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Suunto Dive Computers Recalled; Software Bug 'A Potential Risk to Divers' News Service
June 19, 2006 21:38 EST

Suunto has identified a bug in the D9 and D6 diving instruments.

HELSINKI, Finland -- Suunto has announced an important safety notice regarding its D9 and D6 diving instruments. This global decision involves D9 and D6 instruments that have been delivered to distributors and retailers, as well as product that has been sold to consumers.

Quality and safety are paramount concerns for Suunto. Our testing program for the D9 and D6 product by Suunto employees and independent divers all over the world has been extensive.

Despite this, Suunto Oy has identified a software bug in the D9 and D6 instruments. The software bug may cause the D9 and D6 to incorrectly track dive time on rare occasions, potentially causing a risk to the diver.

The products affected are: D9 serial numbers 62102582 and below D6 serial numbers 62103693 and below

The software bug may activate when the D9 and D6 automatically recalibrate to keep the correct time, or the user manually updates the seconds in set mode. Suunto approximates that there is 0.6% (a six-tenths of one percent) chance that the software bug may appear during a dive. When the dive time is incorrect, every fourth second is not registered in the dive time and surface interval time, i.e., dive time goes 25% slower than actual time and tissue loadings are recorded at 25% less than actual loadings. As a trained diver you understand that this could affect your decompression requirements and that the length of a dive is one of the key factors in determining those requirements.

Even though the D9 and D6 will function correctly approximately 99.4% of the time during a dive, Suunto wants to eliminate the very small possibility of recording the dive time incorrectly. Therefore, Suunto is requesting that all D9 and D6 shall be returned for a software update that eliminates this issue. To date, there have been no known injuries related to this issue.

Action that you should take: - Suunto strongly recommends that you should not use the D9 or D6 for diving without backup instrumentation before the unit has been updated with the latest software. Please bring your D9 and/or D6 to your nearest local authorized Suunto retailer for the software updated as soon as possible.