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jacquescousteauJacques Cousteau sails again in new film
date added: 2016-10-20   source:

5 Million Chickens Dead In North Carolina Hurricane Flooding; Hog Waste Pits Inundated; 'A tremendous loss of life'
date added: 2016-10-20  source:

uwsubRare collection of over 40 shipwrecks revealed in mapping of Black Sea landscape
date added: 2016-10-18   source:

Greenland is melting from above and from below -- and scientists say they're connected
date added: 2016-10-18  source:

pacswimmerSwim across the Pacific? This man vows to make the 5,500-mile ocean voyage
date added: 2016-10-18   source:

Farmer films his speedboat ride over thousands of acres of crops left underwater by devastating floods
date added: 2016-10-17  source:

SOS: Titanic-style disaster warning over luxury Arctic cruises
date added: 2016-10-17  source:

ghostshiplakesuperMysterious Ghost Ship Image Appears On Lake Superior Video
date added: 2016-10-17   source:
paddleboarderGerman paddle boarder picked up 11km off the coast of Dover
date added: 2016-10-14   source:

Shipwreck that carried frozen blueberries from New Brunswick in 1939 emerges off Cape Cod's coast
date added: 2016-10-14  source:

Researchers closing in on 'submersible computers' that can be cooled in the ocean
date added: 2016-10-14  source:

Experts said Arctic sea ice would melt entirely by September 2016 - they were wrong
date added: 2016-10-14  source:

sharksiloNational Geographic photographer captures amazing images from the depths of the ocean
date added: 2016-10-13   source:

Is this underwater proof the Red Sea was parted crushing an entire army?
date added: 2016-10-13  source:

uwexplosionWatching an Underwater Explosion at 120,000 FPS Looks Spectacular
date added: 2016-10-13   source:

Hawaii scientists gain ground on mysterious deep sea coral off Hawaiian islands
date added: 2016-10-12  source:

Surf breaks deserted on WA's shark coast; 'I worry about myself'
date added: 2016-10-12  source:

Obama's new ocean preserves are bad for the environment and for people
date added: 2016-10-11  source:

uwexplosionWatching an Underwater Explosion at 120,000 FPS Looks Spectacular
date added: 2016-10-11   source:

Why so little of Hong Kong's underwater heritage has been preserved
date added: 2016-10-08  source:

uwassaultrifleRussian special-purpose forces get new 'underwater' assault rifle
date added: 2016-10-04   source:
hmscanadaParks Canada forced to play catch up on HMS Terror find
date added: 2016-10-04   source:

Modern-day Singapore mermaid makes a splash; 'Being a mermaid is empowering'
date added: 2016-09-30  source:

underwaterroadThis crazy passage in France disappears underwater twice a day
date added: 2016-09-30   source:

Audit: Gulf oil spill money for Louisiana fish testing misspent, used for unnecessary iPads, cameras
date added: 2016-09-30  source:

Why are these wine producers aging their bottles under the sea?
date added: 2016-09-30  source:

bigmushroomTaiwan: Typhoon topples famed 'big mushroom' coral head
date added: 2016-09-28   source:

Florida: Underwater microscope to study Indian River Lagoon
date added: 2016-09-28  source:

shipwreckbonesHuman skeleton found on famed Antikythera shipwreck
date added: 2016-09-27   source:

Finding Canada’s other shipwrecks: Group seeks to document history hiding underwater across the country
date added: 2016-09-26  source:

California: Dive nets 6,000 pounds of debris
date added: 2016-09-26  source:

Scientists: Deep-sea Volcano A Host Spot For mysterious Life
date added: 2016-09-26  source:

Babies are being thrown into pools unaided and left to recover in a controversial new technique
date added: 2016-09-23  source:

Experts: Sewage dump into Tampa Bay may lead to algae blooms, fish kill, lost seagrass
date added: 2016-09-23  source:

A most beautiful dead: An underwater investigation of coral bleaching in the South Pacific
date added: 2016-09-22  source:

For the melting Arctic, fuzzy forecasts are the best we can do
date added: 2016-09-21  source:

hmsterrorHMS Terror: Sir John Franklin's doomed ship found after 168 years underwater
date added: 2016-09-20   source:

Shell has started pumping from the world’s deepest underwater oil field
date added: 2016-09-20  source:

Scotland becomes home to the first phase of the world’s largest underwater tidal energy farm
date added: 2016-09-20  source:

kiwiriverTourist camera found in Kiwi river - do you know who owns it?
date added: 2016-09-19   source:

Will Obama fence off more of the ocean? US fishermen are fearful
date added: 2016-09-19  source:

Couple reunited with wedding ring 37 years after losing it
date added: 2016-09-19  source:

MH370 search: New debris in Madagascar includes 'burnt parts'
date added: 2016-09-18  source:

oldshipwreckExplorers find 2nd-oldest confirmed shipwreck in Great Lakes
date added: 2016-09-18   source:

Divers train up to 100 meters below surface at remote Tasmanian lake
date added: 2016-09-18  source:

uwartistMeet the underwater artist inspired by a near-death experience
date added: 2016-09-16   source:

Scientists deploy underwater drones to help predict hurricanes & tropical storms
date added: 2016-09-15  source:

Rotterdam’s new 'waste sharks' will eat all the trash in the port’s waters
date added: 2016-09-14  source:

bloodredEnd times: Russian river mysteriously turns blood red
date added: 2016-09-14   source:

Albatrosses fish for squid using luminous organisms in the sea, revolutionary monitoring device reveals
date added: 2016-09-14  source:

Nuclear Neighbors: How does a coastal nuclear plant affect the sea life and communities that surround it?
date added: 2016-09-13  source:

The underwater rescuer who found a lost train
date added: 2016-09-13  source:

uwplatesRare ancient plate set found underwater in Antalya
date added: 2016-09-13   source:

Sunken British submarine found off the coast of Denmark
date added: 2016-09-12  source:

Epic Find: First glimpses revealed of WWII shipwrecks discovered off North Carolina coast
date added: 2016-09-12  source:

gbrHuge underwater life form found 'Hiding' behind Great Barrier Reef
date added: 2016-09-08   source:

Mysterious creature spotted in depths of Lake Tahoe
date added: 2016-09-07  source:

German researchers to test new underwater energy storage devices
date added: 2016-09-07  source:

coralmouthCoral, explained: A little bit algae, a little bit rock, and a lot animal
date added: 2016-09-06   source:

The dolphin, the fisherman and the holy river Ganga
date added: 2016-09-04  source:

walkwaterWalk on water: Low tide reveals new border crossing into Texas
date added: 2016-09-03   source:
deadseadressWhat happens when you submerge a dress in the Dead Sea for two months
date added: 2016-09-01   source:

Talk of regulating Louisiana’s freewheeling Cajun Navy makes waves
date added: 2016-09-01  source:

1048 Days and Counting: Gulf of Mexico Hurricane Drought Now the Longest in 130 Years
date added: 2016-09-01  source:

Diving deep below Arctic ice to bring back our ocean’s skeletons: #bestjobever
date added: 2016-08-31  source:

seabirdScientists figure out how to give a seabird an underwater hearing test
date added: 2016-08-31   source:

Your drain on drugs: Meth seeps into Baltimore's streams
date added: 2016-08-31  source:

Deep dive: Scientists set to explore sunken World War II-era aircraft carrier
date added: 2016-08-28  source:

Vets use underwater treadmill to help paralyzed pooch walk again
date added: 2016-08-25  source:

Real Cold War: Crazy claim of undersea battle between Russia and aliens emerges
date added: 2016-08-25  source:

flyingquincy7-Year-Old Phenom 'Flying Squirrel' Takes Surfing World by Storm
date added: 2016-08-24   source:
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