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Dr. Guy Harvey inducted into the 2013 International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame
date added: 2013-11-20  source:

10-yr-old Brit Certified To Scuba Dive
date added: 2013-11-20  source:

Body in well mystery: Police divers remove corpse as seven men arrested on suspicion of murder
date added: 2013-11-19  source:

Dominican Republic Divers Discover Hispaniola's 'Biggest' Cave
date added: 2013-11-15  source:

British man held for illegal diving on Concordia wreck
date added: 2013-11-14  source:

New York: Deputies say cause of 16-yr-old's fatal scuba accident could take months to determine
date added: 2013-11-13  source:

Aussie divers lose class action against Victorian Government over deadly abalone virus
date added: 2013-11-11  source:

New Zealand; Rena divers involved in serious safety incidents
date added: 2013-11-11  source:

shoaldiverVideo: Huge sardine shoal surrounds diver
date added: 2013-11-06   source:

Cousteau's Underwater Mission in Florida Postponed; Delayed Permits, Government Shutdown Blamed
date added: 2013-11-01  source:

bravediverBrave diver pulls hook from mouth of tiger shark
date added: 2013-10-26   source:

Did a faulty dive computer lead to the death of two U.S. divers off Canadian coast
date added: 2013-10-25  source:

underwatermuseumPhotos: Astronauts Take Underwater Moonwalk In 'Apollo 11 Under the Sea'
date added: 2013-10-25   source:

Florida: Spiegel Grove scuba diver presumed dead after going missing during 'penetration dive'
date added: 2013-10-22  source:

Dive shop damaged after oxygen tank explodes
date added: 2013-10-19  source:

Video: NatGeo divers explore Cenote Sac Uayum's inner sanctum
date added: 2013-10-10  source:

Teenager learns how to get shrimp to clean his teeth by imitating behavior of fish off Bali
date added: 2013-10-10  source:

Western Australia: Scuba diver bitten by shark, suffers 'serious injuries'
date added: 2013-10-09  source:

Italian divers vow to recover all victims; 'There are hundreds of families that are waiting for news'
date added: 2013-10-08  source:

Divers find human remains in Costa Concordia
date added: 2013-10-07  source:

cyprusscubaCyprus: Divers bid for underwater clean-up record
date added: 2013-10-03   source:

20 Minutes, 30 Seconds: Croatian diver Sets new breath-holding record; 'It's always good to add something more to one's CV'
date added: 2013-10-03  source:

SARbot: Britain's first underwater rescue charity
date added: 2013-10-02  source:

Dubai clean-up divers: Beach a dumping ground for toilet seat, car tires, slippers
date added: 2013-10-02  source:

New 'polar snorkeling' trips launched to Antarctica
date added: 2013-10-01  source:

Divers recover 10 1/2-pound meteorite fragment from lake in Urals
date added: 2013-10-01  source:

diverparadeSingapore: Underwater graduation parade for navy divers
date added: 2013-09-29   source:
cookiemonsterspongeDiver photographs 'Cookie Monster of the Sea' Sponge
date added: 2013-09-29   source:

Canadian Underwater Photographer Peter Brumer Dies On NatGeo Shoot In Costa Rica
date added: 2013-09-27  source:

Freedivers explore ocean without scuba gear, on one breath
date added: 2013-09-26  source:

Scuba instructor catches thieves trying to sell his student’s gear
date added: 2013-09-26  source:

Japan's ama divers: still fishing after all these years
date added: 2013-09-26  source:

Florida: Boy, 7, finds ancient canoe while scuba diving
date added: 2013-09-25  source:

Borneo: Divers remove 543kg of rubbish; 'People are still treating the ocean like a giant rubbish bin'
date added: 2013-09-24  source:

Combat wounded veterans from Special Operations Forces to compete in underwater races
date added: 2013-09-24  source:

New Mexico: Boulder thwarts plan to explore secret underwater cave; 'it's taunting us'
date added: 2013-09-24  source:

Authorities: Divers find remains of 6 people in two cars that were at bottom of Oklahoma. lake for decades
date added: 2013-09-24  source:

Locals all for 'Welcome' sinking in Lake Michigan; 'Ideally, it would be nice if it was accessible from shore'
date added: 2013-09-21  source:

New Mexico: Divers hope to unlock secrets of underwater cave closed for years
date added: 2013-09-18  source:

Lost ring returned after nearly 40 years, diver Brian Tovin hunts down owner Robert LeVaughn Phillips
date added: 2013-09-17  source:

Intrepid diver films flooded silica mine in Wales
date added: 2013-09-16  source:

Swedish diver finds dismembered body; 'It's the kind of thing you think you could only see on TV'
date added: 2013-09-12  source:

81-year-old Pismo Beach diver recounts his life underwater; 'I'm very comfortable in the water'
date added: 2013-09-12  source:

uwastroWalking a mile in a real NASA astronaut’s underwater shoes
date added: 2013-09-10   source:

Death of scuba diver, 49, leads to row about why lifeboat rescue was delayed by 20 minutes
date added: 2013-09-09  source:

Death of scuba diver, 49, leads to row about why lifeboat rescue was delayed by 20 minutes
date added: 2013-09-08  source:

Diver sheds light on Puget Sound's underwater trash; 'you don't think there would be trash under water'
date added: 2013-09-08  source:

Underwater scan finds significant heart changes in divers
date added: 2013-09-05  source:

Researchers retrieving treasure from Queen Anne’s Revenge shipwreck; 'pulling up objects nearly every day'
date added: 2013-09-04  source:

abalonediversCalifornia abalone divers busted on poaching charges
date added: 2013-09-03   source:

English divers claim underwater domino record
date added: 2013-09-01  source:

Divers discover ship sunk by 'gentlemanly' German U-Boat in WWI
date added: 2013-08-28  source:

Gibraltar criticizes Spanish police dive; 'a serious incursion'
date added: 2013-08-28  source:

scubasmugglerScuba diver caught smuggling drugs into U.S. from Canada
date added: 2013-08-24   source:

Underwater hockey gaining in popularity; 'We have mouth guards on the snorkels'
date added: 2013-08-23  source:

U.S. Navy disciplines five in Aberdeen Proving Ground drownings
date added: 2013-08-19  source:

India: Court orders underwater search for man two years after death
date added: 2013-08-17  source:

Explorer trains in Exosuit, new advanced diving system that can reach 1000 feet; 'working in a new frontier'
date added: 2013-08-12  source:

handdiverRussian diver gets hand stuck in monkfish
date added: 2013-08-11   source:

2013 Ocean Art underwater Photo Competition announced; over $75,000 in prizes will be awarded
date added: 2013-08-08  source:

uwhelmetVideo of the Day: How not to film underwater
date added: 2013-08-06   source:

Drowning Aftermath: OSHA Finds 'Serious' Safety Violations At U.S. Army's Diving Pond In Aberdeen
date added: 2013-08-06  source:

jerryhall4,320 Minutes Down, 4,320 To Go: Jerry Hall halfway through world record dive
date added: 2013-08-04   source:
jerryhallWorld record attempt for longest scuba dive begins
date added: 2013-07-30   source:

Man vs. Elements: Jerry Hall to attempt world record dive Again On Saturday; 'It's a Bucket List Item'
date added: 2013-07-28  source:

Alaska: Man catches a 325 pound halibut that could net him $15,000
date added: 2013-07-27  source:

Philippines: Blast fishing in Lagundi Reef alarms divers
date added: 2013-07-23  source:

congerattackDeep Sea Diver Cheats Death After Giant Eel Bites Face
date added: 2013-07-18   source:
frogmanChina: 'Frogman' loves high risk job deep down below
date added: 2013-07-17   source:

Australia: Union says inquiry into pearl diver's death taking too long
date added: 2013-07-10  source:

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