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Monstrous alien fish spotted in the rivers of Kerala after the state's 2018 floods

'At first I thought it was a sea lion, but then I saw the prop wash was kind of bizarre'

Natural causes: Reason for Perth dolphin deaths found

Dolphins in Italian waters are dying from measles-like virus as the disease claims the lives of at least 40 animals

News you can use: Don't feed that seal pup a chicken drumstick, please

Want to snap a perfect whale picture? Tips from a world-class photographer

South Africa: Stranded whale euthanized – with a bomb

Night School: We finally know why flashlight fish glow

Shark Expert Greg Skomal Explains How Tags Work

Jetsam: F-16 fuel tank washes up on a beach in Pinellas County

Holy mola mola: Divers encounter giant, weird-looking fish off Vancouver Island

The news cannot be good: Salish Sea's 'humpback comeback' is a good sign, but concerns remain

Scientists struggle to find reasons behind gray whale deaths; starving?

Grayfish: Training the dolphins at Gulf World; 'This is a bucket list item for so many people'

Chemicals turning fish 'gay' new threat to water safety in Malaysia

Researchers have tagged more sharks so far this year than in previous years

Both orca babies alive, all 3 southern resident pods seen in Canadian waters

Japanese urged not to see rare fish as omen of earthquakes

Meow: Cat disease is killing Māui and Hector's dolphins not just fishing

Icebreaker Polar Star: Meet the neglected 43-year-old stepchild of the US military industrial complex

Shark fights Florida captain for fish; 'He just took it out of my hand'

Diver finds old plate in shipping channel

He didn't make it: Sad development in case of whale stranded on Oregon Coast

Photo of sharks circling a beached whale secures Australian Geographic's top nature image prize

Maine: Lobstermen say whale rules threaten way of life

Neanderthals sported 'surfer's ear,' suggesting they liked to fish

Fisherman reels in massive, record-breaking fish off New Jersey

Poached sturgeon: Two anglers fined $3K for catching endangered fish in closed season

Aussie dolphin entangled in fishing line again

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