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Scientists Break Record By Finding Northernmost Hydrothermal Vent Field
date added: 2008-07-29  source:

U.S. Navy tests UAV that searches for mines; 'It takes basically pictures of the bottom'
date added: 2008-07-28  source:

Study: Parasite Biomass Exceeds Predators; 'It's always been assumed they weigh almost nothing'
date added: 2008-07-27  source:

Study: Amazon outflow is found to power ocean capture of carbon dioxide; 'there may be other surprises'
date added: 2008-07-26  source:

DNA survives two millennia underwater to shed light on ancient containers in ships
date added: 2008-07-25  source:

Scientists Solve Riddle Of Toxic Algae Blooms; 'Phosphorous Really Is The Key'
date added: 2008-07-25  source:

Scientists: Adding Lime To Seawater May Reduce C02 To Pre-industrial Levels; 'Carbon Negative'
date added: 2008-07-24  source:

Biogeoscientists: 90 billion tons of microbial organisms live in the deep biosphere
date added: 2008-07-23  source:

Scientists Tap Ocean Motion For Energy; Wave Power, Dolphin Flukes and Whale Fins Among Inspirations
date added: 2008-07-23  source:

Research: Saharan dust storms sustain life in Atlantic ocean; 'ocean desert' fertilized
date added: 2008-07-22  source:

Study: New indicator uncovered that can predict coral health; dinoflagellates linked to disease
date added: 2008-07-21  source:

Geologist: Eruptions wiped out ocean life 94 million years ago; 'magmatic pulse'
date added: 2008-07-20  source:

ghostshipbaliGhost ship wrecks Bali surfing contest
date added: 2008-07-18   source:

Record-setting Dead Zones Predicted For Gulf Of Mexico, Chesapeake Bay; 'An Ecological Time Bomb'
date added: 2008-07-18  source:

Work Begins On Europe's First Artificial Surf Reef; 'Challenging Range'
date added: 2008-07-18  source:

Scot Marine Bill 'Once in A Lifetime Opportunity' To Balance Renewable Energy, Wildlife
date added: 2008-07-17  source:

Canadian swimmer aborts epic attempt to swim to 3 provinces; 'do-able on a good day'
date added: 2008-07-16  source:

Getting a lesson in ocean noise pollution; 'why can't there be precautionary steps taken?'
date added: 2008-07-16  source:

Swim with caution: Summer's beach dangers include tiger sharks and lionfish
date added: 2008-07-16  source:

evileyeamuletIsraeli Diver Discovers Ship's Ancient Amulet; Protection From The 'Evil Eye and Envy'
date added: 2008-07-16   source:

First sea survey set for remote isle off Scottish coast
date added: 2008-07-15  source:

Researchers: Wilkins Ice Shelf hanging by its last thread; 'it is going more quickly than we guessed'
date added: 2008-07-14  source:

Water contamination fears after leak from French nuclear waste plant
date added: 2008-07-13  source:

Study: 1/3 Of Reef-building Corals Face Extinction; 'This Can Lead To The Collapse Of Entire Ecosystems'
date added: 2008-07-13  source:

ER doctor recounts treatment of surfer with severed arm; 'Thank God I'm alive'
date added: 2008-07-11  source:

NOAA: Half Of U.S. Coral Reefs In 'Poor' Or 'Fair' Condition; 'We Need To Redouble Our Efforts'
date added: 2008-07-10  source:

Scientists: Acidifying oceans add urgency to CO2 cuts; 'may mean the end of coral reefs'
date added: 2008-07-08  source:

Researchers discover new pathway for methane production in the oceans; 'a harbinger of many new insights'
date added: 2008-07-08  source:

floatingcitylilypadProject Lilypad: Floating Cities Envisioned To House Climate Change Refugees
date added: 2008-07-07   source:

Researchers: Powerful, invisible waves help shape the continental slope; 'it's very important'
date added: 2008-07-04  source:

Researchers: Ocean algae biofuels might prove to be a sustainable energy source; 'encouraging results'
date added: 2008-07-01  source:

Scientists: 'Even Odds' No Ice At North Pole This Year; 'There Is Supposed To Be Ice'
date added: 2008-07-01  source:

Fire under ice: International expedition discovers gigantic volcanic eruption in the Arctic Ocean
date added: 2008-06-30  source:

First offshore windfarm in the U.S. to be built off the Delaware coast
date added: 2008-06-30  source:

Scientists: Census Of Marine Life Lists 122,500 Known Species, 56,400 Aliases
date added: 2008-06-27  source:

Researchers: Devastating 'white syndrome' coral disease may have bacterial cause
date added: 2008-06-26  source:

Scientists find active submarine volcanoes near Fiji
date added: 2008-06-24  source:

Egypt, Spain To Use Underwater Robot In Search For Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus
date added: 2008-06-24  source:

Fuel costs drive cutbacks in research voyages on climate change
date added: 2008-06-23  source:

Research: Shallow water corals evolved from deep sea ancestors; 'arms race' leads to 'skeletal defense'
date added: 2008-06-23  source:

Research: Ocean temperatures, sea level increases 50% higher higher than previously estimated
date added: 2008-06-23  source:

Ownership fight looms over Lake Ontario 1780 shipwreck; war grave?
date added: 2008-06-22  source:

Deep divisions: Scientist challenges Greenpeace over deep sea storage of C02
date added: 2008-06-21  source:

Alaska cruise ships show off wastewater operations
date added: 2008-06-20  source:

Researchers test sediment-scrubbing technology in New Hampshire river
date added: 2008-06-18  source:

Research: Florida Keys coral reefs recovering after back-to-back hurricanes
date added: 2008-06-18  source:

Study: Ebb and flow of the sea have 'clear relationship' to world's big extinction events
date added: 2008-06-17  source:

Maritime 'treasure trove' raised from Brit waters; 'this is an important day'
date added: 2008-06-17  source:

8-day undersea mission begins experiment to improve coral reef restoration; 'like living on the space station'
date added: 2008-06-17  source:

Correction: Deep Ocean Expedition's sub tourism business healthy and afloat; affiliated shipbuilder bankrupt
date added: 2008-06-12  source:

Study: Domoic acid from toxic algal blooms may cause seizures in California sea lions
date added: 2008-06-12  source:

Rwanda looks to lake for energy fix; methane could help alleviate electricity crisis
date added: 2008-06-11  source:

Does growing sea ice in Antarctica bode well for the future? No...
date added: 2008-06-08  source:

Tsunami or melting glaciers: What caused the ancient Mediterranean settlement of Atlit to sink?
date added: 2008-06-08  source:

Bacteria Found In 120,000-year-old Ice From Greenland Glacier
date added: 2008-06-07  source:

Mozambique Fisheries Ministry: Just one patrol boat for 2,500 kilometers of coastline
date added: 2008-06-04  source:

Odyssey Marine files claim to 2 new shipwrecks near the English Channel
date added: 2008-06-03  source:

Scientists: 'Barren' seafloor teeming with microbial life; 'there are significant implications'
date added: 2008-06-02  source:

Discovery Channel to air 11-part series about sunken treasure recovery company
date added: 2008-05-30  source:

Brit nuclear submarine seeks port after hitting 'underwater pinnacle'
date added: 2008-05-29  source:

Ocean acidification: Another undesired side effect of fossil fuel-burning; 30 years to 'tipping point'
date added: 2008-05-27  source:

Blue Legacy: President Bush May Create Largest Marine Reserves in World
date added: 2008-05-25  source:

Ancient Island Hoppers: Research Suggests Human Ancestors Traveled The Oceans 70,000 Years Ago
date added: 2008-05-23  source:

NOAA: Ancient deep-sea coral reefs off southeastern U.S. serve as underwater 'islands' in the Gulf Stream
date added: 2008-05-21  source:

Marine Battle Looms As Deep-sea Miners Prepare To Extract Seabed Deposits; 'A Big Change'
date added: 2008-05-21  source:

Professor: Atmosphere threatened by pollutants entering ocean; 'implications are complex and interactive'
date added: 2008-05-19  source:

Scientists aim to use robots unlock deep-sea 'secrets' of Earth's crust
date added: 2008-05-17  source:

NOAA: Monitor sanctuary in good health overall, but historic shipwreck still faces threats
date added: 2008-05-17  source:

NOAA: Coastal Waters Decline In Contaminants Over 20-Year Period
date added: 2008-05-17  source:

Scientists Capture deep sea methane scavenger; important component in global carbon cycle ID'd
date added: 2008-05-16  source:

Research: Fecal bacterial survive better in sand than seawater
date added: 2008-05-15  source:

Researchers: Microwaves Proposed to 'Cook Ballast Aliens'
date added: 2008-05-14  source:

Chalk one up for coccolithophores; algae builds thicker walls to fend off ocean acidification
date added: 2008-05-12  source:

Spain Claims $500M In Shipwreck Treasure; Ship 'Inalienable Historical Heritage and Patrimony of Spain'
date added: 2008-05-12  source:

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