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Research: Antarctic Krill Provide Potent Carbon Sink in Southern Ocean; Counteracts 35 Million Cars
British Antarctic Survey, Antartica - Jul 19, 2006 21:35 EST

Scientists from British Antarctic Survey (BAS) and Scarborough Centre of Coastal Studies at the University of Hull discovered that rather than doing so once per 24 hours, Antarctic krill 'parachute' from the ocean surface to deeper layers several times during...
Scientists: Unprecedented Number of Walrus Calves Stranded by Melting Sea Ice
Woods Hole, Massachusetts - Apr 13, 2006 18:19 EST

Scientists have reported an unprecedented number of unaccompanied and possibly abandoned walrus calves in the Arctic Ocean, where melting sea ice may be forcing mothers to abandon their pups as the mothers follow the rapidly retreating ice edge north. Nine lone...
Two new lakes found beneath Antarctic ice sheet; could contain unique ecosystems
Lake Vostok, Antarctica - Jan 30, 2006 00:00 EST

Lying beneath more than two miles of Antarctic ice, Lake Vostok may be the best-known and largest subglacial lake in the world, but it is not alone down there. Scientists have identified more than 145 other lakes trapped under the...
Research: El Nino events affect whale breeding
South Atlantic - Jan 11, 2006 00:00 EST

New research shows that global climate processes are affecting southern right whales (Eubalaena australis) in the South Atlantic. A thirty-year study by an international team of scientists found a strong relationship between breeding success of whales in the South Atlantic...
Global Warming Can Trigger Extreme Ocean, Climate Changes
San Diego, California - Jan 4, 2006 00:00 EST

New research produced by scientists at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego, helps illustrate how global warming caused by greenhouse gases can quickly disrupt ocean processes and lead to drastic climatological, biological and other important...'s Top Underwater Stories for 2005
Miami, Florida - Dec 22, 2005 00:00 EST published links to over 3,000 stories in 2005, marking another year as the world’s leading portal for underwater news. After re-reading those 3,000 stories, one quickly realizes that 2005 was an amazing year for the underwater world. We saw...
Research Reveals Arctic Octopus; 'It Looks Like Dumbo'
Halifax, Nova Scotia - Dec 15, 2005 00:00 EST

Beneath the ice of the western Arctic Ocean live bright pink octopuses with fins that flap like Dumbo's ears as they swim through the frigid water. The Canadian Arctic octopus is the most northerly ever discovered, and it was captured last...
Report: Titanic Sank Faster Than Previously Thought; Breakup 'Never Accurately Depicted'
Falmouth, Massachusetts - Dec 6, 2005 00:00 EST

The discovery of two large pieces of the Titanic‘s hull on the ocean floor indicates that the fabled luxury liner sank faster than previously thought, researchers said Monday. After the bottom section of the hull broke free, the bow and stern...

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