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UN Think Tank: Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Could Cause Deadly Accidents
date added: 2015-09-16  source:

Big wave pro surfer Shawn Dollar breaks neck surfing at Big Sur; 'I'm so thankful I'm alive'
date added: 2015-09-15  source:

Belgian appeals for Nato and EU help to document wreck of Malta-based sub lost off Libya in WW2
date added: 2015-09-14  source:

Australian Bookmaker Takes Bets on First Beaches to 'Disappear' Due to Global Warming
date added: 2015-09-14  source:

Photos: Rena Wreck underwater four years on, Second Most Expensive Salvage Operation In History
date added: 2015-09-14  source:

How do you rescue a 1,000 pound polar bear caught in a fishing line?
date added: 2015-09-11  source:

Underwater house used as part of 1965 experiment has survived
date added: 2015-09-09  source:

Sharks: Aussie Eco-warriors destroy nets that help keep summer swimmers safe
date added: 2015-09-08  source:

Newly discovered dolphin hints at ancient transition from oceans to rivers
date added: 2015-09-06  source:

Activist: Sewage killed thousands of fish near Olympic Park in Brazil
date added: 2015-09-03  source:

Volcano Watch: What happens to lava flows after they enter the ocean?
date added: 2015-09-03  source:

Violence threatens livelihood of Acapulco cliff divers
date added: 2015-09-02  source:

Northern California: Abalone diver's death is seventh killed this year
date added: 2015-09-01  source:

Ocean 'Blob' lures more tropical fish to waters off Vancouver Island
date added: 2015-09-01  source:

An enigma wrapped in a mystery: Where are North Korea's submarines?
date added: 2015-09-01  source:

US Suffers 'Hurricane Drought', With No Major Storms In 118 Months; Experts Fear Bouts Of 'Hurricane amnesia'
date added: 2015-08-31  source:

deepflightDeepFlight Dragon review: The awesome underwater quadcopter anyone can drive
date added: 2015-08-30   source:

Canada: Osprey rescued from fishing gear prompts plea for debris cleanup
date added: 2015-08-26  source:

In latest underwater stunt, Putin rides to bottom of Black Sea to see ancient ship
date added: 2015-08-26  source:

Engineers identify 'nanoscale roughness' as key to keep surfaces dry underwater
date added: 2015-08-25  source:

Philippines: Stone fish killed tourist in Coron, Palawan; 'no assistance'
date added: 2015-08-24  source:

Ancient underwater plant 'could be world's first flower'
date added: 2015-08-24  source:

indonavyIndonesian navy marine corps successfully plant one million coral reefs
date added: 2015-08-22   source:

Video: Bizarre ‘spaghetti monster’ discovered 4000 feet under water
date added: 2015-08-22  source:

Divers raise wreckage of Confederate warship in 5-ton chunks
date added: 2015-08-22  source:

Underwater Stonehenge-style rock found in the Mediterranean Sea: Monolith may have served as a 'lighthouse' 10,000 years ago
date added: 2015-08-21  source:

seamonster'Sea Monster' Figurehead of 15th Century Ship Found Underwater South of Sweden
date added: 2015-08-21   source:

Underwater Stonehenge-style rock found in the Mediterranean Sea: Monolith may have served as a 'lighthouse' 10,000 years ago
date added: 2015-08-20  source:

Retired geologist predicts EPA's 'yellow river' disaster days before it happened
date added: 2015-08-19  source:

Arctic Summer: Unusually thick ice hamper Arctic science and sealift this year
date added: 2015-08-19  source:

Foundation removes 5,667 lost fishing nets from Puget Sound
date added: 2015-08-18  source:

Louisiana officials: Don’t eat fish, crawfish from Devil’s Swamp over mercury, PCBs
date added: 2015-08-18  source:

Bald eagle forced to 'swim' to shore after catching fish
date added: 2015-08-15  source:

Why native Alaskans support Shell's Arctic drilling: Jobs and tax revenue
date added: 2015-08-15  source:

Man-made disaster: EPA says amount of mine waste water spill 3 times original estimate
date added: 2015-08-14  source:

nataliadeepSon: Natalia Molchanova was giving diving lesson when she vanished
date added: 2015-08-13   source:

Underwater crustaceans could solve missing plane mystery
date added: 2015-08-12  source:

Search area for MH370 will be unchanged by confirmation of debris
date added: 2015-08-12  source:

Colorado: EPA Dumps 1M gallons of waste, Creates Toxic Yellow River
date added: 2015-08-12  source:

Viewers shocked as fin pops up behind wave during live surf report
date added: 2015-08-11  source:

South Africa’s sardine run a 'magical' experience for renowned photographer
date added: 2015-08-11  source:

Remnants of 'Underwater Stone Henge' Monument Discovered at the Bottom of the Mediterranean Sea
date added: 2015-08-11  source:

uwlampAncient Egyptian underwater treasures to be exhibited for the first time
date added: 2015-08-09   source:

Stunning underwater ‘Whale Whisperer’ shot wins this year’s National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest
date added: 2015-08-09  source:

This aquarium is 82 feet high and has an elevator inside it
date added: 2015-08-07  source:

Source: Boeing officials think Beached debris looks like part from Missing Malaysian 777
date added: 2015-08-04  source:

Coast Guard vows aggressive search for missing Florida teens: 'People can survive in the water'
date added: 2015-07-31  source:

Were missing teen boaters too young? Not in Florida
date added: 2015-07-31  source:

Boat belonging to missing Florida teens found capsized but the two boys were not aboard
date added: 2015-07-30  source:

Canada: Pictou Harbor underwater expedition uncovers mystery wreck
date added: 2015-07-30  source:

Damaged Shell icebreaker arrives in Oregon for repairs; 'kayaktivists' prep for protests
date added: 2015-07-30  source:

Arctic Resurgent: Sea Ice rebounds To 1980s Levels of Cap Cover; Don't Panic, Scientists Insist We're All Still Doomed
date added: 2015-07-28  source:

Thar she sank! Shipwreck found off US coast may hold 18th-century secrets
date added: 2015-07-27  source:

Rise of the swimming machines: US sub launches and recovers a drone
date added: 2015-07-27  source:

Divers Turn to Robots for Help Scouring the Pacific for Long-Lost WWII Soldiers
date added: 2015-07-22  source:

NOAA: Record 117-Month Major Hurricane Drought Continues; 'Unprecedented in the historical record'
date added: 2015-07-21  source:

Russia's DARPA working on underwater battlebots to protect coastline
date added: 2015-07-18  source:

Woman injured in beach explosion is out of the hospital; police say they may never know what caused the blast
date added: 2015-07-18  source:

Family finds man who saved them from rip current off Nantucket; 16-year-old recorded ordeal on waterproof camera
date added: 2015-07-17  source:

Huge and ancient underwater volcanoes discovered off coast of Sydney
date added: 2015-07-17  source:

Research: Seabird populations dropped by 70 percent since 1950s
date added: 2015-07-17  source:

Terrifying-looking new species found lurking near just-discovered volcano off Sydney coast
date added: 2015-07-17  source:

China's batty proposal for an under-sea train to the United States
date added: 2015-07-16  source:

The strongest El Niño on record may be brewing in the Pacific
date added: 2015-07-15  source:

The great lost city: Was Plato really the Man from Atlantis?
date added: 2015-07-14  source:

City of Miami blames contractor in Marine Stadium mangrove massacre
date added: 2015-07-14  source:

captivecetaceanMarine biologist heads study on cetaceans in captivity
date added: 2015-07-13   source:

Canada: Farley Mowat ship to be raised from bottom of Shelburne Harbor
date added: 2015-07-12  source:

Painkillers, Anti-depressants Found in Sydney Harbor; 'Sewage water is leaking'
date added: 2015-07-12  source:

News: Shark sightings continue in water off of U.S. east coast
date added: 2015-07-11  source:

10-month-old Turkish baby rescued after floating out to sea
date added: 2015-07-10  source:

FluorescentLobophylliaCoralsmSurprise as scientists discover rainbow of glowing corals in the depths of the Red Sea
date added: 2015-07-09   source:

'Don't go to the ocean - the ocean is the shark's house': Tennessee woman offers beach safety tips in amusing video
date added: 2015-07-09  source:

Study: Rising CO2 levels redistributing the world’s food fish
date added: 2015-07-08  source:

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