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Marine Exploration's Burt Webber and crew are diving for sunken treasure in Dominican Republic waters
date added: 2009-05-22  source:

Divers off Hawaii work to repair coral damage from U.S. Navy ship
date added: 2009-05-20  source:

Inventor Graham Hawkes and new Falcon submarine on display in San Francisco
date added: 2009-05-19  source:

Scientists urge world leaders to respond cooperatively to Pacific Ocean threats; 'we must work together'
date added: 2009-05-19  source:

Underwater 'flying machine' set to be launched; 'I am excited about it and also a little scared'
date added: 2009-05-19  source:

Indonesia Unveils Massive Marine Park; 'Largest Marine Protected Area In The Coral Triangle'
date added: 2009-05-19  source:

Study: Surprising new pathway for North Atlantic circulation; 'more difficult to measure climate signals'
date added: 2009-05-18  source:

Sea level rise threat from West Antarctica less than previously believed
date added: 2009-05-18  source:

The Unplumbed Riches Of The Deep: High-grade Stuff, Just Sitting There
date added: 2009-05-18  source:

Natural petroleum seeps release equivalent of 80 Exxon Valdez oil spills; 'What really is the ultimate fate?'
date added: 2009-05-17  source:

Global ocean talks underway in Indonesia; 'if you didn't have oceans you wouldn't have a climate'
date added: 2009-05-15  source:

Israeli environmental organization campaigns to clean the Jordan River, where Jesus Christ was baptized
date added: 2009-05-15  source:

Study: High Human Impact Ocean Areas Along US West Coast Revealed; 'Every Single Spot'
date added: 2009-05-15  source:

Underwater Archaeologists Race To Preserve The World's Oldest Submerged Town
date added: 2009-05-15  source:

Bunaken's coral reefs, fish still lure tourists for 23 cents
date added: 2009-05-13  source:

Energy upstarts dive in to generate renewable power from Louisiana waterways
date added: 2009-05-13  source:

Secret artificial reefs off Alabama coast will one day be revealed to fishermen
date added: 2009-05-13  source:

DiverRonBakkenUnderwater treasures: Diver scours Minnesota lake bottom
date added: 2009-05-12   source:

A dent in the iron hypothesis: Plankton blooms found do not send atmospheric carbon to the deep ocean
date added: 2009-05-10  source:

Marine scientists return from expedition to erupting undersea volcano; 'the ground in front of us shuddered and quaked'
date added: 2009-05-08  source:

Study: Climate change threatens Lake Baikal's unique biota; reduced ice cover impacts diatoms
date added: 2009-05-07  source:

Researchers: Ancient Tsunami Hit New York, New Jersey
date added: 2009-05-07  source:

Russia To Build Floating Arctic Nuclear Power Stations; 'It Is Highly Risky'
date added: 2009-05-06  source:

Environmentalists: Aussie government 'playing Jekyll and Hyde' over reef
date added: 2009-05-05  source:

seattleaquariumcoralSeattle Aquarium unveils exhibit of coral grown in-house
date added: 2009-05-05   source:

U-boat sunk in Potomac joins marine preserve
date added: 2009-05-04  source:

Research: Contrary to recent hypothesis, 'chevrons' are not evidence of mega tsunamis; 'wind'
date added: 2009-05-03  source:

Kelp: something different from the sea; 'We're really just making it up as we go along'
date added: 2009-05-02  source:

Researchers: Plankton Undermine Dino Extinction Theory; Mexican Meteor Cleared
date added: 2009-04-30  source:

Argentina takes claim for Falklands seabed to UN; 'illegitimate British occupation of the southern archipelagoes'
date added: 2009-04-29  source:

healthreefcoraltanzaniasmStudy: 'Super reefs' fend off climate change; East African corals 'unusually resilient'
date added: 2009-04-29   source:

Indian Coast Guard: 'Churning In Sea Has Caused Oil Blobs'
date added: 2009-04-29  source:

Study: Large sponges may be reattached to coral reefs; 90% success rate in deep water
date added: 2009-04-28  source:

Study rules out ancient bursts of seafloor methane emissions; 'it was like working in a quarry'
date added: 2009-04-28  source:

Ocean debris in Alaska tells different stories than rest of US
date added: 2009-04-27  source:

Illegal Fishing, Cyanide Bombs Destroying Indonesian Coral Reefs
date added: 2009-04-27  source:

Sea level rise simulations are now available online; SLAMM simulations to aid coastal communities
date added: 2009-04-26  source:

Research: Increasing Antarctic sea ice extent linked to the ozone hole
date added: 2009-04-26  source:

Doom and boom: Scientists astonished by Great Barrier Reef's recovery from 2006 bleaching event
date added: 2009-04-26  source:

Aussie cane growers deny link to reef damage
date added: 2009-04-24  source:

Brit landscape artist suggests unused swimming pools be turned into aquariums
date added: 2009-04-24  source:

Lack of joint sponsorship likely to derail Dead Sea from becoming world wonder
date added: 2009-04-23  source:

Indonesia gears up for first ever marine festival; 'astonishing marine beauty'
date added: 2009-04-23  source:

A familial fight to save oceans; Philippe Cousteau follows his father lead
date added: 2009-04-22  source:

jeanpainleveoctopusJean Painleve's underwater revolution now available on DVD
date added: 2009-04-22   source:

Research: Microbes thrive in harsh, isolated water under Antarctic glacier; 'a unique sort of time capsule'
date added: 2009-04-21  source:

Increasing carbon dioxide, decreasing oxygen in the oceans will make it harder for deep-sea animals to 'breathe'
date added: 2009-04-20  source:

Scientists celebrate as Aussie 'ocean glider' comes home after two-month voyage
date added: 2009-04-20  source:

ChesapeakewatermanChesapeake 'Waterman's' weapon against pollution: Oysters
date added: 2009-04-20   source:

Study: Sea Levels Could Rise 10 Feet In Next 50 Years
date added: 2009-04-19  source:

Genes from tiny marine algae suggest unsuspected avenues for new research; 'no one knows what they do'
date added: 2009-04-18  source:

Scientists: Stalagmites reveal rapid sea level rise; ice sheets might melt faster than previously thought
date added: 2009-04-13  source:

Did a Nickel Famine Trigger The Ocean's 'Great Oxidation Event'?
date added: 2009-04-13  source:

The fragility of the world's coral is revealed through a study of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands
date added: 2009-04-09  source:

Seafloor Mud Volcanoes And Brine Pools Reveal New Information On Their Microbial Processes
date added: 2009-04-09  source:

US law fights submarine-like boats hauling cocaine
date added: 2009-04-08  source:

dubaipalmislandDubai's Palm residents told to stay out of algae-hit sea
date added: 2009-04-07   source:

NOAA reports Papahnaumokukea Marine National Monument reef ecosystems in good condition
date added: 2009-04-05  source:

Scientists help decode mysterious green glow of the sea; bioluminescence linked to mating, defense
date added: 2009-04-05  source:

Scientists: Swimming Fish Could Be Key To Generating Electricity For UK Homes; 'Finetics'
date added: 2009-04-05  source:

Wreck of first US ship sunk in WWII found off Aussie coast
date added: 2009-04-04  source:

Roni Avissar named dean of the Miami's Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science
date added: 2009-04-03  source:

Study: Ocean mercury on the increase in the Pacific; 'We don't have a causal mechanism yet'
date added: 2009-04-03  source:

Discovery Channel renews 'Treasure Quest', Odyssey Marine Exploration shipwreck salvage series
date added: 2009-04-03  source:

Footage unveils U-boat secrets; 'our most significant find to date'
date added: 2009-04-02  source:

Report: Fouled anchor lead to deadly boating accident for NFL players
date added: 2009-04-01  source:

Study: Dust Plays Large Role In Determining Atlantic Temperature; Upward Trend Just 'Dust Storms And Volcanoes'
date added: 2009-04-01  source:

Fate Of Titanic, Its Treasures In US Judge's Hands; 'The Value Of Titanic Is Its History'
date added: 2009-03-30  source:

Red Sea Farasan Banks coral reef expedition set to launch; last surveyed six decades ago by Cousteau
date added: 2009-03-29  source:

Researchers: Coral off Hawaiian coast may be oldest living marine animals known to man
date added: 2009-03-28  source:

RRSdiscoveryAged, broken-down ship cripples UK marine research efforts
date added: 2009-03-27   source:

Group: Only Limited C02 Absorption From Ocean Iron Fertilization; 'Almost Negligible'
date added: 2009-03-27  source:

Research: Atmospheric aerosol can poison plankton
date added: 2009-03-26  source:

Officials: Great Barrier Reef natural disaster declaration 'will hurt tourism'
date added: 2009-03-25  source:

Calls For Great Barrier Reef To Be Declared Disaster Area; 'Nothing Left Out There To Fish On'
date added: 2009-03-25  source:

Fears of environmental disaster as sewage barge sinks off Brit coast
date added: 2009-03-24  source:

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