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$29K Anti-lightning tool will help keep Florida city's fish cam online

Scotland's $2 Billion Salmon Industry Is Thriving -- But At What Cost?

Brit Seal loses an eye after being caught in fishing gear

Florida's Chance to Protect Threatened Sharks: Easy policy changes can save protected species from being killed by cruel fishing practices

Be Damned: Scientists Say saving orcas 'may be impossible' without removing Lower Snake River dams

Man who allegedly swam naked among sharks at Ripley's Aquarium arrested

Sewage Divers remove wet wipes from Charleston Water Treatment Plant after massive backup

Argh! Former Minnesota Woman Seriously Injured By Humpback Whale

Believe It or Not: Naked man jumps into into shark tank at Toronto Ripley's Aquarium

The Horror: Samuel L. Jackson is reportedly suiting up to host underwater archaeology docuseries Enslaved

Scientist warn flooded Venice could flood more; Leaning Tower of Pisa could also end up underwater

Scuba divers compete in underwater pumpkin carving contest

What happens to fish and other sea creatures underwater during a hurricane?

Imploding kelp: The answer to the pressing question of how low bulb kelp can go.

'Ghost fishing' kills 650,000 animals a year but researchers think they have a solution

Earliest evidence of fish farming found in Egypt

18-foot great white shark gnaws on whale, just as a whale-watching cruise passes

The amazing story of Billie, the dolphin who taught her peers how to moonwalk

New York tribal leader accused of illegally fishing for baby eels headed back to court

Quebec study shows belugas increasingly infected with feline parasite

Dolphin tattoos: A new South Africa study will assess skin diseases in endangered humpback dolphins

'He's been suffering for quite some time': Rescued sea lion had gunshot wound in its head

Herschel, the very hungry sea lion: It's dangerous to blame the decline of one species on a single predator. We humans like to do it anyway.

They swam back: A year after eradication efforts were declared a success, rats returned to two Haida Gwaii islands

Scotland: Sound of war games blamed for the deaths of 80 whales

Florida: 'Chubbs' the massive gator spotted at Palmetto golf course

Right whale found dead off U.S. coast, 3rd to be discovered this year

Underwater musicians? Hong Kong to host AquaSonic, a concert to remember

Kiwi surfer reveals orca dragged him out to sea

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