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At Least 3.8 Million Fish Killed By Winter Weather On Texas Coast

Shark attack survivor who lost leg wins right to keep tooth left in surfboard; 'It shook me about and played with me for a bit'

Iceland Cannot Be Known For Eradicating The Seal Population; 'The nation's self-esteem and reputation are at stake'

Government officials hope: Will Hawaii's Spinner Dolphins Finally Get A Rest From The Crowds? 'Right now it's a total circus, man'

Char trap: Cut Off From the Ocean by a Volcanic Eruption, These Fish Had to Learn to Live in a Lake

Global effort to save dwindling ocean fish faces moment of truth

No Reunion: Swimming banned on island in Indian Ocean with too many shark attacks

Historic Beaching: Blue whale washes ashore in Africa 'for the first time ever' after being hit and killed by a ship

First ship controlled by artificial intelligence prepares for maiden voyage

Scientists: Surprising tsunami triggers may lurk off California's coast; 'supershear' event

Drones show California's great white sharks are closer -- and more common -- than you think

Texas fisherman catches 876-pound record-breaking bluefin tuna

New Smyrna Beach woman bitten by shark speaks out after terrifying encounter

Killer whales stripping long-line fishers of catch in the Southern Ocean

Lost: Why was whale stranded in New Bedford euthanized?

'Significant' English Civil War stirrup found at Colchester, underwater

Let it be: Charges filed after photos show man holding tiger shark

Florida: Mysterious situation in Coconut Grove as thousands of expensive fish suddenly die outside several homes; 'It's just awful. It's horrible.'

Jamaica: Fisherman dies following shark attack in Westmoreland

'My soul left my body': 6-year-old Kailua girl details close encounter with shark

South Korea's haenyeo female divers navigate rough waters amid COVID-19

Bradley the Seal still stuck in River Medway in Maidstone one month on

Population of Australia's only unique seal has fallen by 60%, study finds

Underwater object found near Phuket not 'a bomb'

Coastal Job: Penguin Rehabilitator; Braving snapping beaks, Curtly Ambrose helps save injured or distressed penguins and other seabirds

Don't worry: Scientist to dye Missouri River red for fish larvae study

Halifax company growing fish food from greenhouse gases; 'It's a global market that we're interested in'

Scientists seek clues to microplastics problem through 'pickled fish' time capsule

'Washed away': Missing Kiwi divers found alive in Banks Peninsula

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