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Dog leads authorities to pond where owner drowned
date added: 2010-01-15  source:

Florida institute part of search for Amelia Earhart's plane; 'The AUV technology was key'
date added: 2010-01-14  source:

Stimulus: Florida university receives $15 million to build the country's largest coral reef research center
date added: 2010-01-13  source:

Who Will Pay For Amazon's 'Chernobyl'? Film Documents Battle By Ecuadorians Against Chevron For Oil Pollution Damage
date added: 2010-01-13  source:

First images confirm identity of Centaur, sunken Aussie WWII hospital ship
date added: 2010-01-12  source:

Fish Out Of Water: Fossilized Footprints Question When Animals Moved To Land
date added: 2010-01-10  source:

NASA: Sun glints seen from space signal oceans and lakes; could aid in search for water on extrasolar planets
date added: 2010-01-09  source:

Western Australia's Ningaloo coast nominated for World Heritage listing
date added: 2010-01-08  source:

Study: Seaweed On 40% Of Great Barrier Reef 'Rings Warning Bells'; Dive Operators Disagree
date added: 2010-01-08  source:

The new ten contentions of the coral reef research gods
date added: 2010-01-07  source:

submarineCameras to capture sunken Aussie hospital ship Centaur
date added: 2010-01-06   source:

Great Barrier Reef Authorities Convinced Of Warming Threat
date added: 2010-01-05  source:

Teen Aussie sailor battles toughest seas yet in around-the-world trek
date added: 2010-01-04  source:

Bill banning use of offshore platforms for fish farms could affect Gulf of Mexico aquaculture
date added: 2010-01-04  source:

Scientists use new acoustic tools to study sounds made or heard by marine creatures
date added: 2010-01-03  source:

Spanish galleon from the 1700's found off the Dominican Republic coast; treasures of 'incalculable historical value'
date added: 2010-01-03  source:

didymodaveDidymo Dave aims to beat the rock snot; 'we're really fighting attitude'
date added: 2010-01-02   source:

Stimulus: Sill project promises '132 jobs' to 'restore balance' to 'thriving' California marsh
date added: 2010-01-01  source:

Research: Glacial watersheds may contribute to oceanic food web; 'export dissolved organic matter'
date added: 2009-12-30  source:

Britain's Busiest Lifeboat Ready To Fish Out Seasonal Revelers; 'New Year's Eve Is Our Busiest'
date added: 2009-12-30  source:

Chinese museum puts 800-yr-old sunken ship on display
date added: 2009-12-29  source:

Odyssey Marine "Black Swan" case to move to appeals court; 'we look forward to presenting our case'
date added: 2009-12-29  source:

Aussie Authorities: Great Barrier Reef Coral Bleaching Risk Low; 'We're Watching Closely'
date added: 2009-12-28  source:

Two drown in bid to rescue dog from Northern California lake
date added: 2009-12-26  source:

MARES initiative to provide comprehensive view of South Florida marine ecosystems
date added: 2009-12-24  source:

Two federal agencies to launch probe as artificial reef concrete slabs dropped on live coral
date added: 2009-12-23  source:

Study: Boating pours $8.5 billion into Florida's economy
date added: 2009-12-22  source:

'I breathed water and, oh God, the panic... then the tsunami tore my daughter from my arms'
date added: 2009-12-22  source:

'Double whammy' puts Great Barrier Reef at risk of hot-spot bleaching within months
date added: 2009-12-22  source:

9-ton monument lifted from Cleopatra's underwater city
date added: 2009-12-21  source:

After seven years of study, scientists link dead zone off Oregon coast to 'warming climate'
date added: 2009-12-21  source:

1968 scuba tank helps climate research; 'I've got the oldest air'
date added: 2009-12-21  source:

NASA Uses Algae to Turn Sewage Into Fuel; 'This Would Ultimately Cover Acres And Acres Of Ocean'
date added: 2009-12-21  source:

First As ROV Captures Images Of The Deep-sea Volcano Erupting Molten Lava; 'It Happens So Quickly'
date added: 2009-12-21  source:

Scientists: Zoning the ocean may help endangered whales to recover; an idea 'rife with human conflict'
date added: 2009-12-20  source:

Shearwater rescued from sharks off Maui cannot be saved
date added: 2009-12-18  source:

First female to kayak around Australia comes home; 'I'm hungry and I need to get out of my swimsuit'
date added: 2009-12-18  source:

Submersibles Find New Coral, Sponge Species Northwest Of Main Hawaiian Islands; 'We Don't Know What They Are'
date added: 2009-12-18  source:

Study: 'Triple whammy effect' eroding portions of Arctic coastline with no end in sight
date added: 2009-12-17  source:

richardpainAussie Planning To Swim From Japan To US; 'I Realize It's Completely Mad'
date added: 2009-12-17   source:

Aussie coral gives up link to 200-year-old maritime saga
date added: 2009-12-16  source:

NOAA assesses post-tsunami marine debris in American Samoa, effects on corals
date added: 2009-12-16  source:

James Cameron To Break Deep-sea Dive World Record; 'We Are Building A Vehicle'
date added: 2009-12-16  source:

Dozens of frozen squid appear on Oregon beaches
date added: 2009-12-15  source:

High-resolution computer simulations helping scientists understand ocean climate
date added: 2009-12-15  source:

arcticjellyfish'Alien' Jellyfish Found in Arctic Deep; 'Reality Surpassed All Of Our Imaginations!'
date added: 2009-12-15   source:

Ship lost on Lake Erie 100 years ago remains a mystery; 'so much is unknown'
date added: 2009-12-14  source:

Copenhagen Climate Summit: Ocean Acidification An 'Underwater Time-Bomb'
date added: 2009-12-14  source:

underwatercancunUnderwater Sculptures Installed In Cancun; 'It Has Been Very Challenging'
date added: 2009-12-14   source:

'Whale sperm' visible from space; Aussie scientists warn beachgoers away
date added: 2009-12-13  source:

Scientists work to protect Cuba's unspoiled reefs; 'It's really a time machine here in Cuba'
date added: 2009-12-12  source:

giantwavehawaiiSurf's up as biggest waves in five years come to Hawaii after North Pacific storm
date added: 2009-12-12   source:

The Cyber Sea: World's First Internet Undersea Science Station Boots Up; 'It's Revolutionary'
date added: 2009-12-12  source:

diverjellyfishInto the frozen deep: Stunning underwater photos of life beneath Antarctica's ice
date added: 2009-12-11   source:

New method of measuring ocean CO2 uptake could lead to climate change 'early warning system'
date added: 2009-12-07  source:

Hawaii artificial reef work may have damaged live coral
date added: 2009-12-07  source:

fishermanpropellorTragic tale is revealed in Brit fishermen's propeller haul; 'I was shocked and touched'
date added: 2009-12-07   source:

Massive Corals Help Unlock Climate Change Secrets In Western Australia; 'Virtually Nothing Is Known'
date added: 2009-12-07  source:

Aussie canegrowers, farmers get eye new Great Barrier Reef protection law
date added: 2009-12-06  source:

Scientists surprised as some ocean dwellers increase shell production in CO2-rich environment
date added: 2009-12-06  source:

Four feet above normal, 'acqua alta' floods half of Venice
date added: 2009-12-04  source:

Research: Climate change impact on Kuwait Bay magnified; 'global trends may not be representative locally'
date added: 2009-12-03  source:

Major sea level rise likely as Antarctic ice melts
date added: 2009-12-03  source:

Aussie Scientists To Launch Robotic Search For Great Barrier Reef Deep-sea Dinosaurs
date added: 2009-12-03  source:

Patience Pays For Mel Fisher's Treasure-hunting Family; 'We'll Go Months Without Finding Anything'
date added: 2009-12-03  source:

Motors may be nixed in part of Everglades to protect seagrass
date added: 2009-12-02  source:

Hawaii protecting coral reefs with fines: $400,000 for damaging more than 1,200 coral colonies
date added: 2009-12-01  source:

Massive icebergs floating towards coast of New Zealand; 'We're really looking at an isolated incident'
date added: 2009-11-29  source:

Idle Tankers Off The UK Coast Holding Oil Until Prices Rise Are 'An Accident Waiting To Happen'
date added: 2009-11-28  source:

Razor clam inspires design of robo anchor that digs itself in mudflats
date added: 2009-11-27  source:

New technique may help remove nanoparticles from sewage
date added: 2009-11-27  source:

Healthy Reefs Buoy Haitian Hopes for Tourism Revival; 'There's Almost No Fish In The Water'
date added: 2009-11-27  source:

Swimmers, Hoppers and Fliers: How Do Toxic Chemicals Move around the Planet?
date added: 2009-11-27  source:

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