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Mussel-covered junk and mortar shell pulled out of Lake Geneva

The great decline of Ireland's angel shark; Native to big sandy bays on the west coast it may not survive to breed there any more

Dolphins Have a Mysterious Network of Veins That Could Be Key to Preventing the Bends

Scientists say fish feel pain. It could lead to major changes in the fishing industry

A terminally ill man is fighting his local council to protect the 25-foot shark statue on his house

No Charm: 3rd dead whale in less than a week washes ashore in San Francisco Bay Area

Dolphins Have a Mysterious Network of Veins That Could Be Key to Preventing the Bends

Watching Japan's King of Tuna Cut Fish is Mesmerizing: Inside the world's largest fish market, a master shows where Tokyo's best sushi comes from

River Monsters: Wildebeest saved from certain death by a group of hippos

Mussels off Washington state test positive for opioids and antibiotics

Australia: Collateral damage too brutal from NSW shark nets

Incredible photo shows shark sneaking up on diver in the Azores

Two Florida Keys charter boats set single-day sailfish records on May 23 with 61 and 65 sails released

Coral in aquarium releases toxin, poisons family

Boy receives 26 stitches after shark bite in surf at South Carolina island; 'It was a total shock'

Shocking moment fisherman pulls multiple plastic bags from baby tiger shark's stomach off Australia's east coast

Mexico: State creates refuge area for whale shark near Cancun

For Army divers, excavating underwater tombs is a solemn, honorable duty

Leaked report 'deeply disturbing': Kiwi's biggest fishing companies under-reporting hoki catch

India: Trained divers dive into world's largest marine litter cleanup in Versova

'It's the wild west out here': Gulf Islanders raise alarm over whale-watching fleet sizes

Canada: B.C. fish farms treating sea lice outbreak with hydrogen peroxide

She stays: Miami Seaquarium unwavering in stance regarding Lolita the killer whale

National Aquarium dolphins are learning their biggest trick yet — traveling to a new home

How the decision to stop harvesting horseshoe crab blood could help a whole ecosystem

Shark bites the hand of the diver feeding it in Cairns Aquarium

Despite near-death experience, the sea remains Army diver's passion

No, a German submarine wasn't just discovered in Great Lakes

Questions over carbon monoxide treatment leaving frozen fish looking fresh

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