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After 200 years, end of the line for Scottish family's link with salmon netting; 'awful'
date added: 2007-01-30  source:

Wounded Chinese sturgeon shows signs of recovery but remains weak
date added: 2007-01-29  source:

Scientists: How fish conquered the oceans; floating yolks
date added: 2007-01-28  source:

Alaska recreational anglers fight for their right to fish for halibut; one man, one fish
date added: 2007-01-26  source:

Fishing regulators meet to rescue tuna from disaster
date added: 2007-01-25  source:

WWF: Japan's Taste for Sushi Driving Tuna to Extinction; 'Massively Overfished'
date added: 2007-01-25  source:

Researchers: Environmental estrogens can have long-term effects on fish reproduction
date added: 2007-01-23  source:

jellyfishbritScientists: Brit fish stocks endangered by surge in jellyfish numbers
date added: 2007-01-23   source:

Study: Male Fish Turn to Cannibalism When Paternity Uncertain
date added: 2007-01-23  source:

Leviathan slain: Fish farmers win pollution case against Chinese government
date added: 2007-01-21  source:

Report: One-third of Fish Species in China's Yellow River Believed Recently Extinct
date added: 2007-01-21  source:

Mediterranean countries agree to protect dwindling fish stocks
date added: 2007-01-20  source:

Environmentalists: Chinese Poaching in the Philippines 'Organized Crime'; Pressure from Envoy's Letter
date added: 2007-01-17  source:

Scientists: New life forms discovered in the Arctic Ocean; 'picobiliphytes'
date added: 2007-01-16  source:

Panel: Strong, Clear Guidelines Needed to Regulate U.S. Offshore Marine Aquaculture
date added: 2007-01-15  source:

Chinese Scientists Turn Fish Into Estrogen Alerts
date added: 2007-01-14  source:

graylingThreatened Swiss fish named fish 'animal of the year'
date added: 2007-01-11   source:

Aussies, French hook up to protect fish in the Southern Ocean
date added: 2007-01-11  source:

Three Trawlers Detained After Destroying Artificial Reefs off Malaysian Coast
date added: 2007-01-09  source:

Research: Fish species suffer as a result of warmer waters
date added: 2007-01-08  source:

Chinese Poachers Charged, Jailed in the Philippines Over Wrasse Poaching in Marine Park
date added: 2007-01-04  source:

Tubbataha Intrigue: Search on for Companion to Chinese Boat Caught with Protected Species at Philippines World Heritage Site
date added: 2007-01-02  source:

Study: Global Warming Causing Great Barrier Reef Fish to Starve to Death
date added: 2007-01-02  source:

Japan learning to farm endangered blue-fin tuna; 'magic water'
date added: 2007-01-01  source:

Researchers: Global warming 'may impact' bluefin tuna
date added: 2006-12-31  source:

Zebrafish's ability to regrow limbs studied; genes eyed as chance for human limb regeneration
date added: 2006-12-31  source:

Chinese Poachers Caught at Philippines Marine Park Now Center of Scandal, International Incident
date added: 2006-12-31  source:

Scientists: Fur Seal Recovery Putting Penguin Lives at Risk; 'The Krill is the Key'
date added: 2006-12-27  source:

'Celebrity' Brit angler fined for smuggling live fish; 'angling is not a game'
date added: 2006-12-25  source:

Study: Climate change has surprising effect on endangered naked carp; 'metabolic holiday'
date added: 2006-12-23  source:

PaedocyprismicromegethessmNew Fish Species Discovered On Borneo; 'New Species Every Month, Month After Month'
date added: 2006-12-22   source:

Power cut threatens fish at Brit aquarium; 'a grave risk of animals dying'
date added: 2006-12-21  source:

Scot fisherman join call for deep-sea fishing ban to protect coral
date added: 2006-12-18  source:

Is that fish on your dish endangered? SMS will tell
date added: 2006-12-14  source:

NASA: Satellites Show Fish Stocks to Fall as Oceans Warm; 'Earth's Climate is Changing Dramatically'
date added: 2006-12-13  source:

aussienavyAussie Navy Granted Power to Shoot 'Disabling Direct Fire' on Illegal Fishers
date added: 2006-12-11   source:
DunkleosteussmScientists: Prehistoric fish had bite stronger than a T-rex; 'able to devour anything'
date added: 2006-12-04   source:

U.S. trout get unlikely boost from dams; colder water brings 'superb' angling
date added: 2006-12-03  source:

Scots: Illegal 'black' fish catches fall to lowest level on record
date added: 2006-12-01  source:

EU slammed for bluefin tuna deal; 'the death knell for bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean'
date added: 2006-11-30  source:

Brits: Climate change as plankton move north; 'extraordinary'
date added: 2006-11-30  source:

A Giant Among Minnows: Zebrafish Versus Giant Danio DNA Could Yield Abilities to Grow Muscle
date added: 2006-11-30  source:

Giant groupers gobble anglers' catch; 'they're like cockroaches'
date added: 2006-11-29  source:

Aussie Teen Hooks Record Black Marlin, Feeds it to Sharks; 'It was Pretty Cool'
date added: 2006-11-29  source:

Expert: Social Relationships Influence Personality of Fish; 'Desperado Effect'
date added: 2006-11-27  source:

Cousteau: Fishing Bans in Small Marine Sanctuaries Enough to Save Aussie Fishing Industry
date added: 2006-11-21  source:

Brit's first vegetable oil powered fishing trawler undergoes sea trials
date added: 2006-11-20  source:

Malaysian scientist discovers 10mm mature fish, second smallest in the world; 'a childlike fish'
date added: 2006-11-18  source:

NOAA slaps fisherman with lifetime ban for operating without monitoring device
date added: 2006-11-17  source:

Research: How fish mend a broken heart may lead to human cures
date added: 2006-11-07  source:

Will Seafood Nets be Empty? Grim Outlook Draws Skeptics; 'Mind-Boggling Stupid'
date added: 2006-11-07  source:

Study: World's Fish Population to Collapse in 50 Years; 'The Last Century of Wild Seafood'
date added: 2006-11-05  source:

Groups Urge Kiwis to Halt Bottom Trawling; 'There is No Need to Wait'
date added: 2006-11-01  source:

Cows Mooing: Mystery of Florida's Giant Jumping Sturgeon Solved?
date added: 2006-11-01  source:

Egyptian Teen Chokes to Death After Swallowing Fish while Swimming
date added: 2006-10-31  source:

lamprey1Research: 'Living fossil' blood-sucking lamprey parasitic for over 360 million years
date added: 2006-10-30   source:

Fishermen condemn call for North Sea cod ban
date added: 2006-10-24  source:

Canadian scientist: 'No debate' that fish farms kill wild salmon
date added: 2006-10-24  source:

Study: Benefits of fish 'outweigh risks'
date added: 2006-10-23  source:

Scientists: First documented spawning of white fish in the Detroit River since 1900s
date added: 2006-10-23  source:

Big Food: Consumer Reports should withdraw fish advisory for pregnant women
date added: 2006-10-23  source:

Study: Fishing puts targeted species In 'double jeopardy', amplifying population variability
date added: 2006-10-23  source:

Gadfly is on a mission to stop carp; 'Mr. Trouble' on quest to thwart Asian invaders
date added: 2006-10-20  source:

Brits hope new DNA chips help monitor the health of farmed Atlantic salmon
date added: 2006-10-20  source:

Chilean farmed salmon industry's 'labor and environmental problems' targeted by consumer group
date added: 2006-10-18  source:

Florida charter boat captain fined $1,000 for shooting at dolphins
date added: 2006-10-17  source:

thomasrideoutthumbCanada Fights Ban on 'Bulldozers of the Sea'; Minister Calls Measure 'Not Appropriate'
date added: 2006-10-17   source:

Mexican fisherman net $3.8 million for 'lost at sea' saga
date added: 2006-10-16  source:

Scientist: Canadian Coast Used as a 'Sewer' by Salmon Farmer
date added: 2006-10-14  source:

Research: Archerfish shoot prey with precise water guns; able to adjust mass of water in shot
date added: 2006-10-12  source:

UN weighs trawling ban as fish disappear; 'The world's oceans are facing a crisis'
date added: 2006-10-06  source:

lanceletsmScientists: Tiny Fish Key to Evolution of Human Immune System; 'Missing Link' Identified
date added: 2006-10-06   source:

Bush Seeks Ban on Destructive Fishing; 'Bulldozers That Go in the Sea'
date added: 2006-10-06  source:

Ecological Upheaval at 'America's Fish Basket' in the Bering Sea; 'So Many Blanks'
date added: 2006-10-04  source:

EU Suggests Quota Cuts to Save Deep-sea Fish
date added: 2006-10-03  source:

Dishes of Destruction: The Hidden Cost of Europe's Favorite Seafood Revealed
date added: 2006-10-02  source:

Brits urge EU to limit tuna fishing as sushi demand threatens stocks
date added: 2006-10-01  source:

Study: Indonesia Coral Reefs Survive Tsunami But Not Cyanide Bombs
date added: 2006-10-01  source:

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