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Groom films terrifying moment new wife is attacked by shark on their honeymoon

German firms investigated over faulty batteries link to missing Argentine submarine

Researchers find 12 million deep-water mushroom corals with robot named Starbug

Alarm as Tassie fishers brag on social media about shark poaching

Monster man-eating bull sharks invade Gold Coast waterways and send fishermen into a frenzy

Video: South African spear fisher surprised by shark

Study: Noise from Hong Kong marine traffic poses threat to rare Chinese white dolphins

Imagining the Jellyfish Apocalypse: The stinging, gelatinous blobs could take over the world's oceans

Norway targeted by Anonymous over whaling

Philippines: 'Dive heroes' undertake Subic Bay cleanup

Here's why this Swansea veteran painted her body and went underwater to raise money for breast cancer research

Fresh: Michigan woman finds worm in fish purchased from Whole Foods

Watch: Massive whale leaps out from nowhere before crashing towards passenger

Human disturbance hits narwhals where it hurts -- the heart

Record-breaking' swimmer holds his breath underwater to complete a 12-sided Megaminx puzzle in less than two minutes

'I'm now scuba certified': Sigourney Weaver, 68, preps for underwater motion capture role in Avatar 2

How 'Shape of Water's submerged love scenes were flooded with romance

'Sounds of the ocean' include the rumble of submarine volcanoes

Amateur fisherman hospitalized after eating extremely poisonous fish

Horror as fish still alive despite being filleted to the bone

Morgan the 'Dutch' orca is pregnant, in breach of agreement

Japanese researchers discover 'world's heaviest bony fish'

Divers attempt to rescue humpback whale caught in fishing net off the coast of Oman

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