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alvinBud Froehlich, Designer of Alvin Deep-sea Vessel, Dies at 84
date added: 2007-05-25   source:

Brits: Pirate treasure off Cornish coast 'stolen' by Americans; 'The find is unprecedented'
date added: 2007-05-24  source:

Mystery surrounds identity of shipwreck in treasure trove find
date added: 2007-05-23  source:

Study: Southern Ocean carbon 'sink' exhausted, no longer absorbing C02; 'This is serious'
date added: 2007-05-22  source:

Scientists: Mid-ocean eddies pump up nutrients to fuel plankton blooms; 'oases in the oceanic desert'
date added: 2007-05-21  source:

The Bounty: $500 Million In Coins Recovered From 'Colonial-era' Shipwreck; 17 Tons, 'Largest Ever' Excavation
date added: 2007-05-21  source:

NASA: Satellites detect vast area of recently melted antarctic ice; meltwater didn't flow into sea
date added: 2007-05-20  source:

Scientists: New life in the Antarctic deep sea discovered; 'biologically rich environment'
date added: 2007-05-19  source:

ClementinerobotNASAsmAutonomous robot 'Clementine' to explore Mexican sinkhole, may lead NASA to Jupiter
date added: 2007-05-18   source:

Study: Ancient Climate Change Caused Carbon Dioxide 'Belch' From The Deep Sea
date added: 2007-05-17  source:

Alaskan cruise ship runs aground on reef; all passengers evacuated
date added: 2007-05-16  source:

Researchers: Real-time seismic monitoring station installed atop active underwater volcano
date added: 2007-05-14  source:

30 years later, Kiwi's Goat Island marine reserve a stunning success
date added: 2007-05-13  source:

U.S. Seeks Stepped Up Coral Reef Protection
date added: 2007-05-13  source:

coralwhitesyndromewarmingsmResearchers: Rising Sea Temps, Overcrowding Helping to Spread Coral Disease
date added: 2007-05-11   source:

Alien 'water weed' in Africa choking lakes, killing fish; 'here we have a problem'
date added: 2007-05-07  source:

Climate Scientists: World's Oceans Could Rise 7 Meters If Greenland's Ice Cap Entirely Melts
date added: 2007-05-07  source:

Was Bristol Channel hit by a tsunami? Reinvestigation launched into Britain's largest natural disaster
date added: 2007-05-06  source:

Report: Malaysia's 14-year campaign to clean-up rivers a 'failure'; 10 percent unsafe to touch
date added: 2007-05-01  source:

Study: Ocean's 'twilight zone' may be key to understanding climate change
date added: 2007-05-01  source:

Report: 40 tons of trash washed up on Jersey shore last year; 'it is lethal to marine life'
date added: 2007-05-01  source:

Phytoplankton Blooms, Other 'Geo-engineering' Schemes Reviewed in New Report; 'Give Me a Half Tanker of Iron'
date added: 2007-05-01  source:

Study suggests natural oxygen cycle in Hood Canal; 'difficult to know what was causing it in the 1800's'
date added: 2007-04-30  source:

Research: Fish growing faster in warmer surface waters, slower in deeper cooler waters
date added: 2007-04-30  source:

Study: Cataclysmic volcanic eruptions 55 million tears ago caused global warming, formed North Atlantic
date added: 2007-04-30  source:

Toxic Algae Sickening Birds, Sea Lions, Dolphins Off California Coast; 'I've Never Seen Anything Like This'
date added: 2007-04-30  source:

Indonesia environmentalists to lodge bias complaints against judges who cleared U.S. miner of pollution charges
date added: 2007-04-29  source:

Chinese environmental activist arrested as attempts to save polluted lake ires officials, industry
date added: 2007-04-28  source:

Greek holiday island threatened by cruise oil spill; 'We know of no plan, the timetable, nothing'
date added: 2007-04-26  source:

mysteryboataustraliaSecond 'ghost ship' found off Aussie coast
date added: 2007-04-26   source:

In an Indonesian bay, fish, tumors and controversy over U.S. mining giant's toxic waste claims
date added: 2007-04-26  source:

Indonesian Court Clears U.S. Mining Giant of Dumping Toxic Wastes in Bay; 'Reputation Restored'
date added: 2007-04-26  source:

Vietnam oil spill mystery plot thickens; beaches, mangroves, aquaculture hit repeatedly
date added: 2007-04-25  source:

'Ton of junk' collected from Brando's Polynesian atoll; 'all the floating symbols of consumer society'
date added: 2007-04-24  source:

US Mining Giant Confident on Indonesian Ocean Pollution Verdict; 'Their Testimony was Torn Apart by Our Lawyers'
date added: 2007-04-24  source:

Researchers: 1 in 3 chance of record low Arctic sea ice in 2007
date added: 2007-04-23  source:

Researchers: New undersea vent discovered off Costa Rican coast; 'we all knew it would be special'
date added: 2007-04-22  source:

Scientists: After 10 year search, first seafloor vents discovered on ultraslow-spreading ridge
date added: 2007-04-19  source:

Study: Earth's 4th Largest Lake Shrinking; Aral Sea Down Two-thirds in 50 Years
date added: 2007-04-19  source:

Study: Drugs seeping into Lake Michigan from sewage plant
date added: 2007-04-18  source:

Underwater turbines use the tide to produce electricity in New York
date added: 2007-04-17  source:

Research: Ancient coral reef tells the history of Kenya's soil erosion; 'a lot of barium in soils'
date added: 2007-04-16  source:

Researchers: Damages from Indian Ocean Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina surprisingly similar
date added: 2007-04-16  source:

rommelsgoldSearch continues for 'Rommel's Gold' sunk off Corsica; 'like a James Bond novel'
date added: 2007-04-12   source:

Study: Dangerously high arsenic levels found in herbal sea kelp supplements
date added: 2007-04-11  source:

Students describe terror at sea aboard sinking liner; 'We thought we were going to die'
date added: 2007-04-11  source:

Dam Project Aims to Save the 'Murdered' Aral Sea; 'It Hasn't Left Our Hearts'
date added: 2007-04-11  source:

Researchers: Arctic sea ice narrowly missed record low in winter 2007; 'strong downward trend'
date added: 2007-04-10  source:

Coral Exposed as Solomon Island Lifted Three Meters by Earthquake; 'Water Go Back and Not Come Back Again'
date added: 2007-04-10  source:

Researchers: Cable laid for new deep-sea observatory off California coast; 'Internet to the ocean'
date added: 2007-04-09  source:

Report: Climate change to 'drastically alter' ocean currents along Aussie east coast
date added: 2007-04-08  source:

Researchers: Seas Could Rise Dramatically in Rapid Ice Melt; 'What We are Doing is Irreversible'
date added: 2007-04-08  source:

Researcher: New Biodegradable Plastic that Dissolves in Seawater Seen as Boon for Open Seas Trash Disposal
date added: 2007-04-05  source:

Massive Tsunami Waves Slam the Solomon Islands; 'We Ran for Our Lives'
date added: 2007-04-04  source:

Report: Munitions dumped off Hawaiian coast not a threat
date added: 2007-04-03  source:

Brits unveil unmanned sub used to clear mines
date added: 2007-04-02  source:

NASA: African Dust Busted 2006 Hurricane Season; Atlantic Ocean Cooled by Blocked Sunlight
date added: 2007-04-01  source:

Paleotempestology: Researcher uncovers prehistoric hurricanes by digging into the past
date added: 2007-03-29  source:

Taiwan discovers frozen natural gas on the ocean floor; 'the ice that burns'
date added: 2007-03-28  source:

Study: Substantial amount of mercury entering the ocean through groundwater; 'long overlooked'
date added: 2007-03-26  source:

New system developed to trace origins of marine larvae; 'elemental fingerprinting'
date added: 2007-03-26  source:

Commission: Europe's seas and coasts under threat from climate change and pollution
date added: 2007-03-26  source:

Study: Global Warming Putting the Southern Ocean's Heat Transfer System 'at Risk'
date added: 2007-03-26  source:

Researcher: Volcanic plumbing dictates development of deep-sea hydrothermal vents
date added: 2007-03-24  source:

WWF Releases List of World's Top 10 Rivers at Risk; 'Freshwater Ecosystems are Under Siege'
date added: 2007-03-23  source:

sealevelanomalysmMysterious cold-water eddy 'monsters' lower sea level off Aussie coast
date added: 2007-03-20   source:

Emergency procedures activated as billion-dollar U.S. sub goes missing for several hours
date added: 2007-03-20  source:

Scientists: Cultured Coral Could Help Repair Damaged Reefs; 'Will it Survive?'
date added: 2007-03-20  source:

NASA: Huge seas of liquid methane or ethane spotted on Saturn's moon Titan
date added: 2007-03-19  source:

In ten years, 'Mother Ganges will be dead'; pollution killing Indian river
date added: 2007-03-19  source:

Researchers: Dwarf aquatic plants' hidden ancestry revealed; 'one of the biggest misunderstandings in botanical history'
date added: 2007-03-19  source:

Scientists: Four Antarctic glaciers key to future sea levels
date added: 2007-03-19  source:

Study: Korea’s rivers run heavy with copper; levels fatal to fish, harmful to humans
date added: 2007-03-16  source:

Oceanographer: Sea-level Rises and Polar Ice-melting Might be Worse than Earlier Thought
date added: 2007-03-15  source:

Submariners Take Interest as Patent Filed for Simple Underwater GPS System
date added: 2007-03-15  source:

Researcher: Cancer-fighting properties found in bacterium protecting sea life; 'an uncultivated symbiont'
date added: 2007-03-14  source:

Scientists: Link uncovered between ocean's chemical processes and microscopic floating plants
date added: 2007-03-13  source:

MartinStrelmaskAmazon swimmer's diary: Your questions answered
date added: 2007-03-13   source:
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