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Japan: Unknown sumo champion-class fish species found off Shizuoka

The truth is out there: Two Swedish documentary makers on trial for illegally exploring 1994 wreck of the MS Estonia; 'Marine cemetery'

Shark attacks: Fatal shark attacks reach seven year high for 2020 ; non-fatal attacks 'extremely low'

Right whale caught in deadly tangle of fishing gear spotted off Georgia's coast; watch continues

This Deadly Underwater Lake Will Kill Anything That Enters It; 'jacuzzi of despair'

Life and Death: An Ontario Mink Has Gone Viral For His Adorable Fish-Stealing Antics

Research: Seals' bodies act like loudspeakers when underwater

Aussie Terror: Wife held shark attack victim's arm together; 'Screaming was horrendous':

Storm-tossed Maersk ship loses 750 containers overboard in Pacific Ocean; fourth incident in two months

No Bryde: Researchers discover new 'Rice' whale species in the Gulf of Mexico

Divers free whale shark trapped in rope: viral video

I'm a pearl diver – this is what it involves

GoPro camera recovered after six years under water in Hawaii

Deadliest catch: Thailand's 'ghost' fishing nets helps protect marine life and somehow fights COVID

Fatal shark attacks across Australia spike to 86-year high

Still #1: Florida kept its place in 2020 as the shark-bite capital of America

Tennessee man reels in possible 'world record' monster catch; 'I guess I'm an idiot for letting it go'

Watch: 'They're so majestic': Auckland fisherman's stunning encounter with orca

Total recall: Shipwrecked backpacker who swam for hours in shark-infested waters drank her own urine to survive

Something was killing baby salmon. Scientists traced it to a food-web mystery

Dutch make hole in the dyke to allow migrating fish through

Tragedy: Remains of missing Aussie snorkeler show he 'was mauled by shark moments after suffering medical episode' in Australia

New Zealand: Whale dies after multiple refloating attempts at Northland beach fails

Florida attraction to get glass-bottom boat for wheelchairs; 'have you read the American with Disabilities Act regulations?'

Golden carp: 'Extremely rare' fish sold at auction for $3,425

Mexican Alejandro Lemus breaks freediving world record in Yucatan cenote

Researchers unlocking the secrets of rogue waves; 'It could give a few minutes of warning'

Diver-tuned-conservationist Nayantara Jain on restoring coral reefs, swimming with sharks and Blue Planet Revisited

Swedish archaeologists take to the waves to protect Baltic wrecks

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