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Downed pilot's nightmare in shark-infested waters may help save coral reefs
date added: 2011-12-05  source:

Surfing: Author claims Aborigines first to ride waves
date added: 2011-12-05  source:

Couple make a splash with stunning photos beneath the waves
date added: 2011-12-01  source:

Supercool: Water doesn't have to freeze until minus 55 F; 'we're solving a very old puzzle'
date added: 2011-11-30  source:

Five Chinese boats seized by South Korea
date added: 2011-11-29  source:

Scientists freeze reef samples for marine 'bank'
date added: 2011-11-29  source:

Divers warned: Fishing net blocking part of HMS Scylla wreck reef off Cornwall coast
date added: 2011-11-29  source:

Australia Plans World's Largest Marine Reserve
date added: 2011-11-29  source:

Scientific sleuths pinpoint the guilty coral killers; 'different diseases can often look very similar'
date added: 2011-11-28  source:

Great Barrier Reef omitted from New7Wonders list
date added: 2011-11-27  source:

Interactive map of sea level changes launched; 'vast majority of sites indicate a sea level rise'
date added: 2011-11-26  source:

Attorney says Deepwater Horizon well still leaks oil from seafloor; 'There's a deafening silence on the issue'
date added: 2011-11-25  source:

bathtubsponge'Extinct' giant sponges, once used as bath tubs, are rediscovered
date added: 2011-11-24   source:

Corals can sense what's coming, commit 'cell suicide' when conditions deteriorate
date added: 2011-11-23  source:

Decline in dead zones: Efforts to heal Chesapeake Bay are working; fertilizers, animal waste, pollution reduced
date added: 2011-11-22  source:

soviettankSoviet tank that defended Leningrad from Nazis raised from river
date added: 2011-11-21   source:
animalhouseSponges: The original animal house
date added: 2011-11-21   source:
sunkenislandHuge Prehistoric Sunken Islands Found in Indian Ocean
date added: 2011-11-20   source:

Back to the wild: Ocean animal releases still problematic; 'things go wrong'
date added: 2011-11-19  source:

titanicpropellerA Titanic Rip-off? Travel Firm Cashes In On Tragic Centenary To Offer Trips To Wreck
date added: 2011-11-19   source:

Ballard: The sea holds wealth of untapped resources; 'You can't be a Luddite and say 'stop''
date added: 2011-11-17  source:

thebluTheBlu: Exploring the ocean in a new interactive medium
date added: 2011-11-16   source:

Tourists flock to Great Barrier Reef for annual coral spawning
date added: 2011-11-15  source:

Surfer Rides Epic Wave, But Was It Really A 90 Footer? 'It Was An Inspirational Ride By An Inspirational Surfer'
date added: 2011-11-14  source:

underwaterrobotroombaRoomba Maker Building New Undersea Robots; 'Doesn't Care If There's A Storm'
date added: 2011-11-13   source:

Researchers: Some coral reefs can lower ocean acidity; 'overall, C02 enrichment and ocean acidification is bad news'
date added: 2011-11-12  source:

gummyBearsScientists ask: Will it crush? Gummy bears as underwater crush test dummies
date added: 2011-11-11   source:

Evidence Shows Gulf Oil Spill Caused Widespread Ecological Damage
date added: 2011-11-11  source:

Fate of Great Barrier Reef heritage status undecided
date added: 2011-11-10  source:

Agreement to create biggest marine reserve at Antarctica
date added: 2011-11-08  source:

Researchers: Coral reef biodiversity may be vastly underestimated
date added: 2011-11-07  source:

Researchers: Climate change to force sea life to swim 'farther and faster' to survive; Equator to empty out
date added: 2011-11-07  source:

submarineeruptionPhoto: El Hierro submarine eruption as seen from space
date added: 2011-11-07   source:

Researchers: Coral population stable and sea urchins are on the rise in Florida Keys
date added: 2011-11-07  source:

turtleriderSurfer's turtle riding photo raises more controversy than awareness
date added: 2011-11-06   source:

Australia: Coral Sea could be world's largest marine park
date added: 2011-11-06  source:

Hey, bacteria, get off of my boat! Scientists eye stimuli-responsive surfaces to combat biofouling
date added: 2011-11-03  source:

Study: Arabian Sea tropical cyclones are intensified by air pollution; 'there has been a real uptick'
date added: 2011-11-03  source:

Belize: Illegal use of coral angers NGOs
date added: 2011-11-03  source:

Newly-discovered Panama wrecks promise to unlock the mystery of Francis Drake's final resting place
date added: 2011-11-02  source:

New Zealand: Oil pumped off stricken container ship Rena reaches 1000 tonnes
date added: 2011-11-02  source:

Expedition continues search for 220-year-old Bonhomme Richard shipwreck; 'I have not yet begun to fight!'
date added: 2011-11-02  source:

The Latest Holiday Hotspot? Under-sea Volcano Eruptions Could Lead To New Canary Island
date added: 2011-11-02  source:

Seaweed records show impact of ocean warming; 'trees of the ocean' heading toward extinction
date added: 2011-11-01  source:

Going down the drain: Amazing time lapse video shows the moment lake was emptied as historic dam was destroyed
date added: 2011-11-01  source:

Fukushima meltdown has led to 'world's worst' nuclear pollution of the sea
date added: 2011-10-31  source:

Did California overreach in promising to help the Salton Sea?
date added: 2011-10-31  source:

Underwater treasure hunting endangers sunken relics around south China's Xisha Islands
date added: 2011-10-30  source:

2014: Japan tsunami debris to hit U.S. mainland sooner than expected
date added: 2011-10-30  source:

Sir Francis Drake's body 'close to being found off Panama'
date added: 2011-10-28  source:

A drop in the ocean is teeming with life; scientists reveal hidden relationships among marine microbes
date added: 2011-10-28  source:

The Ultimate Water Colors: Divers Take Black Sea Plunge To Complete Bizarre Underwater Exhibit
date added: 2011-10-28  source:

Salvage workers search shipwrecks for oil, oceans and decades apart
date added: 2011-10-27  source:

Researcher: 10 Million Tons of Tsunami Debris Coming Sooner Than Predicted To Hawaii; 'We Don't Want To Create a Panic'
date added: 2011-10-27  source:

Pressure: NOAA releases status on Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary marine resources
date added: 2011-10-24  source:

NOAA: U.S. residents say Hawaii's coral reef ecosystems worth $33.57 billion per year
date added: 2011-10-24  source:

Scientists: Boscombe surf reef attracts '100 species', but no surfers
date added: 2011-10-24  source:

Researchers identify mysterious life forms in the extreme deep sea; 'fascinating giants'
date added: 2011-10-24  source:

Scientists: Home washing machines source of potentially harmful ocean 'microplastic' pollution
date added: 2011-10-24  source:

NOAA's sanctuary research vessel to assist in recovery of cannon from Blackbeard's Queen Anne's Revenge
date added: 2011-10-23  source:

Plastic ocean vortex crusader tells story of discovery; 'Much of recycling is an elaborate charade'
date added: 2011-10-23  source:

Research: Deep-reef coral hates the light, prefers the shade; 'increased capacity to exploit nutrients and plankton'
date added: 2011-10-21  source:

A flash of light: Potential mechanism for dazzling bioluminescence in oceans identified
date added: 2011-10-21  source:

mermaidsiesmicRobot 'mermaids' swim seas to detect seismic waves
date added: 2011-10-20   source:

Research: Hurricane activity is clustered rather than random; 'clustered events are less damaging'
date added: 2011-10-20  source:

Marine sanctuaries: Tourism, diving, environment groups say 'great for Western Australia'
date added: 2011-10-19  source:

Chemical warfare on the reef: Study identifies molecules used by certain species of seaweed to harm corals
date added: 2011-10-19  source:

Rena salvor: Expect the worst; 'That ship is very, very sick'
date added: 2011-10-19  source:

renaKiwi Government: Oil Slick Ship Ran Aground As Captain 'Cut Corner'
date added: 2011-10-19   source:
hongkongswimHong Kong revives harbor swim race after pollution ban; 'a bit salty'
date added: 2011-10-18   source:

Gulf of Mexico oil spill researchers report trouble getting samples
date added: 2011-10-18  source:

British engineering team heads to Antarctica to explore hidden lake
date added: 2011-10-18  source:

Bacterial communication could affect Earth's climate; 'we don't often think about bacteria making group decisions'
date added: 2011-10-18  source:

Swedish Scientist: Sea Levels Not Rising; 'Computer Modeling By Persons Not Having Visited the Sites in Question is Not Good Enough'
date added: 2011-10-18  source:

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