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Guardians of the Groves: India’s first mangrove protection agency is facing off against slumlords, polluters, and its own government
date added: 2016-03-02  source:

datamaranRobotic datamaran could bring the internet to the oceans; there's just one problem
date added: 2016-03-02   source:

Surfer Mick Fanning to go part-time after tough year takes its toll
date added: 2016-03-01  source:

seahorserareDid El Nino bring this rare Pacific seahorse to Long Beach waters?
date added: 2016-03-01   source:
sharkswimmerSwimmer nearly collides with shark off Maldives
date added: 2016-02-29   source:
seahorse2016 Underwater Photographer of the Year winners
date added: 2016-02-29   source:
artificialreefCan underwater resorts actually help coral reef ecosystems?
date added: 2016-02-28   source:

Canada: No radiation from Japan's Fukushima disaster found in B.C. fish
date added: 2016-02-27  source:

wrigglinggoldWriggling gold: Maine may extend fishing season for eels prized as sushi
date added: 2016-02-27   source:

Irish/US underwater solar cell breaks voltage record; researchers close in on 'holy grail'
date added: 2016-02-25  source:

photobombFish photobombs marriage proposal attempt at Toronto aquarium
date added: 2016-02-25   source:

Fish kill and coral bleaching in Pacific likely to worsen
date added: 2016-02-23  source:

Worried about marine plastic? Try eating bottom feeders
date added: 2016-02-23  source:

Bling below the waves: 'A submarine of my own'
date added: 2016-02-22  source:

seahorseBreathtaking pictures from the underwater photographer of the year competition
date added: 2016-02-22   source:
darpaSearch and destroy: DARPA robotic sub-hunting ship will set sail this spring
date added: 2016-02-20   source:
marriagepropRomantic man surprises girlfriend with underwater proposal at aquarium
date added: 2016-02-19   source:

Hot Water: The bizarre sex lives of ocean creatures
date added: 2016-02-18  source:

coconutLove potions from the sea
date added: 2016-02-17   source:
coronadofishLost sunken ship reappears 80 years later off Southern California coast
date added: 2016-02-17   source:

Huge 'oceanscrapers' part of plans for underwater city made with plastic waste
date added: 2016-02-16  source:

IN PICTURES: The terrifying underwater sinkholes used for Aussie police diver training
date added: 2016-02-16  source:

waterbabybornLargest study of underwater births finds no additional risk
date added: 2016-02-15   source:

Arctic sea ice levels hit record low after unusually warm January
date added: 2016-02-15  source:

Anguish of Japanese tsunami-stricken family: Don't call off search operation yet
date added: 2016-02-15  source:

Bristol Students Break World Record Rowing Across The Atlantic
date added: 2016-02-15  source:

A video of Australia's dazzling coast is all filmed with a drone; 'it was during the whale season'
date added: 2016-02-12  source:

Inspired by the war on drugs: Meet the dogs sniffing out whale poop for science
date added: 2016-02-12  source:

DOD plans to invest $600M in unmanned underwater vehicles
date added: 2016-02-12  source:

Film reviews: Debris and Lost & Found Two follow the fate of marine debris from the 2011 tsunami
date added: 2016-02-12  source:

Head saleswoman in Aussie abalone ring jailed for at least a year
date added: 2016-02-09  source:

In Montserrat, one woman’s mission to introduce kids to the sea
date added: 2016-02-09  source:

turkishshipwreck4,000-year-old Minoan shipwreck discovered in Turkish waters
date added: 2016-02-09   source:

New technology lets scientists pinpoint underwater landslide that triggered deadly 1964 Alaskan tsunami
date added: 2016-02-09  source:

spmuseoSpain creates Europe's first underwater museum
date added: 2016-02-09   source:

Real Poseidon: India's first underwater restaurant opens
date added: 2016-02-06  source:

sspendletonThe Finest Hours' SS Pendleton wreckage 'almost unrecognizable' after 60 years
date added: 2016-02-04   source:
tatooshBillionaire Paul Allen's Yacht Damages Coral Reef Off Cayman Islands
date added: 2016-02-04   source:

What is a seismic blast? Here's everything you need to know
date added: 2016-02-03  source:

uwdroneLoon Copter is a drone that can fly and go underwater
date added: 2016-02-02   source:

Daredevil physicist braves underwater bullet for science; 'It's all about resistance'
date added: 2016-02-02  source:

Malaysian government: Debris found in Thailand last week not from MH370
date added: 2016-02-01  source:

Sonar vehicle used in MH370 search lost after crashing into underwater mud volcano
date added: 2016-02-01  source:

bahamapigWhen Pigs Swim: A Bahamian Adventure
date added: 2016-02-01   source:
ironfelixThe sculpture museum off the coast of Crimea that's underwater
date added: 2016-01-29   source:

Experts: Waste is menace to UAE marine life
date added: 2016-01-29  source:

uboatWreck of first WWI U-boat found off the coast of Norfolk
date added: 2016-01-26   source:

Hurry up and wait: Around the world, archaeologists rush to understand ancient sites that climate change is both revealing and washing away
date added: 2016-01-26  source:

There could be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050
date added: 2016-01-25  source:

18th century British warship HMS Ontario found intact in Great Lake
date added: 2016-01-20  source:

New Kiwi marine protection law 'rides roughshod' over Maori rights
date added: 2016-01-20  source:

Dr. Sylvia Earle Weighs In on New Ascension Island Marine Reserve; 'Half is better than none'
date added: 2016-01-20  source:

coralvandalGuam: $650 reward offered in coral vandalism
date added: 2016-01-18   source:

Real sunken cities: These five sunken cities testify to the risks of coastal life
date added: 2016-01-18  source:

pumpingironModel pumps iron and doing aerobics at the bottom of an idyllic lagoon in Hawaii
date added: 2016-01-17   source:

Will new Russian ship manage to save 'Kursk' from watery grave?
date added: 2016-01-17  source:

Fail: Big wave surfers takes on epic 25foot monster – but loses his footing and comes crashing down
date added: 2016-01-17  source:

Scientists investigate link between Antarctic phytoplankton and underwater volcanoes
date added: 2016-01-13  source:

'For the sake of science': Researchers taste 125-year-old beer found in Halifax Harbor
date added: 2016-01-12  source:

Ascension: Brit government is creating a marine reserve the size of the UK
date added: 2016-01-10  source:

New dog spa offers underwater therapy for ailing animals
date added: 2016-01-09  source:

Half of artifacts from Confederate gunship returned to river; 'no unique stuff'
date added: 2016-01-07  source:

Brit plans to become first man to swim the Atlantic
date added: 2016-01-07  source:

Ontario man becomes first person to row solo across Pacific
date added: 2016-01-07  source:

Girl survives being underwater for 8 minutes after getting trapped in drain at waterpark
date added: 2016-01-07  source:

Entrepreneurs making skateboards out of discarded fishing nets
date added: 2016-01-06  source:

Florida swimmer dies after trying to swim 4 laps underwater
date added: 2016-01-06  source:

Sonar Glove May Allow People to 'See' Underwater With Their Hands
date added: 2016-01-05  source:

New Jersey man reunited with wedding ring after losing it while fishing; 'I nearly threw up'
date added: 2016-01-04  source:

Colombian Deep: U.S. recovery crew in fight over billions in sunken treasure
date added: 2016-01-04  source:

Aussie crown-of-thorns eradication program on Great Barrier Reef seeks more funding
date added: 2015-12-31  source:

Shooting a gun underwater has never looked this cool
date added: 2015-12-31  source:

ssmontgomeryBomb ship SS Richard Montgomery is cracking up says government report
date added: 2015-12-29   source:
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