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Ancient Egyptian Hidden Giant Tomb With 'Human Soup' Found Underwater in Pyramid Cave; 'Eerie'

Bones discovered at ancient Greek 'Antikythera Mechanism' shipwreck

Woman's hands and breast bitten off by shark while swimming in French Polynesia

Great white shark rattles diving cage in video. Diver calls it 'a beautiful moment'

Second whale found dead in the Thames was riddled with parasites when it swam off course

Seal Hunting Ban in the Works in Iceland

Why giant squid, the once mythical kraken of the deep, are still mystifying scientists 150 years after they were discovered

Cornwall man's lost wedding ring found in the sea - by a fish

Coral conundrum: Tampa doctor calls bill proposing prescription for some sunscreens dangerous

Amazon's giant prized pirarucu fish, now on dinner plates at fanciest restaurants

Discovery of ancient trees buried underwater adds new twist to carbon cycle

Climate havoc wipes out coastal kelp as San Francisco Bay's native fish species die off

Siesta Creep shark-dragging defendant asks for change in probation; animal shelters refuse help

Holding killer whales in captivity is being phased out, so are dolphins next?

Scientists are using satellites to spot whales detect and monitor whales stranded on the shore in real-time from space

Proposed Colombian port would hit humpback whale nursery

Researchers find a second Japanese warship using deep sea robots in the middle of the Pacific Ocean from WWII Battle of Midway

London weather: How the Thames Barrier protects London from being completely underwater

Scientists fight to save unique Guiana coral reef

The devil and the deep blue sea – Japanese whaling brings surprising conservation benefits  

Cape Cod: Photos capture shark tearing into a seal off Nauset Beach

Video: Stubborn octopus takes diver's camera and doesn't want to let go

Nicholas the dolphin picks Washington Nationals to win the World Series

Humpback whale population comes back from the brink

Terrifying moment man is attacked by a shark second after diving into water while spearfishing off Florida coast

Researchers: Female sharks had babies without mating

Florida boy charms Twitter with catch-and-release fishing video: 'Let's put this beauty back in the water'

Whale shark spotted off the Florida coast; 'It wasn't scary at all'

Mystery surrounds the death of a doctor, 52, who was found unconscious during the final scuba dive of her Caribbean holiday

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