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How did they not notice? Moment a Japanese tanker docks into a harbour with a 32-foot dead fin whale stuck on its bow

Amateur divers discover 'enormously valuable' hoard of Roman coins

The Infamous 'Whaling Wall' in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, is no Longer

Ocean Photography Awards 2021: winners' stunning deep-sea images unveiled

Human Whistling Languages Could be Crucial in Deciphering Dolphin Communication; 'phatic expressions'

Get out: Seal disturbances alarm as Second pup dies in Ceredigion; 'It's a crying shame, an absolute crying sham'

Brazil: Diver Finds One Of The Ocean's Rarest Shark Eggs

Fisherman battles 8ft shark off Brit coast for an hour in 'once in a lifetime' catch

Researchers: Grandma Orca Among missing, presumed dead in Puget Sound; Her son now has 3x risk for death

Birth of Jaws: Viscous shark attacks remembered by Matawan maneater mural

Get out: Scientists warn of 'toxic gases' when lava hits ocean after volcano erupts on one of Spain's Canary Islands

Students work to restore Florida's endangered coral reefs; 'acting as a steward is super amazing'

Grind wave continues: 53 more dolphins butchered in the Faroe Islands days after 1,400 were killed in beach bloodbath that sparked global outrage

Kiwi DOC was advised to euthanize orca calf Toa after spending $130,000 on its care, documents reveal; 'I think it was worth it'

'I thought I got hit by the boat': Teen survives encounter with shark off Florida coast

SeaWorld killer whale Skyla died of 'trauma' after being 'ripped' from her mum and shipped 4,000 miles away

Keep moving, nothing to see: 'Strange' northern right whale dolphin spotted off California, way further south than usual

It's all in the name: Fisherman goes deep to catch record fish

Cape Verde's 'fish detectives' try to keep extinction at bay

Shocked woman gets photobombed by shark in wild beach encounter

Texas tech student loses diamond class ring, scuba diver helps him find it

Soldier dies during diver training in Fort Campbell, Kentucky-fifth death since 2015

Man sold carvings made from ivory of endangered whale, feds say

Secret of the whales: Ottawa biologist's whale tale earns an Emmy

'Truly incredible': Stranded dolphin rescued after it was found in shallow waters near Port Aransas

40-feet-long whale carcass washes ashore in India's Maharashtra's Palghar, locals click selfies

They're back: River otter species returns to Missouri waterways

Egypt investigates alleged shark attack off northern coast

This just in: Young elephant seals risk shark attacks on way to California beaches

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