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Amid record drought, pols ponder desalination decision for California
date added: 2015-05-11  source:

Arctic ice melting faster and earlier as scientists demand action
date added: 2015-05-10  source:

Miracle rescue of man adrift for more than a day in Batangas waters
date added: 2015-05-09  source:

Dead zones: Places where no animal can survive found in Atlantic Ocean
date added: 2015-05-07  source:

Baltimore harbor water is still disgusting, probably won't be ready for swimming or fishing by 2020
date added: 2015-05-07  source:

Aussie fisherman snags escaped cow; 'a bit stressed from having an evening swim'
date added: 2015-05-07  source:

Researchers: Seamount 300 miles off Oregon coast is erupting
date added: 2015-05-07  source:

Research: Artificial light may alter underwater ecosystems
date added: 2015-05-07  source:

Submarine Or Not, Finnish Navy Unable to confirm nature of underwater object
date added: 2015-05-07  source:

jeremywadefishRiver Monsters gets YouTube channel
date added: 2015-05-06   source:

Half of lakes and streams in southern Minnesota found too polluted for safe swimming, fishing
date added: 2015-05-06  source:

Concern over plan to spray new pesticide on oyster beds; 'This is insane! This is wrong!'
date added: 2015-05-06  source:

Fish vs. sponge: Predatory battle in Caribbean on verge of destroying ecosystem
date added: 2015-05-05  source:

finlandshipFinland fires warning charges at suspect object in waters off Helsinki
date added: 2015-05-05   source:

Will Oregon be next to ban microbeads? 'a simple fix'
date added: 2015-05-04  source:

Did life begin in underwater volcanoes? Hot sea vents spontaneously produce building blocks needed for organisms to develop
date added: 2015-05-03  source:

Polish architect to pitch underwater tennis stadium in Dubai
date added: 2015-05-03  source:

Researcher says a sinking Santa Catalina could pose tsunami threat
date added: 2015-04-30  source:

DARPA seeks advanced nextgen underwater communications
date added: 2015-04-30  source:

Listen to an underwater volcano erupt: Surprising sound of one of Earth's most violent events captured beneath the waves
date added: 2015-04-30  source:

Man who survived 12 days lost at sea missing again
date added: 2015-04-29  source:

The frog with an underwater sex dungeon: Amphibian that likes to mate in privacy and hide its eggs discovered
date added: 2015-04-29  source:

Researcher says a sinking Santa Catalina could pose tsunami threat
date added: 2015-04-27  source:

deepwaterUnderwater 'Snowstorms': an Unexpected Consequence of Oil Spills
date added: 2015-04-27   source:

Haitian marine biologist wins environmental activism prize
date added: 2015-04-27  source:

shipwrecksundayShipwreck Sunday: U.S. Coast Guard unearths sunken shipwrecks In Lake Michigan
date added: 2015-04-26   source:

This Is What 170-Year-Old Champagne From A Shipwreck Tasted Like
date added: 2015-04-26  source:

Ecologist: Biggest Threat To Reefs Is Human Activity, Not Climate Change
date added: 2015-04-26  source:

Secret and unarmed: 4 Russian special purpose submarines
date added: 2015-04-19  source:

plasticbaskinIsle of Man clean-up for 'plastic-choked' stream
date added: 2015-04-19   source:

Navy denies diving restrictions would be placed on former military ships that are now artificial reefs
date added: 2015-04-17  source:

For drinking water in drought, California looks warily to sea
date added: 2015-04-17  source:

lumixThis camera survived three months at the bottom of the ocean
date added: 2015-04-16   source:

World’s largest inflatable water theme park staying on at Liverpool for school holidays
date added: 2015-04-16  source:

Suspected Tsunami Debris Boat Towed To Oregon Port
date added: 2015-04-16  source:

Shipwreck champagne bottle going to auction; 'We think there might be some interest in it'
date added: 2015-04-16  source:

warmblobpacificweathersmResearch: 'Warm Blob' In Pacific Ocean Linked To Weird Weather Across The United States
date added: 2015-04-15   source:

Scientists map Caribbean seafloor as part of 12-year project
date added: 2015-04-14  source:

Florida wildlife officials plead with beach-goers not to 'rescue' land-dwelling tortoises by tossing them in the ocean
date added: 2015-04-14  source:

Friends, family say rescued sailor's 'simplistic way' prepared him for sea
date added: 2015-04-13  source:

Franklin Expedition search: Ice dive team ready to discover more secrets of HMS Erebus
date added: 2015-04-12  source:

submarinepilotschoolsmPilot school: Learn to drive a submarine and explore the depths of the mediterranean sea
date added: 2015-04-11   source:

Scientists: Toxic oceans drove mass extinction 200 million years ago
date added: 2015-04-11  source:

Ice cap on Lake Erie pushes back spring in Buffalo
date added: 2015-04-10  source:

‘Water is not rubbish': Rio art exhibit uses trash to fix pollution problem ahead of Olympics
date added: 2015-04-10  source:

missingfisherWhy skeptics think a South Carolina sailor lied about being lost at sea for 66 days
date added: 2015-04-10   source:

Scientists witness spectacular flood into the Red Sea
date added: 2015-04-09  source:

Human waste blamed for turning one in 10 of Britain's male clams into females
date added: 2015-04-09  source:

The hunt for Orzel: Search resumes for heroic Polish submarine, lost in the North Sea during World War Two
date added: 2015-04-08  source:

coralPicQueensland honor for underwater photographer
date added: 2015-04-08   source:

The Navy Is working on a flying submarine drone, and it’s scary
date added: 2015-04-08  source:

Man rescued after 66 days at sea survived by catching fish with bare hands
date added: 2015-04-07  source:

Study: Dispersant used in BP spill might cause damage to human lungs, fish, crab gills
date added: 2015-04-07  source:

swimplane'Swimming with Jets,' a stunning photo series
date added: 2015-04-07   source:

Lake Victoria, Africa’s biggest lake, is on the verge of dying
date added: 2015-04-07  source:

New 'Intraterrestrial' Virus Found in Ocean Depths; 'Hostile Environment'
date added: 2015-04-07  source:

Drone wars: Israel Unveils New Unmanned ‘Sea Knight’ to Combat Gaza Marine Smugglers
date added: 2015-04-05  source:

The Antikythera Shipwreck – The Titanic of the Ancient World and its Sunken Historic Treasure
date added: 2015-04-04  source:

Companies Producing Microbead Products Support Legislative Ban; 'Raising Havoc With Our Ecosystem'
date added: 2015-04-02  source:

Getting geeky about the bizarre giant basket star; 'The more you looked, the more you saw'
date added: 2015-04-01  source:

microbeadspennyCanada: Federal government moves closer to declaring microbeads as toxic
date added: 2015-03-30   source:
greglongBlood in the surf: How big-wave surfer Greg Long made peace with the ocean
date added: 2015-03-29   source:
grouperbigReliving a classic National Geographic article 60 years later
date added: 2015-03-26   source:

Audubon Society threatens lawsuit over Army Corps' seabird-killing plan
date added: 2015-03-26  source:

montstmThousands flock to France's Mont Saint-Michel for 'tide of the century'
date added: 2015-03-25   source:

Inspired By Lego, University Student Hatches Innovative Plan to Build New Coral Reefs; 'We must start re-planting reef environments'
date added: 2015-03-25  source:

Underwater Aussie wave farms pump both power and water
date added: 2015-03-24  source:

Britain creates world's largest marine reserve; 'Sets a new standard for others to follow'
date added: 2015-03-24  source:

princecharlesUS royal tour, Prince of Wales makes plea for cleaner oceans, less plastic
date added: 2015-03-23   source:
UKunderwaterClimate porn: Will Great Britain disappear underwater?
date added: 2015-03-23   source:

Bristol divers uncover history behind wreck of WWI ship torpedoed by a U-Boat
date added: 2015-03-23  source:

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