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Massachusetts group wants to end federal protection for seals to mitigate Cape Cod sharks

Divers find last US warship sunk by German sub in World War II

Florida: Insurance claim denied after destructive 11-feet gator break-in; 'They don't cover gators'

Dramatic video shows Georgia beachgoers rescuing dozens of beached whales; 'It is so sad'

Chicago: Gator hunter on moments after catch: '... Had a nice little cry'

Pressure: SeaWorld hits back in Virgin Holidays whale tourism row

Apex: Orcas eat great white sharks-- new insights into rare behavior revealed

Two southern resident orcas are missing, feared dead; 'The population is not healthy'

Texas brothers catch and release 12-foot tiger shark: 'Dreams came true today'

What to do if you spot Portland's resident Dolphin

Florida: Beached whale on Little St. George euthanized due to poor health, shark bites

Killer collapse: The southern resident orcas of B.C. are struggling. Here's why there's a cross-border fight to save them

Argh! Rare white dolphin sighted in the Marlborough Sounds

Scotland: Spirtle survives severe sunburns, delights scientists

Dolphin and dog make friends during South Carolina boat ride

Guess what: Nearly 10 per cent of Sydney fish is not what it is labelled

Review: 'Sea of Shadows' a chilling documentary about organized crime -- and fish

Irish father and son capture amazing up-close footage of humpback whale off coast of Kerry

1 out of 633: Ocala diver tells his record-breaking underwater cleanup story; 'I love diving and I hate trash'

Get out: Cape Cod shark scare creates booming business for pool contractors

Police: 3 fake wooden legs left at shark attack victim's memorial in Wellfleet

Panic: Cape Cod town looks into emergency speaker systems amid increased shark sightings; 'you will hear this'

Acapulco cliff divers risk their lives to drive tourism – video

Virginia radio host says a 'baby shark' bit her at a North Carolina beach

Girl attacked by shark nearly 2 years ago going to beach for first time since attack

Kiwi paua diver thrown about during shark attack off Chatham Islands

Whale watching companies file lawsuit over distance restriction

Ocean sanctuary proposed for captive orcas

Poor shark was slowly sliced open by plastic ring she got stuck around her neck as a baby

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