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Lake Creature With 'Legs' Stumps Floridians; 'Freaked Out A Little Bit' News Service
July 28, 2008 20:21 EST

The mysterious creature was caught in a Florida lake.

Shawna Mitchell with the mysterious creature.

OCOEE, Florida -- A fish-like creature with "legs" caught in a Central Florida lake over the weekend sparked a flood of controversy.

Shawna Mitchell said she was fishing on Starke Lake in Ocoee when she pulled something strange out of the water.

Mitchell's photos showed what appeared to be a fish with two front legs and no scales.

She said she was "freaked out a little bit" after pulling the creature to a pier.

Locals have suggested the strange creature was a mud puppy, eel, lung fish or Chinese walking fish.

However, an official has declared the "fish" to be a greater siren.

It's an amphibian that is a member of the salamander family. It is described as being very reclusive.

Mitchell said, "It was a great night of fishing that I won't forget any time soon," in an e-mail.