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Tico Surfers hear baby whale crying, spend hours rescuing her; 'Don't worry, baby. Surfers will forever protect you'

To go where no orca has been seen before: Fishermen spot a pod of killer whales in a Tasmanian river - baffling experts

Scientists: Mysterious Craters in the Seafloor Were Likely Formed by Garbage

eminent Domain: Artist sues the Maryland environment department for allegedly using his fish illustrations

Croatian diver preparing to break Guinness World Record: Longest underwater walk on one breath

Research: Post-menopausal killer whale grandmothers improve the chances of survival for their grand-calves

The Amazon Reef Is Alive, Growing, and Under Threat--Again

Snorkeller mauled by a shark drives himself to hospital; Admits beast obtained a 'fairly good chunk' out of his arm

Scientists evoke Canary in the coal mine Scenario: North Atlantic right whale use of key habitat changing rapidly

Winter the dolphin reunited with rescuer 14 years later

Baby girl gurgles with delight as 50ft whale plays peek-a-boo and surfaces close to boat

News makes science: NBC2 tests water sample to figure out what's killing fish in Cape Coral

Hijab fashion: Nike's Victory swimsuit steals tricks from pants and fish gills

Why do ocean animals eat plastic? Whales with stomachs full of plastic have turned up around the world. Here's what we know.

The secret to making a fish swole: Fish on an exercise regimen go faster, higher, stronger

Why can't Seattle Aquarium provide its own $34M for shark tank?

Aussie shark attack survivor relives the terrifying moment a massive predator latched on to her leg seconds after she jumped into the water

Aussie boy has rescued more than 100 fish by hand, moving them into larger waterholes

Venice tide barriers pass another test but skeptics remain

Canadian researchers find microplastics in every beluga whale they tested

Processed shark fins seized from passenger at Chennai airport

Watch: Wildlife officials free manatee stuck in bike tire

Seafloor scar of Bikini A-bomb test still visible

Grainy sonar image leads diver to WWII aircraft in St. Johns River

Forget yoga: Here's why scuba diving will yield mindfulness

PETA calls for beta fish boycott after undercover video shows tropical fish kept inside small, dirty bottles at breeding farm

Hawaii: Woman is ordered to pay fines for trafficking illegal whale items

A group of black scuba divers has a message for Dunbar students: 'We need you'

Scotland's salmon crisis: why our own rivers could be killing the king of fish

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