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The Hidden History of Ballast: The surprising connections between British Columbia jade, the Bristol Blitz, and a Swedish sunken ship

Animal Rights Extremists Attack A Young Woman For Helping Feed Her Community In Whale Hunt; 'Blood thirsty'

Texas woman catches, releases 9-foot tiger shark in Corpus Christi

Dolphin 'mum comforts' before Japanese hunters move in to slaughter the family and take others into captivity

Disgusted reaction to parading of dead shark through Plymouth crowds

As Shipwrecks Rust, Oil Spills Are Imminent: decades at the bottom of the sea, thousands of corroded Second World War wrecks threaten to spill their oil

Fisherman gets shock as he reels in 'dinosaur-like' fish with huge eyes

Cape Cod Swimmers Heed Warnings One Year After Fatal Shark Attack

Diver Gets Up Close and Personal With Giant Anaconda on Riverbed

Tampa: For first time, Skyway disaster divers recall unforgettable role on tragic day; 'We didn't seek the spotlight'

Mysterious '60ft water monster' spotting swimming next to huge hydroelectric dam

Vets remove tumour from tiny fish in 'first ever UK surgery'

Four whales stranded at Uretiti in Northland die despite rescue efforts

Footage of orca pod in Samoa could be the first of its kind

Australia: Entangled humpback whale spotted in Port Elliot

Study: Bottlenose dolphins in the English Channel have high levels of toxic mercury and chlorine in their blubber because of pollution

Wyland's first 'Whaling Wall' has been resurrected and the artist is planning a Laguna Beach celebration

Another vital forest at risk: Scientists fear warming water could be

New Zealand: Four whales stranded at Uretiti in Northland die despite rescue efforts

Australia: Whale entanglements in NSW waters hits new record prompting commercial fishing mitigation

Going, going... Scientists spot six near-extinct vaquita marinas  

Rare sight: Unusual gray color of baby orca off Southern California stumps experts

Florida: Dolphins, two calves rescued after being stranded in St. Petersburg canal for days

19 and down: The 'little cow' of the sea nears extinction

Man explains why he bought blue shark at Plymouth Seafood Festival; 'That is not illegal, it is totally legal'

Kiwi fishing industry spin on Māui dolphin; 'lip service'

Fundy fishermen rescue suspected great white shark; 'What a massive beast'

Rescuers save 6 orcas that became stranded on Argentine beach

Man posts trophy photo with 16-ft tiger shark calling it 'catch of a lifetime', gets slammed for 'disgraceful' display

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