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Fiji Surfer Says Shark Bite Won't Deter Career; 'I'm Sure This Would Make Him Stronger'

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SIGATOKA, Fiji -- A surfer who was bitten by a shark on Sunday is not going to give up on his surfing career when he recovers.

Paul Chong Sue, 21, of Kulukulu in Sigatoka was saved by his friends who distracted the shark when he called them for help.

A relative who wished to remain anonymous said he was in a stable condition and was still admitted at the Lautoka Hospital.

She said that Paul loved the sport so much that the shark bite would not deter him from going back into the water once he recovered.

"I'm sure this would make him stronger and with his love for surfing, it is not going to stop him," she said. She said the incident was the first of its kind that they were aware of in the area.

"These people have been surfing here for a long time, but this is the first time we have come across such a situation." She said the boys were surfing near the Sigatoka sand dunes when the incident happened.

"Sharks were always spotted in that area," she said.

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