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Scientists: Warming ocean melts Greenland glaciers; 'it doesn't seem that warm'
date added: 2009-09-29  source:

Cayman Islands Report Significant Coral Bleaching
date added: 2009-09-29  source:

Research: Global warming may dent El Nino's protective shield from Atlantic hurricanes
date added: 2009-09-28  source:

World's Largest Marine Protected Areas Sign Partnership Agreement; 'We Face Many Of The Same Challenges'
date added: 2009-09-28  source:

Kiwi company behind the world's best aquariums
date added: 2009-09-26  source:

Ocean observing scientists and marine industries teaming up to sustainably monitor the water column
date added: 2009-09-25  source:

Report: 3/4 of UK rivers failing new EU standard; 'pollution'
date added: 2009-09-24  source:

Keeping an eye on the oceans: Scientists plan long-term future of ocean observation system
date added: 2009-09-23  source:

NOAA announces an experimental harmful algal bloom forecast bulletin for Lake Erie
date added: 2009-09-23  source:

Alibaba, World's Largest B2B Site, Bans Sale Of Ivory, Sea Turtle And Shark Fin
date added: 2009-09-22  source:

New research to unravel how nutrients drive toxic 'brown tides' on East Coast
date added: 2009-09-21  source:

Odyssey reaches agreement with UK government on dismissal of admiralty arrest and salvage award for cannon from HMS Victory
date added: 2009-09-21  source:

James Cameron set to produce new underwater 3-D drama Sanctum
date added: 2009-09-21  source:

Interest in algae's oil prospects is growing; 'San Diego wants to be associated with algae'
date added: 2009-09-20  source:

Cuban scientists to make rare U.S. trip, to visit Florida marine lab; 'marine ecosystems know no national borders'
date added: 2009-09-20  source:

australialungfishIs this Aussie 'dinosaur fish' too ugly to love?
date added: 2009-09-20   source:

Aussie Greens: Oil spill 'not being properly monitored'
date added: 2009-09-19  source:

Scientists digging deeper below Antarctica's Lake Vida; 'The main goal is to get into that brine pocket'
date added: 2009-09-18  source:

australiaoilspilldisasterAussie oil slick 'like a scene from a disaster movie'
date added: 2009-09-18   source:

Indian research organization planning to commercially market its submarine robot
date added: 2009-09-17  source:

LaraDuttabikiniblueunderwaterBollywood Underwater Action Thriller 'Blue' Set To Hit The Silver Screen
date added: 2009-09-17   source:

'Crazy' things happening after a rock dam is built near the Mississippi River
date added: 2009-09-16  source:

SolitudeSamanthaEvertonSea the depths an artist goes to; 'I don't even like the sea'
date added: 2009-09-15   source:
Dr.GaryKirkpatrickUAVwaldosmWayward 'Waldo' finally phones home; missing robot picked up by Mote scientists today
date added: 2009-09-14   source:

NOAA locates US Navy ship sunk in World War II battle; 'She rests now like a literal skeleton'
date added: 2009-09-14  source:

Researchers to explore sacred Maya pools of Belize; 'portals to the underworld'
date added: 2009-09-14  source:

Adventurer Completes 'Dangerous' 6,000km Kayaking Around Norway; 'Fear Gave Me A Very Dry Mouth'
date added: 2009-09-13  source:

Scientists using laser light to generate underwater sound
date added: 2009-09-09  source:

Boondoggle: Brit Town's New Surf Reef Fails To Make Waves; 'It's A Complete Waste Of Money'
date added: 2009-09-09  source:

Canada eyes boosting Bay of Fundy's energy output; 'windmills sitting in the sea'
date added: 2009-09-09  source:

Australia 'Reef And Beef' Project Launched; Cows Fed Seaweed To Save Reefs
date added: 2009-09-09  source:

waldomissingmotemarinemissingwmHave you seen this robot? Mote offers reward for return of missing 'Waldo'
date added: 2009-09-08   source:

Scientists: Denitrification, its importance once diluted, may be back on top; 'you cannot rewrite the nitrogen cycle'
date added: 2009-09-07  source:

'Lucky Luke' of the seas: How ambush-feeding zooplankton capture prey
date added: 2009-09-07  source:

Report: Great Barrier Reef Facing 'Catastrophic' Damage; 'We Cannot Sit Back'
date added: 2009-09-07  source:

UC San Diego to develop ocean observing cyberinfrastructure; 'an infrastructure that will transform ocean sciences'
date added: 2009-09-06  source:

billgatesScientists Throw Cold Water On Bill Gates' Plan To Stop Hurricanes
date added: 2009-09-05   source:

Gulf Exploration Yields Evidence Of Raw Materials Used By Early Americans; 'We Have Found The Haystacks'
date added: 2009-09-04  source:

NOAA Explains Unusually High Sea Levels Along The Atlantic Coast; 'It's Not Uncommon To Have Anomalies'
date added: 2009-09-04  source:

Report: Human impacts and environmental factors are changing the northwest Atlantic ecosystem
date added: 2009-09-03  source:

Texas fishermen tell of eight-day ordeal in capsized boat amid shark-infested waters
date added: 2009-09-03  source:

Observers: Aussie Oil Spill Getting Closer To Coast; Oily Sheen 'Visible In The Tideline'
date added: 2009-09-03  source:

Odyssey Marine Exploration completes phase one of secret 'Symphony' project; 'a target rich environment'
date added: 2009-09-02  source:

Scientists find 'great Pacific Ocean garbage patch' and it's not a pretty sight; 'we studied everything'
date added: 2009-09-02  source:

northseadiverSpectacular marine life captured under North Sea off Norfolk coast
date added: 2009-09-01   source:

Scientists develop new temperature reconstruction from Indo-Pacific warm pool; 'this is only the first word'
date added: 2009-09-01  source:

Coral reefs' survival off Florida coast surprises experts; 'We don't know why this is happening'
date added: 2009-08-31  source:

Smelly foam, dizzy spell closes famed Italian sea cave
date added: 2009-08-31  source:

Google Earth Reveals Boat? Whale? No, It's The Loch Ness Monster – Again
date added: 2009-08-31  source:

Thousands At Risk From Congo's 'Explosive' Lake; 'Anything Is Possible'
date added: 2009-08-30  source:

Israeli-Jordanian project bridges the political divide across the Gulf of Aqaba; 'no customs, no passports, no police'
date added: 2009-08-29  source:

spinnersharkskinScientists' research targets ways keep ships barnacle free
date added: 2009-08-28   source:
MartinStrelMan Swims The Entire Length Of The Amazon; 'It Helps To Be A Little Crazy'
date added: 2009-08-27   source:

Toxic Seaweed Takes Over Beaches In Northern France; Gas 'Can Be Deadly In Few Minutes'
date added: 2009-08-27  source:

Kiwi mayor defies medical advice, takes a stroll on 'deadly' beaches
date added: 2009-08-26  source:

Green groups up in arms over Aussie oil spill; 'we really don't know what we are dealing with'
date added: 2009-08-26  source:

'Treasure Trove' Of Tools, Animal Bones Found In Underwater Caribbean Cave; 'Seems Too Good To Be True'
date added: 2009-08-26  source:

In Hot Water: World Sets Ocean Temperature Record In July; 'Will Add Extra Juice To The Hurricanes'
date added: 2009-08-25  source:

Research: Plastic Breaks Down In The Ocean Rapidly
date added: 2009-08-25  source:

Survey reveals 20% of Great Barrier Reef damaged by cyclone; recovery 'to take up to 15 years'
date added: 2009-08-23  source:

Protection plan deep-sea coral reefs considered off Atlantic coast
date added: 2009-08-22  source:

Europe's First Artificial Surf Reef Fine-tuned Off Brit Coast; 'Hollow, Powerful Barrels'
date added: 2009-08-21  source:

Research: Warming oceans triggering release of greenhouse gases from seabed
date added: 2009-08-19  source:

NOAA: Flower Garden Banks is among the healthiest coral reef ecosystems in the tropical Caribbean
date added: 2009-08-18  source:

Researchers install new Arctic deep-sea observatory to study mud volcano
date added: 2009-08-17  source:

Aussie scientists: Communique on the future of coral reefs and the human communities that depend on them
date added: 2009-08-16  source:

Study: Hurricane Seasons Are More Active; 'As High As Anything We Have Seen In The Past 1,000 Years'
date added: 2009-08-16  source:

Study: Humans 'damaging the oceans' in profound ways; 'new age of climate change'
date added: 2009-08-15  source:

Kiwi mystery continues along beach after death of fish, birds and dogs
date added: 2009-08-14  source:

Researchers: High levels of phytoestrogens in industrial wastewater; linked to fish feminization
date added: 2009-08-13  source:

Report Reveals $37b Lost If Great Barrier Reef Bleached
date added: 2009-08-13  source:

Discovery of 2,000-yr-old log boat on Brit farm shows how sea levels rose in past
date added: 2009-08-12  source:

New vessel to help Aussies open up oceans of research opportunities; 'there is still a lot to discover'
date added: 2009-08-11  source:

International marine project helps protect coral reefs of the Galapagos Islands
date added: 2009-08-10  source:

Japan to use deep-sea probes to search for minerals
date added: 2009-08-10  source:

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