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Painkillers, Anti-depressants Found in Sydney Harbor; 'Sewage water is leaking'
date added: 2015-07-12  source:

News: Shark sightings continue in water off of U.S. east coast
date added: 2015-07-11  source:

10-month-old Turkish baby rescued after floating out to sea
date added: 2015-07-10  source:

FluorescentLobophylliaCoralsmSurprise as scientists discover rainbow of glowing corals in the depths of the Red Sea
date added: 2015-07-09   source:

'Don't go to the ocean - the ocean is the shark's house': Tennessee woman offers beach safety tips in amusing video
date added: 2015-07-09  source:

Study: Rising CO2 levels redistributing the world’s food fish
date added: 2015-07-08  source:

Nets left by Chinese coral poachers damage sea
date added: 2015-07-07  source:

underwatergardenThe world’s most beautiful greenhouses are underwater, and growing strawberries
date added: 2015-07-07   source:

Vancouver Aquarium research finds 'startling' level of plastic in our local waters
date added: 2015-07-06  source:

Vancouver Aquarium research finds 'startling' level of plastic in our local waters
date added: 2015-07-04  source:

illegalfishFacebook photo lands Pennsylvania fisherman in hot water
date added: 2015-07-03   source:

NASA shows off under-ice rover prototype designed for Europa, other icy planets
date added: 2015-07-03  source:

Baltimore Escape Artist Spencer Horsman Nearly Drowns When Stunt Goes Wrong; 'Anything can happen'
date added: 2015-07-02  source:

First marine action plan launched to protect Singapore's underwater biodiversity
date added: 2015-07-01  source:

Critics accuse 70-year-old ‘underwater Sherlock Holmes’ of having an excessive hunger for the limelight
date added: 2015-07-01  source:

Swimmer Dies After Contracting 'Rare' Flesh-Eating Bacteria off Florida Coast; Fourth Death This year
date added: 2015-07-01  source:

Unchecked pollution befouling majestic Lake Titicaca
date added: 2015-06-30  source:

Floating bio-robots to explore marine ecosystems in Indian Ocean
date added: 2015-06-30  source:

Scientists: Hot Coral Cross-Breeding With Cool Cousins May Help Reefs Survive Warming
date added: 2015-06-30  source:

China renovates reefs, Vietnam to suffer huge losses
date added: 2015-06-29  source:

Irish scientists discover new coral habitat off Kerry coast
date added: 2015-06-28  source:

Sea monsters: Our deep need for monsters that lurk in the dark
date added: 2015-06-27  source:

redeyeEver wondered why your eyes go red underwater?... It’s not chlorine
date added: 2015-06-27   source:

Coral Reef That Ejects Guts Could Help Humans Regenerate Organs; A natural eject button
date added: 2015-06-27  source:

blacksmokerWhat creates this underwater 'smoke'?
date added: 2015-06-25   source:

The Titanic of the Ancient World 'Antikythera Shipwreck' Approved for Additional Excavation
date added: 2015-06-25  source:

Researcher: Record Texas flood could bring 'dead zone' to Gulf of Mexico
date added: 2015-06-23  source:

Astronauts study in Aquarius underwater ocean lab
date added: 2015-06-22  source:

Biggest-ever toxic algal bloom hits West Coast, shutting down shellfish industries
date added: 2015-06-22  source:

Man tests if 3D printed submarine can survive at 200 meters below the surface of the water
date added: 2015-06-21  source:

Search for Franklin Expedition ships cost taxpayers more than $1 million
date added: 2015-06-21  source:

Philippines' marine scientist says China destroying corals with reclamation projects
date added: 2015-06-19  source:

I don't see-weed: the rehabilitation of Sydney's underwater forests
date added: 2015-06-19  source:

U.S. woman attempting to row across Pacific rescued
date added: 2015-06-19  source:

San Francisco man leads effort that removes 100 tons of trash from local creek; 'I wasn't fulfilled'
date added: 2015-06-17  source:

naplesdiverDiscovering Roman ruins and underwater towns in the Gulf of Naples
date added: 2015-06-17   source:

U.S. fisheries council protects mid-Atlantic deep ocean coral
date added: 2015-06-16  source:

Research: Nosedive most likely explanation for MH370 crash
date added: 2015-06-16  source:

Plastic microbeads: small bits with a big impact
date added: 2015-06-16  source:

Egypt Sets A New Guinness World Record For The Biggest Underwater Clean-Up
date added: 2015-06-16  source:

fukiwaterShould Fukushima's Radioactive Water Just Be Dumped In the Ocean?
date added: 2015-06-16   source:

Marine scientists discover 100 new species in Filipino 'Easter egg hunt'
date added: 2015-06-16  source:

wavebeachPhotographer captures breathtaking underwater shots of waves breaking
date added: 2015-06-15   source:

Botched: Project manager says launch of Easter Island-inspired reef a 'teachable moment'
date added: 2015-06-15  source:

botchedsinkingFlorida: Rapa Nui Team Vows To Reform Botched Artificial Reef Site
date added: 2015-06-15   source:

How to stop illegal fishing in the world’s oceans? Send in the hackers.
date added: 2015-06-12  source:

US woman sets out on 6,000-mile Pacific crossing by rowboat
date added: 2015-06-11  source:

Housing developer to make historic attempt to preserve recently-discovered nineteenth century schooner in downtown Toronto
date added: 2015-06-11  source:

Unexploded WW2 mines disrupt Dover to Calais ferries
date added: 2015-06-11  source:

NOAA: 'Newly corrected' Ocean Buoy Temperatures Fix 15-year Global Warming 'Hiatus' Problem
date added: 2015-06-11  source:

Underwater Camera Kept 500 Yards From Oil Spill Zone; 'The public is starving for information'
date added: 2015-06-11  source:

Ancient shipwrecks and secrets revealed at the Greek Museum of Underwater Antiquities
date added: 2015-06-10  source:

Google unveils new underwater 'street views'
date added: 2015-06-10  source:

US Navy testing new attack submarine are given guard of honor by pod of dolphins swimming just a few feet in front of vessel
date added: 2015-06-10  source:

oceancleanupThe Ingenious Plan for the Ocean to Clean Itself Is Led By a 20-Year-Old
date added: 2015-06-10   source:

Gulf of California: Astonishing undersea world found 12,500 feet down in deepest vent ever discovered in Pacific
date added: 2015-06-10  source:

6 Reasons That Floating Ocean Plastic Cleanup Gizmo is a Horrible Idea
date added: 2015-06-09  source:

And like that: 10-acre lake disappears overnight; 'nothing but a bog now'
date added: 2015-06-08  source:

redcraboceanWarmer, lower-oxygen oceans will shift marine habitats
date added: 2015-06-08   source:

Protecting the ocean could boost economy by $900 billion, says WWF
date added: 2015-06-08  source:

Grim History Traced in Sunken Slave Ship Found Off South Africa
date added: 2015-06-07  source:

Halifax Harbor cleanliness questioned by paddleboarder; 'I'm seeing floatables'
date added: 2015-06-06  source:

Cannon retrieval from sunken Confederate gunboat delayed by trove of small items
date added: 2015-06-06  source:

Expedition returns to South Pacific to crack Amelia Earhart
date added: 2015-06-06  source:

Miracle: Aussie Free diver alive after 16 hours at sea; 'I Did Not Expect The outcome'
date added: 2015-06-06  source:

underwaterrobotsWhat does it take to find the Antikythera Mechanism? Underwater robots, of course!
date added: 2015-06-05   source:
tsunamidebrisTsunami debris still washing up in Washington 4 years later
date added: 2015-06-04   source:

India: 'Chained and caged' magician readying for underwater escape
date added: 2015-06-04  source:

How an Italian Boy Survived 42 Minutes Underwater
date added: 2015-06-04  source:

As China Builds Artificial Islands, Reefs, Fish at Risk
date added: 2015-06-04  source:

iPhone 5 falls to the bottom of the ocean, phone camera records descent in its full glory
date added: 2015-06-01  source:

Geoengineering Might Be The Last Chance For Coral Reefs, 'Controversial Though It May Be'
date added: 2015-06-01  source:

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