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How Plastic Cleanup Threatens the Ocean's Living Islands

Record-breaking great white shark tagged off coast of South Carolina

There are now more microplastic particles than fish larvae in Portugal's Douro estuary

Humpback Whales Separated by a Continent Are 'Remixing' Each Other's Songs

Aussie fury at shark spotted hanging off boat pulled around Sydney roads

Oceans Are Getting Louder, Posing Potential Threats to Marine Life

Remains of two finless porpoise discovered in Hong Kong taking total number found since start of year to eight

Bizarre deep-sea fish living in Gulf of California with 'Virtually no oxygen' puzzles biologists

California woman's hunger strike aims to free orcas

Adorable footage of Seaworld worker feeding baby manatees sends viewers into meltdown

Bipartisan bills introduced in Congress to ban shark fin trade in U.S.

Experts plan health assessments for two ailing Southern Resident orcas

Divers rescue manta ray entangled in fishing line

747 thrills: Bahrain to open world's largest underwater theme park

Study: North Sea rocks could act as large-scale underwater renewable energy stores

Satellites to reveal secrets of one of Australia's great migrations

P.E.I. fishermen question enforcement of protection measures if no right whales are being spotted

Underwater treadmill provides beneficial treatment for animals, veterinarian says

Experts: Record cocaine levels in Thames probably not making fish high

Rescued blind dolphin in Pangasinan dies after eating garbage

Professor: Officer posing as scientist in fishing sting may hurt real researchers' work

What happens to fish after a wildfire? The water keeps them safe … at first

Crocodile pair fail to have babies for 50 years because male has a small penis

Shocking images capture 'emaciated' dead dolphin with plastic waste wrapped around its beak

South Carolina man hooks 7 great white sharks in 8 hours. The last shark was a 2,600-lb 'hog'

Iceland Environment Association want controversial 'no effects' whaling report to be withdrawn

Year-long sting results in indigenous fisherman guilty of illegally selling $90 of fish

Rebound: 3 newborn endangered right whales seen after year with no births

'Like finding a sneeze': fossil identified as 100m-year-old hagfish

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