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when animals attack: Snorkelers describe terrifying moment they were struck by humpback whale protecting its calf - with one woman suffering serious injuries

Shark bombshell: Novel study exposes shark populations with as little as a bottle of water

Meet the Chicago Woman Who Spent 800 Hours Swimming With Sharks, Without Leaving Home

The Ocean's 12 Megaprovinces: Scientists have determined a new way to slice and dice marine ecosystems.

Shark Week and Sharkfest's experts are mostly white men. Why? And does it matter?

Whiskey starting at $12,000? This bottle survived an infamous shipwreck 80 years ago

'We will not bite': Plan to allow floating fish farms in Gulf of Mexico struck down in court

Shark bombshell: How landmark study rewrites link between Megalodon and great whites

To oblivion and back: How sea otters are radically changing the West Coast ecosystem 50 years after their return to B.C.

Commentary: To flourish, Sri Lanka's whale-watching industry must operate responsibly

Caught on cam: Florida tour guide saves dolphin in distress in Lemon Bay; FWC says next time, call them first

Arrested Development: A low-tech solution offers an effective way to keep sea turtles safe

Rudolph and Red: 2 deaf dolphins now call Clearwater Marine Aquarium home

Centuries-old Inca offering discovered in sacred lake

Brit agencies warn youngsters about dangers of jumping into Tenby Harbour; ' jumping is inherently dangerous'

Toxic chemicals from burning fossil fuels poison dolphins and whales on East Coast

Florida men facing multiple felonies for using illegal net to fish

Get out: Lake Michigan will dip to 'dangerously cold' temperatures in the 40s, too cold for swimmers

'SOS' in the sand saves Pacific island mariners

'They just pull up everything!' Chinese fleet raises fears for Galápagos sea life

12 weird fishing lures and when they work, with underwater footage

Oh the humanity: Climate change could undermine a scientist's lifelong work of protecting fish

Philippines: Oslob resumes whale shark watching but visitors still few

Romanian alpinist fights to save the rarest fish species in Europe, contemporary with the dinosaurs

Man bitten by shark in Florida compares it to previous attack by alligator

Animal assassins and military mammals: How superpowers continue to train creatures for combat

New Zealand: Unusual beaching of large marlin in Napier puzzles experts

Fishing the L.A. River is more than a quarantine hobby. For some, it's therapy

Indianapolis 12-year-old wins national fishing competition; 'I've kinda got the bug'

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