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underwaterthrusterYou Can't Buy These Underwater Iron Man Thrusters Without Government Approval
date added: 2014-09-09   source:

Diver pleads not guilty in Kona scuba 'attack' incident
date added: 2014-09-08  source:

Divers told not to dive inside 'dangerous' Scylla wreck
date added: 2014-09-04  source:

Diver dies after rescue from notorious Dorothea Quarry in North Wales
date added: 2014-09-03  source:

Buddhists lead attempt to find Burma’s lost bell in the Rangoon River
date added: 2014-08-28  source:

Lost French fleet of 1565 remains a mystery after divers spend weeks looking off Florida coast
date added: 2014-08-25  source:

Divers identify sunken vessel as World War II wreck of USS Houston where 700 troops perished
date added: 2014-08-23  source:

New dive program lets anyone go deep into the New Orleans Aquarium
date added: 2014-08-23  source:

irishswordIreland: 3,500-year-old sword discovered by dive club in Shannon River
date added: 2014-08-22   source:

Several beachgoers stung by stingrays along North Carolina beach
date added: 2014-08-19  source:

Author: Free diving world record will soon be pushed to 1,000 feet
date added: 2014-08-15  source:

Author: Free diving world record will soon be pushed to 1,000 feet
date added: 2014-08-14  source:

Mike Holmes 'blown away' by pal's scuba diving death; 'it's terribly tragic'
date added: 2014-08-10  source:

World Wars secrets revealed at Scapa Flow as Spitfire and warship found in underwater graveyard
date added: 2014-08-07  source:

Heroic Navy diver drowned after refusing to leave his fellow sailor to die alone underwater during a training exercise
date added: 2014-08-07  source:

Scuba group proposes underwater playground off Alabama coast for younger, less experienced divers
date added: 2014-08-04  source:

Florida: Goliath grouper attacks diver, steals his fish
date added: 2014-08-03  source:

Singapore Navy combat divers: How do we photograph a group of people underwater?s
date added: 2014-08-01  source:

undernautIs space like under water (for astronauts)? 'it really is close to spaceflight'
date added: 2014-07-31   source:

'That's a moray': Scuba diver and eel share an incredible friendship
date added: 2014-07-31  source:

Scallop diver is found dead off Massachusetts coast; 'The ocean has no conscience'
date added: 2014-07-29  source:

Scallop diver is found dead off Massachusetts coast; 'The ocean has no conscience'
date added: 2014-07-28  source:

Turkish diver Can breaks third world diving record
date added: 2014-07-26  source:

Underwater hell: Man trapped for 20 hours in Spanish cave
date added: 2014-07-26  source:

Brit freediver swims underwater for two and a half minutes to break record
date added: 2014-07-22  source:

Underwater vehicle to measure Antarctic Sea ice
date added: 2014-07-21  source:

Video reveals Texas' close call with WWII Nazis
date added: 2014-07-18  source:

Ireland: Divers warned to be well-trained before going underwater
date added: 2014-07-18  source:

Hong Kong: Divers uncover historical treasure trove in waters off Sai Kung
date added: 2014-07-16  source:

Explorers find 1952 US plane wreck in Lake Ontario
date added: 2014-07-15  source:

A look inside the 300-year-old shipwreck graveyard 20 miles from NYC
date added: 2014-07-14  source:

Prince William takes plunges for new scuba president role
date added: 2014-07-14  source:

Take a tour of one of the world’s only underwater labs with Fabien Cousteau
date added: 2014-07-09  source:

Chuuk islands in Micronesia are home to the world’s biggest graveyard of ships destroyed during WWII
date added: 2014-07-06  source:

fabientAquanauts end underwater mission in Florida Keys
date added: 2014-07-05   source:

San Francisco abalone diver dies in underwater cave
date added: 2014-07-04  source:

cousteauCousteau nears end of underwater living experiment
date added: 2014-06-29   source:
paintingunderwaterA painting lesson 63 feet under the sea
date added: 2014-06-28   source:

Jail sought for Indonesian skipper in Japanese diver deaths
date added: 2014-06-27  source:

Fabien Cousteau intent on breaking grandfather Jacques Cousteau's underwater record; 'I Don't Miss Much Up There'
date added: 2014-06-27  source:

worstphotoBrit man is runner-up in worst holiday photo competition
date added: 2014-06-25   source:

Wisconsin man scrapes 1,500 pounds of mussels off houseboat
date added: 2014-06-24  source:

Old shipwrecks are primary allure for exploring deep waters of Great Lakes
date added: 2014-06-24  source:

fabienunderwaterLiving underwater: Fabien Cousteau in second half of 31-day experiment
date added: 2014-06-21   source:

South Korean aquarium divers have underwater soccer show
date added: 2014-06-13  source:

Iron Man Exosuit Will Look For 2000-Year-Old Computer Underwater
date added: 2014-06-10  source:

Miami: Divers collecting corals before shipping channel widened
date added: 2014-06-06  source:

fabiencousteauGrandson aims to break Jacques Cousteau's underwater record
date added: 2014-06-06   source:

US Navy training Solomons police to clear WW2 unexploded ordinance
date added: 2014-06-05  source:

lostdiversVideo: Liverpool student divers in dramatic sea rescue off Anglesey coast
date added: 2014-06-05   source:

South Korea: Second diver dies in ferry search
date added: 2014-06-04  source:

D-Day's Underwater Wrecks Yield Up Their Secrets; 'Most of the wrecks sunk after D-Day'
date added: 2014-06-04  source:

U-26: Finnish divers find German submarine lost in 1915
date added: 2014-06-03  source:

Malaysian breath-hold record set for static apnea
date added: 2014-06-03  source:

Bonaire Bids Farewell to Diving Legend and Island Icon, Captain Don Stewart
date added: 2014-06-03  source:

Indonesia: Ten divers arrested for looting shipwrecks
date added: 2014-05-30  source:

Divers prepare to excavate 'mystery' wall buried on Plymouth seabed
date added: 2014-05-29  source:

Philippines: Anchor stolen from Subic shipwreck retrieved
date added: 2014-05-28  source:

snorkelmaskNew snorkeling mask makes breathing underwater a snap
date added: 2014-05-28   source:

Underwater image shows drowned couple in loving embrace
date added: 2014-05-21  source:

Brit Divers prosecuted for keeping £250,000-worth of wreck salvage
date added: 2014-05-20  source:

Scuba diving assault caught on camera off Hawaii’s Kona coast
date added: 2014-05-17  source:

In prep for future asteroid mission, NASA astronauts go deep sea diving, sort of
date added: 2014-05-15  source:

Diary reveals diver's harrowing search for Korea ferry bodies; 'Felt A body'
date added: 2014-05-14  source:

princegeorgePrince William wants son George to follow in family's scuba diving footsteps
date added: 2014-05-14   source:

Captain of boat carrying Japanese in Bali diving accident goes on trial
date added: 2014-05-12  source:

Scottish officials warn divers not to drink the night before going underwater
date added: 2014-05-06  source:

Tahoe diver finds missing Japanese mega sub/aircraft carrier off Hawaii
date added: 2014-05-06  source:

Divers suffer growing fatigue from prolonged Korean ferry search
date added: 2014-05-06  source:

First submarine wreck dive trail in UK opens to tourists
date added: 2014-05-06  source:

Gold hunters to dive legendary shipwreck first discovered by fugitive
date added: 2014-05-05  source:

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