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New Digital Diving TV Offering Creates A Splash As The Launches

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LONDON, England -- The (UWC) is launching a new free to watch TV channel available globally on your computer and the worldwide web starting on September 1, 2008. The UWC will feature professionally produced video from international underwater filmmakers covering a broad range of subjects from natural history, wreck diving and cave diving, marine conservation, expeditions, creature encounters, and scuba adventure.

The UWC’s debut will include Splash!, a monthly program featuring internationally-known divers from locations around the world. Each month Splash! will feature a variety topics: resort reports from around the world, bite-sized topical stories, interviews and equipment reviews, an underwater master photography class, and a feature that highlights interesting underwater species.

The UWC’s website will host blogs and forums, program information, background information on the hosts, and UWC competitions.

The seven “faces of the UWC”, divers who will regularly present a variety of content, span the globe:

  • Mark Addison – South Africa based intrepid shark researcher
  • Julie Andersen – USA based environmentalist and shark angel
  • Sara Campbell – world champion free diver based in Dahab
  • Simon Enderby –Malaysia based underwater cameraman and photographer
  • Monty Halls – UK based explorer best described as an “underwater Indiana Jones”
  • Miranda Krestovnikoff – UK based zoologist, author and TV presenter
  • Roger Munns – Malaysia based underwater cameraman and photographer

“I’m thrilled that the concept of the Underwater Channel has been met with such enthusiasm from so many key figures in the dive community not just in the UK but wider Europe, USA and Asia Pacific too,” said UWC founder and Emmy award-winning filmmaker Nicholas Claxton. “The global diving community is young and internet-savvy. This is the birth of a pioneering venture which will cater for their passion online and hopefully persuade armchair divers to take the plunge!”

The UWC will kick off with September’s edition of Splash!, which includes Creature Features, where award-winning underwater photographer and marine biologist Dr. Alex Mustard sneaks into the archives at the UWC and shares some breathtaking footage captured by some of the world's leading underwater cameramen.

"It is an amazing opportunity to have access to this material, like going behind the scenes as if perched on the shoulder of one of these top cameramen,” said Mustard. “For me, each program is a voyage of discovery, I never know what is going to happen next and these guys regularly capture creatures and behavior new to science."

September’s Splash! will also include Deep Talk, an interview with Canadian conservationist, environmental activist and founder of Sea Shepherd, Paul Watson. can be viewed at

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