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North Atlantic right whales will be extinct in 25 years, scientists say -- unless we act now to save them

12 photos show how humans explored Earth's oceans from the 1600s to now

Dubai aquarium launches nursery for new baby arrivals

Turkish 'aquarium man' prepares to break new world dive record

Study: Coral on the Great Barrier Reef was 'cooked' during 2016 marine heatwave

Coral color is more than cosmetic: In one species, differently colored corals have strengthened defenses against different threats

Rare Ganges shark found on sale at fish market In India

Greedy monster metre-long fish choked to death trying to gobble a bream whole

Butt-breathing turtle that can stay underwater for 72 hours is endangered

This underwater crone could find the lost plane Clint Eastwood crashed In 66 years ago

'Kleenex' getting weaker: Crew tries to free entangled North Atlantic right whale

Chinese archaeologists begin first deep sea archaeological mission

Mystery shipwreck found off West Australian coast a thrill for mapping team

Texas fish sting nets several Houston restaurants buying illegal fish

They're here: Dolphins never before seen in UAE recorded in Fujairah

Disturbing footage shows the moment a Aussie surfer was mauled

Crooked: Tumbo, the transient killer whale, lives with spinal deformity

Yangtze finless porpoises now a unique incipient species

Researchers reveal what lurks inside New Zealand's rarely explored deep south waters

Who'd like to live under the sea? Phil Nuytten is the man who has designed and plans to build a city beneath the waves

Indonesia's fishermen turn to shark finning to satisfy demand for shark's fin soup and earn some extra money








Tourists watch stunned as killer whales hunt, eat gray whale calves in Monterey Bay

China unveils underwater astronaut training suit

Watch: Dramatic footage of killer whales beaching themselves on the sand to hunt down sea lions

Behind the scenes of 'Dolphin Tale': Winter the dolphin's trainer speaks

Marine Conservation Society says Brits should eat jellyfish to save other fish species

See red dive live: Chinese researchers carry out streaming of deep-sea exploration in South China Sea

Claws: These seals haven't lost their land ancestors' hunting ways

Gray whale tangled in fishing gear for days finally freed in Puget Sound

Hundreds of sharks and fish discovered tangled in 'ghost net' drifting across Caribbean Sea

Balkan dam projects could result in loss of one in 10 European fish species

Gray whale entangled in crab trap found dead on southern Washington coast

San Diego: Surprise orca encounter seems too magical to be true; 'My jaw dropped'

Gavin Anderson: Tributes paid to talented photographer who died in tragic diving accident

An open letter to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission on revising land-based recreational shark fishing regulations

Whale rescue: Amazing attempt to save 'Queen of the Whales'

Budding barnacle bonanza: In the search for new seafood, researchers are working to bring the gooseneck barnacle to the United States

Shark mauls surfer off southwest Australia, injuring legs

Shark divers raise awareness after video/photos of mistreated hammerhead sharks emerge

Now even rarer: Rare shortfin mako shark caught off Florida coast

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