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damdownDemolition begins on largest dam dismantling project in the U.S.
date added: 2011-09-20   source:

Study: Deep oceans can mask global warming for decade-long periods; 'the heat has not disappeared'
date added: 2011-09-20  source:

'Missing' D-Day ship wreck LCT 427 found off Brit coast
date added: 2011-09-20  source:

Odyssey discovers mysterious English Channel shipwreck with links to Africa
date added: 2011-09-20  source:

Archaeologists: Neanderthal Man Lived on Seafood 100,000 Years Earlier Than Previously Thought
date added: 2011-09-20  source:

Researcher: Stench from Arabian sea due to geological factor
date added: 2011-09-19  source:

Researchers: Floating Volcanic Rock Rafts 'Could Have Been Cradles of Life'
date added: 2011-09-18  source:

hmsroyaloakSinking Ship: Will Iconic HMS Ark Royal be Turned Into a Diving Reef?
date added: 2011-09-18   source:

Dangerous Bacteria Spreading in Warming Oceans; Vibrios Bacteria Linked To Food Poisoning, Gastroenteritis, Septicemia and Cholera
date added: 2011-09-17  source:

New commitments from Pacific island leaders significantly bolster future of Pacific Oceanscape
date added: 2011-09-15  source:

WikiLeaks: Great Barrier Reef Safeguard Sacrificed Secretly for US, Singapore Shipping Interests
date added: 2011-09-15  source:

marathonswimBrit comedian David Walliams completes marathon 140-mile Thames swim
date added: 2011-09-14   source:
manonfireJason de Caires Taylor blends environmentalism with underwater photography
date added: 2011-09-14   source:

UN Scientist: Coral Reefs Will Be First Entire Ecosystem Destroyed By Human Activity
date added: 2011-09-14  source:

Foreign ship that ruined Philippines reef leaves after posting bond
date added: 2011-09-13  source:

Russia's Putin voted Lake Baikal's 'worst enemy' in Greenpeace poll
date added: 2011-09-13  source:

Using 61 years of tropical storm data, scientists find relationship between hurricane tracks and climate variability
date added: 2011-09-12  source:

Evidence for a persistently iron-rich ocean changes views on Earth's early history; 'we will need to rethink all of our models'
date added: 2011-09-11  source:

Researchers Complete 5000m-deep Network of Hi-tech Sensors That Will Finally Allow Us To See Beneath the Sea
date added: 2011-09-11  source:

Sunken ship off Kent coast with thousands of bombs on board 'could collapse'
date added: 2011-09-10  source:

Black reefs -- When the ship hits the reef; 'a ghost, killing the reef around it little by little'
date added: 2011-09-10  source:

Researchers: Patchy reefs 'good for fish', reduces competition for weaker or newcomers
date added: 2011-09-07  source:

underwaterrobotBuild your own undersea robot and explore the depths without getting wet
date added: 2011-09-05   source:

Rowers concerned by lack of ice after navigating Arctic; 'There's got to be a concern'
date added: 2011-09-05  source:

Coral Could Hold Key to Sunscreen Pill; 'It Is Clearly Passed Up the Food Chain'
date added: 2011-09-04  source:

James Gosling, the 'Father of Java', leaves Google to work on underwater robots
date added: 2011-09-03  source:

Study: Preserving 4 percent of the ocean could protect most marine mammal species
date added: 2011-09-01  source:

NASA: 'Rainfall Roller Coaster' Blamed As Oceans Levels Unexpectedly Drop; Expected 'Global Warning' Rise Hits 'Pothole'
date added: 2011-09-01  source:

Divers survey Scottish graveyard of first world war submarine disaster
date added: 2011-08-31  source:

floridacoldcoralsmNew study shows that Florida's reefs cannot endure a 'cold snap'
date added: 2011-08-30   source:

Discovery of British Submarine Tower From First World War Sparks Row With Denmark; 'It Is, After All, A War Grave'
date added: 2011-08-29  source:

Plymouth scientists record rapid changes to marine life; 'fornicating stacks' noted
date added: 2011-08-28  source:

supercavitatingstealthGhost ship unveiled: 'Supercavitating' stealth vessel is 'virtually unstoppable'
date added: 2011-08-26   source:

Scientific advances may finally reveal Franklin's lost ships
date added: 2011-08-25  source:

Newly discovered Icelandic current could change North Atlantic climate picture; 'we've identified a new paradigm'
date added: 2011-08-25  source:

Doomed WWI liner 'Lusitania' yields artifacts
date added: 2011-08-24  source:

Scottish seas resilient against CO2 acidification
date added: 2011-08-24  source:

Gulf of Mexico makes dramatic comeback from Deepwater Horizon oil spill
date added: 2011-08-23  source:

Office of Naval Research taking on challenges of unmanned underwater vehicles; 'it is all about taking S&T from ONR'
date added: 2011-08-23  source:

Woman hospitalized after shark bite off Carolina beach
date added: 2011-08-22  source:

Research: Human Feces Killing Corals In The Florida Keys; 'These Bacteria Do Not Come From The Ocean'
date added: 2011-08-22  source:

Scientists: First as Japanese tsunami picked up by radar; new warning system possible
date added: 2011-08-19  source:

underwaterpistolHigh speed video of pistols fired underwater
date added: 2011-08-17   source:

Under pressure: Worldwide map identifies important coral reefs exposed to stress
date added: 2011-08-15  source:

Decade-long study reveals recurring patterns of viruses in the open ocean
date added: 2011-08-15  source:

Woods Hole team joins NOAA's Battle of the Atlantic; U-boats 'sank ships at will'
date added: 2011-08-14  source:

Study: 'Surprise' as computer simulation says Arctic ice melt could pause for several years, then resume again
date added: 2011-08-13  source:

Texas plant will turn sewage into drinking water; 'Any water is good water, as far as I'm concerned'
date added: 2011-08-12  source:

Scientists discover new eruption at undersea volcano off Oregon coast, after successfully forecasting the event
date added: 2011-08-11  source:

Tohoku tsunami created icebergs in Antarctica; 'we knew there would be enough swell'
date added: 2011-08-11  source:

Study: Severe low temperatures devastate coral reefs in Florida Keys; 'extreme cold is just one stressor among many'
date added: 2011-08-10  source:

orangegooIt Came From The Sea: Mysterious Orange Goo Baffles Remote Alaska Village
date added: 2011-08-10   source:

To the Deep Sea and Beyond: The Mini Submarines That Will Take Tourists to the Bottom of the Ocean
date added: 2011-08-10  source:

Montana researcher looks at the ocean temperatures off Peru and discovers a link to Montana weather
date added: 2011-08-09  source:

Trawler crew catch 'torpedo' in nets off Fife coast
date added: 2011-08-09  source:

Alien deep: New field of hydrothermal vents discovered along the Mid-atlantic Ridge
date added: 2011-08-09  source:

Ocean probes to help refine climate change forecasting; 'oceanography is risky; you lose things'
date added: 2011-08-09  source:

Underwater archaeologists discover shipwreck believed to be from Captain Henry Morgan's lost fleet
date added: 2011-08-07  source:

Study: Artificial reefs are economic boon; enjoy widespread public support
date added: 2011-08-07  source:

Odyssey's Gairsoppa shipwreck project underway, seeking 7,000,000 ounces of silver; 'it's an exciting season'
date added: 2011-08-07  source:

Piece of shuttle Columbia found in a dried out Texas lake eight years after tragic crash
date added: 2011-08-04  source:

Pleas to protect Western Australian marine life ramps up
date added: 2011-08-04  source:

marinelitterWesternMediterraneansmMan and the last great wilderness: Human impact on the deep sea
date added: 2011-08-04   source:

Ebb and flow: Ancient tides quite different from today -- some dramatically higher
date added: 2011-08-04  source:

islaewrighttanksIsle of Wight's sunken World War II tanks studied
date added: 2011-08-03   source:

Geographic analysis offers new insight into white band coral disease spread
date added: 2011-08-03  source:

Honduras finds 2.5 tons cocaine in submarine
date added: 2011-08-03  source:

Big deep: China's submersible Jiaolong reaches 5,143-meter test dive
date added: 2011-08-02  source:

Study: Polar bear swam 9 days in search of sea ice; 'pretty remarkable'
date added: 2011-08-02  source:

touchingexhibitgeorgiaaquariumsmEditorial: Reforms needed for heavy-handed touching exhibits at public aquariums
date added: 2011-08-01   source:

Group: Most recent test of oil spill response in US Arctic called 'failure'
date added: 2011-07-31  source:

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