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Brit woman becomes first woman to swim the Cook Strait; 'I was very apprehensive'
date added: 2010-03-29  source:

Authorities Call Off Underwater Search For Natalee Holloway's Remains; 'It's A Dead End'
date added: 2010-03-29  source:

Rising sea level settles border dispute; 'a unique instance of how climate resolves a dispute'
date added: 2010-03-28  source:

Dr. William Hamner awarded the 2009 scientific diving lifetime achievement award
date added: 2010-03-27  source:

Massive Bleaching Event Leaves Worlds' Most Southern Coral Reef 'On A Knife-Edge'; Professor: 'The Climate Is Definitely Changing'
date added: 2010-03-27  source:

SSWimmeraShip or reef? Kiwis at odds over Aussie shipwreck 'discovery'
date added: 2010-03-26   source:

Cornish rowers beached on West Indies reef less than one mile from finish
date added: 2010-03-25  source:

U.N.: Unsafe Water Kills More People Than War; 'An Affront To Our Common Humanity'
date added: 2010-03-25  source:

Oceanographer: Nitrous oxide emitting Aquatic 'dead zones' contributing to climate change
date added: 2010-03-23  source:

Report finds delta water pumping restrictions to protect fish 'scientifically justified'
date added: 2010-03-22  source:

Scientists rush to examine seafloor off Chilean coast following earthquake; 'this is a unique case'
date added: 2010-03-21  source:

oceanalgaeIron Seeding Climate Quick Fix Could Create Toxic Algae Blooms
date added: 2010-03-20   source:

Deadly virus cutting swath through Great Lakes, spreading between species
date added: 2010-03-19  source:

Court martial: Brit submarine commander 'crashed after misreading one for seven on chart'
date added: 2010-03-19  source:

Scientists: Southern Ocean winds open window to the deep sea; 'we now have seven years of year-round observations'
date added: 2010-03-18  source:

Kiwi adventurer completes epic Tasman row; $6,000 satellite phone bill
date added: 2010-03-17  source:

Floating Golf Course In Maldives To Counter Threat Of Global Warming
date added: 2010-03-17  source:

Nazi Graf Spree wreck puts Berlin at odds with salvager
date added: 2010-03-16  source:

hydrasmScientists turn to the sea and discover the 600 million-year-old origins of vision
date added: 2010-03-15   source:

Taiwanese couple pleads guilty to illegally trading protected black coral; 'their conduct will not be permitted'
date added: 2010-03-15  source:

underwaterskyscraperCompetition yields underwater skyscraper as a self-sufficient city
date added: 2010-03-14   source:

Proposed Indian Ocean Chagos marine reserve sparks controversy
date added: 2010-03-12  source:

Pipeline constructions uncovers 12 centuries-old shipwrecks in the Baltic Sea
date added: 2010-03-11  source:

Report: British rivers could power 850,000 homes
date added: 2010-03-09  source:

World's Largest Dead Zone Suffocating Baltic Sea; 'It Might Well Be Too Late'
date added: 2010-03-09  source:

Chagos: UK Poised To Designate World's Largest Marine Reserve; 'A Conservation Legacy Almost Unrivaled In Scale'
date added: 2010-03-09  source:

Research: Barnacles prefer upwelling currents, enriching food chains in the galapagos
date added: 2010-03-08  source:

Authorities: More than 50 ships stuck in Baltic Sea ice
date added: 2010-03-08  source:

Hurricane's effect on ocean temperature revisited; previous studies overestimated ocean heating, ignored seasonal influence
date added: 2010-03-07  source:

Two killed as rogue 60-foot waves hit cruise ship off French coast
date added: 2010-03-06  source:

Scientists locate apparent hydrothermal vents off Antarctica; helium plume keys search
date added: 2010-03-05  source:

britkayakamazonBrit ends epic Amazon kayak journey; 'My bottom is bruised'
date added: 2010-03-03   source:

Ancient corals hold new hope for reefs; 'remarkably successful in surviving large environmental disturbances'
date added: 2010-03-02  source:

Tsunami races across Pacific, threatens Hawaii; 'These are dangerous, dangerous events'
date added: 2010-03-01  source:

Professor: Warmer seas herald decreasing clouds and rain; 'a type of symbiosis'
date added: 2010-02-27  source:

Study Finds Great Atlantic Garbage Patch Full Of Plastic
date added: 2010-02-27  source:

gulperauvScientists using ocean robot that 'plans its own experiments'
date added: 2010-02-26   source:

Waiting to Inhale: Deep-Ocean Low-Oxygen Zones Spreading to Shallower Coastal Waters
date added: 2010-02-26  source:

Oil spill threatens 'ecological disaster' in Italy; 'The scale of this is dramatic'
date added: 2010-02-24  source:

Climate Scientists Withdraw Sea Level Rise Claim Over Uncertainty; 'Science Is A Complicated Game'
date added: 2010-02-24  source:

Remains of Spanish treasure galleon found off Florida coast
date added: 2010-02-24  source:

Marine experts: Coral reefs will dissolve within 100 years in acidic seas
date added: 2010-02-24  source:

Study: Ocean geoengineering scheme no easy fix for global warming; 'there remain many uncertainties'
date added: 2010-02-23  source:

India's holy Ganges gets a cleanup; sewage levels 'very, very dangerous'
date added: 2010-02-19  source:

Study: Coral loss slowed, reversed by marine protected areas; 'cumulative effects could be substantial'
date added: 2010-02-19  source:

New rules could limit the hunt of sunken treasure off Florida's coast
date added: 2010-02-18  source:

Research: Antarctic Ice Shelf Collapse Possibly Triggered By Ocean Waves Thousands Of Miles Away
date added: 2010-02-17  source:

foraminiferahadalzonesmResearch: Single-celled creature tackles the challenge of homebuilding beyond the abyss
date added: 2010-02-16   source:

Singapore Accused Of Launching Beach-stealing 'Sand Wars'
date added: 2010-02-16  source:

Researchers: Carbonate veins reveal chemistry of ancient seawater; 'a major challenge for earth scientists'
date added: 2010-02-15  source:

Deal may bring aquarium to New York's Times Square
date added: 2010-02-14  source:

Aussie Ice Age Coral Samples Could Point To Future Sea Levels
date added: 2010-02-14  source:

'Pirates' plunder Aussie shipwreck safe; 'It's a real disappointment'
date added: 2010-02-08  source:

Sea-level researcher: Florida Keys to resemble Venice, Italy; 'There isn't a lot of uncertainty'
date added: 2010-02-07  source:

Expert: Increasingly acidic oceans reveal further impacts of climate change; 'it is incontrovertible'
date added: 2010-02-07  source:

Research: 'Primordial Soup' Not The Origin Of Life; Hydrothermal Vents 'Kick-started Early Life'
date added: 2010-02-07  source:

Third barrel bomb found off Tel Aviv coast
date added: 2010-02-05  source:

Kiwi, U.S. researchers to jointly explore underwater volcanoes
date added: 2010-02-05  source:

Underwater researchers unveil 17th-century Captain Kidd cannon; 'it's currently in a bath for conservation'
date added: 2010-02-04  source:

'Disgusted' Yachtie Launches Sea Quest Over Tsunami Of Plastics In The Ocean
date added: 2010-02-04  source:

underwaterplaneSir Richard Branson Buys Underwater Plane
date added: 2010-02-03   source:

NOAA: December 2009 global ocean temperature second warmest on record
date added: 2010-02-01  source:

Study: Maximum height of extreme waves up dramatically in Pacific Northwest; re-evaluating '100-year events'
date added: 2010-02-01  source:

Researcher: Sea level has been rising and falling over the last 2,500 years; fluctuations 'nothing new under the sun'
date added: 2010-02-01  source:

indonesiacoralOver a ton of live Indonesian coral seized at Manchester Airport
date added: 2010-02-01   source:

Conservationists Urge Gordon Brown To Create 'Britain's Great Barrier Reef'
date added: 2010-01-31  source:

Picture This: NOAA, Google Join Forces To Visualize Scientific Data; 'A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words'
date added: 2010-01-29  source:

Scientists launch response team as Florida Keys coral takes lethal hit from cold
date added: 2010-01-29  source:

Researchers create device that simulates deep-sea floor conditions; 'we're bringing it to the lab'
date added: 2010-01-28  source:

Storms 'trash' Southern California beaches; 'It's awful'
date added: 2010-01-28  source:

UK government awards exclusive salvage contract to Odyssey Marine Exploration for recovery of SS Gairsoppa silver cargo
date added: 2010-01-28  source:

Tsunamis may telegraph their presence; underwater communication network may sense tsunamis
date added: 2010-01-26  source:

Man and timepiece that survived world's deepest underwater dive to appear at LA watch shop
date added: 2010-01-26  source:

Bubble physicist counts bubbles in the ocean to answer questions about climate, sound, light
date added: 2010-01-25  source:

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