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Now Even Deadlier: Plastic debris a bigger risk to filter feeding whales than oil as it clogs up their hair-like baleen

Why underwater explorer Jean-Michel Cousteau believes it's not too late to save our oceans

South Carolina wildlife officers hunting for suspect after photos of branded sharks stir fury online

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330 Feet Down: Divers go to unexplored depths at Little Cayman

So Meta: Vacationers Find Alligator Lounging on Alligator Pool Float at Their Miami Airbnb

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Divers Remove Thousands Of Gallons Of Oil From Sunken World War II Tanker

Blackfish rebound: SeaWorld San Diego rebounds from years of attendance declines with a 20 percent boost in visitors in 2018

Dolphin deaths in the Mississippi Sound this year now number 80

What do you think? Can wild salmon and the Pebble Mine coexist?

The tiniest fish are the most important for healthy coral reefs

Sea dragons captivate visitors at California aquarium

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How lionfish are the scourge of the Gulf of Mexico

Strange waves rippled around Earth. Now we may know why.

Lake Okeechobee battles rise and fall with water levels

Underwater memorial site created in Sarasota to honor submarine tragedies

Man call 'Fisher' makes record catch in Michigan

Brothers speared by marlin that crashed onto inflatable fishing boat off NSW coast

Oklahoma veterans change colors atop sunken ship to honor fallen friend, heroes

104-year-old marks birthday by swimming with sharks

A 25-foot shark has been taking daily swims off the Irish coast

Sabah marine conservationists unhappy with turtle tagging method

More people are eating marine animals--with deadly results

Snakehead: An invasive fish with a fearsome name has been found in Missouri for the first time

The baffling case of the belugas that won't bounce back: What's keeping Cook Inlet belugas from thriving?

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