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Philippines: Tubbataha Reef hailed as conservation model
date added: 2012-10-01  source:

googlereefReef View: Google Offers Virtual Great Barrier Reef Tour
date added: 2012-10-01   source:

Official denies Cook Islands most vulnerable to ocean acidification
date added: 2012-09-29  source:

NOAA: Study finds that ocean acidification is accelerated in nutrient-rich areas
date added: 2012-09-28  source:

NYC terror-response boat sinks after sergeant orders opening of underwater hatch
date added: 2012-09-27  source:

Scientists: 'Small chance' that Franklin ships have already been found
date added: 2012-09-27  source:

Report: Brazil lost 80 percent of coral reef in 50 years
date added: 2012-09-27  source:

Animal instinct: How to avoid being eaten; 'you have to keep your wits about you'
date added: 2012-09-26  source:

Oceana: Small nations to be hit hardest by more acidic oceans
date added: 2012-09-26  source:

Fishermen spot huge Japanese dock floating off Hawaii
date added: 2012-09-25  source:

The 'slippery slope to slime': Researchers confirm overgrown algae causing coral reef declines
date added: 2012-09-24  source:

Conservationists: Marine park 'the size of the Moon' takes shape in Pacific
date added: 2012-09-24  source:

Kiwi's Ross Sea Protection Efforts 'A Disgrace', Says Discoverer's Descendent
date added: 2012-09-23  source:

First tidal power delivered to US grid off Maine
date added: 2012-09-21  source:

'Narco' sub built by Homeland Security mimics the real thing
date added: 2012-09-20  source:

Plans for giant Antarctic marine sanctuary falter
date added: 2012-09-19  source:

Researchers: Sea sponge 'engineers' toxin in disguise
date added: 2012-09-19  source:

'Nano-Velcro' detects mercury pollution in water
date added: 2012-09-19  source:

Secrets of the sea: Fascinating pictures from mesmerizing collection of photos from the ocean's depths
date added: 2012-09-18  source:

frothymessFoam's Up: Kiwi Surfers Take To Waves In Frothy Mess
date added: 2012-09-18   source:

U.S. Conservationists Lobby To Save Gulf Oil Rigs; 'I Am Supporting Fish Habitat'
date added: 2012-09-17  source:

underwateratomThis Is What Happens When A Nuclear Bomb Explodes Under Water
date added: 2012-09-16   source:

NOAA, partners to document Civil War-era warship sunk in Gulf of Mexico battle
date added: 2012-09-14  source:

Underwater drug smugglers pose increasingly sophisticated challenge
date added: 2012-09-14  source:

Salton stinky: Southern California reeks as Inland sea's fish die off; like 'rotten mush'
date added: 2012-09-13  source:

After 16 Years Of Planning, British Team Set To Embark On Ambitious Antarctic Mission To Penetrate And Sample Ancient Buried Lake
date added: 2012-09-13  source:

Report: Caribbean Coral Reef Are Mostly Dead
date added: 2012-09-12  source:

Test: Lack of oxygen killed Lake Erie fish; nothing 'unusual'
date added: 2012-09-11  source:

Study examines how ocean energy impacts life in the deep sea; 'once thought remote and buffered against climatic change'
date added: 2012-09-10  source:

Study: Deforestation Is Killing Madagascar's Coral Reefs
date added: 2012-09-10  source:

Florida bans removal of giant sea anemone from ocean
date added: 2012-09-09  source:

India: Police seize 155 kg of coral reef
date added: 2012-09-07  source:

3-D 'Seahorse' cam tracks scallops, and sees a lot more
date added: 2012-09-06  source:

New Hampshire man to wear armored 'lobster trap' for ocean swim
date added: 2012-09-05  source:

Researchers: Less is more for reef-building corals; 'exactly the opposite of what we expected'
date added: 2012-09-03  source:

hurricancat6Will hurricanes ever reach category 6?
date added: 2012-08-31   source:

Fade To Blue: Arctic Sea Ice Reaches Lowest Extent Ever Recorded; 'There's No Reason To Believe This Trend Will Change'
date added: 2012-08-31  source:

Costa Concordia Salvage Delayed, To Spend Winter Off Tuscan Coast
date added: 2012-08-31  source:

freewheelingUnderwater Wheelchair Put To Test Ahead Of Paralympics
date added: 2012-08-31   source:

Study: Mekong dams could rob millions of their primary protein source
date added: 2012-08-30  source:

Researchers: Underwater microrobots will rescue damaged coral reefs
date added: 2012-08-30  source:

Good news from the bad drought: Gulf 'dead zone' smallest in years; 'we had to really hunt to find any hypoxia'
date added: 2012-08-29  source:

China: Estimated 30,000 Antiques To Be Salvaged From Sunken Ship
date added: 2012-08-29  source:

Malawi fears hunger as Lake Chilwa dries; 'are we prepared?'
date added: 2012-08-28  source:

Diana Nyad on Cuba-Florida swim: '˜Maybe it can't be done'
date added: 2012-08-26  source:

nyadswimNyad Forced To End Cuba To Florida Swim; 'Just Isn't Fun'
date added: 2012-08-25   source:

Nyad 'Feeling Strong' In Swim Attempt Despite Squall, Stings
date added: 2012-08-24  source:

New Underwater Photos Could Finally Solve The Amelia Earhart Mystery
date added: 2012-08-24  source:

renabowRena's expensive removal could take 10 years
date added: 2012-08-22   source:

Diana Nyad Making Fourth Attempt At Cuba-to-Florida Swim; 'I'm Feeling Some Pressure'
date added: 2012-08-22  source:

seamonsterbritMysterious sea creature spotted bobbing off coast of Brit beach resort
date added: 2012-08-21   source:

5-year research program boosts Ningaloo Marine Park knowledge tenfold
date added: 2012-08-20  source:

Researchers: Global ocean health gets passing 60% grade; 'an excellent framework'
date added: 2012-08-19  source:

New book explores Noah's Flood; says Bible and science can get along
date added: 2012-08-18  source:

Study: Hurricanes can be 50 percent stronger if passing over fresh water
date added: 2012-08-16  source:

Huge Floating 'Pumice Island' Seen In The South Pacific; 'A Shadow On The Ocean'
date added: 2012-08-16  source:

Underwater satellites and autonomous robots help the hunt for enemy submarines
date added: 2012-08-15  source:

perfectstormS.O.S. sounded for 'perfect storm' rescue ship
date added: 2012-08-14   source:

Coral captured having sex in Florida Keys; Scientists discover pillar corals spawning
date added: 2012-08-12  source:

Robot divers to report on Lake Superior's depths
date added: 2012-08-12  source:

University Of Miami To Pay $482,000 For Reef Damage
date added: 2012-08-10  source:

Italy: Divers Find Ship Thought To Be 2000 Years Old
date added: 2012-08-10  source:

Researchers define limits of microbial life in an undersea volcano; 'this was extremely exciting'
date added: 2012-08-09  source:

Study: Surprise as coral reef thriving in sediment-laden waters; 'calls for a rethink'
date added: 2012-08-09  source:

'Harmless' Radioactive Cesium Found In Japan's Fish, Seawater; 'Way Too Many Questions'
date added: 2012-08-09  source:

University Of Miami To Pay $482,000 For Reef Damage
date added: 2012-08-09  source:

Final piece of tsunami dock removed from Oregon beach
date added: 2012-08-08  source:

New book seeks answers on China's secret submarine salvaging
date added: 2012-08-07  source:

'Superbird' dives 150 feet underwater in 40 seconds
date added: 2012-08-06  source:

America's most polluted lake finally comes clean
date added: 2012-08-02  source:

China: Underwater cultural relics discovered under Xisha Islands
date added: 2012-08-02  source:

korearobotRobots kick and splash at Korea's Yeosu Expo
date added: 2012-07-31   source:

NOAA: Midwest drought shrinks Gulf of Mexico 'dead zone'; nutrient output to Gulf near '80-year record low'
date added: 2012-07-31  source:

Water Wars: California delta folks hot over water tunnel plan
date added: 2012-07-31  source:

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