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China: River monster being eaten to the brink of extinction after it was discovered to be tasty

'Holy grail' of shipwrecks laden with treasures worth £12.6 billion that sank to the bottom of the Caribbean 300 years ago

'Bureaucratic bulls--t': Surfer slams Western Australia minister's shark deterrent call

Kiwi researchers searching for Nessie will scour Loch Ness for 'Fish dandruff'

Search for Cornwall seal in trapped in trawler net

Here's why US prosecutors are hungry to catch canned tuna

Sharks: Western Australia dive shops close doors after fear turns customers away

Scuba diver on training dive freaks out when great white shark swims and ignores him

2 dead whales found in San Francisco Bay Area Friday

Dead Baja whale headed for pit; 'I felt like vomiting'

Korea: Minke whale auctioned off for 30 million won

A white shark cafe sits 1,200 miles offshore. Here's why scientists spent a month there

Historical art paints a picture of past shark abundance: Researchers comb through art and literature to illuminate the ancient ecology of the Mediterranean Sea

$32,000 raised for Queensland shark victim after university refuses to pay

Dead humpback whale that washed ashore is 5th tangled in crab pot gear this month

New Brunswick fishermen alarmed at 2nd closure over whale sighting

Free Lolita the killer whale! She's the only free-born orca still in captivity, and her birth pod--and even her mother--are still living in the wild

Dolphin which washed up dead on Norfolk beach had rubber glove in its stomach

Elusive Australian dolphin species creep closer to endangered status

Lionfish Challenge begins with 15,000 invasive fish removed from Florida waters

Eels break records in Maine, where they sell for big money

Have you seen this fish? Scientists on the hunt for blood-sucking sea lampreys in metro Detroit

Ban sought on otter trawling after whale shark snared off Phuket

Storage capacity for radioactive water at Fukushima power plant nears limit

Dump pond keeps unwanted pet fish out of San Marcos River

Kiwi government drops plan to restrict deep sea trawling, protect orange roughy

South Carolina: Child transported to hospital after reported shark bite

Injured dolphin named Babyface spotted in gulf 3 years after recovery

Hong Kong mega bridge is a death sentence for rare Chinese white dolphins

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