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Aussies clear Indonesian men of fishing illegally; 'genuine errors can be made'
date added: 2008-05-21  source:

Leading Brit Seafood Wholesaler Bans All Bluefin Tuna Sales; Calls For 'Sustainable Practices'
date added: 2008-05-21  source:

Does fishing on drifting fish aggregation devices endanger the survival of tropical tuna?
date added: 2008-05-19  source:

Researchers Document Rapid, Dramatic 'Reverse Evolution' In The Threespine Stickleback Fish
date added: 2008-05-17  source:

Greenpeace: Illegal Philippine tuna fishing boats in Pacific waters
date added: 2008-05-15  source:

Research: Fish study leads way to understanding when to 'follow the leader'
date added: 2008-05-15  source:

South Africa conservationists, anglers and scientists outraged at plan to poison alien fish
date added: 2008-05-14  source:

recordrainbowtroutGiant 19lb 150z, rainbow trout rewrites the record books
date added: 2008-05-14   source:

Biologist takes Canadian province to court to save wild salmon; 'no business regulating fish farms'
date added: 2008-05-10  source:

Research: Rainfall and river networks prove accurate predictors of fish biodiversity
date added: 2008-05-10  source:

'Bullet-proof' salmon nets tested to reduce escapes
date added: 2008-05-09  source:

longlinerturtleGreenpeace frees ocean life from Pacific longliner
date added: 2008-05-08   source:
glowingartificialsugarfishsmResearchers develop glow-in-the-dark fish powered by artificial sugar
date added: 2008-05-07   source:
weedyseadragonScientist's Quest Follows Little-studied Weedy Sea Dragons; 'Data Deficient'
date added: 2008-05-07   source:

If the fish can't kill you, is it really a delicacy? Poison-free fugu troubles Japan
date added: 2008-05-06  source:

Brit Rivers Stocked with 'Easy to Catch' Modified Trout; Low Sex Drive Has 'An Unexpected Bonus'
date added: 2008-05-06  source:

Commercial Ban As 'Fish Failure' Declared For U.S. West Coast Salmon Fishery; 'Tough Decision'
date added: 2008-05-04  source:

New problem fish species caused by flush toilets; 'Finding Nemo' syndrome
date added: 2008-05-01  source:

orangutanfishingFirst As Orangutan Caught Fishing With Sharpened Stick
date added: 2008-05-01   source:

Pirates free crew of Spanish fishing boat; $1.2M ransom paid
date added: 2008-04-29  source:

Swimming with Bluefin Tuna A Lucrative Starter for Aussies Fishing for Tourists
date added: 2008-04-26  source:

amazonmollyResearch: Amazon Molly Doesn't Have Sex; 'Defying Evolution'
date added: 2008-04-26   source:

Governments share sea lice information, but not with public
date added: 2008-04-24  source:

Is your water polluted? These critters will tell you
date added: 2008-04-24  source:

grouperyellowworldrecordVirginia angler snags new world record yellow grouper; 'It was huge'
date added: 2008-04-23   source:

Spanish Fishing Boat with 26 Crew Hijacked Off Somalia
date added: 2008-04-23  source:

Poisonous Puffer Fish Balls Send 140 Funeral Guests to Hospital
date added: 2008-04-22  source:

greenpeacetunaoverkill'Tuna Overkill': Greenpeace Paints Stern of US Tuna Fisher
date added: 2008-04-22   source:
recordcarpBrit Angler Breaks Record With Monster 67lb Carp
date added: 2008-04-21   source:

Scientists Begin Bar-coding Fish to Aid In Study; 'Works For All Stages in the Life Cycle'
date added: 2008-04-21  source:

Study: Fishing disrupts 'age pyramid', making regulation difficult
date added: 2008-04-20  source:

U.S. supermarket restricts sales of Chilean salmon over virus concern
date added: 2008-04-20  source:

WWF: Illegal Fishing Strips Oceans of Cod, Pollack; 'A Serious Transnational Crime'
date added: 2008-04-18  source:

Scots to kill wild salmon in whole river systems to eradicate parasite
date added: 2008-04-16  source:

monstercatfishspainBrit catches 'monster' catfish in Spain; 'like trying to stop a car'
date added: 2008-04-14   source:
organiccodWorld's First Organic Cod Farm Closes; 'Underestimated the Feed Costs'
date added: 2008-04-14   source:

'State of Emergency' As California Declares Salmon Ban; 'Hoping For A Miracle'
date added: 2008-04-13  source:

mekongcatfishcambodiaGiant Catfish Faces Dam Risk in Asia
date added: 2008-04-10   source:

Biologist: Data on Gulf of Mexico grouper old and murky; 'It's a miracle'
date added: 2008-04-09  source:

Fishermen suffer in EU fisheries shake-up to help fish stocks; 'get fisheries out of its ghetto'
date added: 2008-04-09  source:

Family shocked by piranha find on Brit beach; 'We couldn't believe it'
date added: 2008-04-07  source:

U.S. Mulls Pacific Salmon Fishing Ban As Stocks Collapse; 'We Got Nothing'
date added: 2008-04-06  source:

anglerfishflatfacesmScientist: Anglerfish found off Indonesian island may represent new vertebrate family
date added: 2008-04-05   source:

Sushi chefs warn on side-effects of raw fish boom; 'Not every fish is suitable to eat raw'
date added: 2008-04-05  source:

freakyfishutahFreaky Fanged Fish Found in Utah Pond Stumps Experts; 'It's Definitely Not Native'
date added: 2008-04-05   source:

Fish 'eavesdropping' for food odors connected to global climate regulation
date added: 2008-04-03  source:

Remote operated vehicle seen as breakthrough in tracking fish stocks
date added: 2008-04-03  source:

Chilean salmon industry responds to 'boldly erroneous' New York Times article
date added: 2008-04-02  source:

Outrage as celeb chef serves Sarkozy wild Scottish salmon; 'so brazen'
date added: 2008-04-01  source:

Tokyo Fish Market Cracks Down On Troubling Tourists
date added: 2008-04-01  source:

Salmon Virus Indicts Chile's Fishing Methods; 'An Underlying Lack of Sanitary Controls'
date added: 2008-03-31  source:

Russia to protect fishing trawlers in the Arctic from Norway's coast guard
date added: 2008-03-30  source:

Does fishing on drifting fish aggregation devices endanger the survival of tropical tuna?
date added: 2008-03-30  source:

ronlewisrecordcatfishsmMaryland angler snags state record 5-foot-long blue catfish; 'we needed a larger net'
date added: 2008-03-29   source:

Hunt for fish food,Omega 3's take toll as krill fishing threatens the Antarctic
date added: 2008-03-26  source:

vietnamfishtankRevealed: How a Vietnam-era bomb was turned into a fish tank
date added: 2008-03-26   source:

Scientists Try To Explain Dismal California Salmon Run; 'You Need Good Conditions'
date added: 2008-03-26  source:

Ice fisherman caught for taking too many fish does it again
date added: 2008-03-25  source:

Kiwi Greens, conservation minister spar over dolphin bycatch deaths; not 'unprecedented'
date added: 2008-03-21  source:

Scientists: Sea rabbits may save the Great Barrier Reef; 'came out of nowhere'
date added: 2008-03-20  source:

nigerianfishprizeNigerian wrestles 'elephant of the water', wins prestigious fishing prize
date added: 2008-03-19   source:

Study: Zebrafish use 'molecular circuit breaker' to regenerate missing fins; microRNA eyed
date added: 2008-03-19  source:

Researchers find aquaculture promising method to grow black sea bass
date added: 2008-03-13  source:

Chinese scientists studying safe way to prepare poisonous puffer fish
date added: 2008-03-12  source:

Great Lakes fish soak in new poison; 'once it's here it's very hard to get rid of it'
date added: 2008-03-12  source:

What happens when we feed fish like a cow?
date added: 2008-03-11  source:

Audit: Canadian labs don't have to report 'Frankenfish' escapes
date added: 2008-03-08  source:

Scientists: Weather changes left salmon starving in ocean; 'it all depends on the upwelling'
date added: 2008-03-06  source:

Researchers Puzzled As Hibernating Antarctic Cod Found
date added: 2008-03-06  source:

Was it a spark? Fish found to woo with electricity
date added: 2008-03-03  source:

Biologists hope study leads to better tilapia control; 'cane toads of the waterways'
date added: 2008-03-03  source:

Researchers build flexible robotic fin does away with drag
date added: 2008-03-03  source:

Household chemicals wreaking havoc in fish; 'short-lived fish are at the greatest risk'
date added: 2008-02-28  source:

Brits issue warning over large missing fishing net
date added: 2008-02-27  source:

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