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Research: Long-Held Ocean 'Universal Constant' May Vary in the Future; 'This is a Very Ecological Story'
date added: 2004-05-14  source:

aldabraMarine Scientist: Indian Ocean Could Lose Coral Islands in 50 Years
date added: 2004-05-12   source:

Royal Caribbean cruise lines to upgrade 'gray water' treatment facilities; 'a precedent-setting move'
date added: 2004-05-11  source:

Big Prize for Ideas to Help Marine Mammals, Fishing Fleets
date added: 2004-05-11  source:

Into the dead zone: Texas researcher examines loss of marine life; 'they're getting bigger'
date added: 2004-05-10  source:

nileraftersNile River rafters close to record run; 'a constant bombardment to the senses'
date added: 2004-05-06   source:

Brit scientists set to investigate algae's link with climate change, carbon dioxide levels
date added: 2004-05-05  source:

Maldives Nurses Its Coral Reefs Back to Life; 'If the Reef is Gone, We are Gone'
date added: 2004-05-04  source:

UK Navy 'categorically' denies submarine mutiny over safety concerns
date added: 2004-05-02  source:

Two Americans First in History to Complete Source to Sea Descent of the Nile River; 'Nothing Short of Miraculous'
date added: 2004-04-29  source:

Rate of ocean circulation directly linked to abrupt climate change
date added: 2004-04-26  source:

Researcher: Hurricanes help marine species; 'it's almost like a cleaning process'
date added: 2004-04-26  source:

Scottish Trawlermen to Net Rubbish on the North Sea; 'Marine Litter Can Be Costly'
date added: 2004-04-26  source:

floridaearthdayWarming to Cause Catastrophic Rise in Sea Level? 'We're Going To Destroy Whole Nations'
date added: 2004-04-23   source:

Expedition aims to solve 94-year mystery of missing ship; 'it's been a difficult one to crack'
date added: 2004-04-22  source:

Last gasp for Ireland's biggest lake as fertilizer runoff takes it toll; 'nitrates vulnerable zone'
date added: 2004-04-21  source:

Study: Phytoplankton may stimulate uptake of CO2; could offset effects of global warming
date added: 2004-04-18  source:

Researchers: San Diego seawater contains neurotoxin that can poison human consumers of shellfish
date added: 2004-04-15  source:

Argentina agrees to ban harmful development along coast, protect marine life
date added: 2004-04-15  source:

Thirsty California starts to drink the Pacific; 'there are concerns about fish being sucked in'
date added: 2004-04-15  source:

Indian scientists using bacteria to extract metals from the ocean bed
date added: 2004-04-11  source:

Scientists: 'artificial photosynthesis' could turn the seas into a boundless source of energy
date added: 2004-04-02  source:

Expert: Al-Qaeda Attack at Sea Coming; 'Pre-Operational Phase of Future Maritime 9/11'
date added: 2004-03-31  source:

Fishing relief for the Great Barrier Reef as new law creates world's largest protected reef system
date added: 2004-03-30  source:

New screw pump could revolutionize decontamination and purification of liquids; 'the best system out there'
date added: 2004-03-29  source:

Robotic underwater lumberjack used to harvest flooded Canadian forests
date added: 2004-03-26  source:

Sea sickness bands get FDA approval; 'it's a low-tech product'
date added: 2004-03-25  source:

nuclearcruiserRussia navy chief: ill-maintained nuclear cruiser 'could explode at any moment'
date added: 2004-03-25   source:

Slimy stowaway may be key to saving distant seas; 'the blob that ate the Black Sea'
date added: 2004-03-24  source:

Scientists: Change in Water Temp Prompted Chilean Giant Squid Invasion
date added: 2004-03-24  source:

Death and resurrection on Caribbean reefs; 'they should be horrified!'
date added: 2004-03-22  source:

Uruguayan Minister: Poacher Vessel Observer 'Dumped Computer into Sea' Before Being Arrested
date added: 2004-03-22  source:

Do global warming dangers lie under seas? Scientist longs to test impact of extra C02 in oceans
date added: 2004-03-21  source:

Researchers discover 1.2 million new genes in Sargasso Sea microbes
date added: 2004-03-09  source:

Pacific thermal vent explorers launch Web site; 'harnesses the excitement of ocean discovery'
date added: 2004-03-09  source:

NOAA ship locates the wreck of the Bow Mariner off the coast of Virginia; 'we got one good scan'
date added: 2004-03-08  source:

Scientists: cyclone prevents bleaching on Great Barrier Reef; 'frightfully close'
date added: 2004-03-08  source:

Geochemists: Earth's Early Oceans Devoid of Oxygen; Could Explain Slow Evolution of Complex Life
date added: 2004-03-08  source:

Company to Harness Spanish Waves for the World's First Commercial-Scale Wave-Driven Power Plant
date added: 2004-03-04  source:

Study: North Sea Cleaner, Warmer Than Any Time in the Last 20 Years
date added: 2004-03-02  source:

Dutch Ecologist: Oil Spills Should Be Pushed Ashore; 'There Is Not Much Life on the Beach'
date added: 2004-03-01  source:

Scottish wave-powered generator ready for sea trials
date added: 2004-02-26  source:

Wreck yields treasure-trove of buried china; 'a glistening dish and a broad smile'
date added: 2004-02-25  source:

Marine Scientists Alarmed by Rising Sea Temps
date added: 2004-02-24  source:

Study: Great Barrier Reef 50 Years From Death; 'They Will be Devoid of Coral'
date added: 2004-02-23  source:

Darwin's HMS Beagle Possible Found; 'I am Quietly Confident We Have Found the Beagle'
date added: 2004-02-19  source:

Google pulls Oceana's ad protesting ocean sewage dumping by Royal Caribbean Cruises
date added: 2004-02-18  source:

1,136 Scientists Call for Protection of Deep-Sea Corals; 'We Don't Have Much Time'
date added: 2004-02-18  source:

North Sea oil giant, scientists film marine life beneath oil rigs in ground-breaking collaboration
date added: 2004-02-17  source:

Report: global climate changes pose threat to coral reefs; 'we're really outside of any normal envelope'
date added: 2004-02-17  source:

Scientist: Ocean 'Iron Fertilization' Cure for Global Warming Still Unproved; 'Result Has Not Been Shown'
date added: 2004-02-17  source:

Industry moves to stop alien invaders in ship's ballast tanks; 'anything short of the immediate unacceptable'
date added: 2004-02-12  source:

Environmentalist: gov'ts must act, Pacific Ocean at risk of pollution, overfishing; 'global implications'
date added: 2004-02-07  source:

High-tech buoys unravel secrets of the sea; researchers to study ocean changes, even raindrops
date added: 2004-02-06  source:

NASA satellites see ocean conditions in 3-D, improve forecasts
date added: 2004-02-04  source:

Appeal promised as Exxon is hit with $6.75 billion oil spill bill
date added: 2004-02-03  source:

Environmentalists, Fishing Enthusiasts Supporting Bill to Ban Shining Lights on Ocean
date added: 2004-02-03  source:

'Last chance' for the Southern Ocean as fish piracy damages ecosystem; 'global ramifications'
date added: 2004-01-29  source:

Salvage team in three-year plan to raise, restore German battleship Graf Spee
date added: 2004-01-28  source:

Hitler's Chemical Weapons a Seeping Menace from the Seabed; 'This Problem is Not Going to Go Away'
date added: 2004-01-27  source:

Archaeologists bid to find lost Persian armada; 'a trireme is on most people's lists'
date added: 2004-01-22  source:

Kiwi conservationists urge removal of artificial reef from marine reserve; 'it doesn't leave the reserve in its natural state'
date added: 2004-01-20  source:

UN Warns Major Asian Lake May Dry Up; 'Could Meet a Similar Fate to the Aral Sea'
date added: 2004-01-20  source:

Russian scientists create Baltic atlas of sunken ships
date added: 2004-01-16  source:

Chinese develop precision underwater GPS
date added: 2004-01-14  source:

Next-generation robots take the plunge; 'we're on the verge of a new era of ocean science'
date added: 2004-01-14  source:

seaweediinvasionMaui battling alien seaweed invasion; 'we have to cure the problem'
date added: 2004-01-08   source:

Aircraft-borne laser may help target ocean trash; 'shows up as a shadow'
date added: 2004-01-05  source:

Son Drowns While Swimming Out to Sea to Scatter Father's Ashes; 'The Water Took Him'
date added: 2004-01-03  source:

Eco-groups: seamount ecosystems threatened by commercial fishing fleets; 'unsustainable levels'
date added: 2003-12-16  source:

Kiwi fishermen hit by 15-foot wall of water; 'I've never seen such a big black wall in my life'
date added: 2003-12-12  source:

Researchers Develop New Hybrid Vehicle to Reach the Deepest Parts of the Ocean Floor
date added: 2003-12-12  source:

NASA to monitor coral reef health from the sky
date added: 2003-12-11  source:

Rising Seas to 'Drown' Indian Cities; 'Bombay, Calcutta and Madras will be Completely Submerged'
date added: 2003-12-10  source:

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