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Study: Healthy Fish Populations Rely On Algae
date added: 2013-05-03  source:

Florida: Town must build artificial reef to replace real reef covered with sand
date added: 2013-05-02  source:

Drugs gang fills torpedoes with cocaine
date added: 2013-05-01  source:

NOAA: Sea surface temperatures reach highest level in 150 years on Northeast Continental shelf; 'the ecosystem is changing'
date added: 2013-04-30  source:

Underwater robot can search for missing black boxes
date added: 2013-04-27  source:

sealevelriseDenying sea-level rise: How 100 centimeters divided the state of North Carolina
date added: 2013-04-26   source:

Aussie fishing industry pleads for tougher controls on underwater seismic testing
date added: 2013-04-26  source:

Lost At Sea For 27 Hours, Surfer Rescued From Circling Shark And Vicious Gull
date added: 2013-04-24  source:

Turks and Caicos: Yacht captain, engineer charged for damaging reef
date added: 2013-04-24  source:

fishwindowFish swims by window in Grand Rapids, Michigan, floodwaters
date added: 2013-04-24   source:

Lack of basic research cripples scientists when assessing toll of BP oil spill on Gulf's natural system
date added: 2013-04-24  source:

Chinese Poachers' Ship Hauled off Philippine Reef
date added: 2013-04-24  source:

droneFishy underwater drones to keep potential threats in check
date added: 2013-04-23   source:

Can Acid Neutralizers Help Coral Reefs Bounce Back
date added: 2013-04-23  source:

Court rescues Belizean coral from offshore oil drillers
date added: 2013-04-22  source:

Lonely Planet Removes Great Barrier Reef from Top Dive Sites List
date added: 2013-04-22  source:

Changing wave heights projected as the atmosphere warms; 'considerable uncertainty remains'
date added: 2013-04-21  source:

Double Trouble: Chinese Ship Crash Reveals Illegal Cargo Of Pangolin Meat
date added: 2013-04-21  source:

parasitefish'Like Something From A Horror Film': Alien-like Parasite Found In Tesco Fish
date added: 2013-04-19   source:

Help fund these tiny reef-repairing robots, and get your name printed on a coral reef
date added: 2013-04-18  source:

Malaysia: Longest Underwater Clean-up Record Set
date added: 2013-04-17  source:

Surfing's five most harrowing wipeouts of the year revealed
date added: 2013-04-16  source:

Expert: Gulf of Mexico has greater-than-believed ability to self-cleanse oil spills
date added: 2013-04-16  source:

garbagepatchPolluting Plastic Waste Invades Great Lakes: Pacific Garbage Patch May Have A Rival
date added: 2013-04-15   source:

Philippines: Now, It's Chinese Boat Stuck In Tubbataha; Coast Guard Holds Crew For Questioning
date added: 2013-04-14  source:

stuckshipPhilippines files charges against Chinese ship stuck on reef
date added: 2013-04-13   source:

Philippines: Chinese Vessel Runs Aground In Tubbataha Reef
date added: 2013-04-13  source:

Researchers: Fossil fuel air pollution stunts coral reef growth
date added: 2013-04-12  source:

Philippines Lawmakers: $1.4 Million Fine Too Small For Reef Damage; 'Loose Change'
date added: 2013-04-12  source:

Reef damage: Philippines to fine US Navy $1.4 mn
date added: 2013-04-11  source:

DARPA reveals 'Shark' sub-hunting robot prototype
date added: 2013-04-10  source:

Fishing boats remove 600 tons of plastic from the sea
date added: 2013-04-08  source:

U.S. To Be Fined Over Damage To Coral Reef In Philippines
date added: 2013-04-05  source:

Bond girl Plenty O'Toole: 007 nearly drowned me
date added: 2013-04-04  source:

shipsalvageLast Piece Of US Navy Ship Removed From Philippines Reef
date added: 2013-04-04   source:
marylundin5 questions with ... underwater photographer Mary Lundin
date added: 2013-04-03   source:

Brits admit cash shortage curtailing seabed protections; 'compromise on a compromise'
date added: 2013-04-02  source:

navygroundingTubbataha reef disaster: Time for US to be held accountable
date added: 2013-04-02   source:
underwatercinemaSwimming pool turns into an 'underwater cinema'
date added: 2013-04-02   source:

Meet Sea Leveler, the open source water level gauge
date added: 2013-04-02  source:

Reports: Pollution Killing Fish On China's Yangtze River; Effluent From Factories Eyed
date added: 2013-04-02  source:

roboticjellyfishsmResearchers unveil large robotic jellyfish that one day could patrol oceans
date added: 2013-04-01   source:

Bow Of Grounded US Warship Lifted Off Reef In The Philippines
date added: 2013-04-01  source:

superboattestUnderwater training tests superboat racers; 'I don't like doing this'
date added: 2013-03-30   source:
underwaterrocketJeff Bezos, the underwater spaceship-saving billionaire
date added: 2013-03-29   source:

Overfished And Under-protected: Oceans On The Brink Of Catastrophic Collapse
date added: 2013-03-28  source:

lostcameraCamera Lost While Scuba Diving In Hawaii Washes Ashore In Taiwan 6 Years Later
date added: 2013-03-28   source:
fishingdebristsunamiMore Japan tsunami debris: another fishing boat washes ashore in Washington
date added: 2013-03-27   source:

Thailand: Phuket Expert Warns of Marine Disaster, Says Reef is Being Killed for Cash
date added: 2013-03-27  source:

Biggest aquarium in northern Europe set to open
date added: 2013-03-26  source:

Video: Watch these giant deep-sea isopods go about their day
date added: 2013-03-25  source:

Starfish rush hour: Delightful video shows traffic jam at bottom of the ocean
date added: 2013-03-25  source:

nevermindStunning photos prove babies can hold their breath and swim underwater
date added: 2013-03-23   source:

Study; 'World-first' As Tiny Plants Found To Devour Reef In Warming, Acidic Oceans
date added: 2013-03-23  source:

Philippines: Workers preparing to cut hull of grounded US warship
date added: 2013-03-22  source:

Scientists: Ocean plankton sponge up nearly twice the carbon currently assumed; 'it's so important'
date added: 2013-03-22  source:

Researchers: 'Dirty blizzard' in Gulf may account for missing Deepwater Horizon oil
date added: 2013-03-21  source:

navygroundingDismantling Of US Ship Stuck On Philippines' Reef More Than 50% Complete
date added: 2013-03-21   source:

Palau's president proposes new marine sanctuary
date added: 2013-03-19  source:

Vandals Damage Sydney’s WW2 Mini Submarine Wreck
date added: 2013-03-19  source:

Scientists: Glaciers contribute significant iron to North Atlantic Ocean; more than 'a big block of ice'
date added: 2013-03-17  source:

Norway's Arctic idyll shivers at oil plans; opponents say oil could drive fish, tourists away
date added: 2013-03-15  source:

2msubmarineFor just 2 million dollars you can have your own underwater plane
date added: 2013-03-15   source:

Cure to TB could lie in bacteria found underwater
date added: 2013-03-14  source:

Researcher discovers plankton adjusts to changing ocean temperatures by 'altering the rhythm of its pulsing appendage'
date added: 2013-03-14  source:

underwaterhotelOman: Underwater hotel project 'put on hold'
date added: 2013-03-14   source:

Australia: $2m scheme helps cull reef starfish pest
date added: 2013-03-13  source:

Ancient underwater forest off Alabama is much older than scientists thought
date added: 2013-03-13  source:

Scientists breaking the rules for how tsunamis work; 'we are still trying to understand the implications'
date added: 2013-03-12  source:

flipperboyBrave boy who lost both his legs to meningitis fitted with custom-made flippers
date added: 2013-03-11   source:
seaweedfishermanJapanese fishermen look to revamp industry; 'We almost gave up on our jobs'
date added: 2013-03-11   source:
cruiseshipCruise Ship Strikes Rock Off The Coast Of Panama City
date added: 2013-03-09   source:

Australian Government Gives The Green Light To $60 Million Barrier Reef Resort
date added: 2013-03-09  source:

Student invents self-cleaning, underwater camera
date added: 2013-03-08  source:

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