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Lights Out: Research says Artificial Lights at Night Hurt Corals

Endangered shark's transatlantic move raises questions for Western researchers

Boy, 15, battles with crocodile to save his sister, 12, after the beast snatched her with its jaws and dragged her off a bridge in the Philippines

Study: 'Prozac pollution' making fish less aggressive

Venice 'on its knees' after second-worst flood ever recorded

Norfolk seal colony: Pup's birth captured on film

US, Philippine troops conduct second installation of artificial habitat reefs

November 12th: Happy Exploding Whale Day, Oregonians!

Tourists in Norway will soon be able to whale watch from land

Quiet please: India's Ganga River dolphins are being shouted down by noisy boats

Long metallic fish resembling '80s sci-fi' creature seen hunting off Florida coast

Half million rare fish released into Yangtze

In the Great Lakes' most productive fishing grounds, algae-fueled dead zones are eroding livelihoods

Swamp People: Hunter attacked by gator tells how he was prepared to die in swampy wilderness

Fish-killing lamprey at near-record lows in Great Lakes

Guam: Potential ban on scuba fishing draws support, skepticism

Stories about story about fish with human face go viral

Shocking footage shows extent of climate change damage on Kerry seabeds

Sturgeon may be one of the most enigmatic and endangered of fish, but Erin Stoddard aims to change that.

Why this freediver stashes bottles in underwater wine cellar in Grand Traverse Bay

Makah Tribe's quest to hunt another gray whale moves to court

Owner comes forward after crocodile found in Liverpool

Viral video of a whale playing fetch isn't as cute as it seems

Shark photographer took daughter diving with great whites when she was two

Barnacles are a clock for the dead, giving forensic scientists a way to tell how long a body has been in the water

Richard Harris on his against-the-odds Thai cave rescue mission

Whale tooth a sign of gratitude - 250 years later

Researchers tagged a record 50 white sharks off Cape this year

Divers relieved after 'severed arm' found in Durban harbour not human

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