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Deep-sea fish in shallow waters of Japan not an earthquake predictor

Teen shark-attack survivor says, 'I got some pieces of the puzzle missing but it's okay.'

After years of research diver finds shipwreck from 1917

Chinese 'Tourists' caught in US with endangered fish bladders worth $3.7 million

Florida: Shark fishermen battle image of 'indiscriminate killers'

Shark bites Savannah attorney in river. Experts say 'aggressive' species likely did it

Chinese woman, 41, is arrested after 'stomping on sea turtle's nest with her bare feet' on Miami Beach

3rd Shark Attack in North Carolina This Month Injures 8-Year-Old

Seattle: Tribe Launches Campaign To Save The Whale; 'Our Relatives Under The Sea... need Help'

Archive photos show the Vancouver Aquarium when it opened

Canada: Elusive 'ghost whale' surfaces near Campbell River

Robotic fish powered by electronic blood can swim for 36 hours

Canada becomes first G20 country to ban trade in shark fins

Indian magician drowns while trying to replicate an underwater Houdini-inspired stunt

Echoes of Jaws as Cape Cod learns to live with rise of the great white shark

Japan says it has forced hundreds of North Korean boats from fishing grounds

Shark expert looks to seal off attacks on swimmers

Playful whale concerns Norway divers

Eat me: Amazing photographs show the moment a python devours an entire crocodile in a murky swamp

'He's a fishing machine.' Young angler, 7, showing the older folks how it's done

Live to tell: Photos show people in ocean at North Myrtle Beach with sharks close by

Florida Atlantic University scientists tag sharks to study their behaviors

Fishermen film unexpected great white shark encounter in New Jersey

Robert Downey, Jr. wishes North Carolina shark bite victim a speedy recovery

Real-life 'Jaws!' Video shows great white shark stealing New Jersey fishermen's chum bucket

Pod of 'very active' killer whales seen for first time ever in Monterey Bay

Mumbai: Man arrested for possession of 1.3 kg nugget of whale vomit

'Allie' the whale says farewell to San Francisco? The humpback, which arrived at the end of May, seems to have vanished

Adelaide River crocodile guide Harry Bowman says farewell after 30 years

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