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Webs under water: The really bizarre lives of intertidal spiders

Why Australia's fishy history is reely important to us all

World's oldest artillery shells discovered in Ertugrul Frigate excavation off Japan coast

Animals with Cameras: Meet the Plymouth techie who built cameras used to capture sea life in BBC series

Remains of 17th-century ship that surfaced in Costa Rica's Caribbean will return to the ocean

Video: 'Three Minutes on Thursday': How did Matt Addington take this underwater photo?

Watch: Amazing new images of orcas emerge from Antarctica's 'Whale Highway'

Bermuda lion-tamers: teams spear 600 fish invaders

New Zealand researcher's extraordinary close encounter with killer whales caught on camera

Genetically engineered fish is not a matter of 'if' but 'when'

Kiwi experts baffled over mystery fish

Florida couple has underwater wedding at Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Fish poo could help tackle Great Barrier Reef's crown-of-thorns starfish problem

Decline in krill threatens Antarctic wildlife, from whales to penguins

Pakistan: Blind dolphin dies in Sukkur canal

Incredible pictures show humpback whales and orcas feeding and playing off the coast of Norway

Animal trainers gone wild: A research team says no to drugs and uses the skills of animal trainers to calm wild Weddell seals

Kill 'em all: Shark numbers reignite culling debate in Western Australia

Philippines: Rare megamouth shark dies in fishnet entanglement in NegOr

Florida: Pygmy sperm whale dies after washing ashore in Delray Beach

Rescued beluga whale to be moved to SeaWorld San Antonio








Victoria dog survives unexpected underwater confrontation with river otters

'Worst case scenario': Underwater magma chamber 'could kill 100 million people'

Nothing to worry about hereā€¦ just a 'shark nursery' off Vancouver's coast

Rhode Island: Underwater video shows marine life thriving around offshore wind farm

With no sharks to fear, fish forgo defensive gear; shark fishing on a coral reef drives evolutionary changes

Born Free: Vancouver Aquarium releases rescued and rehabilitated shark

New Zealand: Dead whale's jaw 'hacked off' with chainsaws in 'disrespectful act of desecration'

Oceans of crime: Shadowy criminals are prowling the seas and putting food supplies in danger

A recycling deep dive: Golf balls that land in water hazards often find new life

What killed Craig Lehner during training dive accident? Sister blames 'defective' equipment, lack of training

Shipping noise can disturb porpoises and disrupt their mealtime

Fisherman fighting to save ancient salmon-fishing method wins Supreme Court fight

Drips, shark bumps, mischievous belugas, dancing dolphins: Retiring after 40 years at the Shedd

'I stood on it': Aussie woman's close encounter with shark

Water skier's close call with flying bull shark caught on camera

New Zealand: The enduring mystery of our only protected freshwater native fish

Chinese enforcement agencies enhance their shark fin identification skills

This scuba diving instructor quit his job in management to pursue his dream

Watch: Adorable bonding moment between a gray whale and two dolphins as they frolic in the ocean

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