  source:

Instructor presumed dead after 80m submerged volcano dive in the Gulf of Thailand
date added: 2010-12-02  source:

Group teaches scuba divers with disabilities; 'I'm not trapped inside my body anymore'
date added: 2010-11-30  source:

Honeymoon scuba killer Watson 'hoped to make millions from death'
date added: 2010-11-30  source:

'Honeymoon Killer' Gabe Watson Returns to U.S. to Face Two Murder Charges
date added: 2010-11-29  source:

Honeymoon scuba killer Gabe Watson won't challenge deportation
date added: 2010-11-27  source:

dennisohareExperienced diver dies while doing underwater photography off Malta coast
date added: 2010-11-23   source:

Russian divers find buckets with human hands and heads; 'violent death'
date added: 2010-11-23  source:

Researcher: Diver's breathing could be used to thwart underwater attack
date added: 2010-11-18  source:

Honeymoon Scuba Killer Watson In Limbo As U.S. Mulls Options
date added: 2010-11-18  source:

diveboatsinksPolice investigate foul play as $4m dive boat sinks at Port Douglas
date added: 2010-11-17   source:

Anglesey wreck salvage investors 'misled' by veteran diver Joe McCormack; 'an axe to grind'
date added: 2010-11-16  source:

Aussie Minister: Released Honeymoon Scuba Killer Watson Backed Out of Homecoming Deal
date added: 2010-11-16  source:

'Honeymoon Scuba Killer' Released From Aussie Jail; U.S. Deportation Awaits No Death Penalty Promise
date added: 2010-11-15  source:

Natalie Portman likes 'extreme experiences', nd her favorite hobby is scuba diving
date added: 2010-11-08  source:

U.S. Navy divers are made in Panama City, Florida
date added: 2010-11-07  source:

openwaterdiverRevealed: The Amazing Pictures Lost At Sea Capture Divers' Miracle Survival
date added: 2010-11-05   source:
floridadiverFlorida man specializes in finding lost items underwater; 'I've got it'
date added: 2010-10-27   source:

Camera in the sand reveals divers' survival snaps; 'maybe there will be a record one day'
date added: 2010-10-27  source:

Expert: Turkey's underwater cultural heritage in danger
date added: 2010-10-27  source:

Divers Find 1,500 Live Ammunition Shells Under New York City Bridge; 'They're All Over The Place'
date added: 2010-10-27  source:

Divers stage 'protest dig' at Halifax Park dive reef; 'The sand is burying the sponges'
date added: 2010-10-26  source:

tinawatsonTina's dad is smiling, but Alabama tight-lipped on honeymoon scuba killer Watson's fate
date added: 2010-10-25   source:

Attorney of honeymoon scuba killer says investigation 'desperate attempt at attention'
date added: 2010-10-25  source:

Alabama AG To Present Evidence To Grand Jury Against Honeymoon Scuba Killer Gabe Watson
date added: 2010-10-25  source:

Bali dive outfit launches best dive job in the world contest; 'it's a great life'
date added: 2010-10-24  source:

Celebration spotlights 50th anniversary of Key Largo's Pennekamp, America's first underwater park
date added: 2010-10-22  source:

Diver sues after being told to jump into shallow water
date added: 2010-10-21  source:

sharkdiverPatric Douglas: meet Mr. Shark Diver
date added: 2010-10-15   source:

French Cave Diver Trapped 800 Meters Underground For A Week 'Could Be Alive'
date added: 2010-10-14  source:

sculptureRevealed: Amazing New Artificial Reef In Mexico Made From Sculptures Of Real People
date added: 2010-10-14   source:

Body of French cave explorer found after massive search effort
date added: 2010-10-12  source:

Divers to target lionfish in Nov. 13 Florida Keys derby; tastes like 'hogfish'
date added: 2010-10-08  source:

WilliamTrubridgefreediverfreediversmProject Hector: Freediver to attempt world record 100m plunge
date added: 2010-10-07   source:

Grand jury set in Alabama for honeymoon scuba killer Gabe Watson
date added: 2010-10-07  source:

Diver tells of being stranded off California coast by diving vessel; 'I did not want to die, please help'
date added: 2010-10-07  source:

HMSSnaefellDivers discover long lost wreck HMS Snaefell; 'We kept it a secret for a bit'
date added: 2010-10-05   source:
saudicelebrationSaudi divers celebrate at 60ft underwater
date added: 2010-10-04   source:

Scuba diving on rise despite lack of life in Lebanese waters
date added: 2010-10-03  source:

NCIS mulls probe into vandalism of sunken U.S. warship off Okinawa
date added: 2010-10-02  source:

blindscubadiverBlind man takes up scuba diving; 'I wasn't ready, but I did it'
date added: 2010-10-01   source:

Diver to try again for underwater endurance mark; 'There's a lot of garbage down there'
date added: 2010-09-27  source:

scubatankexplosion2 Polish tourists killed when scuba tank explodes
date added: 2010-09-26   source:
siberianbicycleSiberian divers attempt underwater cycling competition
date added: 2010-09-23   source:
scubarigAn Oil Rig's Second, Scuba-Diving Life
date added: 2010-09-22   source:

Destroyer USS Arthur W. Radford will become largest ship sunk to form artificial reef off New Jersey
date added: 2010-09-21  source:

InjuredSoldierscertifydiverssmInjured soldiers certify as divers, find healing in water; 'we had to be creative'
date added: 2010-09-20   source:
pArishiltonParis Hilton visits a new dive; 'I love scuba diving, it's so much fun!'
date added: 2010-09-17   source:

Young Man Of Chan Hol: Undersea Mexican Cave Yields One of Oldest Skeletons in Americas
date added: 2010-09-17  source:

A Week Underwater: Scuba Diver Looks To Blow Record Out Of the Water
date added: 2010-09-17  source:

Florida diver finds wallet on ocean bottom and returns it; 'no that's impossible'
date added: 2010-09-14  source:

Florida diver derbies to net lionfish and $10,000 in cash and prizes; 'genuine food delicacy'
date added: 2010-09-04  source:

World Bog Snorkeling Championships Has New World Record Time; 'Thrashed' Old Record
date added: 2010-09-01  source:

Divers Remove Ancient Human Skeleton From Mexican Cave
date added: 2010-08-27  source:

Honeymoon Scuba Killer Likely To Be Deported To The U.S.
date added: 2010-08-27  source:

Diver recalls fateful night of Gulf Air crash; 'bodies and luggage floating all over the place'
date added: 2010-08-26  source:

Dive instructor saves unconscious woman 14 meters underwater
date added: 2010-08-25  source:

Doctor sentenced to 6 months probation in boating accident that cost a diver his legs
date added: 2010-08-22  source:

Female diver died after having panic attack in just 6ft of water
date added: 2010-08-20  source:

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