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santaportSanta Claus Is Coming to Port; Before he was seasonal, he was seagoing
date added: 2017-01-02   source:

#noballsnoglory: Shocking moment top British surfer, 27, is seriously injured after falling from 45ft-high wave during competition in Portugal
date added: 2017-01-02  source:

3,800-year-old underwater potato garden discovered in Canada
date added: 2017-01-01  source:

Ice fisherman with camera discovers missing paddle boater on Minnesota lake
date added: 2017-01-01  source:

Islands of Mass Destruction: How China killed essential reefs and built military bases on top
date added: 2017-01-01  source:

Drone footage reveals South Devon's forgotten shipwrecks
date added: 2016-12-29  source:

Robot gives rare glimpse under Antarctic sea ice
date added: 2016-12-28  source:

Lost: MH370 search teams may be looking in wrong area
date added: 2016-12-28  source:

Reinforce and Build: The vicious cycle driving development on Florida's most fragile beaches
date added: 2016-12-28  source:

Ancient underwater finding solves Biblical mystery
date added: 2016-12-28  source:

13-year-old boy miraculously survives 41 minutes underwater
date added: 2016-12-26  source:

Seize: Obama will use his executive authority to impose new permanent bans on offshore drilling
date added: 2016-12-26  source:

The big sort: Clearing tons of plastic debris off beaches is only the first step—then comes the conundrum of what to do with it all
date added: 2016-12-26  source:

Lobsterman change with manslaughter in deaths of 2 crew members after being found under influence of oxycodone, marijuana and alcohol
date added: 2016-12-24  source:

Frozen in time: Explore an underwater farm in Norway hauntingly preserved for 100 years
date added: 2016-12-23  source:

Saving a coral reef, one transplant at a time; first developed in the 1970s, finally proving effective
date added: 2016-12-21  source:

Death Trap: Australia's Great Barrier Reef Sees Fifth Tourist Death in One Month
date added: 2016-12-21  source:

The world's five most dangerous places to take a swim...
date added: 2016-12-20  source:

smartboulder'Smart boulders' record huge underwater avalanche
date added: 2016-12-19   source:

U.S. Navy Nuclear Submarines Are So Strong One Smashed into an Underwater Mountain and Survived
date added: 2016-12-19  source:

divingbirdMeet Greg Lecoeur, National Geographic's nature photographer of the year
date added: 2016-12-19   source:
reedsurferForget fiberglass, this surfing champion rides reeds
date added: 2016-12-18   source:
bluelakeThis Stunning Antarctic Lake Is Buried In Ice. And That Could Be Bad News
date added: 2016-12-17   source:

Mysterious, 400-pound animal makes waves in Sacramento River
date added: 2016-12-14  source:

Pentagon Confirms Russia Has a Submarine Nuke Delivery Drone
date added: 2016-12-14  source:

markcokeFisherman nets kilogram of cocaine off coast of Miami
date added: 2016-12-13   source:
pearlharborExpedition explores sunken mini sub at Pearl Harbor
date added: 2016-12-13   source:

Scientists Confirm: 'The Blob' Really Messed Up the Northeast Pacific
date added: 2016-12-13  source:

Caymans: Ship owner accepts liability for Eden Rock reef damage
date added: 2016-12-09  source:

Britain's tsunami thread: Underwater landslides could devastate UK's coast
date added: 2016-12-09  source:

nazisubThe strange tale of Nazi Germany's super submarines (that never fired a shot)
date added: 2016-12-09   source:

After Pearl Harbor: The Race to Save the U.S. Fleet
date added: 2016-12-07  source:

The Hammacher Schlemmer Catalog Is Selling An Honest To God Personal Submarine For Just $1.5 Million
date added: 2016-12-06  source:

Aussie fisherman rescues schoolies who floated into deep, shark-infested waters
date added: 2016-12-05  source:

Conflict of Interest in Canadian Press Report on Marineland
date added: 2016-12-04  source:

The world's best floating hotels: From London and Paris to remote corners of Thailand and Canada
date added: 2016-12-03  source:

Proposed new marine reserve system offers rosy outlook for Both the lobster and the lobster fisherman
date added: 2016-12-02  source:

Caymans: Cargo ship slams coral reef in George Town harbor
date added: 2016-12-02  source:

Drone warfare heads under the seas as U.S. seeks advantage over rivals
date added: 2016-12-01  source:

Divers uncover world's oldest harbor in Red Sea
date added: 2016-11-30  source:

Florida: Naked woman swam to fountain in lake, rescued by divers
date added: 2016-11-30  source:

Nova Scotia just fulfilled its longstanding dream to harness the tides with an underwater windmill
date added: 2016-11-30  source:

This mailbox in Japan lies 10-feet underwater but still receives 1,500 mails each year
date added: 2016-11-29  source:

tsunamidetectorWhat is a tsunami and how are they monitored?
date added: 2016-11-29   source:

He didn't make it: Surfer dies fulfilling Huntington Beach pier dream
date added: 2016-11-29  source:

Massive underwater fault line off Kiwi East Coast ruptures after last week's damaging 7.8 quake
date added: 2016-11-29  source:

Florida: Beach renourishment sand could affect coral reefs off Broward
date added: 2016-11-28  source:

Poachers and fish beware, the Flexrotor ocean drone is watching
date added: 2016-11-27  source:

uwturbineFirst power drawn from tidal turbines off the coast of Scotland
date added: 2016-11-26   source:

Scientists to map America's rivers: New 'aquatic atlas' will show details of every species of fish in western US waters
date added: 2016-11-25  source:

frinkStephen Frink receives 'Oscar of the ocean world'
date added: 2016-11-25   source:

What's next for the Morro Bay Aquarium? 'People are hungry for marine education'
date added: 2016-11-23  source:

1923 steamer anchor raised from the Detroit River
date added: 2016-11-21  source:

New TV show: Deep Sea Mysteries with Paul Clerkin premieres tonight
date added: 2016-11-21  source:

Michigan company recovers WWII planes from bottom of Lake Michigan; 'It was a dangerous operation'
date added: 2016-11-20  source:

MH370 searchers revisit 40 ocean anomalies in search for missing jet
date added: 2016-11-20  source:

KortenaerDutch WWII ship wrecks 'disappear' from Java Sea – illegal salvage rife in region
date added: 2016-11-20   source:

Attempt to swim Atlantic Ocean underway; 'nothing is impossible'
date added: 2016-11-19  source:

One Million Tons of Post-War Chemical Weapons Dumped in the Ocean Might Pose Threat Worldwide
date added: 2016-11-19  source:

Microfibers emerging as new environmental threat as Canada moves toward banning microbeads
date added: 2016-11-18  source:

More Than Two Decades Later, Have Killer Whales Recovered from the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill?
date added: 2016-11-18  source:

Huge water 'lake' found beneath Bolivian volcano
date added: 2016-11-17  source:

edmundfitz41 years ago: Edmund Fitzgerald sank in Lake Superior
date added: 2016-11-17   source:

Mysterious noises that have haunted people in the Arctic recently may have a very simple explanation
date added: 2016-11-17  source:

The wave that sunk Atlantis: Deadly tsunamis in the late Bronze Age may have been driven by lava flow
date added: 2016-11-15  source:

Study: Animals Eat Ocean Plastic Because it Smells Like Food
date added: 2016-11-15  source:

Malaysia: Lost ancient city under the Malacca river?
date added: 2016-11-10  source:

Swimming pool physics: Solving the mystery of the ball in the water
date added: 2016-11-10  source:

brazilswimmerEx-police officer to swim from Senegal to Brazil in shark invisibility wetsuit
date added: 2016-11-09   source:

New generation of underwater drones makes waves for 'citizen scientists'
date added: 2016-11-09  source:

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