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Florida Wildlife Commission finds no evidence of pelican abuse at Skyway Fishing Pier; No 'motives or suspects'

Florida shark expert weighs in on 2 bites in one day in New Smyrna Beach; 'a very rare occurrence'

Scientists: Surfing Is A Gray Reef Shark's Version Of A Power Nap

In the long run, we're all dead: 'Worst-case scenario' study shows coral reefs could go extinct in 30 to 50 years

Lobster Diver Q&A: Who the Man Swallowed Up by a Whale Wants to Play Him in a Movie

Boy, 10, mauled by shark reveals moment he thought 'I'm going to die'

Boaters In Louisiana Spot A Very Rare Sight, Capture A Pink Dolphin Swimming In The Waters

Why the world's most fertile fishing ground is facing a 'unique and dire' threat

Mass. Hysteria: Researchers warn beachers that four giant white sharks, including a giant 16-foot shark called Mary Lee, are heading from New York and New Jersey to Cape Cod

Holy s---!' Hammerhead shark thrashes in ankle-deep water near Florida beachgoers

Watch: Beluga whale's priceless reaction on seeing toy whale in girl's hand

Florida Wildlife Commission plans to phase out permits for sea turtle 'bothersome' volunteer rescue groups

Charlotte Harbor seagrass: 2 years recovery forward, 30 years recovery back

Huge chunk bitten out of dolphin's back is likely from shark attack along South Carolina coast

Pollutant concentration increases in franciscana dolphin, one of most threatened species worldwide

Unwell dolphin found off coast of northern Israel dies despite rescue effort

Go north: Fish are swimming to cooler waters as climate change heats our oceans

Muskrat love: What is this Metro Vancouver animal that looks so much like a beaver but isn't one?

Veteran filmmaker and marine conservationist says more effort must be made to protect sharks

Retired airplane gets new life as underwater attraction for divers in Quebec

Huge sinkhole bursts open near underwater 'blowhole' in South Australian coast

Fearless fisherman frees great white shark caught in fishing lines

Video: Underwater cam compares restored oyster reefs vs. harvest areas

Spanish mackerel stocks under threat from overfishing, Aussie government says

New documentary recalls how Valerie Taylor played with sharks to prove a point; 'I only ever killed one shark'

Historic: Juvenile great white shark tagged in Rhode Island waters for first time

'Eating into their flesh': Malaysian reef sharks with skin disease may be the latest victims of climate change

Mexico crocodile attack: Mauled twin speaks for the first time

Panama doubles the size of its protected marine areas

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