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UNESCO Report Scathing Of Great Barrier Reef Management
date added: 2012-06-05  source:

Scientists: 'B12 shot' helps marine algae thrive; newfound protein key for algae growth in the ocean
date added: 2012-06-04  source:

Dorset: Calls for troubled artificial surf reef to be demolished; 'danger to surfers'
date added: 2012-06-03  source:

World's Only Underwater Theater Removed From Texas Lake; 'We Call It A Submarine'
date added: 2012-06-01  source:

Rena disaster: High-tech gadgets go where no diver can
date added: 2012-05-31  source:

Florida: Mystery sponge-killing disease now seen from Palm Beach to lower Keys
date added: 2012-05-31  source:

renasalvageNew Zealand Cargo Ship Disaster Crew Get 7 Months' Jail
date added: 2012-05-31   source:

Take a Deep Breath: Going Down With the Extremely Extreme Sport of Deep-Breath Diving
date added: 2012-05-31  source:

New Zealand: Groundings stats reveal Rena-like disasters narrowly avoided; 'time and again'
date added: 2012-05-30  source:

More 'grand flushes' planned from Glen Canyon; 'We're protecting one of America's iconic natural treasures'
date added: 2012-05-28  source:

Debunked: Lies You've Been Told About the Pacific Garbage Patch
date added: 2012-05-25  source:

Australia: Greens see red after ship drifts over fragile reef
date added: 2012-05-23  source:

Scientists develop tool to 'fingerprint' sea level rise in 'synthetic datasets'
date added: 2012-05-23  source:

Limbless Frenchman Braves Sharks And jellyfish Infested Waters To Swim 12 Miles In 'Round The World Bid'
date added: 2012-05-23  source:

Supersnorkel lets you breathe underwater
date added: 2012-05-21  source:

Historic, 19th century shipwreck discovered in northern Gulf of Mexico; 'a relatively unexplored area'
date added: 2012-05-21  source:

Underwater turbine completes successful tests off Scottish coast
date added: 2012-05-21  source:

Astronauts will live underwater to train for asteroid mission
date added: 2012-05-19  source:

Researchers: Sulphur and iron compounds common in old shipwrecks, presenting preservation problems
date added: 2012-05-19  source:

Top 10 most troubled rivers in the United States...
date added: 2012-05-19  source:

Hawaii surfer reunited with camera lost underwater for a year
date added: 2012-05-17  source:

China denies preparing for war over disputed reef
date added: 2012-05-16  source:

Study: Over 100 toxic substances from everyday life reaching Columbia River
date added: 2012-05-16  source:

Hawaii surfer reunited with camera lost underwater for a year
date added: 2012-05-16  source:

Research: A push from the Mississippi kept Deepwater Horizon oil slick off shore
date added: 2012-05-15  source:

submarineMinister: Irish 'Submarine' Is Just Rock And Debris; 'That Concludes The Matter'
date added: 2012-05-15   source:

Civil War ironclad stands between Savannah, harbor dredging
date added: 2012-05-14  source:

Kenya: Chinese experts arrive for a ship excavation project
date added: 2012-05-14  source:

monsterwavesurfer78-footer: World Record As Garrett McNamara's Ride On Monster Wave Is Second To None
date added: 2012-05-14   source:

Research: Plastic trash altering ocean habitats; 'garbage patches' could have ecosystem-wide consequences
date added: 2012-05-13  source:

The Abyss: Video Captures Mysterious Unidentified Floating Object In The Deep Sea
date added: 2012-05-13  source:

Researchers: GPS-equipped commercial ships could become 'network of accurate tsunami sensors'
date added: 2012-05-10  source:

Study: Greenland glacier speed slower than expected, lessening predicted increase in sea levels
date added: 2012-05-08  source:

Japan Tsunami Debris Moves Towards US And Canada Shores; 'It Is Very Sparse, Very Patchy'
date added: 2012-05-05  source:

Old maps and dead clams help solve coastal boulder mystery; 'moved by storm waves'
date added: 2012-05-04  source:

Australian billionaire to build Titanic replica, with modern 'safety systems'
date added: 2012-05-04  source:

renabreakNew Zealand: Rena Captain Says 'Sorry' To Residents
date added: 2012-05-04   source:

Study: Warm ocean currents cause majority of ice loss from Antarctica; 'we see a clear pattern'
date added: 2012-05-01  source:

DeployingArgofloattasmanSeasmResearchers: Ocean Salinity Change Detected; Wet To Get Wetter, Dry To Get Drier
date added: 2012-05-01   source:
placticdebriscollectionoceansmWind pushes plastics deeper into oceans, driving trash estimates up
date added: 2012-04-30   source:

Geophysicists employ novel method to identify sources of global sea level rise
date added: 2012-04-30  source:

Taiwan: Activists call for a nature reserve to protect rare reefs
date added: 2012-04-28  source:

fishpicWhy underwater photographer Christopher Pulitzer Leidy packs his baby pillow
date added: 2012-04-27   source:
drugsubUS Coast guard stops another Caribbean 'drug sub'
date added: 2012-04-24   source:

US Expedition Explores Mysterious Puerto Rican Reef
date added: 2012-04-22  source:

Hawaiian island man makes a living from finding lost treasures
date added: 2012-04-21  source:

Britain: Call to introduce underwater robot to rescue drowning people
date added: 2012-04-19  source:

What lies beneath: What will become of the shipwreck discovered near Dunkirk?
date added: 2012-04-19  source:

joey)elilisMeet the underwater alchemist: Sculptor Joey Ellis; 'give hope for the fishes'
date added: 2012-04-18   source:

Controversy As Queensland Government Requests Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Boundaries Redrawn To Exclude Industrial Harbor
date added: 2012-04-18  source:

Researchers Question Why Great Barrier Reef 'Not So Great'
date added: 2012-04-18  source:

Why climate change might not spell death for the Great Barrier Reef
date added: 2012-04-16  source:

Researchers: Ocean acidification linked to larval oyster failure; hatcheries 'non-economically viable'
date added: 2012-04-16  source:

Pitcairn Islands Expedition Photos: Strange and Beautiful Algae
date added: 2012-04-16  source:

It's in the algae: Study shows adaptive capacity of reef corals to 'climate change' may be widespread
date added: 2012-04-15  source:

Dominican Republic: Morass of businesses, boats harm Punta Cana's coral reefs
date added: 2012-04-14  source:

New Zealand: Maori vow to stop underwater turbines; 'the harbour will just about come to an end ecologically'
date added: 2012-04-13  source:

Bill Gates funds new machine that filters your toilet waste back into 'drinkable' water
date added: 2012-04-11  source:

Scientists find post-tsunami radiation in sea kelp, seek to expand research
date added: 2012-04-11  source:

Titanic Wreck Gets UNESCO Protection; 'Our Sunken Heritage'
date added: 2012-04-11  source:

ghostshipU.S. to sink ghost ship dislodged by Japan tsunami
date added: 2012-04-10   source:

SeaWorld gets whale-sized tax breaks
date added: 2012-04-08  source:

jellyfishpictureCome on in, the water's fine: Pick your favorite picture
date added: 2012-04-08   source:

Study: Declines in Caribbean coral reefs pre-date damage resulting from 'climate change'
date added: 2012-04-04  source:

Study: Ocean Temperatures On Upward Trend Over Last 100 Years
date added: 2012-04-04  source:

Some corals like it hot: Scientists discover heat stress may help coral reefs survive 'climate change'
date added: 2012-04-03  source:

Apollo 11's engines discovered in the Atlantic; 'they're made of tough stuff'
date added: 2012-04-02  source:

guyharveylotterydolphinfloridasmGuy Harvey gambles on Florida reef conservation with new lottery scratch-off tickets
date added: 2012-04-02   source:

Safety Controversy As Another Surfer Dies At Australia Surf Championship; 'A Scandal Of Monumental Proportions'
date added: 2012-04-02  source:

jacquescousteau (2)Why Do Deep-sea Explorers Wear Those Tiny Knit Caps?
date added: 2012-04-02   source:
titanichullwideanglesmWHOI team uses advanced imaging data to bring a new view of Titanic to the world
date added: 2012-04-01   source:

Forget space: James Cameron's deep-sea dive spurs underwater tourism talks
date added: 2012-04-01  source:

Superstopper: Containing A Tunnel Flood With An Inflatable Plug; 'No One's Ever Done This Before'
date added: 2012-04-01  source:

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