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Shark Conspiracies: 'Absurdity' Of ISAF's 2007 Shark Attack Numbers Examined News Service
February 19, 2008 16:59 EST

George Burgess of the International Shark Attack File. photo courtesy Florida Museum of Natural History / University of Florida

SAN DIEGO, California -- The March 2008 episode of Shark Conspiracies is now available for free download. Shark Conspiracies explores shark sightings and attacks in a new way, by exposing the cover-ups and misinformation sometimes generated from tourism and conservation interests. Shark Conspiracies claims to be both “pro shark” and “pro truth.”

Podcast host Kevin Harris discusses the recent announcement by George Burgess, the keeper of the International Shark Attack File, that 2007 saw the lowest number of shark attack fatalities in almost 20 years. Host Kevin Harris exposes the absurdity of the ISAF figures, especially as they relate to fatal shark attacks worldwide.

The podcast is available to listen or to download for free at