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Scotland: Diver death skipper avoids jail following safety breach; 'tragic accident'
date added: 2015-08-03  source:

Scuba Diver Justin Carmack talks about leaving college, making a living as a diver
date added: 2015-08-03  source:

Brother: Diver Luke Seabrook died after Nova Scotia Power dam gate left open; 'he was violently sucked underneath'
date added: 2015-08-03  source:

How does a real-life treasure hunter strike gold? 'You gotta want to do this'
date added: 2015-08-02  source:

Dive team discovers 116-year-old shipwreck in Lake Michigan; 'not a railing missing'
date added: 2015-07-28  source:

Protect and serve: Police divers recover swimmer's prosthetic leg lost in pond
date added: 2015-07-28  source:

fakediverBrit diver admits 17th Century shipwreck fraud
date added: 2015-07-28   source:

The Deep: Missing Andrea Doria diver presumed dead
date added: 2015-07-27  source:

Freak: Diver killed in windsurfer collision on Gran Canaria
date added: 2015-07-27  source:

turkishdiver72 hours: Turkish diver claims underwater world record
date added: 2015-07-27   source:
charlottediver13-yr-old record-breaker Charlotte is ready for dive of her life
date added: 2015-07-25   source:
DIYScubaGuy makes DIY underwater breathing device that really works
date added: 2015-07-25   source:

Revolutionary War-era shipwreck discovered off North Carolina coast
date added: 2015-07-24  source:

Bulgarian Sets World Record for Deepest Saltwater Scuba Dive for Women
date added: 2015-07-23  source:

faketreasureUNESCO says explorer's Madagascar pirate treasure claim is false
date added: 2015-07-22   source:

Australia: Abalone divers and green groups say expansion of booming salmon farming industry should be halted
date added: 2015-07-21  source:

Protect And Serve : San Francisco Police Divers Find Dead Cat In San Francisco bay; Owner Charged
date added: 2015-07-21  source:

Navy divers remove unexploded shells, cannonballs from CSS Georgia
date added: 2015-07-18  source:

Hundreds Gather For Underwater Radio Broadcast In Florida
date added: 2015-07-16  source:

Champion free-diver 'ties knot' underwater off Monaco coast
date added: 2015-07-11  source:

Massachusetts scuba diver 'died doing what he loved'
date added: 2015-07-02  source:

neemoNASA To Start Underwater Mission To Train Astronauts For Spacewalks
date added: 2015-07-02   source:
spearfishtressCanadian 'spearfishing huntress' fights stereotypes with social media
date added: 2015-07-01   source:

Pictures: Plymouth University diver captures stunning jellyfish images
date added: 2015-06-28  source:

Inside Sweden's longest underwater cave – video
date added: 2015-06-28  source:

Divers fail to find 'Wizard of Oz' ruby slippers in Tioga Mine pit
date added: 2015-06-23  source:

Heroic diver left traumatized by Piper Alpha disaster has been found drowned; 'What he did is incredible'
date added: 2015-06-23  source:

Questions linger for family after diver's death with tank shut off; 'Who turned it off?'
date added: 2015-06-22  source:

Divers search mine for Judy Garland's red ruby slippers
date added: 2015-06-18  source:

State of Michigan dives on Muskegon duo's 'Le Griffon' claim
date added: 2015-06-15  source:

Divers Plant Staghorn Coral in Florida Keys to Mark World Oceans Day
date added: 2015-06-14  source:

Kiwi dive operator sentenced after propeller death; 'entirely avoidable'
date added: 2015-06-13  source:

mermaidschoolToronto to get its own mermaid school this summer
date added: 2015-06-11   source:

FInland: Divers acquitted of stealing from shipwreck
date added: 2015-06-11  source:

mermaidmelissaBlonde free diver inspired by Disney classic changes her name to 'mermaid'
date added: 2015-06-09   source:

Vaquita Porpoises Down To 'Way Less Than 100,' Mexican Agents Shoot Fisherman While Enforcing New Protected Area
date added: 2015-06-04  source:

Local divers come to the rescue after kayaker loses prosthetic leg in Alberta’s Chestermere Lake
date added: 2015-06-01  source:

hideseekOctopus plays hide-and-seek with diver
date added: 2015-05-24   source:

Atlantic military divers part of team searching for old bombs in Baltic Sea
date added: 2015-05-21  source:

giantsquidtentacleNew Zealand: Giant squid found on Kaikoura beach; 'What a beast'
date added: 2015-05-20   source:

Watch gulf diver, removing lionfish, have a close encounter with a great white shark
date added: 2015-05-16  source:

skeletonPhoenix couple behind fake skeletons in Colorado River
date added: 2015-05-14   source:

Florida: Diver has close encounter with great white shark off Port Canaveral
date added: 2015-05-13  source:

Dive discovers missing aircraft hangar of sunken WW II-era japanese submarine
date added: 2015-05-05  source:

Family of Connecticut diver missing in Thailand still has hope
date added: 2015-05-01  source:

phuketabuseUproar over Phuket underwater animal abuse
date added: 2015-05-01   source:

B-29 plane crash site in Lake Mead open to public again
date added: 2015-05-01  source:

Ocean cleanup reunites Ontario man with wedding band
date added: 2015-04-29  source:

India: Scuba Diving Firm's Licence Cancelled, Diving Instructor Arrested Following Underwater Groping Accusation
date added: 2015-04-29  source:

Western Australia: Giant stingray 'Nibbles' on Diver's Head Near Rottnest
date added: 2015-04-28  source:

India: Woman molested underwater by scuba-diving instructor; 'I signaled with an 'OK''
date added: 2015-04-27  source:

In mystery, U.S. Army veteran goes missing from dive boat off Thailand
date added: 2015-04-21  source:

franklindiverFranklin shipwreck divers offer video tour of HMS Erebus
date added: 2015-04-21   source:

Report: Trio of dead abalone divers ignored warnings 'scary' conditions; 'The water was just horrible'
date added: 2015-04-19  source:

3 abalone divers drown near Mendocino County coast
date added: 2015-04-17  source:

Coroner's warning to tourists after British scuba girl dies abroad due to treatment delay
date added: 2015-03-30  source:

heliumsuitUS Navy shows off helium-saving deep-dive suit
date added: 2015-03-30   source:

British tourist Bethany Farrell died on first scuba dive on dream Australian trip
date added: 2015-03-28  source:

chinaflagChinese flag found at underwater wreckage of Japanese war ship
date added: 2015-03-28   source:

Deep sea explorer Widder receives Andrews award
date added: 2015-03-25  source:

Scotland: Skipper convicted over diver's death jailed for nine months; 'Effectively no safety Measures'
date added: 2015-03-25  source:

Florida Keys undersea explorer sets sights on Roman shipwrecks
date added: 2015-03-24  source:

Paralyzed firefighter achieves dream to scuba dive again
date added: 2015-03-24  source:

World-renowned local scuba outfitter Halcyon now has room to grow
date added: 2015-03-20  source:

Open water: Florida Boat Operator Leaves Diver Behind
date added: 2015-03-18  source:

Florida dive operator found guilty of feeding sharks
date added: 2015-03-16  source:

3ironRory McIlroy's three-iron rescued from lake by scuba diver
date added: 2015-03-12   source:

Want to see Michigan's underwater crucifix?
date added: 2015-03-11  source:

Harvesting oysters in winter an icy job for divers; 'We're really struggling this year'
date added: 2015-03-10  source:

Submerged in Siberia: Extreme hockey players clash sticks underwater
date added: 2015-02-27  source:

A canyon between continents: Divers capture breathtaking images swimming in crystal clear waters between North American and Eurasian tectonic plates
date added: 2015-02-22  source:

goldcoinsDivers Find 'Priceless' Trove of Gold Coins Off Israel's Mediterranean Coast
date added: 2015-02-21   source:
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