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Ancient Mayan bones uncovered in Mexico at world's largest underwater cave

Giant tarpon fish leaps out of marina and closes its mouth over shocked tourist's entire hand

World-first Aussie study shows sharks target hooked fish

Fishermen hook two Great White Sharks in 10 minutes: 'I couldn't believe it'

Photos: Volunteers scramble to save massive beached whale in Mexico

Men who created a new tail for a dolphin named Winter visit Jacksonville

Viewing giant crucifix under frozen Lake Michigan called off this year

China slaps seasonal fishing ban on Yellow River due to overfishing

Right whales spotted off Georgia coast, but still no babies

Fish die as stream 'vanishes' in Buxton; 'natural fissure'

Aussie divers find WWII bomb in Sydney Harbour

Sport-fisherman spawns non-profit to protect salmon in Puget Sound

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Gone: Four finless porpoises found dead in Hong Kong in one weekend

WATCH: 'Confused' dolphin washes up on Kiwi beach

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