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Shark-attack survivor shares special bond with Winter the Dolphin; 'it was just eerie'

Mysterious right whale dolphin washes up on Oregon beach

Report: Offshore Hong Kong gas facility that may encroach on porpoise habitat is 'environmentally acceptable'

Trainer Tales: A day in the life of Marineland dolphin trainers

Video captures rare moment with sea lions and dolphins playing together near Monterey

Rare footage of the original Shamu at SeaWorld in 1969

Video: Dolphins visit Israel police divers during a training exercise

Dog and dolphin share bonding moment off Florida coast

South Africa: Seismic activity could be causing dolphin beachings in KZN

Killer whales approach snorkelers off Mexico coast

How do herring learn to migrate? Go to schools

The hypnotic wavy fins on this swimming alien-like robot make it agile as hell

Environmental, fishing groups sue Oregon over coho salmon; 'poor logging practices'

I asked 15 ocean plastic pollution experts about the Ocean Cleanup project, and they have concerns

Diver Nigel Ingram denies taking items from wreck HMS Hermes

This is the sound a dolphin might hear if it's about to become dinner

Is this a fish with a bird's head or a bird with a fish's body?

Is the missing link fish swimming in the Gulf of Mexico?

Interactive tool makes for easier tracking of North Atlantic right whales

Algae bloom decimates two B.C. fish farms

Blue lobster a rare find for P.E.I. fishing crew

Lifeguards treat more than 600 from jelly fish stings on Florida beach

Florida: Chicken takes a dip in the sea

Report: Warning issued days before Florida woman attacked and killed by alligator

Expedition off Haida Gwaii will explore underwater volcanoes -- live online








Burt, the psychic croc predicts huge Aussie upset at World Cup

The 1838 shipwreck was 'the Titanic of its time.' Divers just made an eerie discovery.

Gadolinium: Is a chemical used in MRIs a threat to marine ecosystems?

'Help, they will eat us': Dive expedition leader jokes in amazement as boat is surrounded by more than 300 orcas in 'once in 20 years' gathering

Video captures transient killer whales hunting porpoise off Vancouver Island

Mexico: Stranded dolphin in Playa del Carmen pushed back into sea

Aquaman director James Wan reveals how he'll show underwater dialogue; 'People are overthinking it'

New Zealand: A 13th whale found washed up on South Taranaki beach

Study shows slower ship speeds reduces underwater noise, helping whales hunt

South Texas deputy retrieves snake that emerged from toilet

iPhone X can survive for two weeks underwater? Here's the proof

Stars get naked for the love of fish

Case against alleged Florida shark-draggers under pressure

The D-Mask a concept design can be a high-tech mask for diving and snorkeling

Rare pigmy sperm whale found dead on Ipswich beach

Oklahoma fishermen catch massive alligator snapping turtle

Natural beauty: Dalian sea world apologizes over video of trainer putting lipstick on beluga whale

'Kick in the guts': Shark head found spiked on NSW Marine Rescue fence

Philippines says China seizure of fish catch unacceptable

Divers discover 334-year-old remains of Britain's richest shipwreck

Argh! Rare white orca spotted by Russian researchers in Bering Sea

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