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Found: Missing Argentine submarine 'Is located by US Navy; new sonar signal heard' as rescuers race to the spot with oxygen due to run out imminently

Ever Wonder How Underwater Welding Is Possible? We Did Too

Bowhead Whales Like to Exfoliate, Too: In Canada's Arctic, researchers spy whales rubbing themselves on rocks.

Lost: Argentina's first female submariner 'Warned family of mechanical problems on board' just days before submarine went missing

Kiwi Pāua diver wants starfish theory put to test; 'I'm seeing much bigger stocks'

Japan starts whaling research mission; 'This is an outdated practice and needs to stop'

Found: Navy detects noises 'Like tools being banged against the hull' of missing Argentinean Submarine

Study: Marine mammals, not fishing, reducing endangered orcas' food supply

Lolita may never go free. And that could be what's best for her, scientists say

Soaring dolphins, sea slugs, whales mating, sharks lingering: 10 wild ocean encounters readers loved this year

China: Hangzhou hero gets lifetime supply of fish heads

Plastic didn't kill Blue Planet whale (...says the plastics industry): Manufacturers hit back at 'alarmist' images in BBC documentary

'Idiot' spectators blasted for touching southern right whale during Hobart visit

External lung allows California's Mono Lake flies to breathe underwater

Irish beach returns overnight after vanishing in storms 12 years ago

Up-close video shows 'Mr. Rogers' the friendly whale visiting the same boat a third time

Body of missing scuba diver from New Jersey found 171 feet underwater in Old New York iron mine

Ever wanted to get married underwater? Now you can

World's first underwater 'quarry hotel' takes shape in Shanghai

Teaching a young fish new tricks? Clever 10-week-old goldfish is trained to jump through hoops by its owner

Male dolphins attempt to woo females with sea sponge 'gifts' in a romantic courtship ritual

Meet the tapeworm hunters scouring shark guts for these 'beautiful little' parasites

Canada: 3 ships fined for breaking right whale protective speed limit

Killer whales, killer algae, killer climate: Death of 343 sei whales sends scientists searching for answers

Florida: Surfer girl named after the ocean won't be deterred by shark bite

Massachusetts: 22 fishing boats pulled off water in federal crackdown on Codfather fraud racket

#MeToo: Speaking out about sexual harassment in shark science

California fishermen are throwing explosives at sea lions. And it is, surprisingly, legal.

Florida: Coast Guard busts anglers fishing in off-limits sanctuary area

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