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U.S. Navy conducts first emergency escape from nuclear submarine; 'It's just perfect'
date added: 2006-12-11  source:

Research: Southern Ocean Could Slow Global Warming; 'This Isn't an Unqualified Good'
date added: 2006-12-09  source:

Scientists: 'Dramatic fluctuations' in the Antarctic ice shelf over time
date added: 2006-12-08  source:

Figures: Aussies 'ignorant' of beach dangers; 'the next step is rip education'
date added: 2006-12-07  source:

Scientists: Seagrass ecosystems at a 'global crisis'; elevating public awareness 'critical'
date added: 2006-12-06  source:

Scientists: Towering Tsunami Hit Mediterranean 8,000 Years Ago
date added: 2006-12-02  source:

Scientists: Size, shape of corals key factor for survival in increasingly angry oceans
date added: 2006-11-28  source:

Pollution turns China's Yellow River red for second time this month
date added: 2006-11-28  source:

Research: Dramatic Shift from Simple to Complex Marine Ecosystems Occurred 250M Years Ago at Mass Extinction
date added: 2006-11-28  source:

No valid bids during eBay auction for Key West artificial reef naming rights; 'none were serious'
date added: 2006-11-27  source:

Colombian cocaine submarine seized off the Costa Rican coast
date added: 2006-11-23  source:

Italy's environmental minister rails against worsening Mediterranean pollution; 'little action'
date added: 2006-11-23  source:

Scientists: First Sampling of Cold Seeps off Kiwi Coast Reveals Bizarre Deep-sea Communities
date added: 2006-11-23  source:

Arctic Ocean's cooling temps in contrast to signs of warming on land; 'a unique situation'
date added: 2006-11-22  source:

Surfers: Bondi beach need artificial reef for 'the perfect waves'
date added: 2006-11-21  source:

Phosphorus found to be another culprit in Gulf of Mexico's 'dead zone'; system 'out of balance'
date added: 2006-11-20  source:

Scientists: Mega-Tsunamis Hit Earth 10,000 Years Ago; 'Chevrons are Everywhere, Everywhere'
date added: 2006-11-20  source:

First as Scientists Capture Rare Lightshow In the Deep Ocean; 'We Got Unique Recordings'
date added: 2006-11-20  source:

Marine Scientists: Case for Bottom Trawler Ban 'Overwhelming'; Immediate Fisheries Freeze Needed
date added: 2006-11-17  source:

Chinese fishermen get free batteries to cut down on sea pollution
date added: 2006-11-16  source:

Chuuk Lagoon Facing 'Imminent Threat' from WWII Ships; Oil Leaks from Wrecks 'Rising Dramatically'
date added: 2006-11-16  source:

Zambian mine spill sparks water scare for 50,000 down river; 'totally polluted'
date added: 2006-11-15  source:

Leaked Documents: UK May Take U-turn on Marine Reserves; 'Flexible' Marine Protected Areas
date added: 2006-11-15  source:

Scientist: Millions of 'sea-level refugees' could flee rising oceans
date added: 2006-11-14  source:

Expert: Oceans turning more acidic; 'a major threat to marine organisms'
date added: 2006-11-14  source:

Philippines enacts new conservation policy to protect Southeast Asia's 'coral triangle'
date added: 2006-11-14  source:

scapaflowImages of German fleet scuttled at Scapa Flow released
date added: 2006-11-13   source:

Aussie customs to use subs in hunt for drugs, weapons, bombs
date added: 2006-11-10  source:

palmislandsmDubai's Man-made Island Rises Out of the Ocean, Set to Open to First Residents
date added: 2006-11-07   source:

Research: Microbes compete with animals for food by making it stink
date added: 2006-11-06  source:

Aussie Float Scheme to 'Hose Down' the Great Barrier Reef
date added: 2006-11-05  source:

Ocean Dead Zone Off Oregon Dissipating; 'We Don't Understand Enough'
date added: 2006-11-03  source:

NASA looks at sea level rise, hurricane risks for New York City
date added: 2006-11-01  source:

Mud gusher buries homes, factories; 10,000 forced to flee vast flow in East Java
date added: 2006-10-31  source:

Researchers: Half the world's coral reefs could die in 25 years; 'the global Bunsen burner is cranking up'
date added: 2006-10-30  source:

Geologists: Ancient Lake Tahoe Tsunami Discovered; 'A Great Pile of Sediment Uplifted'
date added: 2006-10-30  source:

Research: Rising seas, silt making every U.S. Gulf Coast bay vulnerable to flooding
date added: 2006-10-26  source:

Scientists Discover Bacteria That Use Radiated Water as Food; 'A Completely Different World'
date added: 2006-10-24  source:

Septic tanks blamed for Florida coastal pollution; 'everything is flushed out'
date added: 2006-10-23  source:

Russian nuclear waste poses Arctic ocean threat; 'radioactivity... comparable with Chernobyl'
date added: 2006-10-23  source:

Experts: One of Vietnam's Most Beautiful Reefs in is Danger; Explosives, Poisons, Overfishing to Blame
date added: 2006-10-23  source:

NASA's live tropical sea surface temperature web site gives climate, hurricane clues
date added: 2006-10-20  source:

Report: China's coastline polluted, improving; 24% of offshore seawater 'bad'
date added: 2006-10-20  source:

Group: 'Billions' needed to clean Russian bay from oil and gas project pollution
date added: 2006-10-19  source:

10-yr-old Italian boy becomes youngest ever to swim the Messina Strait; 'he never got flustered'
date added: 2006-10-18  source:

Russian Company to Build Floating Nuclear Power Plant; 'Maybe It Will Turn Out Great'
date added: 2006-10-18  source:

Rapid sea level rise in the Arctic Ocean may alter views of human migration
date added: 2006-10-17  source:

WWF: Toxic Boat Paint Harming Wildlife; 'A Scandal the World Should be Ashamed Of'
date added: 2006-10-14  source:

Study: Rising Ocean Temperatures, Pollution Have Oysters in Hot Water; 95% Drop in Population
date added: 2006-10-13  source:

Scientists: Rising Seas Could Leave Millions Homeless in 'Highly Vulnerable' Asia-Pacific Nations
date added: 2006-10-12  source:

Study: African Dust May Hamper Hurricane Development; 'There Appears to be a Robust Link'
date added: 2006-10-12  source:

Expansion of Canadian undersea observatory has scientists excited; more 'nodes' for NEPTUNE
date added: 2006-10-11  source:

Deep-sea Mining Vessel to Explore Waters off Papua New Guinea; 'Dawn of a New Era in Mining'
date added: 2006-10-11  source:

Indonesian village drowns in mud lake; diversion plan to sea delayed
date added: 2006-10-10  source:

elninosmNASA data captures 'weak' El Nino's return in the Pacific
date added: 2006-10-10   source:

Florida Man Invents Secret Formula to Kill Red Tide: Bleach; 'It Does Have Potential'
date added: 2006-10-10  source:

Marine Expedition: Severe Damage to Madagascar Coral Reefs from Rising Sea Temperatures
date added: 2006-10-10  source:

Researchers link ice age climate-change records to ocean salinity; 'shifts in rainfall patterns'
date added: 2006-10-09  source:

1886 shipwreck off NW Hawaiian Islands thrills scientists
date added: 2006-10-09  source:

Scientists: Ancient Remains of Whole 'Tyrannosaurus Rex of the Oceans' Found; 'We Have the Head'
date added: 2006-10-09  source:

Oregon Coast Dead Zone Dissipating, May Have Other Side Effects
date added: 2006-10-08  source:

Researchers: Arctic Ice Declines in 2006; 'I'm Not Terribly Optimistic About the Future of the Ice'
date added: 2006-10-08  source:

USGS: Maine earthquake lowers ground water levels 2 1/2 feet; 'dramatic'
date added: 2006-10-07  source:

icefloeScientists at sea: hard work, rough seas — and a bit of fun
date added: 2006-10-06   source:

NASA satellite data helps assess the health of Florida's coral reef
date added: 2006-10-05  source:

NASA scanning radar altimeter captures data from massive hurricane waves
date added: 2006-10-04  source:

Scientists: Manganese can keep toxic hydrogen sulfide zones in check in aquatic systems
date added: 2006-10-04  source:

New York's cleaner water posing unexpected problem; 'it's easier for things to live in it'
date added: 2006-10-04  source:

Scientists: North Atlantic Warm Water Surging into Arctic Ocean; 'a Warning Signal'
date added: 2006-10-02  source:

Marine Threat as Indonesia to Pump Hot Mud into Ocean; 'Do We Want to Save Humans or Fish?'
date added: 2006-09-30  source:

Scientists: Ethane and propane produced by microorganisms in deeply buried ocean sediments
date added: 2006-09-28  source:

sovietshipHistoric Soviet shipwreck 'found' in the Arctic
date added: 2006-09-27   source:

Researcher: Arabian Gulf, Coasts Face Serious Environmental Pressures in Face of Construction, Dredging, Reclamation
date added: 2006-09-27  source:

Bacteria Thriving in Hood Canal; Huge Jellylike Colony Underwater Covers 'Ecological Dead Zone'
date added: 2006-09-26  source:

Study: Sewage sludge given away as fertilizer laced with drugs, chemicals; 'we're not super-concerned'
date added: 2006-09-22  source:

Scientists: Date With Canaries 'Killer La Palma Tsunami' Way Off In the Future; 'Simply a Very Stable Island'
date added: 2006-09-22  source:

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