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What freediving can teach you about your body's potential
date added: 2017-01-08  source:

Indian group makes it to Guinness Book of World Records for longest underwater human chain
date added: 2017-01-04  source:

At 81, this record-breaking diver isn't done exploring the ocean's depths; 'As long as I'm breathing, I'll be diving'
date added: 2017-01-02  source:

Russia: Divers find jet fragments in Black Sea
date added: 2017-01-01  source:

Lost: Coast Guard rescues stranded diver after more than 40 hours on Catalina Island
date added: 2016-12-30  source:

Never be out of range: Research could make texting while scuba diving possible
date added: 2016-12-29  source:

Why scuba diving is surprisingly bad for your teeth
date added: 2016-12-29  source:

Diving into the mysteries of WW II Bell Island shipwrecks
date added: 2016-12-24  source:

The humorous story behind a bag of 'scuba crap' on eBay
date added: 2016-12-24  source:

Suicide? Thai police find foreign diver with throat cut and tied to post in sea
date added: 2016-12-24  source:

sardinessantaCostumed diver swims with sardines in Seoul
date added: 2016-12-22   source:

Detroit Lakes man finds ancient elk antler during scuba dive; 'it looked like a big root'
date added: 2016-12-18  source:

Great Barrier Reef tourism boss suggests increased safety measures for older snorkeler's
date added: 2016-12-18  source:

Disabled diver invents the Scuba Chair - the world's first affordable self-propelled underwater wheelchair
date added: 2016-12-14  source:

Some sounding alarm on limited emergency services for Florida divers
date added: 2016-12-10  source:

Kiwi divers in hot water after being nabbed with 400 illegally caught paua in Wellington
date added: 2016-12-09  source:

Korea: Jeju's women divers gain UNESCO recognition
date added: 2016-12-07  source:

Divers fined for raiding sunken German warships at Scapa Flow
date added: 2016-12-06  source:

shipwreckmikeVideo: Champion wartime shipwreck diver from Devon investigating sunken warships
date added: 2016-12-05   source:

Brit Diver: Hitler's lost $166 million gold hoard 'lying in the Baltic Sea'
date added: 2016-12-03  source:

Explorers discover shipwreck of rare Great Lakes vessel
date added: 2016-12-02  source:

Sri Lanka: Deaths of two divers arouse suspicion of outdated oxygen cylinders
date added: 2016-12-01  source:

Canadian Navy: Mystery object discovered off B.C. coast is not lost nuke
date added: 2016-11-30  source:

Wheelchair-bound woman plans to go scuba-diving; 'awareness'
date added: 2016-11-29  source:

Nicaraguan Divers' Deadly Work – Sea Cucumber Harvest Kills 7
date added: 2016-11-29  source:

Aussie amateur dive federation: After spate of deaths, medical examinations needed for older divers
date added: 2016-11-28  source:

Divers find thousands of dollars in items on bottom of Lake Travis
date added: 2016-11-27  source:

Australia: Six diving and snorkeling deaths in a week spark calls for tougher standards
date added: 2016-11-26  source:

'I was paralysed with fear': Novice diver - with a phobia of the sea - has a very close encounter with a great white shark
date added: 2016-11-25  source:

How could a shipwreck disappear? 'you can just fish out the pieces'
date added: 2016-11-23  source:

Tour operator assures Great Barrier Reef still safe to visit despite three deaths in three days; 'It's been a hard week'
date added: 2016-11-23  source:

Two divers dead on the Great Barrier Reef
date added: 2016-11-20  source:

Florida divers set world record for longest dive into an underwater cave without resurfacing
date added: 2016-11-20  source:

stoneageDivers discover remains of ancient civilization under water off Sweden
date added: 2016-11-19   source:
enzo'Big Blue' freediver Enzo Maiorca dies at 85
date added: 2016-11-17   source:

Extreme Diver: Exploring darkest depths of the sea
date added: 2016-11-16  source:

Malta: Negligent diver who had foot sliced off by propeller loses claim for compensation
date added: 2016-11-15  source:

World's fastest 'personal submarine' will take divers to depths of 310ft in just seconds
date added: 2016-11-15  source:

Aussie diver who swam for eight hours in dark is 'lucky to be alive'
date added: 2016-11-15  source:

openwaterdiverDiver lost at sea pondered best way to go, drowning or getting eaten by shark
date added: 2016-11-13   source:

Famed deep sea treasure hunter accused of 'faking memory problems' to hide location of missing gold coins he discovered from an 1857 shipwreck
date added: 2016-11-13  source:

Canadian navy sending vessel to check into report atomic bomb wreckage found off BC
date added: 2016-11-11  source:

Australia: Divers set sights on unexplored depths of Tablelands crater
date added: 2016-11-11  source:

Diver missing for 12 hours off Townsville coast found alive
date added: 2016-11-10  source:

Canadian army interested in old nuke that may have been found British Columbia; 'Hey, I found a UFO'
date added: 2016-11-10  source:

uwchairThese photos of chairs underwater are strangely soothing
date added: 2016-11-09   source:
nursesharkDiver follows nurse shark to its lair off Mexico
date added: 2016-11-08   source:

Giant Underwater Cave Was Hiding Oldest Human Skeleton in the Americas
date added: 2016-11-07  source:

bulgariannotesDivers Recover fake €12 million from Bulgarian dam
date added: 2016-11-06   source:

Jeju's women divers 'haenyeo' likely to be listed as UNESCO Cultural Heritage
date added: 2016-11-05  source:

pumpkindiversDivers to go head-to-head in underwater pumpkin carving event
date added: 2016-11-05   source:

Why Toronto Police divers can't rescue people in sinking cars
date added: 2016-11-03  source:

Kiwi free diver sets new record with 7 minute 45 second breath hold
date added: 2016-11-02  source:

Navy officers killed in NSW training exercise in 1956 honoured with underwater tribute
date added: 2016-11-02  source:

sealpeekseaScuba diver gets up close and personal with Farne Islands seal
date added: 2016-11-01   source:

The Kiwi-designed wetsuit that can keep divers safe from crocodiles
date added: 2016-11-01  source:

russianspecialforcsRussian Marine Special Forces practice underwater gunfire
date added: 2016-10-31   source:
weddingMarried couples go underwater in their hunt for the perfect wedding photos
date added: 2016-10-28   source:

Divers steal a bronze gun from 'at risk' shipwreck site on Dunwich Bank
date added: 2016-10-28  source:

14-year-old Brit celebrates underwater success with diving qualification; 'the water was freezing'
date added: 2016-10-24  source:

Florida: 2 divers' bodies recovered in 'dangerous and complex' Eagle Next caves
date added: 2016-10-23  source:

Oregon hero has saved 10 lives so far as a diver; 'Risk a lot to save a lot'
date added: 2016-10-22  source:

titanicdiverDevelopers consider turning sunken Titanic sister ship into divers' theme park
date added: 2016-10-22   source:

VIDEO: Divers make Scapa Flow a safer place by spending 150 hours under the sea cleaning up
date added: 2016-10-20  source:

Terrifying eel attacks divers after losing fight with octopus in the stuff of nightmares
date added: 2016-10-13  source:

Explorer says he's located famous North American pirate ship's treasure
date added: 2016-10-13  source:

Man of Steel – The first brave diver to the RMS Lusitania
date added: 2016-10-12  source:

Watch this record-breaking diver take you under the Ice; Move over Elsa, there's a new frozen queen in town
date added: 2016-10-12  source:

Underwater World diver killed by stingray had previously been bitten by shark
date added: 2016-10-11  source:

Rare Fatality Mirrors 'Crocodile Hunter' Death by Stingray; 'Tragic Accident'
date added: 2016-10-11  source:

Wife of diver killed by stingray: 'I didn't know it was that serious'
date added: 2016-10-11  source:

Divers stumble upon Japanese warship in Malaysian waters
date added: 2016-10-10  source:

Singapore: Aquarium's Head Diver Killed By Stingray
date added: 2016-10-10  source:

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