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Wrasse kisser: 79-Year-old Diver and This Fish Have Been BFFs for Nearly 30 Years--He Nursed Her Back to Health

In a rare encounter, divers spot humpback whales in waters off west Oahu

Photos: US Coast Guard provides images of fuel removal from the capsized Seacor Power lift boat

News you can use: PCB levels in Icelandic orcas depend on what they eat; 'exceeded all known toxicity thresholds'

Does ocean acidification alter fish behavior? Research fraud allegations create a sea of doubt

Seaspiracy producer demands president Biden shut down fish factory farms

Lost in the Med: Pacific grey whale ventures far from home

Blunt force trauma: Cause of death determined for 5th whale washed onto San Francisco shore

Ireland: Dusty the dolphin delights divers off Clare coast

News you can use: The Mary Rose, 16th-century warship of Henry VIII, had multi-ethnic crew

Big underwater brother: Peristera shipwreck surveillance receives Microsoft funding; 'Acropolis of shipwrecks'

Facing lockdown at sea: Barred from docking, deprived of medical access, and left with little oversight, migrant fishers endure hardships

Summertime: Tons of dead fish leaving 'unbearable smell' at Jersey Shore

Region in the Bermuda Triangle is a destination for green turtles during their 'lost years' after hatching on Florida beaches

Killer whales seen swimming off the Cornish coast; 'Well today something crazy happened. Couldn't believe my eyes'

It was written: Baby pilot whale dies at Halifax-area beach despite efforts of rescuers; 'she came back to shore'

Great white shark infants select waters to practice their hunting skills

Scientists find plastic in sea turtles' muscles for the first time, confirming that pollution is affecting marine life on a chemical level

Seven gills: Diver makes rare shark find off California coast

Shark skins inspire Navy researcher's drone development; 'bioinspired surfaces'

Chicagoland: Police sergeant allegedly took $1K bribe from diver who found Anthony Rizzo's wedding ring in harbor

An Alberta fisher dropped his glasses in a 54 km2 lake. Luckily, he's a diver, too; 'like diving in a cup of coffee'

Snack food: Baby dolphins with shark bites wash up on South African beach

UK ships prepare to leave Jersey after dispute over fishing rights

French trawler rams UK boat as Jersey fishing stand-off escalates

Florida: 2nd shark bite in a week: Oregon woman nicked on foot in Daytona Beach Shores

Florida: Shark, dolphin caught jumping out of the water together

Mexico: 19th-century church 'rises from the water' in Guanajuato

Brexit: French threat to cut Jersey's electricity over fishing row 'disproportionate and unacceptable'

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