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EU makes fresh effort to end bycatch waste; 'an annual scandal'
date added: 2005-05-01  source:

Scientists Call for Urgent Action to Save Atlantic Tuna; Bluefin on the 'Doorstep of Ecological Extinction'
date added: 2005-04-30  source:

UK's largest trawler admits to two-year 'black fish' scam worth £3.4m
date added: 2005-04-28  source:

Legislation introduced to ban fish farming in US federal waters
date added: 2005-04-18  source:

Scientists: Fish Can Navigate Without Thinking
date added: 2005-04-17  source:

Canadian fisheries ministers fear fish boycott; 'red blood on white ice, you can't make it look pretty'
date added: 2005-04-11  source:

Florida officials intercepts illegal fish haul; undersized grouper, shark fins 'a major case'
date added: 2005-04-11  source:

Giant sturgeon settles in zoo home at Beijing aquarium; 'panda of the water'
date added: 2005-04-07  source:

Dams be damned: Biologists says salmon once spawned far up Oregon river
date added: 2005-04-05  source:

date added: 2005-04-05   source:

Scientists Perplexed as New Species Discovered on the Amazon Despite Oil Drilling, Logging; 'A Strange Trend'
date added: 2005-04-04  source:

Long-line fishing disaster threatens Galapagos Islands; 'urgent situation'
date added: 2005-04-03  source:

Vancouver man torches his van in fishing protest; 'very deliberate and very calm'
date added: 2005-04-02  source:

Many find fishery stocks take a while to recover
date added: 2005-03-30  source:

Think-tank 'death sentence' for Scottish fishing industry thrown out
date added: 2005-03-28  source:

Research: Same mutation aided evolution in many fish species
date added: 2005-03-27  source:

Where do goldfish come from? It's complicated, but the answer is Arkansas
date added: 2005-03-24  source:

SticklebacksScientists discover fishy secret of why males attract; 'fragrances'
date added: 2005-03-24   source:
atkamackerelAlaskan researcher focuses on Atka Mackerel; 'obviously visual animals'
date added: 2005-03-22   source:

Scientists discover how fish evolved to float at different sea depths
date added: 2005-03-21  source:

China Enacts First Law to Protect Endangered Sturgeon
date added: 2005-03-18  source:

Greenpeace Under Fire for 'Extremist' Protest Against Fishing Trawlers
date added: 2005-03-17  source:

Report: River Mersey fish sex-switch linked to hormones; 'This is a big problem'
date added: 2005-03-11  source:

Fish numbers drop Grand Canyon flood; Scientists tried to aid endangered species, environment
date added: 2005-03-11  source:

Bass pro shops offering bounty on snakehead fish
date added: 2005-03-05  source:

Modern fishing methods draining oceans of fish Surf's Up in Amazon River Basin
date added: 2005-03-04  source:

Scientist: Safer to risk escaping exotic salmon than to farm native species
date added: 2005-02-25  source:

Brits to poison lake to kill off alien fish; 'Topmouth gudgeon are very resilient'
date added: 2005-02-25  source:

Scientists: Fishing Interfering with Natural Selection; Smaller Fish More Likely to Escape Nets
date added: 2005-02-22  source:

Aussies report bluefin tuna numbers highest in 20 years
date added: 2005-02-21  source:

Researchers: Genetic switches help fish adjust to fresh and salty water
date added: 2005-02-18  source:

marlincaughtKiwi scientists: Marlin fishery is recovering
date added: 2005-02-14   source:

Grandmother's stolen koi carp returned; 'There were tears all round'
date added: 2005-02-13  source:

Study: Mercury in fish poses heart risk for middle-aged men
date added: 2005-02-11  source:

Major mission launched save 'Ice Age' fish trapped in lake
date added: 2005-02-07  source:

Prominent Scientists Join Call for UN Moratorium on Longline Fishing
date added: 2005-02-06  source:

Irish salmon jumping for their survival, blocked by new dam; 'It's a sickening sight to see'
date added: 2005-02-04  source:

Biologist: Feral fish being intentionally put in Aussie waters; 'it's got out of hand'
date added: 2005-02-03  source:

Fears for wild salmon after one million farmed fish escape; 'a complete disaster'
date added: 2005-01-24  source:

China to continue Yangtze River fishing ban to protect dwindling fish stocks
date added: 2005-01-22  source:

Seas 'Master of Disguise' Fish Found to Change Its Colors at Will
date added: 2005-01-21  source:

coralaquariumfishThe better aquarium: lights, coral - no cyanide
date added: 2005-01-14   source:

Fear of seafood contamination in Asia 'unfounded'
date added: 2005-01-11  source:

Zebrafish may hold key to understanding human nerve cell development
date added: 2005-01-07  source:

Bush administration delivers roadmap to salmon extinction
date added: 2005-01-06  source:

PETA Urges Ex-President Carter to Stop Fishing After Describing Agony of Being Hooked in Face
date added: 2005-01-06  source:

Seafood Prices Plummet as Sri Lankans Fear Fish Fed On Thousands of Human Corpses
date added: 2005-01-05  source:

Surviving fisherman sues, says boat unseaworthy, survival suits out of reach
date added: 2004-12-31  source:

guppyResearchers: Fish are not just simple animals with a short-term memory
date added: 2004-12-30   source:

Indian fisherman: 'The sea has destroyed our lives forever'
date added: 2004-12-29  source:

Bleak future for Kazakh caviar; 'Fishing is the main problem'
date added: 2004-12-27  source:

UK 'wrong to reject EC fish plan'; Ministers 'represent the fishermen, not the fish'
date added: 2004-12-23  source:

Scientist: Male Fish with Eggs Found Near Washington DC; 'Something's Going On'
date added: 2004-12-21  source:

giantcatfish2Search is on for world's biggest freshwater fish
date added: 2004-12-18   source:

Australia to build 'detention centers' for fish poachers
date added: 2004-12-17  source:

Poaching Kiwi pastor menaces fishery patrol with oar
date added: 2004-12-13  source:

Brit anglers 'could face prosecution' for animal cruelty with new legislation
date added: 2004-12-10  source:

Scientists: 'Presumption in Favor of Fishing' Should be Reversed
date added: 2004-12-10  source:

UK commission: Health advice to eat more fish 'is threatening stocks'
date added: 2004-12-08  source:

Scottish fishermen angry at ban plan; 'It's just a load of codswallop'
date added: 2004-12-08  source:

Experts: Ban Fishing in a Third of UK Waters; 'Our Seas are Being Challenged'
date added: 2004-12-08  source:

Scottish greens: aquaculture not environmentally sustainable
date added: 2004-12-07  source:

Finding Nemo: Scientists study how fish recognize friends
date added: 2004-12-04  source:

Pacific Northwest salmon habitats face cuts; Columbia, Snake river dams to stay in place
date added: 2004-12-03  source:

Noxious tilapia out of control in Australia; 'they breed rapidly'
date added: 2004-12-01  source:

Scientists Demand an End to 'Green' Longline Fishing
date added: 2004-11-23  source:

$98 million federal buyout to idle 25 Puget Sound crab boats
date added: 2004-11-22  source:

stalkthemFisherman to PETA: 'I stalk [fish], surround them, kill them and sell the flesh'
date added: 2004-11-21   source:

Aliens threatening native UK fish stocks; 'a big problem over the next 10 years'
date added: 2004-11-18  source:

Fearing Alzheimers, consumers turning toward eating fish; 'Fish is good for the brain'
date added: 2004-11-18  source:

Illegal blue fin tuna fishing and farming leading to demise of species
date added: 2004-11-17  source:

Scientists advocate genomic sequencing of 'living fossil' coelacanth
date added: 2004-11-16  source:

Report: Overfishing leading hungry Ghanaians to eat bushmeat
date added: 2004-11-15  source:

Research: High-predator environment has unexpected impact on aging in fish
date added: 2004-11-11  source:

Slovak fishermen claim cormorants decimating fish population
date added: 2004-11-08  source:

smallmouthbassScientists: Male Fish Producing Eggs in Potomac River; 'They're Getting Feminization'
date added: 2004-11-07   source:

Study: Long-Term Exposure to Estrogen Causes Reproductive Failure in Fish
date added: 2004-11-06  source:

Key UK fishing body contests science on fish stocks; 'The scientific advice... is seriously flawed'
date added: 2004-11-05  source:

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