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How The USS Indianapolis, WWII Navy Ship With A Dramatic History, Was Finally Rediscovered
date added: 2017-08-30  source:

Mystery of sunken Confederate submarine, H.L. Hunley, may finally be solved
date added: 2017-08-29  source:

Bizarre sea creature could teach humans to do the locomotion
date added: 2017-08-29  source:

Solar eclipse's tides blamed for broken net, up to 305,000 Atlantic salmon dumped into waters near San Juans
date added: 2017-08-28  source:

'We knew the ship was doomed': USS Indianapolis survivor recalls four days in shark-filled sea
date added: 2017-08-26  source:

slipperysurfaceNew surface is so slippery, shellfish can't get a grip
date added: 2017-08-26   source:

Dead marine life in Gulf sets off concerns over dead zone; 'It's just getting real bad right here, right now'
date added: 2017-08-23  source:

heelredJapanese surfer gets bitten by 'something' off Thai coast
date added: 2017-08-21   source:

Secrets revealed behind Ingalls-built submarine's Cold War spy missions
date added: 2017-08-20  source:

Gulf of Mexico dead zone is 'Largest' ever recorded in U.S.; 'Size of New Jersey'
date added: 2017-08-20  source:

Mystery of missing tsunamis explained by geological model
date added: 2017-08-17  source:

subSubmarine mystery deepens, as police divers called in to probe wreck
date added: 2017-08-15   source:
orcashadowWeak case: Animal cruelty charges dropped against Canada's Marineland
date added: 2017-08-15   source:

A long lost airplane that crashed during WWII is finally discovered almost perfectly preserved on the riverbed of a remote Pacific island
date added: 2017-08-14  source:

Underwater dominoes design breaks world record
date added: 2017-08-14  source:

Lakes are being a-salted: Yet another slow-motion environmental catastrophe
date added: 2017-08-14  source:

Wartime bombs and mines fail to stop cross-Channel power cable; 'It's mines normally'
date added: 2017-08-05  source:

Unsustainable: Chinese fishermen are destroying the ocean floor catching 'Trash fish' no one even eats
date added: 2017-08-05  source:

Blasting through the Hunley mystery: A maverick scientist claims she has solve the century-old mystery of why a legendary Civil War submarine sank
date added: 2017-08-03  source:

Ireland's deepest coral reef discovered 1.6 km underwater
date added: 2017-08-03  source:

Secrets of 'lost eighth continent' Zealandia to be unlocked as scientists set sail to explore underwater landmass
date added: 2017-08-02  source:

telgraphTelegraph from WWI Lusitania Shipwreck Hauled Up from the Deep
date added: 2017-08-02   source:

San Diego Couple Renews Vows While Surrounded by Penguins in Underwater Zoo Exhibit
date added: 2017-08-02  source:

Lifeguards: Illinois man loses temper on beach, dunks girl's head underwater
date added: 2017-08-01  source:

nasasealevelNASA Ocean Anomaly: Sea Levels Falling Since January 2016
date added: 2017-07-31   source:
chinarobotChina tests underwater robot in South China Sea
date added: 2017-07-29   source:

Full: It's been 11 years since this happened to Lake Tahoe, and it's beautiful
date added: 2017-07-29  source:

The Japan Syndrome: Melted Nuclear Fuel Found Below Fukushima by Underwater Robot
date added: 2017-07-29  source:

Largest group of underwater gliders join latest expedition in South China Sea
date added: 2017-07-28  source:

A Healthy Ocean Needs Viruses, And the more we learn about them, the weirder they get
date added: 2017-07-28  source:

Underwater robot photographs possible melted fuel at Fukushima plant
date added: 2017-07-26  source:

Earth's underwater dunes help explain Venus's weird surface
date added: 2017-07-25  source:

Lake Superior researcher studies the big lake's sounds — underwater; 'The song of the lake'
date added: 2017-07-24  source:

India: Underwater 'ghost nets' posing threat to marine ecosystem off Kerala
date added: 2017-07-24  source:

300 fish illegally taken from Georgia lake; man arrested
date added: 2017-07-23  source:

Pirates, or Storms? Archaeologists Find 'Ships Graveyard' in Greek Archipelago
date added: 2017-07-21  source:

Pregnant mom becomes beautiful mermaid in underwater photo shoot; 'She was totally open to it'
date added: 2017-07-19  source:

Sewage rehab: After decades of work, green chemistry may be the answer to polluted sewage.
date added: 2017-07-17  source:

A modular, 'snake like' vehicle could transform subsea inspections
date added: 2017-07-17  source:

China to test underwater gliders, submersible in latest expedition
date added: 2017-07-17  source:

uwplaneRobots Finally Have a Good Way to Communicate Underwater
date added: 2017-07-17   source:
amazonuwAmazon Has Plans To Create Underwater Warehouses
date added: 2017-07-17   source:

Hydrowood rescues timber lost to Tasmania's flooded forests
date added: 2017-07-14  source:

vanguarddiverHMS Vanguard memorial marks 100 years since sinking
date added: 2017-07-12   source:

Rosse Stamp, scientist who developed underwater television – obituary
date added: 2017-07-12  source:

The Yucatán's hidden 'underwater river'; there's something fascinating happening at Angelita Cenote
date added: 2017-07-12  source:

Deep-sea explorer Robert Ballard sets sail from Port of Los Angeles to map the unknown
date added: 2017-07-12  source:

bigwavephotogThe battle with the big wave: unusual shots of underwater photography
date added: 2017-07-10   source:

Seawater is the secret to long-lasting Roman concrete; ancient recipe has lasted 2,000 years
date added: 2017-07-10  source:

Toxic algae kills 2 dogs after swim in Napa County pond
date added: 2017-07-06  source:

1,600-Year-Old Basilica of Ancient Nicaea Found Underwater to Become a Museum
date added: 2017-07-06  source:

poolphotoPhotographer utilizes pool water to create beautiful images
date added: 2017-07-05   source:

Atlantis Unearthed – Do Surprising Underwater Scans Show Lost Architecture on the Sea Floor?
date added: 2017-07-05  source:

Atlantis Unearthed – Do Surprising Underwater Scans Show Lost Architecture on the Sea Floor?
date added: 2017-07-04  source:

Alabama's 60,000-year-old underwater forest spills its secrets in new documentary
date added: 2017-06-29  source:

Mysterious orange water at Dubai Marina raises concerns
date added: 2017-06-29  source:

12 billion gallons of water pour into Lake Tahoe amid this week's heat wave
date added: 2017-06-29  source:

vancouveraquariumEthics, emotions and money: Battle lines drawn in Vancouver Aquarium debate
date added: 2017-06-29   source:
greenlandsharkScientists battle storms in mission to study Greenland shark
date added: 2017-06-28   source:
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