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The VERY Unsavory Truth About Your Prawn Cocktail... And That Supposedly Fresh Fish on the Supermarket Counter
date added: 2011-01-18  source:

Study: Fisheries management makes coral reefs grow faster; 'cascading effects of predator loss' illustrated
date added: 2011-01-17  source:

Research: Dramatic ocean circulation changes caused the climate to warm and cool for centuries at a time
date added: 2011-01-17  source:

Research: Mountain glacier melt to contribute 12 centimeters to world sea-level increases by 2100
date added: 2011-01-13  source:

Coral species may be extinct within 50 years, warn scientists as they reveal most endangered
date added: 2011-01-13  source:

deadcoralNew scheme launched for 'bleached and dying' coral life
date added: 2011-01-13   source:

Navy coral dredging plan prompts Guam outcry
date added: 2011-01-12  source:

Researchers: Great Barrier Reef 'should recover' from flood damage
date added: 2011-01-12  source:

Research: Climate change to continue to year 3000 in best case scenarios; oceans to rise 4 meters
date added: 2011-01-12  source:

Duplicity? Odyssey Marine Files Motion To Strike The United States Amicus Brief Filed In The 'Black Swan' Case
date added: 2011-01-10  source:

Key device in busted Gulf well got U.S. OK in just 90 minutes
date added: 2011-01-09  source:

Scientist: Ocean's 'Great Garbage Patch' Greatly Exaggerated Claims 'Undermine The Credibility Of Scientists'
date added: 2011-01-07  source:

Cayman Islands sinking US ship to create reef
date added: 2011-01-06  source:

Japan steps up underwater mineral search
date added: 2011-01-06  source:

Aussie flood fear: Could chemicals in runoff waters harm Barrier Reef?
date added: 2011-01-06  source:

Polar bear swimmers going strong -- and frigid; 'like 10,000 knives stabbing you at once'
date added: 2011-01-05  source:

Planning a 'polar bear plunge'? How your body reacts
date added: 2011-01-04  source:

What triggers mass extinctions? Study shows how invasive species stop new life
date added: 2011-01-03  source:

greenriverHorror as Canadian river mysteriously turns bright green
date added: 2011-01-02   source:
braziloilrigBrazil to replace oil rigs with 'underwater cities'
date added: 2011-01-01   source:

Stricter Rules For Ships Using the Great Barrier Reef
date added: 2010-12-31  source:

South Carolina archaeologists locate wreck of Confederate gunboat
date added: 2010-12-30  source:

Gulf residents, businesses say they're still suffering from BP oil spill effects
date added: 2010-12-30  source:

Oil may have strengthened fungus plaguing coastal marsh plants in Alabama and Mississippi
date added: 2010-12-30  source:

How deep can life go? Subterranean, submarine microbes could play important role in global carbon budget
date added: 2010-12-28  source:

japanesemenBut why? Japanese men dive into swimming pool indefinitely
date added: 2010-12-28   source:

Wikileaks cables: U.S. State Department sides with Spain against U.S.-based exploration company's Black Swan claim
date added: 2010-12-27  source:

Taiwanese fishing vessel stuck on French Polynesia reef
date added: 2010-12-27  source:

Study: Rising Greenhouse Gases Profoundly Impact Microscopic Marine Life; 'We're Engaged In A Global, Unreplicated Experiment'
date added: 2010-12-27  source:

Italian Expert: 'Global Warming Will Make Mediterranean Less Salty'
date added: 2010-12-24  source:

Recovered after 139 years underwater, restoration efforts on USS Monitor Civil War steam engine progressing
date added: 2010-12-23  source:

amospicUnderwater photographers reveal hidden marine world
date added: 2010-12-23   source:
saltwatercrocsmOcean Art Underwater Photo Competition winners announced, $67,000 worth of prizes awarded
date added: 2010-12-22   source:

Scientists drill beneath Dead Sea in search of priceless data
date added: 2010-12-22  source:

Admiral: Not enough oil left in offshore, deepwater Gulf to warrant additional cleanup
date added: 2010-12-21  source:

'Slime snot' on Gulf seafloor more closely linked to missing BP oil
date added: 2010-12-20  source:

Hawaii preparing report on restoring damaged coral reef
date added: 2010-12-20  source:

Antarctic Melting as 'Sneaky' Deep Ocean Heat Rises; 'My Jaw Just Dropped'
date added: 2010-12-20  source:

Fungus outbreak hits Alabama marshes; could oil spill sheens be to blame?
date added: 2010-12-18  source:

Marine scientists: Damage to Arabian Gulf's coral reefs 'is irreversible'
date added: 2010-12-16  source:

Study: Bering Sea was ice-free and full of life during last warm period; 'no evidence of the pebbles'
date added: 2010-12-16  source:

Nonprofit blasts plan to sink USS Arthur W. Radford for artificial reef
date added: 2010-12-16  source:

freediverHectometer: Kiwi Freediver First to Break 100m On Single Breath
date added: 2010-12-16   source:
tidalturbinesedimentfishsmEngineers calculate tidal energy turbines' effects on sediments and fish
date added: 2010-12-15   source:

Are The Ocean's Monster Waves Getting Bigger? 'Mother Nature Has An Easy Way of Telling Us Who is In Charge'
date added: 2010-12-15  source:

Battle over sunken treasure lands in D.C.'s federal court
date added: 2010-12-14  source:

Basking in a Cancun sewer: Off the Mexican coast, it's not just fish floating by on the reefs
date added: 2010-12-14  source:

Brrr: Bering Sea chills to coldest temperature on record; fatter plankton, pollock diet changes
date added: 2010-12-13  source:

robotgliderScarletKnightsmFirst underwater robot to cross Atlantic highlighted at Smithsonian ocean hall
date added: 2010-12-12   source:

California men searching for sunken 16th century ship
date added: 2010-12-11  source:

Aussie university completes world's first climate change reef experiment facility
date added: 2010-12-10  source:

An eco-warrior's romance at sea; 'Life is either a daring adventure or nothing'
date added: 2010-12-09  source:

Scientists: 'Chemoautotrophic' life thrives in porous rock deep beneath the seafloor
date added: 2010-12-09  source:

overundercameraFloating camera captures sea and sky in one shot
date added: 2010-12-08   source:
titanicrusticlesmResearchers: 'Rusticle' reveals new microscopic life aboard the RMS Titanic
date added: 2010-12-08   source:

Archeologist: Underwater Persian Gulf 'oasis' sites hint at prehistoric people
date added: 2010-12-08  source:

The Uncertainties of Global Warming: Sea Level Could Rise in South, Fall in North
date added: 2010-12-08  source:

Scientists measure air-sea exchange of carbon dioxide in the open ocean; 'bubbles in whitecaps play a significant role'
date added: 2010-12-07  source:

Much of Venice sinks under Winter's first 'acqua alta'
date added: 2010-12-07  source:

Sunken sub saga from Cold War comes to light in new book
date added: 2010-12-07  source:

GFAJ-1grownonarsenicsmNASA: Arsenic-based Organism Found In Lake; 'The Definition Of Life Has Just Expanded'
date added: 2010-12-07   source:

Study: Coastal wetlands likely to disappear this century as sea levels rise
date added: 2010-12-06  source:

Student and teacher injured after being sucked into pool's underwater viewing window
date added: 2010-12-05  source:

Pump it: New rule prohibits vessel sewage discharge into Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary waters
date added: 2010-12-04  source:

Researchers develop new communication tool for autonomous underwater vehicles
date added: 2010-12-03  source:

Deep-water dive reveals spilled oil on Gulf floor; 'The crabs don't look healthy'
date added: 2010-12-02  source:

otterattackLatest Florida Otter Attack Caught On Video; 'It Was Like Lightning'
date added: 2010-12-02   source:

Marine scientists: Fear as ocean dead zones grow; 'it all bears the hallmarks of human interference'
date added: 2010-12-01  source:

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