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New Filter Cures Backscatter in Underwater Photographs
date added: 2004-09-05  source:

Study: Atlantic Ocean Getting Saltier, Pacific Getting Fresher
date added: 2004-09-05  source:

nasasatelliteNASA satellites detect 'glow' of plankton bloom in Florida's 'black waters'
date added: 2004-09-03   source:

New rules place limits on big-wave tow-in surfers; 'things are getting out of control'
date added: 2004-09-03  source:

Marine Expert: Acid Oceans Spell Doom for Corals
date added: 2004-09-02  source:

Scientist warn: Sub shortage could hurt sea exploration; 'We are at an important decision point'
date added: 2004-08-31  source:

Study: Unicellular organisms improve nutrient-poor expanses of the ocean more than previous thought
date added: 2004-08-27  source:

Barents Sea 'faces major threats' from overfishing, oil pollution
date added: 2004-08-27  source:

40 tons of stolen coral reef seized in South China province
date added: 2004-08-26  source:

Scientists: 'The World is Simply Running Out of Water'; Meat Eaters Soaking Up the World's Fresh Water
date added: 2004-08-26  source:

Study: PCB breakdown depends on sediment-specific bacteria
date added: 2004-08-25  source:

Dubai mall planning world's largest aquarium
date added: 2004-08-21  source:

Hawaii drawing waves of ocean researchers; 'we have tremendous assets'
date added: 2004-08-21  source:

Aussies to muscle in on world bath-sponge market with new find
date added: 2004-08-19  source:

Scientists: Rising acidity threatening world's oceans
date added: 2004-08-19  source:

Scotland launches wave energy test center
date added: 2004-08-17  source:

Rescued rower eyes Bering Straits; 'I have still got one trip left to do'
date added: 2004-08-17  source:

Change suspected in northern Pacific Ocean as 'dead zone' reappears; 'Something is fundamentally different'
date added: 2004-08-13  source:

NOAA launches coral reef conservation site; 'We have seen increasing demand for information'
date added: 2004-08-13  source:

Rescued rower tells of monster 'rogue' wave; 'I just remember hearing it coming'
date added: 2004-08-12  source:

Brit woman to butterfly around Manhattan island
date added: 2004-08-12  source:

Scientists: Nature 'mankind's gravest threat'; Giant tsunamis greater risk than terrorism
date added: 2004-08-12  source:

anglerfishNorwegian deep-sea explorers 'struck by the diversity of life' at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
date added: 2004-08-10   source:

Thousands of abandoned crab pots still trapping sea life
date added: 2004-08-07  source:

Fertilizers Blamed as Marine Life Struggles in Gulf of Mexico 'Dead Zone'
date added: 2004-08-06  source:

deadzonezoom'Dead Zone' May Be Leading to Texas Coastal Shark Bites
date added: 2004-08-06   source:
pinkladyfog203Brit cross-Atlantic ocean rowers struck by 45ft freak wave
date added: 2004-08-05   source:

Native American tribes vow to clean up Yukon River; 'The river is us'
date added: 2004-08-05  source:

Scottish Conservation Agency Call to End Agony of Birds in Sea Nets; '20 or 30 Dead Birds a Day'
date added: 2004-08-05  source:

High-tech tools helping scientists explore mysterious Lake Vostok below Antarctica's ice
date added: 2004-08-04  source:

clipperodysseyEco-Tourist Cruise Ship Runs Aground in Alaska, Spills 5,000 Gallons of Diesel Fuel
date added: 2004-08-04   source:
serafrinaWorld-first as Aussie scientists develop 40cm self-controlling submarine
date added: 2004-08-02   source:

Greenland ice-melt 'speeding up'; 'something very major is happening here'
date added: 2004-07-31  source:

Indonesian minister says sea water shows no sign of pollution from US mine; 'this isn't Minamata'
date added: 2004-07-31  source:

Report: Animal Manure 'Key Pollutant' in Chesapeake Bay 'Dead Zone'; 'I Think the Bay is Getting Impatient'
date added: 2004-07-31  source:

Fishing ban, simplified management sought for Northwest Hawaiian Islands
date added: 2004-07-29  source:

From Gulf of Alaska depths, wooden ship gives up secrets
date added: 2004-07-29  source:

Stranded fishermen survive 70 day adrift; 'We fished and drank the blood and always we prayed for help'
date added: 2004-07-24  source:

Environmentalists call for marine reserve plan for North Sea; 'Today's situation... is total madness'
date added: 2004-07-18  source:

Study: Oceans Absorb Half the Carbon Produced by Humans; 'A Great Service for Humankind'
date added: 2004-07-17  source:

Languid Tigris waters mask Iraq's pollution menace; 'it's an open sewer'
date added: 2004-07-14  source:

carpathiaSunken Titanic rescue ship 'Carpathia' to be filmed
date added: 2004-07-13   source:
neemoNASA crew goes underwater to study outer space; 'not a simulation'
date added: 2004-07-11   source:

NASA: When the sun shines, plankton makes clouds; 'could slow global warming'
date added: 2004-07-07  source:

mingcupap203bodyMalaysian Shipwreck Yields Ming Treasure Trove; 'This is a Rare Discovery'
date added: 2004-07-06   source:

Coral Ecologist: Fish Farms Driving Eliat's Corals to Extinction; 'We Are in the 11th Hour'
date added: 2004-07-04  source:

Scientist: Desalination is answer to Aussie water shortage
date added: 2004-07-02  source:

Report: Dentist's Leftover Mercury Fillings 'Largest Controllable Source of Mercury' in San Francisco Bay
date added: 2004-07-02  source:

Scientists return to the Titanic; 'It's a cultural icon and a maritime gravesite'
date added: 2004-07-01  source:

hotspotsScientist: Deep-sea hot spots harbor abundant life; 'an amazing diversity of animals'
date added: 2004-06-30   source:

Research: Shifting Ocean Currents, Not 'Global Warming,' Associated with Rapid Temperature Changes over Last 80,000 Years
date added: 2004-06-30  source:

FBI Warns of Possible Booby-Trapped Foam Containers, Inner Tubes, Buoys in Marinas; Could Blow on Contact
date added: 2004-06-30  source:

ridgevolcanic2New observations on shape of ocean mountain ranges turn an old idea upside down
date added: 2004-06-26   source:

Expedition Launched to Inventory the Arctic Ocean's 'Lost World' Sealife; 'An Urgent Issue'
date added: 2004-06-26  source:

Technology opening up deep seas to exploration; 'about 90 percent of the oceans remain unexplored'
date added: 2004-06-25  source:

Scientists use diatomic 'signature' to track nutrients around oceans
date added: 2004-06-21  source:

Two massive red tides threaten Chinese fisheries; 'mosquitoes and flies could be seen floating on the surface'
date added: 2004-06-20  source:

Team of writers, scientists re-creates Steinbeck's voyage to Mexico's once-remote Sea of Cortez; 'A lot of it is gone'
date added: 2004-06-18  source:

52 thousand years of marine fertility sheds light on climate change
date added: 2004-06-16  source:

Scientists: Single circulation pattern maintains most ocean life; 'this is really something'
date added: 2004-06-16  source:

Great Barrier Reef Becomes World's Largest No-Take Zone; 'We're Not Working in a Biological Vacuum'
date added: 2004-06-16  source:

Scientists ask: Can iron-enriched oceans thwart global warming?
date added: 2004-06-13  source:

UK submarine takes day trippers to wreck; 'the potential is vast'
date added: 2004-06-13  source:

Phytoplankton, source of half Earth's oxygen, gets little credit
date added: 2004-06-10  source:

Rare Titanic memorabilia headed for the auction block
date added: 2004-06-09  source:

Movie 'Open Water' taking a chomp out of 'Jaws' turf; 'I was really, really scared'
date added: 2004-06-08  source:

Ballard: Titanic 'Significantly Deteriorated' Since 1986 Discovery; Thousands of Artifacts Missing; Tourist Submarines 'Knocking Holes in the Deck'
date added: 2004-06-08  source:

Divers bring 1929 mystery of missing couple closer to solution; 'There wasn't a dry eye among us'
date added: 2004-06-07  source:

Carthaginian1Ship to be sunk as subsea attraction off Maui; 'It's a complicated process'
date added: 2004-06-05   source:

South Africa's marine life set to get extra protection; no fishing, diving allowed on 'national parks on the sea'
date added: 2004-06-04  source:

Marine debris threatening wildlife in Northwestern Hawaiian Islands; 'the mother lode'
date added: 2004-06-04  source:

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