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HyBIS AUV explores the Casablanca Seamount; 'we discovered a very rugged terrain'
date added: 2009-11-03  source:

labyrinthaquarium$6500 'Labyrinth Aquarium': Awesome, difficult to clean
date added: 2009-11-02   source:

US court aims to establish ownership of over $100m in Titanic artifacts
date added: 2009-10-31  source:

underwaterkites'Underwater kites' eyed as new type of tidal power generator
date added: 2009-10-31   source:

UK's deepest diving autonomous underwater vehicle; ready for 'hostile and rugged terrain'
date added: 2009-10-31  source:

Research: Climate Change Caused Radical North Sea Shift; 'Largely Hidden From View'
date added: 2009-10-31  source:

Aussie scientist: Sea level has risen 135mm in Darwin
date added: 2009-10-29  source:

Fourth attempt to plug oil spill leak off Australian coast delayed
date added: 2009-10-28  source:

Foam from ocean algae bloom killing thousands of birds off Oregon coast
date added: 2009-10-28  source:

Isabel-LucasTransformers star pushes for new Coral Sea marine park
date added: 2009-10-27   source:
swanfishinglineSwan is rescued from horror fishing line death
date added: 2009-10-26   source:

Boondoggle: Europe's first artificial surf reef branded 'a white elephant'
date added: 2009-10-26  source:

Oceanographer receives $3.7 million grant to study Gulf dead zone; current forecast 'did not do a very good job'
date added: 2009-10-24  source:

Study: Toxin Producing 'Killer' Algae Wiped Off The Dinosaurs; 'Modern Toxin-producing Algae Is Presently Increasing'
date added: 2009-10-24  source:

Aussie Researchers To Develop Index Of Marine Indicators To Monitor Ecosystem
date added: 2009-10-23  source:

Call grows to step up Hawaii reef protection
date added: 2009-10-22  source:

World's Oldest Submerged Town Dates Back 5000 Years; 'We Have Almost The Complete Town Plan'
date added: 2009-10-22  source:

What are coral reef services worth? Experts say $130,000 to $1.2 million per hectare, per year
date added: 2009-10-21  source:

UN: Shrinking Lake Chad Could Trigger Humanitarian Disaster, 'Ecological Catastrophe'
date added: 2009-10-21  source:

Australian Offshore Oil Well Still Leaking After 55 Days; 'Oil Can Be A Slow And Silent Killer'
date added: 2009-10-20  source:

Research: Rip currents pose greater risk to swimmers than to shoreline
date added: 2009-10-17  source:

Researchers to use red dye to track Florida river's flow offshore; 'It's an open system and difficult to study'
date added: 2009-10-16  source:

Research: Tropical regions to be hardest hit by fisheries shifts caused by climate change
date added: 2009-10-15  source:

Report: Beach 'bravado', arrogance kill Aussie men; 'do the right thing'
date added: 2009-10-15  source:

mucusblobGiant, Mucus-Like Sea Blobs On The Rise, Pose Danger
date added: 2009-10-15   source:

Environmentalists Alarmed As Jordan Plans To Refill Dead Sea From Red Sea
date added: 2009-10-15  source:

Study: Rising sea levels are increasing the risk of flooding along the south coast of England
date added: 2009-10-14  source:

New marine protected area for Nova Scotia closer to becoming a reality; 'a true test of collaboration'
date added: 2009-10-14  source:

National Geographic explorer-in-residence Sylvia Earle spotlights crisis facing our seas in new book
date added: 2009-10-14  source:

tonyludovicoTony Ludovico's mesmerizing underwater photos gaining fame
date added: 2009-10-13   source:
seaworldsoldSeaWorld sold to buyout firm Blackstone Group
date added: 2009-10-12   source:

Aussie tourism minister dives into reef debate; 'an old boat hardly comes close to 2900 reefs, 600 islands, 300 coral cays'
date added: 2009-10-12  source:

Scientists: 'Man Made Pollution' Nourishing World's Oceans; 'A Previously Unknown Source Of Bioavailable Iron'
date added: 2009-10-12  source:

NOAA announces $9 million in ocean education grants to national aquariums; 'we want to get people excited'
date added: 2009-10-11  source:

South African heavyweights AngloGold, De Beers join forces to mine the seabed; 'first-mover advantage'
date added: 2009-10-11  source:

Report: Arctic sea ice recovers slightly in 2009, remains on downward trend
date added: 2009-10-09  source:

Scientists: Dust was blooming marvelous for Sydney harbor; 'vindication'
date added: 2009-10-09  source:

A new look beneath the waves: Ocean observatories initiative gets underway
date added: 2009-10-08  source:

Four sculptures to be sunk in the Mexican Caribbean in launch of world's largest underwater museum
date added: 2009-10-08  source:

Scientists: Corals 'could starve in high CO2' levels and ocean acidification; 'double jeopardy'
date added: 2009-10-07  source:

Aussie kayakers set off on ocean monitoring journey
date added: 2009-10-06  source:

Artificial reef programs surge forward despite economy; 'we counted 52 species of fish'
date added: 2009-10-06  source:

Australia's Million Tons Of Dust Create Feast for Ocean's Algae; 'It Will Lead To Phytoplankton Blooms'
date added: 2009-10-05  source:

Experts: Two Meter Sea Level Rise Unstoppable; 'It Starts Very Slowly'
date added: 2009-10-05  source:

A Rock Under The Ocean: Increase In Sea Levels Due To Global Warming Could Lead To 'Ghost States'
date added: 2009-10-05  source:

GreekgodTritoncapriCapri Cave's Underwater Survey Reveals Several Roman Statues
date added: 2009-10-03   source:

Unlocking the secrets of the 'deep biosphere': The future of scientific ocean drilling discussed at 'historic' meeting
date added: 2009-10-02  source:

Mystery solved: Marine microbe trichodesmium is source of rare nutrient; 'we were stunned'
date added: 2009-10-02  source:

Storm killers: Earth scan lab tracks cold water 'ocean cyclones' in Gulf of Mexico
date added: 2009-10-01  source:

Massive early-19th century ship's anchor to become part of Carolina 'anchor farm' preserve
date added: 2009-10-01  source:

China to fish up centuries-old shipwreck loaded with 10,000 pieces of antique porcelain
date added: 2009-09-30  source:

Palau to create world's 'first officially recognized sanctuary for sharks'
date added: 2009-09-29  source:

Scientists: Warming ocean melts Greenland glaciers; 'it doesn't seem that warm'
date added: 2009-09-29  source:

Cayman Islands Report Significant Coral Bleaching
date added: 2009-09-29  source:

Research: Global warming may dent El Nino's protective shield from Atlantic hurricanes
date added: 2009-09-28  source:

World's Largest Marine Protected Areas Sign Partnership Agreement; 'We Face Many Of The Same Challenges'
date added: 2009-09-28  source:

Kiwi company behind the world's best aquariums
date added: 2009-09-26  source:

Ocean observing scientists and marine industries teaming up to sustainably monitor the water column
date added: 2009-09-25  source:

Report: 3/4 of UK rivers failing new EU standard; 'pollution'
date added: 2009-09-24  source:

Keeping an eye on the oceans: Scientists plan long-term future of ocean observation system
date added: 2009-09-23  source:

NOAA announces an experimental harmful algal bloom forecast bulletin for Lake Erie
date added: 2009-09-23  source:

Alibaba, World's Largest B2B Site, Bans Sale Of Ivory, Sea Turtle And Shark Fin
date added: 2009-09-22  source:

New research to unravel how nutrients drive toxic 'brown tides' on East Coast
date added: 2009-09-21  source:

Odyssey reaches agreement with UK government on dismissal of admiralty arrest and salvage award for cannon from HMS Victory
date added: 2009-09-21  source:

James Cameron set to produce new underwater 3-D drama Sanctum
date added: 2009-09-21  source:

Interest in algae's oil prospects is growing; 'San Diego wants to be associated with algae'
date added: 2009-09-20  source:

Cuban scientists to make rare U.S. trip, to visit Florida marine lab; 'marine ecosystems know no national borders'
date added: 2009-09-20  source:

australialungfishIs this Aussie 'dinosaur fish' too ugly to love?
date added: 2009-09-20   source:

Aussie Greens: Oil spill 'not being properly monitored'
date added: 2009-09-19  source:

Scientists digging deeper below Antarctica's Lake Vida; 'The main goal is to get into that brine pocket'
date added: 2009-09-18  source:

australiaoilspilldisasterAussie oil slick 'like a scene from a disaster movie'
date added: 2009-09-18   source:

Indian research organization planning to commercially market its submarine robot
date added: 2009-09-17  source:

LaraDuttabikiniblueunderwaterBollywood Underwater Action Thriller 'Blue' Set To Hit The Silver Screen
date added: 2009-09-17   source:

'Crazy' things happening after a rock dam is built near the Mississippi River
date added: 2009-09-16  source:

SolitudeSamanthaEvertonSea the depths an artist goes to; 'I don't even like the sea'
date added: 2009-09-15   source:
Dr.GaryKirkpatrickUAVwaldosmWayward 'Waldo' finally phones home; missing robot picked up by Mote scientists today
date added: 2009-09-14   source:
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