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Shark Conspiracies: Great White Shark Expert Ralph Collier Featured News Service
September 22, 2007 14:44 EST

Great white shark expert Ralph Collier

SAN DIEGO, California -- The October 2007 episode of Shark Conspiracies is now available for free download. Shark Conspiracies explores shark sightings and attacks in a new way, by exposing the cover-ups and misinformation sometimes generated from tourism and conservation interests. Shark Conspiracies claims to be both “pro shark” and “pro truth.”

Podcast host Kevin Harris speaks with white shark expert Ralph Collier in an exclusive and intriguing interview. Subjects ranged from whether white sharks act differently towards people in different parts of the world to revisiting the fatal shark attack on two Malibu kayakers in 1989. Also discussed were possible motivations for white shark attacks on surfers and whether sharks ever attack humans out of a need to feed. The podcast runs about 21.5 minutes.

The podcast is available to listen or to download for free at