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Scientists: Climate Change Is Sending Some Species the Wrong Way; Invertebrates defy predictions, head toward shallow, warmer water

A proposed fish farm in the Gulf of Mexico is making waves; 'It could be very good for the tourists'

Barb, Tang and Wahoo: The US Navy Has Started Naming Its Submarines After Sea Creatures Again

Jaws: Florida man jumps into pond, wrestles alligator to save puppy; 'We live on a shared landscape'

Bodyboarder killed in shark attack in Western Australia: 'We have to be careful of entering the water'

Making dad proud: Robert Irwin, 16, is pictured rushing to the aid of a melon-headed whale left stranded on Noosa North Shore

'Prognosis is poor' for stranded Sperm Whale in Mobile Bay

'The Greatest Shoal on Earth': Protecting South Africa's sardine run

Tabulating the Victims of Plastic Pollution Hundreds of sea turtles and marine mammals have been choked, snared, and hooked by plastic debris.

Florida: Mote caring for six cold-stunned Kemp's Ridley sea turtles

Why are orcas known as the 'wolves of the sea'?

Warning: Bottlenose dolphins could disappear from Ecuador's Gulf of Guayaquil

Research: Dutch porpoise population rises seven-fold in 30 years; 'The reasons are unclear'

Mote receives federal grant to help restore and save one of Florida's iconic Coral Reefs

'Like kindergarten for divers': 45th deep-diving pool opens in Poland

I am salmon: Vancouver Island film maker has a sockeye's view of salmon spawning ground

Dolphin washes ashore in cove, students carefully chop it up; 'I've always been extremely squeamish'

Scotland: Nine divers rescued off Kyleakin after support boat breaks down

Back from the brink of extinction, blue whales return to South Georgia

Dead dolphin caught in fishing nets found washed up on Caswell beach

Worry: Sperm whale moved again; sighted heading north in Mobile Bay

Expedition finds record number of fishes in abyssal deep-sea

Over 50,000 salmon escape into wild after 'inexplicable' fish farm fire in Tasmania

Professional mermaid reveals what it's like to be a real-life Ariel

Pink dolphins staying longer in Hong Kong waters, a sign of falling pollution levels during Covid-19

Long Island man sues PetSmart after dozens of koi fish die; 'I lost 20 pounds since all this happened'

RoboCop sets sail: A new generation of autonomous vessels is looking to catch illegal fishers in the act

Watch: Maltese divers remove abandoned nets from underwater site near Salina

Fish tales: a pandemic adventure across the US brings two anglers to Iowa

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