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Malaysian Police Seize Fisherman, 500kg of Suspected 'Bombed' Fish off Borneo News Service
March 7, 2007 03:31 EST

KOTA KINABALU, Malaysia -- Marine police seized about 500kg of suspected bombed fish from a Bajau Filipino fisherman near the Safma market, here, on Tuesday.

The 29-year old fisherman had attempted to escape after the marine team spotted his boat while patrolling near Pulau Gaya.

State Marine Police Chief, ACP Mohd Sueb Abdullah, said the fisherman sped off when the marine vessel drifted to his boat and subsequently led the team into a 30-minute high-speed chase before he was stopped near the market.

He said the fishes of various types estimated worth RM6,000 were seized and investigations were framed under Section 26(1)© of the Fisheries Act.

"We thank the public for providing information that led to the success of this operation.

"It is hoped they would continue to assist so that we could monitor and tackle such activities effectively," he said adding they also seized the boat and a 75-horsepower outboard engine.