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Loneliest number: Only 1 of 52 pilot whales survives mass stranding in Indonesia

A Few Fixes Could Cut Noise Pollution That Hurts Ocean Animals; 'We need to get noise out of the waiting room'

The real-life baby shark! Mutant fish is born with 'a human face'

BC salmon farm closures could lead to 1,500 lost jobs, Kill 10 Million Salmon and Eggs

Death or Delicacy: The Notorious Fugu Puffer Fish

It's Bad: Canadian study links dog waste to change in fish population

They're Back: Pilot whales restranded at Farewell Spit

Orcas off Iberia – Are they Aggressive or Just too Curious and Friendly?

'Ropeless' Lobster Fishing Could Save The Whales. Could It Kill The Industry?

Whale sharks observed regrowing damaged dorsal fins for the first time

Harrowing footage shows devoted dolphin mum 'Cracker' refusing to let go of her young calf after it died in childbirth

News you can use: Marine biologist reveals exactly how to fend off a killer shark if you come face-to-face with one

'Pivot' the humpback whale, often seen in Gulf Of Maine, found dead on Maryland coast

You don't say: Kate Winslet thought she'd died underwater; 'Am I dead?'

Argentinian producers age wine in the ocean; 'rounder, more elegant and with fresher fruit'

Rarely seen pygmy sperm whale washes up on SF Bay Area beach

Rarely seen pygmy sperm whale washes up on South Texas beach

'Bite Club': Shark attack survivors find solace in unity

Rare synchronized blue whale 'breach' leaves boaters stunned; 'I still can't believe it'

Filter paper can reveal underwater species: Australian study

Defrost: How Houston-area aquarium hobbyists can recover their fish tanks after brutal winter storm

Freshwater fish are in 'catastrophic' decline with one-third facing extinction, report finds

Shark attacks are not the most feared ocean danger; study finds jellyfish top the polls

Instead of in Virginia Beach, these Navy divers are training under 3 feet of ice in Minnesota

China: Efforts at Wuzhizhou Island marine ranch pay off

I want to believe: A new model reveals how two radically different communities coexist beneath canopies of California's iconic kelp forests

Canada: Amazing scene of killers whales encircling sea lions

Illegal aliens: Fish confiscated at the U.S.-Canada border now on exhibit at Aquarium of Niagara

Curry: Eating shark meat might be normal in India but it could have an adverse impact

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