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Field guide to Alaskan corals released; 'not intended to be conclusive'
date added: 2004-11-15  source:

Japan's navy 'on high alert' over report of unidentified submarine spotted in its waters
date added: 2004-11-15  source:

Research: Studying Extinctions in Ocean Mud Could Predict Key Ecological Changes
date added: 2004-11-15  source:

Paleooceanographer pulling history from the ocean floor; 'We could potentially go back millions of years'
date added: 2004-11-14  source:

Arctic ice cap melt seen as a boon for shipping with new northern route
date added: 2004-11-13  source:

Research: Skeletons of ancient corals different because changing ocean mineral content
date added: 2004-11-12  source:

Health activist: Ban the sale of water for profit; 'a human right'
date added: 2004-11-09  source:

Worldwide coral reef satellite image library created by NASA and partners
date added: 2004-11-09  source:

'Mystery Pollutant' Probed After 10,000 Fish Die in British Lake; 'Devastating But Localized Effect'
date added: 2004-11-05  source:

Research: Several 'Ratcheting' Processes Speed Coral Degradation
date added: 2004-11-04  source:

Scottish team to study mysterious decline of salmon at sea
date added: 2004-11-02  source:

Marine Geologists: US East Coast Tidal Wave Threat 'Over-Hyped'
date added: 2004-11-02  source:

UK Group: Extreme Poverty Driving Russians to Poach Pacific Salmon at Unsustainable Levels; 'They Just Take the Caviar'
date added: 2004-11-02  source:

UK Environmental Minister Asks for International Support to Pump Greenhouse Gases Under the Sea Bed; 'An Interim Move'
date added: 2004-11-02  source:

Scientists: Over 145 Lakes Deep Beneath Antarctic Ice; 'A Complex Hydrological System'
date added: 2004-11-02  source:

Archaeologist may have found 3,000-year-old wood from ancient ship 'from the time of David and Solomon'
date added: 2004-11-01  source:

Buoys deployed in Alaska in event of another big oil spill; 'best response capability in place in North America'
date added: 2004-11-01  source:

Study: Common Household Fragrances May Be Harming Aquatic Wildlife; 'Musk' Compounds Eyed for Affect on 'Xenobiotic Defense System'
date added: 2004-11-01  source:

UN: Global fishing trade taking jobs, food away from poor
date added: 2004-10-31  source:

Sales of UK Farmed Salmon Leap After Pollution Scare; 'Delicious and Extremely Good for You'
date added: 2004-10-30  source:

elvisalligatorLegendary Welsh pirate Harri Morgan's frigate found on the seabed after 400 years
date added: 2004-10-29   source:

Aussies: Impounded Indonesian poaching boats had sophisticated GPS navigation equipment
date added: 2004-10-29  source:

North Atlantic bottom trawling blasted by Greenpeace; 'EU Deep Sea Destroyer'
date added: 2004-10-28  source:

Scientists: Pollution Suspected as Potomac River Male Bass Produce Eggs; 'We Really Don't Know What's Going On'
date added: 2004-10-28  source:

Scientists: Salmon 'bring back tons of fertilizer' to Alaskan ecosystems
date added: 2004-10-26  source:

PETA's 'Turn in Your Tackle' campaign rebuffed; 'Those questions have not come up before'
date added: 2004-10-25  source:

Industry Gives Cautious Welcome as UK Appoints Five Prosecutors to Combat Illegal Fishing
date added: 2004-10-25  source:

Study: PCB Levels Comparable in Farmed, Wild Salmon; 'Reminiscent of Past Food Scares'
date added: 2004-10-25  source:

Scientists plan to dive on seafloor volcanoes, 'black smokers' with mini-sub
date added: 2004-10-24  source:

Aussie survey show increase in ocean litter from fishing boats, container ships
date added: 2004-10-21  source:

Zebrafish may offer researchers powerful new tool for studying innate immunity
date added: 2004-10-21  source:

Brits call for more marine conservation; 'There is growing public concern'
date added: 2004-10-20  source:

Damage to sea life hard to detect, but oil like 'secondhand smoke'
date added: 2004-10-19  source:

snakeheadlakemichiganElectric Cables to be Used Against Frankenfish Invading Lake Michigan
date added: 2004-10-19   source:

Hawaii Planning World's Largest Aquarium; 'One Man's Crazy Idea'
date added: 2004-10-19  source:

International summit boosts sea life protection; Japan's proposal to boost whale trade rejected
date added: 2004-10-18  source:

Researcher: Warm weather may have triggered early coral spawning
date added: 2004-10-17  source:

Damselfish study may help improve marine reserves; 'we really need science to step up'
date added: 2004-10-17  source:

Marine biologists on sea adventure to restock New Jersey aquarium; 'one of the days you dream about'
date added: 2004-10-16  source:

In remote Alaskan bay, pollution fears threaten tribal way of life
date added: 2004-10-13  source:

US mining officials to stay in prison over Indonesian bay pollution claims
date added: 2004-10-13  source:

Sewage pollution in the River Thames far worse than expected; 'an absolute disgrace'
date added: 2004-10-12  source:

Plan OKs limited fishing in NW Hawaiian islands; 'It's a very political issue'
date added: 2004-10-12  source:

Corals get electro-shock treatment to aid in restoration; growth 'three to five times the record rates'
date added: 2004-10-12  source:

The submariner's worst nightmare: onboard fire
date added: 2004-10-12  source:

More protection urged for rare toothfish; 'black market for white gold'
date added: 2004-10-10  source:

Liver of the monkfish: a controversial delicacy; 'there is a big demand for it'
date added: 2004-10-08  source:

Researchers: 'Highly acidic' industrial effluents polluting Indian coast
date added: 2004-10-07  source:

New diagnosis for the long-term health of English waters planned
date added: 2004-10-07  source:

Gold found in polluted slum stream in the Philippines; 'All we got from this before was trash'
date added: 2004-10-05  source:

Largest Toxic Algae Blooms Ever Discovered Sitting Off Washington Coast
date added: 2004-10-04  source:

Documentary records discovery of the lost submarines of the Gallipoli campaign
date added: 2004-09-30  source:

Swordfish bought in California show mercury at dangerous level
date added: 2004-09-30  source:

UK unilaterally bans pair trawling for sea bass in effort to stem dolphin, porpoise deaths
date added: 2004-09-29  source:

Who to blame: Reports of rivers polluted by Papua New Guinea mines raises questions; 'many accounts of people dying'
date added: 2004-09-28  source:

New hydrothermal vents discovered as 'South Pacific Odyssey' research begins
date added: 2004-09-27  source:

Biologists: Ocean Noise Pollution Killing Marine Mammals, Whales; 'It's Hard for Us to Realize the Problem Exists'
date added: 2004-09-24  source:

Mystery behind Taiwanese 'ghost ship' may never be known; 'We'll be very happy to see her go'
date added: 2004-09-23  source:

Scientists discover new marine habitat in Alaska; 'likely critical habitat for associated species'
date added: 2004-09-21  source:

Experts Baffled as Thousands of Birds, Fish Killed by Mystery Ailment on Greek Lake
date added: 2004-09-20  source:

Report: Industrial Fishing to Blame for Disastrous UK Seabird Breeding Season; 'Severe Food Shortages'
date added: 2004-09-20  source:

Search for sunken Persian fleet off Greece's coast to continue
date added: 2004-09-19  source:

University develops buoy system to predict oil spill movement; 'the only buoy system of its kind'
date added: 2004-09-17  source:

Researchers: Anti-bacterial hand soap additive found in Maryland streams; 'It's somewhat unsettling'
date added: 2004-09-16  source:

glassballsArtist to release glass balls in ocean to honor 9/11 victims
date added: 2004-09-12   source:

Spurred by Illness, Indonesians Lash Out at US Mining Giant Over Bay Pollution; 'Please Don't Put Your Tailings in Our Ocean'
date added: 2004-09-11  source:

Hurricane Francis helps send acidic, radioactive water into Florida bay; 'We're sick about it'
date added: 2004-09-09  source:

1830's steamboat being recovered in Oklahoma riverbed; 'The river over the years has taken its toll'
date added: 2004-09-09  source:

Acidic spill dumps 41-million gallons into Florida bay so far; 'it's a serious spill'
date added: 2004-09-09  source:

Clues tantalize in search for Civil War submarine
date added: 2004-09-08  source:

'Sex on the reef' ritual attracts scientists seeking coral bleaching clues
date added: 2004-09-07  source:

Scientists: Ancient tsunami reached 4 miles inland on Hawaii's Big Island
date added: 2004-09-05  source:

New Filter Cures Backscatter in Underwater Photographs
date added: 2004-09-05  source:

Study: Atlantic Ocean Getting Saltier, Pacific Getting Fresher
date added: 2004-09-05  source:

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