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volcanosurferBikini-clad 'Female Indiana Jones' becomes the First Person to Surf Around a Volcano
date added: 2016-08-16   source:
kiwigwsKiwi takes pure approach to underwater photography of ocean creatures
date added: 2016-08-14   source:

BP-funded artificial reefs could make it easier to kill fish in the Gulf of Mexico
date added: 2016-08-12  source:

US Navy replaces 'blue berry' uniform that camouflaged underwater sailors
date added: 2016-08-11  source:

SeaWorld says its big problem now isn’t orcas. It’s Florida
date added: 2016-08-11  source:

garbagedolphinOlympic sailors may see garbage, sewage, and dolphins in Rio’s Guanabara Bay
date added: 2016-08-10   source:

Climate change and housing: Will a rising tide sink all homes?
date added: 2016-08-10  source:

seahunterU.S. Will Launch World’s Largest Underwater Battle Robot In 2018
date added: 2016-08-10   source:

date added: 2016-08-09  source:

The Plan to Ship Oil Through the “Graveyard of the Pacific”
date added: 2016-08-09  source:

wedpicsSomething blue! Amazing pictures of underwater wedding photo shoot
date added: 2016-08-08   source:

Videos reveal the Russian doll parasitic world of the deep seas
date added: 2016-08-08  source:

NOAA: 'Unprecedented' Mass Die-off at Marine Sanctuary off Louisiana, Texas
date added: 2016-08-08  source:

French ferry evacuated after mystery underwater blast; 'there was noise: 'boom''
date added: 2016-08-07  source:

Shark, otter researchers work together in Morro Bay to solve ocean mysteries
date added: 2016-08-07  source:

'It wasn't our time': Hawaiian pilots tell of crash, shark and 21 hours in open sea
date added: 2016-08-06  source:

Hawaii: Proposal uses ashes of loved ones to create an artificial reef in Maunalua Bay
date added: 2016-08-03  source:

MH370: Missing jet 'could be further north'
date added: 2016-08-02  source:

Lost: Australia authorities confirm MH370 captain's simulator had Indian Ocean route
date added: 2016-08-02  source:

Increasing ocean acidity could impact fish spawning
date added: 2016-08-01  source:

Study: LA River polluted with harmful levels of fecal bacteria; 'Doesn't look clean'
date added: 2016-08-01  source:

Keep Your Mouth Closed: Aquatic Olympians Face a Toxic Stew in Rio's Waters
date added: 2016-07-31  source:

sovietsubsUnderwater duels: How Soviet submarines held their own in WWII
date added: 2016-07-31   source:

'Ocean Warrior': Sea Shepherd launches new anti-poaching boat
date added: 2016-07-31  source:

Gigantic 'alien city' discovery: UFO hunter finds 80-mile-long underwater structure off Baja California coast
date added: 2016-07-29  source:

marrieduwWatch: Couple gets married underwater in a New Orleans aquarium
date added: 2016-07-26   source:

Flight MH370 Update: Two Years Of Underwater Hunt Focused In Wrong Area, Search Team Admits
date added: 2016-07-26  source:

What happens when a coral reef dies?
date added: 2016-07-24  source:

Sewage spill in L.A. grows to 1.5 million gallons and forces closure of beaches in Long Beach
date added: 2016-07-24  source:

A decades-old idea for the South China Sea resurfaces: make a contested area a marine park, instead
date added: 2016-07-22  source:

jamesbondsub90-year-old's takes 'James Bond' underwater adventure on Manacles reef
date added: 2016-07-21   source:

Kiwi government: Pacific atolls ‘could be underwater by 2050’
date added: 2016-07-21  source:

Toxic algae lurks in Florida's lakes, threatening eagles and other birds; dead 'within 24 hours' of exposure
date added: 2016-07-21  source:

Florida officials: Manatee deaths resume in Indian River
date added: 2016-07-19  source:

redsubThe submarines and rivalries underneath the South China Sea
date added: 2016-07-18   source:

This underwater glider just spent 74 days at sea
date added: 2016-07-18  source:

aegeanarchHow Aegean Archaeologists Discovered 23 Shipwrecks in 22 Days
date added: 2016-07-18   source:
uwmicroscopeNew underwater microscope provides ringside seat to coral turf wars
date added: 2016-07-18   source:

The oil spill cleanup illusion: Why do we pretend to clean up oil spills in the ocean?
date added: 2016-07-15  source:

Facing historically low levels, Lake Mead officials are fending off a water war. Here's how
date added: 2016-07-14  source:

Researchers study steam barge that sank in Lake Huron in 1909
date added: 2016-07-14  source:

Girls credited for saving boy's life to be given lifetime passes to water park
date added: 2016-07-13  source:

Scientists: Super-warm seas wiped out an entire underwater forest in Australia
date added: 2016-07-13  source:

lostplaneLost: No, Google Maps did not find a sunken plane in Tampa Bay
date added: 2016-07-13   source:

Hyperloop One Is planning a 300-Mile route that goes underwater
date added: 2016-07-12  source:

The US rowing team’s antimicrobial suit can’t defeat Rio’s polluted water
date added: 2016-07-11  source:

Flesh-eating bacteria scare along Gulf Coast has locals on alert; BP Oil Spill Connection?
date added: 2016-07-11  source:

Has the 2,000-year-old lost city of Rhapta been found? Ancient ruins off the coast of Tanzania could be the Roman market town
date added: 2016-07-08  source:

Thick, putrid algae bloom overwhelms miles of Florida coastline; 'too much polluted discharge'
date added: 2016-07-08  source:

coralresearch‘Horrifying’ Research Seeks to Save Hawaii Reefs
date added: 2016-07-08   source:
ussmassachusettsDiving the worst battleship ever built, the U.S.S. Massachusetts
date added: 2016-07-07   source:

Palm Beach County to turn cargo ship into underwater memorial for lost boaters; 'They will always be remembered'
date added: 2016-07-07  source:

Microphone thrown in lake by Ronaldo has been recovered
date added: 2016-07-06  source:

torpedoUnmanned sea vessel fires first torpedo
date added: 2016-07-05   source:

Singapore: Crowds throng Underwater World Singapore on its last day of operations
date added: 2016-07-03  source:

easteruw7 wonders of the world that may soon be underwater
date added: 2016-07-02   source:

This man discovered an ancient city underwater while diving casually on the Tanzania coast
date added: 2016-07-01  source:

GM and the US Navy are building hydrogen fuel-cell underwater drones
date added: 2016-06-30  source:

Ballast Water Exemptions Are Leaving Alaska Open to Invasion
date added: 2016-06-30  source:

Revealed: The underwater grave of Lord Kitchener and 736 other men who died when their warship hit a mine 100 years ago
date added: 2016-06-29  source:

Underwater mailbox removed due to threat it poses to seabed ecology
date added: 2016-06-28  source:

Exciting Artifacts Discovered On Second Expedition To Antikythera Shipwreck
date added: 2016-06-28  source:

The underwater ‘skyscrapers’ that could revive coral: Radical concept lets vertical reefs grow on submerged towers of glass
date added: 2016-06-27  source:

Breeding the Ubercoral: Researchers work to fast-track evolution to help corals face a changing ocean
date added: 2016-06-27  source:

jawsmovieHow Jaws Went From Best Selling Book to Blockbuster Movie
date added: 2016-06-27   source:
crabshallbatteryThis Scientist Is Making Batteries Out of Recycled Crab Shells
date added: 2016-06-27   source:

Watch couple say 'I do' in underwater ceremony at the aquarium
date added: 2016-06-26  source:

Why Haven't We Explored the Ocean Like Outer Space?
date added: 2016-06-25  source:

EgyptAir MS804 crash: Voice recorder recovered from sea
date added: 2016-06-23  source:

uwsmoothEngineers offer new approach for making underwater rides smoother
date added: 2016-06-22   source:

Scientists discover coral reef ‘bright spots’ where marine life is surprisingly thriving
date added: 2016-06-22  source:

Underwater rifle fire is strangely beautiful and mesmerizing
date added: 2016-06-22  source:

Oregon couple turns tables on Fish and Wildlife request to inspect river with viral letter
date added: 2016-06-20  source:

Portland man holds breath in pool, ends up in coma
date added: 2016-06-20  source:

Australia Will Spend $739 Million to Help Protect Great Barrier Reef
date added: 2016-06-20  source:

glassoctoSea of glass: the underwater world of Leopold Blaschka
date added: 2016-06-19   source:
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