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Farmer Loses 25 Tonnes Of Fish After They Are Sucked Into A Sinkhole
date added: 2016-04-04  source:

Erie shipwreck exhibit tells stories of people who went down with the ships
date added: 2016-04-01  source:

Mini submarine carrying 5.5 tons of cocaine worth $200 million was intercepted by Texas officials after traveling from the 'Eastern Pacific Ocean'
date added: 2016-04-01  source:

Project confirms NY fort's old guns came from Florida wreck
date added: 2016-03-31  source:

gadget10 of the best underwater gadgets you can buy today
date added: 2016-03-30   source:

Bronze bell recovered from World War II aircraft-carrying submarine off Hawaiian coast
date added: 2016-03-30  source:

'Bike fish' and 'canal cam' reveal the weird and wonderful gear dumped in Brit waterways
date added: 2016-03-30  source:

poledancingWatch: This is what underwater pole dancing looks like
date added: 2016-03-30   source:

Boeing’s new submarine drone can traverse 7,500 miles in a single charge
date added: 2016-03-28  source:

OCEARCH responds to Florida surfers' chum fears
date added: 2016-03-28  source:

Watch Archaeologists Reveal the Vasco da Gama Shipwreck; 'We actually set out to find it'
date added: 2016-03-28  source:

waterwheelUnderwater 'venus flytrap' facing extinction
date added: 2016-03-25   source:

Bob Ballard: What Hidden Underwater Worlds Are Left To Discover?
date added: 2016-03-25  source:

US Navy to patent device for submarines that detects anything underwater while keeping itself super stealthy
date added: 2016-03-24  source:

Rising CO2 levels in oceans 'will muffle sounds crucial to marine life and could affect fish populations'
date added: 2016-03-23  source:

The future of Chesapeake Bay’s oysters depends on interstate cooperation; 'No one has killed anyone since 1958'
date added: 2016-03-22  source:

coralblchWhite Out: Coral bleaching tipped to be next attraction on Great Barrier Reef
date added: 2016-03-22   source:

Argentinean coast guard sinks Chinese fishing boat
date added: 2016-03-21  source:

Site of 1503 shipwreck tied to Vasco da Gama found off Oman
date added: 2016-03-21  source:

Royal Navy to hold 'Robot Wars' exercise featuring drones and unmanned underwater vehicles off the Scottish coast
date added: 2016-03-21  source:

Hot: US Navy says 16 US ships used in Fukushima relief still contaminated with radiation
date added: 2016-03-21  source:

Isaac Asimov Predicted We'd Be Living Underwater By Now. Why Aren't We?
date added: 2016-03-21  source:

Canada, Britain, and the Inuit Are Fighting Over Sunken Treasure in the Arctic
date added: 2016-03-21  source:

Almost 20 per cent of North Queensland reefs show coral bleaching
date added: 2016-03-19  source:

Swamp People: Louisiana men go fishing on flooded interstate
date added: 2016-03-17  source:

Women could enter Navy SEAL training by September; 'Equal opportunity may not produce equal results'
date added: 2016-03-17  source:

Twelve Apostles: Limestone stacks found underwater could boost landmark's numbers; 'How do they even exist?'
date added: 2016-03-16  source:

2 years of mystery: What happened to missing plane MH370 and the 239 people onboard?
date added: 2016-03-16  source:

Japan dives deep underwater to search for tsunami victims
date added: 2016-03-15  source:

Parks Canada juggles competing claims to Franklin shipwrecks; 'Ice conditions are ... raising the risk of permanent loss of artifacts'
date added: 2016-03-15  source:

civilwarArchaeologists discover Civil War-era ship off Cape Fear coast
date added: 2016-03-14   source:

Kiwi-built underwater restaurant lowered into place in Maldives
date added: 2016-03-14  source:

sharkprehistoric'Sea dragons' from the time of dinosaurs were one of the earliest victims of climate change
date added: 2016-03-12   source:

Scuba diver miraculously survives horror ride through nuclear plant intake pipe; 'In a washing machine
date added: 2016-03-12  source:

Lost: Theory guiding Flight 370 hunt running out of sea to search
date added: 2016-03-10  source:

Revenge of the Blob: New analysis shows marine heatwaves occur about once every five years
date added: 2016-03-09  source:

Scientists Warn: Coral bleaching threatens Great Barrier Reef
date added: 2016-03-09  source:

Below the surface with underwater archaeologist John Robinson
date added: 2016-03-08  source:

Study: Magnetism from underwater power cables doesn’t deter sea life
date added: 2016-03-08  source:

The mystery of the Japanese island that appeared out of the sea: Study finds Nishinoshima formed from two volcanic eruptions
date added: 2016-03-08  source:

Presumed ‘narco-submarine’ runs aground off Yucatan coast
date added: 2016-03-07  source:

Researchers set to discover Istanbul’s lost island
date added: 2016-03-07  source:

mermaidflUnderwater fashion and mermaid photo shoots getting popular in South Florida
date added: 2016-03-05   source:
mobyFormer SAS trooper, 73, aims to cross Atlantic in a whale named Moby
date added: 2016-03-05   source:

The Sea Will Tell: Mummified body of German adventurer is found inside yacht drifting off the Philippines
date added: 2016-03-05  source:

Malaysia: Sabah to declare three marine parks as shark sanctuaries
date added: 2016-03-04  source:

Guardians of the Groves: India’s first mangrove protection agency is facing off against slumlords, polluters, and its own government
date added: 2016-03-02  source:

datamaranRobotic datamaran could bring the internet to the oceans; there's just one problem
date added: 2016-03-02   source:

Surfer Mick Fanning to go part-time after tough year takes its toll
date added: 2016-03-01  source:

seahorserareDid El Nino bring this rare Pacific seahorse to Long Beach waters?
date added: 2016-03-01   source:
sharkswimmerSwimmer nearly collides with shark off Maldives
date added: 2016-02-29   source:
seahorse2016 Underwater Photographer of the Year winners
date added: 2016-02-29   source:
artificialreefCan underwater resorts actually help coral reef ecosystems?
date added: 2016-02-28   source:

Canada: No radiation from Japan's Fukushima disaster found in B.C. fish
date added: 2016-02-27  source:

wrigglinggoldWriggling gold: Maine may extend fishing season for eels prized as sushi
date added: 2016-02-27   source:

Irish/US underwater solar cell breaks voltage record; researchers close in on 'holy grail'
date added: 2016-02-25  source:

photobombFish photobombs marriage proposal attempt at Toronto aquarium
date added: 2016-02-25   source:

Fish kill and coral bleaching in Pacific likely to worsen
date added: 2016-02-23  source:

Worried about marine plastic? Try eating bottom feeders
date added: 2016-02-23  source:

Bling below the waves: 'A submarine of my own'
date added: 2016-02-22  source:

seahorseBreathtaking pictures from the underwater photographer of the year competition
date added: 2016-02-22   source:
darpaSearch and destroy: DARPA robotic sub-hunting ship will set sail this spring
date added: 2016-02-20   source:
marriagepropRomantic man surprises girlfriend with underwater proposal at aquarium
date added: 2016-02-19   source:

Hot Water: The bizarre sex lives of ocean creatures
date added: 2016-02-18  source:

coconutLove potions from the sea
date added: 2016-02-17   source:
coronadofishLost sunken ship reappears 80 years later off Southern California coast
date added: 2016-02-17   source:

Huge 'oceanscrapers' part of plans for underwater city made with plastic waste
date added: 2016-02-16  source:

IN PICTURES: The terrifying underwater sinkholes used for Aussie police diver training
date added: 2016-02-16  source:

waterbabybornLargest study of underwater births finds no additional risk
date added: 2016-02-15   source:

Arctic sea ice levels hit record low after unusually warm January
date added: 2016-02-15  source:

Anguish of Japanese tsunami-stricken family: Don't call off search operation yet
date added: 2016-02-15  source:

Bristol Students Break World Record Rowing Across The Atlantic
date added: 2016-02-15  source:

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