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Whale rescue mission off Tasmanian coast as entangled animal spotted again

Environmentalists question Queensland shark kills after horrible attacks

Baked, Then Steamed: A Maine restaurant owner is giving weed to lobsters before they're cooked

Two tiger sharks caught, shot dead after attacks off Australia's Whitsunday Islands

Devil Fish: How scientists captured a stunning, hellish menagerie of half-dissolved creatures

'We need to modify our behavior': Shark expert speaks on the challenges of preventing more attacks

Insight: Tidal wave of Chinese marine parks fuels murky cetacean trade

In Rare Video, Young Orcas Learn to Hunt Sea Turtles

Shark horror: Kiwi girl being airlifted to Brisbane in critical condition; 2nd attack in 24 hours

She's Back: Katharine the Shark surfaces near North Carolina, after being silent since January

Wreck of Captain Cook's HMS Endeavour 'Discovered' off US coast

Aussie shark attack: 46-year-old woman in critical condition

SeaWorld Agrees to Pay $5 Million in 'Blackfish Effect' Case

Eating your kids may improve your sex life? Sounds fishy.

Diver filming on an North Carolina shipwreck didn't see the shark sneaking up on her, video shows

Mauyak, 37-Year-Old Beluga Whale at Shedd Aquarium, is Pregnant

Mysterious great white shark lair discovered in Pacific Ocean

Cape Cod Shark Attack Victim Assured Aunt, 'They're Not Going to Bite Me. I am Superman'

Officials warn of risks going into water following fatal shark attack off Cape Cod; 'No Silver Bullet'

Sunk: Ships Risk Sinking When Cargo Suddenly 'Liquefies'

Tributes to man who was killed in shark attack off Cape Cod beach

Cape Cod: Shark Kills Boogie Boarder; 'It was like right out of that movie Jaws'


Savannah's dolphins still beg, but behavior decreasing; 'Your dolphins are crazy'

Thousands of fish cover North Carolina interstate after Hurricane Florence leaves

France removes toxic tires from failed reef project

Minister: 'King of all fish' remains safe from Irish anglers

Washington State: Whale watching boats still disturbing endangered killer whales despite efforts

Sustainable: Iceland to sell fish rejected by other supermarket giants

'It's the biggest I've ever seen': giant fish turns heads in Bolton

Off Nova Scotia, a bid to 'unravel the mystery' of great white sharks

'Gentle giant' basking sharks known for swimming with their huge mouths gaping can jump out of the water as high and fast as great whites

Kenya: Giant Sperm whale that washed ashore off Kwale beach had vital body organs missing

How to stress-test a beluga whale: Hormones found in blubber reveals stress levels within eastern Beaufort Sea population

Great-grandmother and Livingston, Texas mayor, Judy B. Cochran, hunts 12-foot, 580-pound alligator

Florence flooding kills 5,500 pigs and 3.4 million chickens. The numbers are expected to rise

Three miles underwater, investigators search for answers to the El Faro disaster

Nudibranchs: Armed and fabulous; there's danger in that decoration

US Navy divers now able to digitally track dives via new software application

Guilt-Free on the Sea? How Norway is using oil and gas riches to engineer a future in emission-free seafaring

La malaïgue: Thousands of tonnes of shellfish have died in Southern France; 'nothing we can do'

Aussie fishos stumped by weird 'alien' catch at Shady Camp

Brit bomb squad warning over 'dangerous' magnet fishing

Expert: Stranded dolphins could have caused their own death; 'a tragedy'

'Superpod' of Puget Sound orcas wows onlookers

Report says fish species at risk from Lake Michigan warming

Peace in our time: France, Britain reach deal to end dispute over scallop fishing in English Channel

Art: Plymouth woman dresses as a fish and locks herself in a cage of plastic

Montreal woman spending over 24 hours underwater in the St. Lawrence River

This village still hunts whales: The Lamalerans of Indonesia depend on the grit and aim of harpoonists to keep their communities fed








It takes a lot of planning -- including tracking predators -- before rehabbed sea lions are released back into the wild

'Stupid' thrill-seeker goes swimming with Great White Shark off Sydney's coast

Centuries-old shipwreck found off Portugal's coast

Nature happens: Drone footage shows killer whales attacking and killing a dolphin off the California coastline

Rare albino dolphin swims through Monterey Bay

Tokyo chief opens replacement for city's iconic fish market

Tourists warned to keep out of the water after second shark attack on Great Barrier Reef

Canada signs global pact to help rid world's oceans of abandoned fishing gear

Praying mantis observed catching, eating fish; 'learned from experience'

Perth-made Shark Shield tested by Bear Grylls

Divers are attempting to regrow Great Barrier Reef with electricity

Best way to save the orcas? Borrow a submarine and travel down the food chain

Book: Poachers' confessions from the abalone underworld

Dolphin, penguins left at defunct Tokyo aquarium spark concerns

Otter family fights a tailless crocodile--who wins?

Las Vegas City Council considers legalizing fish pedicures

They're here: Halifax researchers tag great white shark in Atlantic Canada for first time

A shark stole this fisherman's catch--and then the expletives started flying

Divers find hundred of crayons in ocean, littered off Monterey beach

Australia: Iron ore mining comeback in NT sparks environmental, fishing and cultural concerns

Video shows determined bear diving underwater to grab salmon

New Hampshire officials try to throw dead whale in dumpster, fail

Is banning cage diving actually bad for sharks?

Tsukiji fish market hosts last tuna auction viewing before move

Stunning video captures triple whale breaching off coast of Nova Scotia

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