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School shark, sold as 'flake' in Australian fish and chip shops, listed overseas as critically endangered

Seafood's antibiotic crisis: Fish farming is creating an animal welfare disaster

Sheriff's Department Diver Explains What May Have Happened to Naya Rivera in Lake Piru: she Drowned

Russian Navy Has Deployed Marine Mammals In Syrian Civil War

Divers Search by Touch Underwater for Naya Rivera Due to Low Visibility: 'Kind of a Braille Search'

Australian teenager, 15, killed in shark attack while surfing, 2nd such death in a week

This fish in Malaysia has 'human-like' features, photos go viral

Massachusetts: Rockport residents file lawsuit over scuba divers undressing in front of their homes, 'clanging' air tanks

Killer Whale Loses All Its Teeth Gnawing At Enclosure

Endangered Yangtze River dolphin and rare swimming commuter spotted in Hubei

New research reveals close social networks in beluga whales

Revealed: Why Australia's waters are more shark infested than ever - as family mourn teenager who was mauled to death in NSW

The day a sea monster 'half-mermaid half-whale' washed up on Porthleven beach

Whale of a time: Orcas make an appearance in Indonesian waters

Study: Echolocation gives whales lopsided heads

How a tiny fish and its 'alien abductions' help frame the future of Colorado River

Dolphin found drowned in illegal Holbox fishing net

Mystery: Footage from late '50s shows diver working in Canada's Okanagan Lake

Sewage, heat, and 'climate change' causing 'extreme' Hudson river fish die-offs

Black Water: Abyss director Andrew Traucki: 'I love survival scenarios where there is no easy answer'

Biologists: No cause for alarm over dead fish at 4 Maine lakes

Five great white sharks are lurking in the waters off New York and New Jersey - but experts say driving to the beach is riskier than swimming

Florida surfer's GoPro camera captures sharks underneath board at New Smyrna Beach

For Hong Kong's Chinese white dolphins, extinction is the 'most likely outcome' if nothing is done to save population

Alaska: 'Devastating,' meager chum salmon returns worry the fishing industry

24 pygmy killer whales found dead in S. Taiwan since April

Another gray whale found dead in Cook Inlet, scientists still aren't sure what's causing the die-off

Research: Seahorse males left holding (and feeding) the baby

Scuba divers accused of endangering Britain's rare seahorses

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