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North Atlantic right whales 'could be extinct within 20 years' as krill they eat migrate away due to climate change and commercial fishing impacts their habitat

This is How the CIA Shark-Proofed their U-2 and A-12 Spy Pilots

Scuba diver demonstrates impressive underwater bubble ring talent

Dams Central Focus of Endangered Fish Dispute in Oregon

Rare pygmy sperm whale washes up on California beach with 'bullet hole in its head'

'The fight went on for 2 hours': Golfers capture video of alligator brawl on South Carolina golf course

The shark defender: 'Sharks I once saw regularly had disappeared...'

Scientists Discover A Great White Shark 'Paleo-Nursery' In Chile

Teenager finds 'rare whale vomit' which could be worth thousands

VIDEO: Patches, the West Coast's most popular dolphin, reappears off Orange County

Rare gray orca, Tl'uk, spotted with transient pod in Bellingham Bay Tuesday; 'He really stands out when you see him'

Woman walking dog rescues man drowning in Chicago River: 'There was nobody else to do it'

Diver filmed cleaning up masks after shipping containers fall overboard

Coronavirus: Struggling Indian aquarium asks people to virtually adopt fish to help them survive

Florida: Ostego Bay Marine Center's nurse shark gets new pad

California man survives hypothermia, reported shark attack

Despite outcry, gator believed to be the largest ever captured on Hilton Head Island is euthanized

Chock full: Researchers track high levels of COVID-19 in Florida wastewater

Divers from Birmingham see 'massive' great white shark off Alabama's coast

River monster is the new largest fish on record in Pennsylvania

Investigation finds that road sediment is causing impacts to fish habitat

'I've never seen this many fish wasted': Utah DWR seeks public help in case of 260 illegally dumped bass

5 inventions that could transform the health of our ocean

Novel virus could spread rapidly among orcas

Cambodia: Puffer fish poisoning kills two in Kampong Speu province

Seal saved by volunteers after being spotted with fishing rope around its neck

Three orphaned otter pups play together at the North Carolina Zoo

New pygmy seahorse discovered, first of its kind in Africa; 'It's like finding a kangaroo in Norway'

Maine teen swims 600 yards to save father, sister after fishing boat capsizes

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