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US Navy diver dies during training off North Carolina
date added: 2012-01-30  source:

World famous Bloxwich diver's memorabilia sells for more than £10,000
date added: 2012-01-29  source:

nealwatsonbahamassmDive legend Neal Watson re-elected president of the Bahamas Diving Association
date added: 2012-01-27   source:

Divers find WWII bomber off Swedish coast
date added: 2012-01-26  source:

New Zealand: No charges over double dive deaths
date added: 2012-01-26  source:

Divers recover Madonna intact from shipwreck chapel; 'the right thing to do'
date added: 2012-01-26  source:

Scuba diver wants Coast Guard to let his team search for sunken Mandy Ness; 'Hopefully, we can find answers'
date added: 2012-01-24  source:

Australia: Cairns diver recovers after irukandji sting; 'you just knew he was in pain'
date added: 2012-01-22  source:

Open Water: Aussie Propose New Law To Count Dive Boat Tourists Twice
date added: 2012-01-21  source:

California: Scuba diver ticketed in lobster-poaching case
date added: 2012-01-18  source:

Russian artist paints underwater in the Red and Black seas
date added: 2012-01-18  source:

Divers wanted for Great Barrier Reef study
date added: 2012-01-16  source:

Work starts on clearing Scylla wreck net off Cornwall coast; 'significant loss of marine life' seen
date added: 2012-01-15  source:

Expert: Sunken Rena wreck 'could kill divers'
date added: 2012-01-14  source:

Organizing underwater fashion show 'harder than it looks'
date added: 2012-01-11  source:

ninadobrevActress Nina Dobrev becomes scuba diver ahead of 23rd birthday
date added: 2012-01-11   source:
classringlostFlorida: Diver finds woman's class ring lost in 1930s, returns it to her grandson
date added: 2012-01-10   source:
missingStatueAuthorities Baffled As 3.5 Ton Underwater Statue Disappears Off Italian Coast
date added: 2012-01-10   source:

Brit drowns in scuba diving accident off Australian coast while saving girlfriend's life
date added: 2012-01-09  source:

Honeymoon scuba killer Gabe Watson's hearing full of tension, scheduling challenges
date added: 2012-01-08  source:

USS Narcissus, Civil War shipwreck off keys could become Florida's 12th underwater preserve
date added: 2012-01-07  source:

missinggolfdiver'Hero' golf ball diver found dead at Florida golf course
date added: 2012-01-06   source:

Divers can explore artificial reef made from Florida Keys Over-Sea Railroad Bridge section
date added: 2012-01-05  source:

Curtiss Helldiver: Mystery of downed WW II-era plane off Florida coast partially solved
date added: 2012-01-05  source:

uaediverEmirati diver conquers sea... and social barriers
date added: 2012-01-04   source:

Wounded soldiers fight back with new scuba diving careers
date added: 2012-01-04  source:

Dive master: Brit businessman in search for underwater apprentice
date added: 2012-01-02  source:

Scuba divers discover airplane submerged off Florida coast; 'somebody's looking for it'
date added: 2011-12-29  source:

Florida: One Dead, Seven Saved When 'Get Wet' Dive Boat Sinks Off Keys
date added: 2011-12-26  source:

Saipan business group opposes $1 fee for scuba dive shops
date added: 2011-12-24  source:

Nominations open for the 2012 DAN/Rolex diver of the year award
date added: 2011-12-22  source:

Underwater wonderland at risk: 60 Minutes features 'Gardens of the Queen' off Cuba's coast
date added: 2011-12-20  source:

Volunteer divers fall ill after cleaning up Brit river; 'I'm not sure I can convince anyone to do it again'
date added: 2011-12-18  source:

Virgin Islands diver describes being lost at sea; 'I wasn't going to be a corpse on the beach'
date added: 2011-12-15  source:

46,000 divers worldwide visit Sabah annually
date added: 2011-12-13  source:

scubachairFisherman recovers remains of BC diver 26 years after going missing
date added: 2011-12-12   source:

Scuba diver mauled to death by saltwater crocodile off coast of Australia
date added: 2011-12-11  source:

To boldly go SCUBA diving where no one has gone before: Meet the Roddenberry Dive Team
date added: 2011-12-07  source:

Cedar tree root found 53ft deep in water nine miles off Bermuda; 'it had grown there'
date added: 2011-11-27  source:

What happens when you crack an egg 100 feet underwater? A fish eats it
date added: 2011-11-22  source:

pierrecousteauCousteau Divers May Call Florida City Home; 'I Woke Up This Morning And Saw Dolphins'
date added: 2011-11-22   source:

Youngest Cousteau Son Creates Online Platform For Divers To Report On Marine Life
date added: 2011-11-20  source:

Chicago fire and police divers investigated after fight over drowning rescue; 'It's all gossip'
date added: 2011-11-18  source:

Lost engagement ring found by scuba diver; 'I've got it'
date added: 2011-11-18  source:

Hawaiian fish company fined $50,000 in safety-related diving death; 'This tragedy was preventable'
date added: 2011-11-14  source:

Philippines: Scuba diving priests take mission from pulpit to the depths
date added: 2011-11-09  source:

William Walker: Diver Who Saved A Sinking Cathedral
date added: 2011-11-08  source:

134 hours of filming under ice - it's all part of the job for Frozen Planet crew
date added: 2011-11-05  source:

USSKittiwakeCaymans: Storm shifts Kittiwake wreck 60 feet; 'It is incredible'
date added: 2011-11-03   source:

Interview: U.S. Antarctic program's youngest diver, Danielle Woodward
date added: 2011-11-02  source:

Stormy seas off Florida coast cause diver to give up record-breaking attempt
date added: 2011-10-29  source:

aquanautNASA's Underwater 'Asteroid' Mission Floats Past Midway Point
date added: 2011-10-29   source:

Portuguese scuba divers rediscover 1977 Swiss plane wreck off Madeira
date added: 2011-10-28  source:

Canada: Diver's body found in crab trap; 'we don't have a missing diver reported'
date added: 2011-10-27  source:

MarkcolmanBrit looks to break world record, spending 5 days underwater in tank; 'It is a big endurance test'
date added: 2011-10-27   source:

Man discovers scuba passion, makes it his career; 'All my life I've dreamed about breathing underwater'
date added: 2011-10-26  source:

Florida Scuba Diver Looks To Set Record For Longest Freshwater Dive; 'I Didn't Have Anything Else To Do'
date added: 2011-10-26  source:

Divers find Dutch WWII submarine off Borneo after 70 years
date added: 2011-10-25  source:

Commercial Divers Trapped Underwater As Support Ship Sinks In The Persian Gulf; 'We Hope Their Oxygen Has Not Run Out'
date added: 2011-10-25  source:

asteroidaquanautPictures: NASA Practices Landing on Underwater 'Asteroid'
date added: 2011-10-24   source:
davidDDavid Doubilet: Pictures to dive for
date added: 2011-10-21   source:

Australia: Danger sport of cave diving defended after second death this year; 'He ran out of air'
date added: 2011-10-20  source:

New Zealand: Astrolabe's Reef days as a dive spot could be over
date added: 2011-10-20  source:

Rover scientist: Why I'm spending 13 days underwater
date added: 2011-10-19  source:

Paralyzed scuba instructor holds Dubai diving course; 'Are you really trying to kill yourself?'
date added: 2011-10-17  source:

Divers recover artifacts from Blackbeard's flagship
date added: 2011-10-17  source:

Aussie Dive industry calls for greater shark protection
date added: 2011-10-15  source:

Body of missing Brit diver found 400 miles away off coast of Netherlands
date added: 2011-10-14  source:

navydiversNavy Divers: One wrong move and you're dead
date added: 2011-10-12   source:

David Swain back in U.S. after release from Tortola prison; 'I had nothing whatsoever to do with this tragedy'
date added: 2011-10-11  source:

Florida divers 'could have died' after being left behind in shark-infested waters
date added: 2011-10-08  source:

Dive team retrieves old cannon from Detroit River
date added: 2011-10-06  source:

Survivors Recall 17 Divers Lost in 2001 Belize Disaster; 'There Were No Repercussions Against Peter Hughes Diving'
date added: 2011-10-06  source:

turkishdiverTurkish freediver breaks world record
date added: 2011-10-04   source:

Florida divers to target lionfish in Keys derby; $3,000 in cash prizes
date added: 2011-10-02  source:

'Stunning Find': Amateur Scuba Divers Recover 13th Century Treasure Chest Off Estonian Coast
date added: 2011-10-02  source:

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