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Mayor: World Record 100-meter underwater cross won't harm corals; 'purely sand'

Whale vs. whale attacks? Beached bowhead whales in Nunavut point to killer whale attacks

Scientists have managed to breed an endangered fish in captivity for the first time

A California shark lab tagged a record number of sharks off the Southern California coast this year; 'We don't know why'

Scary moment spearfisher spots a great white shark in the water just metres from one of Sydney's busiest tourist beaches

Transportation Safety board: Lack of oversight blamed for deadly California boat fire that killed 34; disaster was 'predictable and preventable'

'Cyclops' albino baby shark with one eye absolutely baffles fishermen

Some Facts: Sharks, Squalene, and a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine

Dragon snakeheads-- strange new underground fish—discovered in India

71-yr-old Sigourney Weaver had 'concerns' about underwater scenes in Avatar 2

Another minke whale has been killed by entanglement in fishing nets off the Yorkshire coast

Heart-warming footage shows Chinese fishermen saving a dolphin stranded on a beach before releasing it back to the sea

There's a 975-acre coral reef hidden deep underwater off the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Man breaks Georgia fishing record with 110 lb blue catfish

Blue whales migrating early off Western Australian coast as Antarctic feeding grounds beckon

A Bug's Life at Sea: A new study probes how sea skaters survive on the open ocean

Canada proposes international ban on retention of endangered mako sharks

Polar bear: Research suggests cold-water swimming could delay dementia

Whales and other wildlife species could get COVID-19: 'Potential cascading impacts' around the world

It's just wrong: Another right whale reported entangled; Maine proposing risk reductions

Besieged: Diver and underwater photographer starts to document Gaza's marine life

Editorial: Don't know details about proposed fish farm off Florida, but it's going to be bad

Some male fish use their tails to fan rivals' sperm away from eggs

Florida: Shark attacks sea turtle off Tigertail Beach

Fish Factor: Young Alaskan fishermen get financial help to buy into longline fisheries

Fishing gear threatens life of young whale months after killing mom: Aquarium

The dangers of marine litter - and the innovative methods to combat it

Tadpole documentary a passion project for Vancouver Island diver

Shetland Wildlife posts amazing footage of humpback whale performing underwater 'snow angels'

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