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Dive Industry Marketing Association Comments on Recent Spiegel Grove Diver Deaths; 'Unusual Occurrence' News Service
March 18, 2007 15:12 EST

DEMA has urged divers receive additional advanced training for shipwreck diving

SAN DIEGO, California -- DEMA is deeply saddened by the recent diver deaths on the former Spiegel Grove, an artificial reef sunk off the coast of Key Largo in 2002. This tragic incident is an unusual occurrence. Certified divers receive excellent training during their certification course from professional instructors, and diving has an admirable safety record. In order to prevent such incidents, DEMA strongly recommends that all certified divers receive additional advanced and specialty training and certification from qualified diving professionals if they choose to enter shipwrecks or any other special diving environment. Fortunately, this type of training is readily available through many professional dive centers in the US and worldwide.

Before being placed on the bottom of the ocean, the Spiegel Grove artificial reef was specially prepared so that divers could safely swim in the upper regions and at depths ranging to 60 feet. Beyond 60 feet divers must be specially trained, with 100 feet being the maximum recommended depth for sport divers trained at the advanced level. Penetration of the Spiegel Grove, especially in water deeper than 60 feet, requires special training and equipment.

The Diving Equipment and Marketing Association (DEMA) recommends that all persons who wish to dive in open water or in a special diving environment contact a local professional dive center and receive instruction from a professional diving instructor.

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