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UK anglers agree to spare the rod, to stop fishing three rivers for 10 years; 'the salmon is such a beautiful fish'
date added: 2004-06-04  source:

Brit Angler Lands 'Royal' Sturgeon, Queen OKs Fish Sale; 'I Didn't Know What it Was'
date added: 2004-06-04  source:

Radical Shift In Salmon Policy Proposed; 'It Really Leaves the Door Open for Mischief'
date added: 2004-06-01  source:

Snakeheads Worry Fisheries Experts; 'You Almost Have to Sneak Up on Them'
date added: 2004-06-01  source:

Researchers: Zebrafish can express color preferences
date added: 2004-05-27  source:

Biologist to use sensors to track salmon's first six months; 'this has never been done before'
date added: 2004-05-25  source:

'Whistleblower' biologist resigns over Klamath fish kill; 'It’s pretty broad brush, the way he paints it'
date added: 2004-05-24  source:

Freed Aquarium Fish Growing Threat to Native Marine Species; 'Playing Russian Roulette with Tropical Marine Ecosystems'
date added: 2004-05-23  source:

Brit opposition party criticized for pledging to pull plug on EU fishing quotas; 'gesture politics'
date added: 2004-05-19  source:

Montana to kill 478,000 hatchery fish contaminated with PCBs
date added: 2004-05-18  source:

Study: eating oily fish boosts fetal growth; 'a good habit to encourage'
date added: 2004-05-17  source:

Study: elusive 'hyper-active' fish antifreeze protein identified after 30-yr search; 'we're excited to have found it'
date added: 2004-05-16  source:

Scottish minister slams 'rogue' anti-salmon scientists; 'it's deeply sad'
date added: 2004-05-13  source:

Fury grows over Russian haddock catch off Scottish coast; 'it is a total obscenity'
date added: 2004-05-10  source:

Brit conservative leader vows to exit EU fishing controls; 'things need to change'
date added: 2004-05-06  source:

Prince Charles interested in English Channel protected areas 'where all extractive activities are prohibited'
date added: 2004-05-01  source:

US Eased Rules on Mexican Tuna Boats Despite Bribery Claims; Email: Observers Paid $10,000 to Make 'Dolphin-Safe' Claims
date added: 2004-05-01  source:

Aussies net $2M in poached toothfish sale; 'the struggle illegal fishers...face is about to get tougher'
date added: 2004-04-27  source:

On bass lakes, a rite of spring turns into a race for a record; 'big hawg' remains elusive
date added: 2004-04-22  source:

Palau intends to wipe out species of foreign fish; 'Tilapia have the potential to wreak havoc'
date added: 2004-04-21  source:

Fish Wars: how cheap oil drives industrial longline fishing
date added: 2004-04-16  source:

Scots accuse Russian trawlers of illegally 'hoovering up' haddock; 'disaster'
date added: 2004-04-16  source:

Researchers: aquarium owners releasing non-native fish endangering marine ecosystems; 'Russian roulette'
date added: 2004-04-11  source:

'Royal' Scottish Trout High in Pollutants; Harmful Flame Retardant PBDE 'Carried Through the Air'
date added: 2004-04-09  source:

US West Coast boutique canneries pushing 'organic albacore'; low in mercury, high in beneficial oils
date added: 2004-04-07  source:

New, safer fish hook points to wisdom of ancient ways; 'the Pacific islanders came up with this'
date added: 2004-04-04  source:

Antarctic cod study may aid cardiac research; 'may prevent a cold heart from fluttering'
date added: 2004-04-03  source:

Type of buckyball shown to cause brain damage in fish; 'cause for concern'
date added: 2004-04-01  source:

UK fishing recommendations seen as death threat for Scottish fishing fleet
date added: 2004-03-31  source:

Skipper denies need for fish cuts; 'it's horrendous the restrictions'
date added: 2004-03-29  source:

UK Leaders clash over proposal to filet fishing fleet
date added: 2004-03-29  source:

Scottish Skippers: 'We Will Break the Law'; Forced FIsh Throwback 'An Environmental Obscenity'
date added: 2004-03-26  source:

Reform or Die, British Fishing Industry Told; Cod Collapse Could Cost 13,000 Jobs
date added: 2004-03-26  source:

Alaskan city offers free 'de-headed, gutted, vacuum-sealed' salmon for tourists
date added: 2004-03-24  source:

UN body gives more time on caviar rules; 'there's no lack of political will'
date added: 2004-03-23  source:

Tanzanian fishermen catch rare 'living fossil' coelacanth for the second time in six months
date added: 2004-03-20  source:

Illegal fishing threatens Galapagos Islands waters; 'up for grabs'
date added: 2004-03-18  source:

Study aims to bolster image of salmon farmed in British Columbia; 'no hidden agenda'
date added: 2004-03-16  source:

Scottish report: fishermen and scientific experts played part in cod stock collapse
date added: 2004-03-16  source:

Outrage: Uruguay Fisheries Dept. 'Observer' Found on Poaching Vessel Loved Shooting Seagulls, Sea Lions, Young Whales with High-Powered Rifle
date added: 2004-03-16  source:

Prince Charles warns that fishing industry must change
date added: 2004-03-09  source:

Indonesia, Japan hatch tuna growth plan; 'Japanese like tuna so much'
date added: 2004-03-09  source:

Aquatic Scientists: No Clear Link Between Farmed Salmon Sea Lice and Decline of Native Salmon
date added: 2004-03-05  source:

WWF calls for moratorium on bluefin tuna farming in Mediterranean
date added: 2004-03-03  source:

Haddock baby boom detected on Georges Bank; population 'the highest ever recorded'
date added: 2004-03-02  source:

bigcatfishBiologist: Asia's bear-sized catfish 'on the way out'
date added: 2004-02-29   source:

Research: Genetically-Modified Fish 'May Prove Catastrophic for Nature'
date added: 2004-02-28  source:

Scottish trawlers warn: EU concession 'not enough' to advert industry crisis
date added: 2004-02-26  source:

Struggling Scottish salmon industry could see boost from salmon-skin kilts; 'the next big thing'
date added: 2004-02-26  source:

Study: birds turn cannibalism as fish stocks fall
date added: 2004-02-23  source:

WWF: Bird Flu in Vietnam Could Threaten Marine Life
date added: 2004-02-22  source:

Poll: Most Americans Would Eat Less Seafood Threatened by Overfishing
date added: 2004-02-20  source:

EU bans bottom trawling over Scottish deep water reef
date added: 2004-02-16  source:

Scientists: Seafood Mercury Damage 'Irreversible' in Children; 'You Don't Get a Second Chance'
date added: 2004-02-13  source:

Study: fish suffer from disappearing mangroves; 'urgent action needs to be taken'
date added: 2004-02-10  source:

Scot fisherman fire flares in EU fishing rule protest; 'something has to be done'
date added: 2004-02-05  source:

Experts: FDA's fish mercury rules 'junk science'; 'no evidence rules will protect anyone'
date added: 2004-02-03  source:

molamolaExplorer hooked on mysterious leviathan; mola mola 'the most unlikely fish in the sea'
date added: 2004-01-30   source:

Australian navy seizes pirate fishing trawler in Southern Ocean; 'another blow to illegal fishers'
date added: 2004-01-29  source:

First as Scientists Modify Sperm, Create Genetically-Altered Zerbrafish
date added: 2004-01-29  source:

Consultant: ban commercial fishing on Northwestern Hawaiian Islands to protect coral
date added: 2004-01-28  source:

Scottish fishermen to sue EU to overturn 'discriminatory and disproportionate' quotas
date added: 2004-01-23  source:

EU floats plans to save more endangered fish; 'we are now on the right path'
date added: 2004-01-20  source:

Industry: 'Hidden Agenda' Behind 'Flawed and Biased' Salmon Scare Report; Fish Not Verified as Wild or Farmed
date added: 2004-01-20  source:

Suit Filed to Stop Sale of GloFish in the US; Lack of Regulation a 'Dangerous Precedent for All Future Gene-Altered Animals'
date added: 2004-01-20  source:

UK fisherman found guilty of breaking quota in 'unusual' case
date added: 2004-01-17  source:

Salmon health scare 'ignored'; UK sales 'in line'
date added: 2004-01-16  source:

Scottish fish leaders to snub EU quota; 'we will be breaking the law'
date added: 2004-01-15  source:

Scottish fish farm industry reeling after second firm collapses; low prices, 'deliberately misleading' research cited
date added: 2004-01-15  source:

Chile salmon farmers say US-bound fish safe; toxins 'the least relevant elements of all those considered'
date added: 2004-01-13  source:

Study: Wild Salmon Less Polluted Than Farm-Raised; 'Consumers Should be Reassured by This Research'
date added: 2004-01-12  source:

Scottish outraged over EU fishery deal; 'Scotland will not stand for this'
date added: 2004-01-11  source:

Fish eating away at malaria in India with remarkable success
date added: 2004-01-10  source:

Dangerous 'fresh water bird fish' banned in Cambodia; 'eats meat and is dangerous to human safety'
date added: 2004-01-07  source:

Mixed reaction as EU reaches agreement on fish quotas; fishermen receive 'another kick in the teeth'
date added: 2003-12-29  source:

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