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Fade to black: Pandemic made 2020 'the year of the quiet ocean', say scientists

Are fish migration revealing a massive extinction event is on the way? Scientists claim it happened before, 252 million years ago

Divers Say No Response After Knocking on Hull of Capsized Ship off Louisiana

U.K. set to install the world's largest underwater monitoring system to protect wildlife

Tennessee angler reels in 30-year-old sturgeon while fishing for catfish

Good work if you can get it: Ousted Kentucky Fish and Wildlife chief back on the job with a $140,000+ contract

Here's the first ever footage of a baby sperm whale nursing from its mother

'A grotesque test': California man sentenced for shooting, killing and mutilating elephant seal

Sea lion spotted along remote gravel road on Vancouver Island — seven kilometers from ocean; 'It was by far the weirdest thing I have ever seen'

Malaysia: Scuba diver goes missing off Pulau satang

'All kinds of issues:' Why it's hard for divers to get in the capsized boat off Louisiana coast

Drone footage captures 'deadly' encounter between a shark and a crocodile where nothing happens

Losing millions since the pandemic and facing closure, Vancouver Aquarium sold to U.S. entertainment company

Truck driver records collision with giant fish falling from sky

Wise guys: 100 New Jersey fishermen ticketed for catching too many fish or fish of wrong size

China awards 91 fishermen for capturing foreign spy devices since 2016

Eye-opening underwater footage shows the huge amount of rubbish in Sydney Harbour

Tracking orcas with tech: 'The images took our breath away'

Born free: Team of BVI divers help untangle whale with rope caught around its flipper

South Africa: 11-year-old receives scuba diving qualification

Shark numbers increasing in WA sees push for removal of shark fishing ban

Sharks on a knife's edge as Maldives mulls lifting 10-year fishing ban

Underwater Tango: Spanish dancer freedives for breathless performance

Watch: Unbelievably rare Sei Whale spotted splashing around in the Firth of Forth

Shocking developments: Fish and Game plans to electrofish 12,000 rainbow trout from South Fork of the Snake River

New Brunswick fishing season opens but outfitters miss international anglers

Slice: Vancouver boaters warned about injured humpback whale spotted near Point Grey

New York woman looks to help save orca whales by using artwork

Caution, nature at work: Tiger sharks eat whale carcass that drifted ashore in Hawaii

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