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FindTheBest Releases New Aquarium Ranking Reference Tool
by Woody Robinson
September 9, 2011 17:46 EST

MIAMI, Florida -- FindTheBest recently created an aquarium reference,, that allows users to find and analyze sea life centers of interest. Each facility is compared based on several factors such as number of species, location, and admission price.

With new listings added daily, the comparison is a useful resource and with a fairly thorough list of aquariums and sea life centers. However, because some aquariums will inevitably be missed, a new format has been created that allows anyone to add new facility profiles to the comparison.

Unfortunately aquariums and sea life centers are generally associated with zoos or amusement parks. However, these facilities offer a comprehensive view into the processes of marine preservation. Check out the comparison, and add some great aquariums you've been to.

Below is a sample of of the aquarium results, with Galveston's Moody Gardens leading all aquariums with 8,000 species.

Number of Animals
Moody Gardens Galveston Texas United States
Vancouver Aquarium Vancouver British Columbia Canada
Seaworld Orlando Orlando Florida United States

Woody Robinson is a recent graduate of UCSB and now works for FindTheBest, a powerful tool for making quick informed decisions on anything from dog breeds to espresso machines.