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Group: Farm subsidy reform key to restoring Gulf of Mexico 'dead zone'
date added: 2006-04-17  source:

bacteriastronggluesmScientists: River Bacteria Creates World's Strongest Superglue
date added: 2006-04-15   source:

Eight state officials lose their jobs in China over lake pollution
date added: 2006-04-13  source:

Technology that measures sea level, helps predict El Nino events, improved by new modeling
date added: 2006-04-13  source:

Hawaiian man deadly ill with several infections after falling into polluted canal
date added: 2006-04-10  source:

Study: Albatrosses Show Regional Differences in Ocean Pollution; 'These Contaminants have Long-term Effects'
date added: 2006-04-10  source:

belizewhalesharkCurse of the daytrippers: Belize being overrun by cruise ships
date added: 2006-04-09   source:

EU to sue UK over raw sewage releases
date added: 2006-04-09  source:

Overcoming a mining legacy that makes the river run red
date added: 2006-04-08  source:

Study: Ocean acidification threatens cold-water coral ecosystems
date added: 2006-04-06  source:

Explorers: True source of Nile found in Rwanda; 'an awesome achievement'
date added: 2006-04-05  source:

Millions of gallons of raw sewage diverted into Hawaiian canal; 'Welcome to the 1880s'
date added: 2006-04-04  source:

Study: Ultrasound, algae team up to clean up mercury from contaminated sediment
date added: 2006-04-03  source:

Scientists: Low Oxygen Levels in Ocean 'Dead Zones' Trigger Sex Changes in Fish; Extinction Threat
date added: 2006-04-03  source:

Scientist: North Sea marine reserve plan misguided
date added: 2006-04-01  source:

Republic of Kiribati Creates World's Third Largest Marine Reserve; 'A Major Milestone'
date added: 2006-03-31  source:

Researcher: Seagrass in decline worldwide; human activity to blame
date added: 2006-03-30  source:

Marine Specialist: Cyclone Larry Saved the Great Barrier Reef from Rising Water Temps
date added: 2006-03-30  source:

Scientists discover interplay between genes and viruses in tiny ocean plankton
date added: 2006-03-29  source:

Scientists: Sunlight cleans mercury from arctic lakes; 'we don't know how'
date added: 2006-03-29  source:

Satellite making first direct measurements of ocean surface velocities
date added: 2006-03-29  source:

Brit Greens make plea to protect wildlife on our 'dying seabeds'
date added: 2006-03-28  source:

floridaunderwatersmResearch: Polar Melting May Raise Sea Level Sooner than Expected; 20 Feet by 2100
date added: 2006-03-27   source:

Brit planning to build giant aquarium in Bali
date added: 2006-03-26  source:

Scientists: 'Supramolecules' could cleanup mercury in Latin America's rivers
date added: 2006-03-26  source:

Study: Ocean Virus Identified in Human Blood Samples; Effects Unclear
date added: 2006-03-26  source:

Scientists use satellites to detect deep-ocean whirlpool
date added: 2006-03-23  source:

California considers chain of ocean reserves; fishing to be banned or limited
date added: 2006-03-21  source:

Geologist: 'Mini tsunami' likely along Thai coast in the next 50 years
date added: 2006-03-20  source:

Group: No serious coral reef damage after tsunami
date added: 2006-03-20  source:

radarearthsmScientists: Radar Altimetry Revolutionizing the Study of the Ocean
date added: 2006-03-20   source:

Scientists: Africa Splitting Apart, New Ocean Forming at Staggering Speed
date added: 2006-03-20  source:

Kauai landowner fined record $7.8 million for harming reef
date added: 2006-03-14  source:

UN Report: Most of World's Largest 500 Rivers Polluted or Drying Up
date added: 2006-03-14  source:

Researchers: Bering Sea ecosystem changing 'from arctic to sub-arctic'
date added: 2006-03-13  source:

Researchers find ways heat-loving ocean microbes create energy; clues to the origin of life
date added: 2006-03-12  source:

Marine Scientist: Spill from Tanker off Guernsey Worse than Expected
date added: 2006-03-08  source:

Scientists: Industrial Use of Ocean Interfering with Sea Mammals Navigation Systems
date added: 2006-03-08  source:

Report: Pesticides Rampant in U.S. Streams, Ground Water; Not Likely Harmful to Humans
date added: 2006-03-07  source:

Scientists: Tahitian coral fossils yield 'treasure trove' of climate records
date added: 2006-03-05  source:

Researcher: Mangroves more important to oceans than previously thought
date added: 2006-03-03  source:

Scientists Confirm Massive Flood Triggered by Climate Change 8,200 Years Ago
date added: 2006-03-03  source:

Ocean scientists enlisting cruise ships to collect data
date added: 2006-03-02  source:

New ocean bottom seismometer to help scientists understand seafloor earthquake mechanics
date added: 2006-03-02  source:

Scientists: Oceans still hold vast secrets; 'The ocean is vastly undersampled'
date added: 2006-02-28  source:

Biologist's device teases out individual sounds from underwater racket
date added: 2006-02-27  source:

Brother, sister plan record swim across Malaysian strait, 'God willing'
date added: 2006-02-27  source:

Aussie scientist: Risks to Great Barrier Reef overstated; bleaching an 'adaptation'
date added: 2006-02-26  source:

Changes in reef latitude: Scientists investigate pollution's role in regional coral extinctions
date added: 2006-02-26  source:

New Coral Reef Discovered off Thai Coast; 'The Reef Needs Special Protection'
date added: 2006-02-24  source:

Scientist: Era of deep ocean mining coming soon; 'legitimate concern' understandable
date added: 2006-02-24  source:

Scientists look to the Bahamas as a model for coral reef conservation
date added: 2006-02-24  source:

Researcher: Early humans traveled along 'kelp highway' to America
date added: 2006-02-23  source:

Scientist: Oceans may soon be more corrosive than when the dinosaurs died
date added: 2006-02-23  source:

MikhailLermontovSonar technology reveals eerie ghost of the Mikhail Lermontov wreck 20 years after sinking
date added: 2006-02-22   source:

Hot Tub: Atlantic Ocean Temperatures Much Higher in the Past; 'Off the Charts'
date added: 2006-02-22  source:

Scientists: Marine Mammals Victim of Failing Ocean Health; Diseases Early Warning Sign for Humans?
date added: 2006-02-22  source:

Study shows link between clear lakes and mercury contamination
date added: 2006-02-20  source:

US mining giant settles Indonesian ocean pollution civil case for $30m
date added: 2006-02-20  source:

Giant patch of ocean debris carries ghost nets, trash onto Hawaiian shores
date added: 2006-02-16  source:

UK oceanographers tracking interaction of Sahara sandstorms, oceans
date added: 2006-02-16  source:

sabaatollsm'Lost World' in the Caribbean; Saba Bank Atoll Found Teaming with New Species
date added: 2006-02-16   source:

Reef Defenders in Bahamas Sue over Mega-Resort; 'An Experiment in Sustainability'
date added: 2006-02-15  source:

Report: Uganda draining Lake Victoria; dam 'pulling the plug'
date added: 2006-02-14  source:

Holiday Resort Artificial Island Planned off Portuguese Coast
date added: 2006-02-13  source:

Researcher: Barge scheme could help Atlantic down-welling currents, save Europe from deep freeze
date added: 2006-02-12  source:

Research: Over 15,000 Shipwrecks Lie Buried on the Irish Seabed
date added: 2006-02-09  source:

Trial: U.S. mining giant called lax in waste disposal in Indonesia; ocean pollution alleged
date added: 2006-02-08  source:

Wrecked tanker still leaking oil in the English Channel; 'a definite threat from that fuel oil'
date added: 2006-02-07  source:

Great Barrier Reef shade structures almost a reality; 'phase two'
date added: 2006-02-06  source:

Australia's Coral Reefs Face Serious Bleaching Threat; Could Rival Damage from 2001-2002
date added: 2006-02-04  source:

Sea level rise 'is accelerating'; global sea levels could rise 30cm this century
date added: 2006-02-03  source:

Two new lakes found beneath Antarctic ice sheet; unique ecosystems two miles below?
date added: 2006-02-02  source:

Chronic oil pollution takes toll on seabirds along South American coast
date added: 2006-02-02  source:

Cargo Ship Runs Aground at Philippines' Apo Reef National Park
date added: 2006-01-28  source:

UN: Coral Reefs Cheaper to Save than Neglect; Livelihoods of 'Millions, If Not Billions' at Stake
date added: 2006-01-27  source:

Officials: Huge cyanide leak contaminating the River Elbe, killing tons of fish
date added: 2006-01-24  source:

calypsosmScuttled: Family Feud Threatens to Sink Cousteau's Legacy
date added: 2006-01-24   source:
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