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The Jaws of death: Terrifying close-ups of a great white shark and its razor-sharp teeth show why it isn't safe to go back in the water...

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New Aquatic Nature Reserve Protects Critically Endangered River Dolphins in Borneo

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Climate change forcing whales into dangerous shipping lanes

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No ice makes it a tough winter for seal pups in Baltic Sea: researchers

Terrifying moment a tiger shark clamps its jaws around a diver's head before his friends desperately fight it off and save him

Extinction diet: Neanderthals ate mussels, fish, and seals too

Deep-sea fish seasonal migration discovered for first time

Watch as man saves rare 'pygmy killer whale' stranded on a Beaufort County, South Carolina beach

Mission Impossible: Mercy dash breaking lockdown rules as residents in race to save 6 dolphins whilst chased by cops

California: Shark bites stand up paddle board in Santa Cruz

Hawaii: Fish prices plummet as coronavirus pandemic cripples industry and idles boats

In Norway, kids are still making good money cutting cod tongues

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Rwandan who breached corona virus lockdown 'killed by crocodile'

Why do fish school?

8 greatest shark movies (and 8 that are terrible)

Ireland: Fishing representatives urge protesters to end blockade

Italian engineer uses incredible hack on scuba mask to help save coronavirus patients' lives

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