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sharktonicmobilityWatch a scuba diver instantly put a shark to sleep with this neat trick
date added: 2014-03-20   source:

Report: Florida cave divers ran out of air after diving down to 233 feet
date added: 2014-03-20  source:

rivercashDuo catches stolen bank robbery cash at bottom of Tennessee river
date added: 2014-03-18   source:

Diving the dream in 'Le Rêve' at Wynn Las Vegas
date added: 2014-03-15  source:

Sunken WWII transport plane still in incredible condition 70 years after it was used by paratroopers in fight against the Nazis
date added: 2014-03-14  source:

blueholeDiver's cemetery: The Blue Hole of Dahab
date added: 2014-03-07   source:
exosuitadvanceddivingsystemsmThe 'Exosuit': A wearable submarine for visiting deep water
date added: 2014-03-04   source:
selfiewhaleFreediver poses for up close and personal photograph with giant sperm whale
date added: 2014-03-02   source:

Divers find deep cavern in Japan's longest underwater cave
date added: 2014-03-01  source:

Too dangerous: Finnish divers to have final rest in Norwegian sea cave
date added: 2014-03-01  source:

Negligence: Bali skipper accused of abandoning women scuba divers
date added: 2014-02-26  source:

Underwater cave diving is the closest thing to visiting alien worlds
date added: 2014-02-25  source:

Floating coconuts and rainwater helped lost Japanese divers survive deadly storm
date added: 2014-02-24  source:

Kiwi trio dive into underwater robot challenge; 'some fantastic career opportunities'
date added: 2014-02-23  source:

Chuuk marks 70th anniversary of 'Operation Hailstone', WW II battle that left legacy of underwater monuments beneath the lagoon
date added: 2014-02-22  source:

Female scuba diver lost at sea for three days is found dead hours after five others were rescued from shark-infested waters off Bali
date added: 2014-02-22  source:

Trinidad: Body of drowned UK man surfaces on wedding day
date added: 2014-02-21  source:

Japanese scuba diver describes horror in Bali seas as dead companion found; sea 'like a washing machine'
date added: 2014-02-21  source:

Divers plunge in to keep San Francisco. reservoirs clean
date added: 2014-02-20  source:

Florida educators aim to set record in Key Largo for longest stint in an underwater habitat
date added: 2014-02-20  source:

Alive: Five of seven missing divers rescued, sent to Bali hospitals
date added: 2014-02-20  source:

Two Tennessee instructors to live, teach undersea; 'This has never been done before'
date added: 2014-02-19  source:

Open water: Seven Japanese scuba divers missing in waters off Bali
date added: 2014-02-19  source:

Search Enters Third Day For Seven Missing Scuba Divers Off Bali; 'No Indication Where They Are'
date added: 2014-02-19  source:

japandiverJapan: Tsunami widower searches seabed for missing wife
date added: 2014-02-18   source:

More than 100 young divers to take part in Red Sea cleanup
date added: 2014-02-17  source:

turkeybasiliTurkey: Divers observe underwater Byzantine basilica discovered in Ä°znik Lake
date added: 2014-02-16   source:

India: Pieces of history dug up from ocean bed near Valiathura
date added: 2014-02-14  source:

destroyerbcArtificial reef from destroyer creates deep divide in B.C.
date added: 2014-02-13   source:

Houston divers rally to support multi million dollar reef project
date added: 2014-02-13  source:

Underwater tourist attraction floated for Dubai; 'instant tourism revenue and excitement'
date added: 2014-02-12  source:

Bodies of drowned Finnish cave divers 'may take weeks to be recovered'
date added: 2014-02-11  source:

Two Finnish divers die in northern Norway accident
date added: 2014-02-11  source:

galleonDuke of Argyll's divers will search for Spanish gold in sunken galleon
date added: 2014-02-11   source:

Farewell to the world's oldest diver, 93
date added: 2014-02-07  source:

Bomb removal all in a day's work for elite Navy dive team; 'There is a lot of stress'
date added: 2014-02-06  source:

dubaidivingDiving in Dubai: Dos, don'ts and everything else
date added: 2014-02-05   source:
costadiverItalian Diver Killed After Becoming 'Entangled' In Costa Concordia Wreck
date added: 2014-02-05   source:
bunburydiverBunbury diver 'ashamed to be Australian' after first shark cull death
date added: 2014-01-31   source:

Ten Omani divers become coral reef guardians
date added: 2014-01-30  source:

planedownThe eerie and awesome world of underwater plane graveyards
date added: 2014-01-29   source:

China: Divers emerge after trip 300 meters under sea
date added: 2014-01-29  source:

ukrainemuseaumDiver Creates Underwater Museum in Ukraine
date added: 2014-01-29   source:

Minnesota man who survived 25 minutes underwater tells his story; 'I heard the ice crack'
date added: 2014-01-28  source:

Bermuda: Diver offers to lay wreath next to plane wreckage
date added: 2014-01-28  source:

New York: Dive of polluted Gowanus Canal planned for Sunday; 'It’s gonna be dark, it’s gonna be murky'
date added: 2014-01-28  source:

tritongillsCodename Triton: Student Claims to Have Designed Working Artificial Gills
date added: 2014-01-25   source:

Navy diver demoted after inquiry into Aberdeen Super Pond deaths
date added: 2014-01-22  source:

peruartistPeruvian artist paints pictures underwater
date added: 2014-01-22   source:

Video: Bride-to-be panics and almost drowns when boyfriend proposes under water
date added: 2014-01-22  source:

U.S. Navy master diver found negligent in incident that killed two
date added: 2014-01-21  source:

Report finds problems with gear used by U.S. Navy sailors in fatal dive
date added: 2014-01-19  source:

Man proposes while scuba diving with bull sharks
date added: 2014-01-17  source:

Court-martial begins for Navy supervisor following 2 divers' deaths
date added: 2014-01-16  source:

Chinese first as saturation divers hit 300 meters
date added: 2014-01-15  source:

China starts first saturation diving experiment
date added: 2014-01-14  source:

Florida cave divers defend sport after deaths at Eagle’s Nest Sink
date added: 2014-01-14  source:

Search for Adel goes viral: Friends rally to Algerian diver missing off Dubai
date added: 2014-01-08  source:

Scuba diving club hold underwater fancy dress circus
date added: 2014-01-08  source:

divepioneerLucky dip as photos resurface of scuba pioneers
date added: 2014-01-07   source:

French man missing off Caribbean island after deep dive
date added: 2014-01-03  source:

simdiverEarning your virtual diving license in this scuba sim
date added: 2014-01-03   source:

Dead diver's father wants Florida's Eagle Nest Sink Cave closed after deaths
date added: 2014-01-03  source:

Florida: Missing cave divers, father and son, found dead on Christmas Day
date added: 2013-12-31  source:

underwatersantaUnderwater Santa greets aquarium patrons in Tokyo
date added: 2013-12-30   source:

175 scuba diving Santas break world record at Vobster Quay
date added: 2013-12-29  source:

Mate's loss returns to haunt diver; 'It bit him in half'
date added: 2013-12-26  source:

U.S. Navy divers suspend search for Reaper drone lost in Lake Ontario
date added: 2013-12-22  source:

Army report says diver was 'losing air, losing air fast' on first fatal Super Pond dive
date added: 2013-12-21  source:

Some Competitors Say Free-Diving Needs A Safety Sea Change
date added: 2013-12-21  source:

Divers see rare flame shell species for first time in half a century
date added: 2013-12-18  source:

HMAS Perth: WWII warship grave stripped by salvagers
date added: 2013-12-17  source:

allislostBelow the line: Cinematographer goes underwater with 'All Is Lost'
date added: 2013-12-17   source:
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