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Jennifer Lawrence to star in true freediving drama 'The Dive'
date added: 2015-01-23  source:

underholeUnderwater hole-in-one puts Aussies in the spotlight
date added: 2015-01-18   source:

Indonesia divers find black box of crashed AirAsia jet
date added: 2015-01-14  source:

Diver: How I survived the tsunami, 10 meters underwater
date added: 2015-01-08  source:

Only in Russia: Divers drink champagne, dance around New Year tree underwater
date added: 2015-01-05  source:

Israel Deploying Underwater Barrier, Sonar Array Against Hezbollah Divers; 'The other side is engaged in procurement, outfitting, planning'
date added: 2015-01-05  source:

underwatercommandHawaii-based Army divers conduct underwater change of command
date added: 2015-01-03   source:
supermandiverDiver plays down his heroics in saving friend from drowning
date added: 2015-01-02   source:

Russian divers take record-breaking sea plunge into Antarctic volcano
date added: 2015-01-01  source:

Thailand: Mystery surrounds deaths of Russian cave divers
date added: 2014-12-31  source:

Captain Arrested As Scuba Tourist Killed By Boat Propeller Off thai Coast; 'Safety and Quality First'
date added: 2014-12-29  source:

Aussie tourism operators tackle crown of thorns
date added: 2014-12-23  source:

70-year-old Derby man becomes UK's oldest qualified scuba diver
date added: 2014-12-10  source:

The US Navy once tried using nuclear-powered wetsuits to keep divers warm
date added: 2014-12-08  source:

Kiwi freediver: Failure just a plot twist
date added: 2014-12-08  source:

US Park Service to allow dives to wreckage of WWII bomber in Lake Mead
date added: 2014-12-08  source:

foundringGloucester Scuba Diver Searching For Owner Of Ring Found In Mexico
date added: 2014-12-08   source:

Divers find dropped engagement ring; 'It was cold and dark and we were both nervous'
date added: 2014-12-02  source:

See couple dive into marriage with underwater vows
date added: 2014-11-29  source:

Sea organisms from shipwreck could be real treasure to researchers
date added: 2014-11-28  source:

'If Carlsberg did dives': Final words of 'Action Man' Brit who drowned in Norway
date added: 2014-11-24  source:

GoPro: Diver finds owner of drone he found in ocean
date added: 2014-11-21  source:

Submerged instructors halfway to new world record
date added: 2014-11-17  source:

Underwater Archeological Diver 'Explores' Ship Wrecks off the Jersey Coast
date added: 2014-11-16  source:

On remote Lake Michigan shoal, diver finds undiscovered shipwreck cluster
date added: 2014-11-14  source:

Injured otters connect at Vancouver Aquarium
date added: 2014-11-13  source:

headsupDigital scuba mask features heads-up display; 'Emergency! Help me now!'
date added: 2014-11-10   source:

Diver finds drone, camera off California coast
date added: 2014-11-10  source:

Egyptian diver Gabr seeking to break another record in February
date added: 2014-11-06  source:

caymancoralCaymans: Divers attach first salvaged corals to new homes on reef
date added: 2014-11-06   source:
QAR-cannonNorth Carolina: Cannon-raising makes 23rd from Queen Anne's Revenge shipwreck site
date added: 2014-10-31   source:

Franklin discovery: Searchers consider 'winter dive' to explore Erebus further
date added: 2014-10-31  source:

Hold Your Breath: 'Aquastronauts' Go Underwater to Train for Space
date added: 2014-10-29  source:

Scientists to dive in Antarctic waters to test ocean acidification threat
date added: 2014-10-28  source:

'I faced the biggest eel I've seen... it had a head the size of an Alsatian' - Welsh diver reveals his underwater life
date added: 2014-10-27  source:

Finland: Four divers charged with raiding ancient shipwreck
date added: 2014-10-26  source:

Man sentenced to prison for diver’s death near Catalina Island
date added: 2014-10-26  source:

bahamassculptureGiant underwater sculpture unveiled in the Bahamas
date added: 2014-10-22   source:
exosuitadvanceddivingsystemsmSubmersible Exosuit lets divers plunge to 1,000 ft below the surface
date added: 2014-10-18   source:
franklinshipFranklin Expedition find 'almost unbelievable' recalls Canadian diver
date added: 2014-10-16   source:

Open Water: Kiwi diver left by fishing friend; 'idiotic'
date added: 2014-10-16  source:

Divers find mystery shipwreck off Sydney coast, believed to be tug boat SS Yamba
date added: 2014-10-14  source:

Diver Finds Evidence Showing Giants Lived In Arkansas; 'They were between eight to 10 feet long'
date added: 2014-10-14  source:

Experienced Sydney diver dies after being dragged to surface in underwater emergency
date added: 2014-10-13  source:

Freediving champ Petrovic aims to break underwater record at first Dubai extreme sports expo
date added: 2014-10-13  source:

nikonospicNikonos: Go underwater with a camera from the 1960s
date added: 2014-10-12   source:

Experienced Sydney diver dies after being dragged to surface in underwater emergency
date added: 2014-10-12  source:

Bugs: Five California divers die as lobster season opens
date added: 2014-10-09  source:

Florida: Two Tennessee instructors to spend 73 days underwater
date added: 2014-10-09  source:

Franklin Diver Describes Discovering 'Towering' Shipwreck; 'A once in a lifetime experience'
date added: 2014-10-09  source:

Scuba diver sues NYPD, says fellow officers taunted him
date added: 2014-10-08  source:

Underwater explorers find sunken steamship in Lake Ontario
date added: 2014-10-08  source:

New 'Aquaman' Crystal Could Let Divers Breathe Underwater
date added: 2014-10-08  source:

Remains of WWII Stuka dive-bomber found off the coast of Croatia
date added: 2014-10-07  source:

Kiwi skipper denies negligence charges over death of diver
date added: 2014-10-03  source:

1,000 Feet Down: Man Sets New Deep-Dive Record
date added: 2014-10-01  source:

Dive into the world's deepest swimming pool at 130ft
date added: 2014-09-26  source:

70 years in the brewing: Divers find WWII coffee beans in torpedoed boat - and make them into a nice hot brew
date added: 2014-09-26  source:

Florida: 'The Grouper' reclaims world record, stays 51 hours underwater
date added: 2014-09-25  source:

Undersea 'Asteroid Mission' Wraps Up Off Florida Coast; 'It catches the eye'
date added: 2014-09-24  source:

Confessions of a divemaster: Your scuba instructor wants to drown you
date added: 2014-09-19  source:

Divers hope to set new world record in underwater broadcast
date added: 2014-09-18  source:

Greece: Archaeologists Return to Zakynthos for Philip II of Spain Shipwreck
date added: 2014-09-17  source:

55 hours underwater: Diver aims for world record off Florida coast
date added: 2014-09-15  source:

underwaterthrusterYou Can't Buy These Underwater Iron Man Thrusters Without Government Approval
date added: 2014-09-09   source:

Diver pleads not guilty in Kona scuba 'attack' incident
date added: 2014-09-08  source:

Divers told not to dive inside 'dangerous' Scylla wreck
date added: 2014-09-04  source:

Diver dies after rescue from notorious Dorothea Quarry in North Wales
date added: 2014-09-03  source:

Buddhists lead attempt to find Burma’s lost bell in the Rangoon River
date added: 2014-08-28  source:

Lost French fleet of 1565 remains a mystery after divers spend weeks looking off Florida coast
date added: 2014-08-25  source:

Divers identify sunken vessel as World War II wreck of USS Houston where 700 troops perished
date added: 2014-08-23  source:

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