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Lab records sounds of March 11 Japan earthquake and aftershocks from underwater observatories
date added: 2011-03-27  source:

coralreeffishsmSir David Attenborough: 20 Years Until C02 Kills Off Coral Reefs
date added: 2011-03-27   source:

Nuclear Plant Contaminates Sea After Damage to Fuel Rods; Seafood Only Dangerous If 'You Eat It'
date added: 2011-03-26  source:

Report: Design Flaw, Stuck Pipe Tied to BP Oil Disaster; 'We Shouldn't Be Finding This Out Now'
date added: 2011-03-26  source:

Video: Japanese Coast Guard rides over tsunami waves
date added: 2011-03-25  source:

All The Shimmers Is Not Oil: Coast Guard Say Mysterious Sheen Seen Near Deepwater Horizon Site Is Sediment, Not Oil
date added: 2011-03-25  source:

U.S. outpacing Canada in marine cleanup efforts, which could save millions of creatures from death each year
date added: 2011-03-24  source:

Report slams management of Aussie marine national parks
date added: 2011-03-23  source:

Radioactive rain over Pacific will save lives; 'particles that get into the water will be spread around quickly'
date added: 2011-03-22  source:

Global Warming Was More Common 50m Years Ago; 'Hyperthermal' Events Triggered By Deep Ocean Carbon Dioxide Releases
date added: 2011-03-22  source:

The Prize: China enters race for seafloor's mineral riches
date added: 2011-03-21  source:

Commerce secretary announces additional reforms to overhaul NOAA's law enforcement system
date added: 2011-03-21  source:

Study provides new tool to monitor coral reef 'vital signs'
date added: 2011-03-20  source:

japanhouseSeismologist: Japan Tsunami 'Could be 1,000-year Event'
date added: 2011-03-19   source:

Damage done: Two tropical cyclone names retired from list of Atlantic storms
date added: 2011-03-18  source:

Actor Ted Danson's plan to save the oceans; 'at a tipping point'
date added: 2011-03-17  source:

Atlantis Found? New Documentary Highlights Professor's Efforts To Locate Fabled Lost City
date added: 2011-03-17  source:

Japan Tsunami: Grim Tide of Death as 2,000 Bodies Wash Up on the Shores
date added: 2011-03-17  source:

Aussie Researchers: Coral Reef Cryogenic Plan Gets Under Way; 'This is Really An Insurance Program'
date added: 2011-03-17  source:

Researcher: Global warming may severely impact U.S. naval forces
date added: 2011-03-16  source:

Activists: Underwater volcanoes pose risk to Taiwanese nuclear plant
date added: 2011-03-16  source:

Dr. Peter Mumby to receive prestigious 2011 Rosenstiel award for work on coral reef conservation strategies
date added: 2011-03-16  source:

Biologist wins Waterman award, to launch 'shovel-ready project' to collect rare deep ocean siphonophores
date added: 2011-03-16  source:

Sri Lanka's tsunami destruction directly linked to destroyed coral reefs
date added: 2011-03-15  source:

Bright side: Tsunami waves could 'naturally' clear dead fish from LA harbor
date added: 2011-03-15  source:

Japan quake shows tsunami warnings are faster and more accurate
date added: 2011-03-15  source:

Bleaching and resilience: Can reefs survive? 'white but still alive'
date added: 2011-03-14  source:

Researchers to examine effects of shipping containers lost at sea; 'stepping stones between ports, highways of debris'
date added: 2011-03-11  source:

atlanticraftFour men on a raft: Our extraordinary home-from-home
date added: 2011-03-10   source:

Our future under water: Terrifying new pictures reveal how Britain's cities could be devastated by flood water
date added: 2011-03-10  source:

planktonShifting Spring: Arctic Plankton Blooming Up to 50 Days Earlier Now
date added: 2011-03-10   source:

Scientists: Cyclones wreak havoc on Barrier Reef; 'missed the main tourism spots'
date added: 2011-03-09  source:

Acres of invasive algae cleared from Oahu bay
date added: 2011-03-08  source:

Is the Amelia Earhart Mystery Finally About to be Solved? Diving Team to Explore Plane Wreckage at Bottom of Ocean
date added: 2011-03-08  source:

Ukrainian to travel around the world underwater
date added: 2011-03-07  source:

Russian subs plumb depths of Lake Geneva; 'Our lake is special – and not just because of its beauty'
date added: 2011-03-06  source:

Scripps vessel mapping subsea mountains taller than Mt. Whitney; 'It's important to study them'
date added: 2011-03-05  source:

Ship owner pleads not guilty to damaging Great Barrier Reef
date added: 2011-03-04  source:

kayakalgae'Crazy Green' Algae Pools Seen in Antarctic Sea Waters; Teeming Life 'Exceeds All Expectations'
date added: 2011-03-04   source:

Kiwi scientists set to explore underwater volcanoes for minerals, hydrothermal activity
date added: 2011-03-03  source:

Stink as San Francisco polluted water in order to save it
date added: 2011-03-03  source:

Obama administration issues first deep-water permit since BP spill
date added: 2011-03-02  source:

Message in a bottle from Japan found on Oregon beach; 'Hope you know you are loved'
date added: 2011-03-01  source:

China: Thousands of Shrimp Try to 'Commit Suicide' at Polluted Lake in Xiamen
date added: 2011-03-01  source:

Analysis: 75% of World's Coral Reefs Currently Under Threat From Local, Global Pressures; 'A Wake-Up Call'
date added: 2011-02-28  source:

Semporna may have richest marine biodiversity in the world; fish species counts rival the Philippines, greater than Indonesia
date added: 2011-02-27  source:

JaneLubchencosmShredding Report Shows NOAA Chief as Obstructionist
date added: 2011-02-27   source:

$10,00 tickets still available for voyage to Pacific garbage gyre; 'you'll earn your sea legs'
date added: 2011-02-26  source:

Oldest fossils of large seaweeds, worm-like animals tell story of ancient oxygen; 'preserved in pristine condition'
date added: 2011-02-25  source:

Capping system ready for gulf oil spills; 'This milestone fulfills a commitment'
date added: 2011-02-25  source:

International consortium formed to study fertilizing oceans with iron; 'an important first step'
date added: 2011-02-24  source:

personalsubPersonal sub could be easiest, safest yet
date added: 2011-02-24   source:

Many Months Later Gulf of Mexico Bottom Shows Little Sign of Recovery, But Many Dead Creatures
date added: 2011-02-24  source:

feltshoeFootwear blamed for 'rock snot' invasion of Maryland streams
date added: 2011-02-23   source:

Florida researchers resume testing beaches for Corexit after 6 month lapse
date added: 2011-02-23  source:

BP Says Oil Spill Settlement Terms Are Too Generous; 'An Artificially High Future Loss Factor'
date added: 2011-02-23  source:

Archaeologists: Irish medieval fishing site will be 'lost to the tide'
date added: 2011-02-21  source:

Scientists: Rising seas will affect major US coastal cities by 2100; 'like a block of ice on the sidewalk in the summertime'
date added: 2011-02-18  source:

Scientists: First identification of endocrine disruptors in algae blooms
date added: 2011-02-18  source:

Could underwater nuclear stations be headed for the English channel?
date added: 2011-02-18  source:

raftFour men on a raft: snookered at sea
date added: 2011-02-16   source:

More deep-sea vents discovered in the Southern Ocean; 'the excitement was almost overwhelming'
date added: 2011-02-16  source:

Experts question BP-financed report on health of Gulf of Mexico after oil spill
date added: 2011-02-15  source:

WWF: Drilling for gas in Mediterranean Sea will threaten valuable marine life
date added: 2011-02-14  source:

Experts question BP-financed report on health of Gulf of Mexico after oil spill
date added: 2011-02-14  source:

Scientists Warn Of Damage To Deep Seabed; 'It Is A Very Serious Problem'
date added: 2011-02-12  source:

New Zealand home to the world's most polluted marine reserve?
date added: 2011-02-11  source:

Oobleck: Dr. Seussian Mystery Fluid Could Have Plugged Deepwater Horizon Well
date added: 2011-02-11  source:

beerFinns to Revive Beer From 19th Century Shipwreck; 'You Could Taste the Saltiness'
date added: 2011-02-11   source:

Aussie environmentalists: Call to stop scuttling as sister ship breaks up
date added: 2011-02-10  source:

After Being Sealed for 15 Million Years, Scientists Race To Breach Antarctica's Lake Vostok; 'We Don't Know What We'll Find'
date added: 2011-02-10  source:

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