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GrammonusHawaiian cave reveals new species of fish
date added: 2007-09-14   source:
glofishAussies One Step Closer to Approving Sale of Genetically-altered 'GloFish'
date added: 2007-09-14   source:

Scots: Thousands Of Wild Salmon Are Infected With 'Bleeding' Parasite
date added: 2007-09-13  source:

Study: Asian Catfish Migrates Hundreds of Miles, Rivals Salmon; 'The Challenge Was To Connect The Dots'
date added: 2007-09-13  source:

Researchers: 'Synchronized' nightly swim helped invasive fish spread through Great Lakes
date added: 2007-09-10  source:

Study: Wrong Fish Used To Restore Colorado Rivers; 'An Incredibly Sobering Story'
date added: 2007-09-10  source:

Coral Reef Fish Harbor An Unexpectedly High Biodiversity Of Parasites
date added: 2007-09-09  source:

MikhailFradkovRussian PM takes on corruption in fish industry
date added: 2007-09-05   source:

Report: NOAA fishing observers suffer more attacks at sea
date added: 2007-09-04  source:

Group: Sushi Diners Get Mercury With Their Maki
date added: 2007-09-04  source:

American Samoa moves to protect large reef fish
date added: 2007-09-02  source:

World record 325kg Pacific blue fin tuna landed by Kiwi fisherman
date added: 2007-08-29  source:

AlMaharaEating with the fishes: The world's top underwater restaurants
date added: 2007-08-24   source:

Russian agency seeks 'extremely tight state monopoly' over sturgeon, black caviar trade
date added: 2007-08-23  source:

Researchers: Elephantnose fish 'see' with their chin; 'they are really intelligent'
date added: 2007-08-23  source:

Scientist: 'New continent' and species discovered in Atlantic study; 'half way between America and Europe'
date added: 2007-08-22  source:

Scientist: Fight Climate Change With More Plankton; 'It Might Be Relatively Benign'
date added: 2007-08-22  source:

Study: Adaptation to parasites drive African fishes along different evolutionary paths
date added: 2007-08-20  source:

Research: Using geometry to navigate is innate, at least for fish
date added: 2007-08-16  source:

Weather, 'poaching threat' pushing Brit pond stocks to the point of 'collapse'
date added: 2007-08-15  source:

Innovative Chemical Tagging Technique May Help Researchers Better Protect Fish Stocks
date added: 2007-08-15  source:

Research: Tilapia found to be potent malaria control method
date added: 2007-08-13  source:

Coelacanth fossil sheds light on fin-to-limb evolution; living fossil moniker 'a common misconception'
date added: 2007-08-04  source:

Brit fish stunned during flooded race track rescue
date added: 2007-08-03  source:

Fish eyes could hold clue to repairing damaged retinas in humans
date added: 2007-08-02  source:

albinocatfish53Rare 53-pound albino catfish dies; 'We knew he wasn't going to make it'
date added: 2007-07-31   source:

Miami charterboat owner indicted on conspiracy, wire fraud, obstruction of justice and fisheries violations
date added: 2007-07-31  source:

Fishing As A Contact Sport; Missouri Catfish Grabbers Fight Fish And The Law
date added: 2007-07-31  source:

Brits rescue goldfish swimming down flooded street
date added: 2007-07-30  source:

No tall tale: Study suggests overfishing yields giant, cannibal fish
date added: 2007-07-30  source:

Brits save second goldfish from roaring floodwater water
date added: 2007-07-30  source:

tilapiaResearchers: Gender Bender Chemicals Enlisted To Wipe Out Invasive Species
date added: 2007-07-29   source:
caviarPsst, wanna buy some caviar? Cowboy traders cash in on shortage
date added: 2007-07-28   source:

Maui fisherman lands massive 15-foot, 1,026-pound blue marlin; 'we couldn't move it'
date added: 2007-07-28  source:

China's Giant River Fish, The World's Largest, Feared Extinct
date added: 2007-07-28  source:

Fish farmer sentenced for killing protected birds
date added: 2007-07-26  source:

Megafishes Project to Size Up 'Real-Life Loch Ness Monsters'
date added: 2007-07-26  source:

Research: Gardening Fish 'Domesticate' Crops of Algae
date added: 2007-07-25  source:

Al Gore's Chilean sea bass dinner turns out to be green; 'This is unfortunate'
date added: 2007-07-24  source:

worldrecordsiamesecarp'World Record' Carp Caught in Thailand; 'The Fish Kept Slapping People With Its Tail'
date added: 2007-07-19   source:

Zanzibar fishermen land living fossil coelacanth
date added: 2007-07-18  source:

Mystery As Rare Fish Mysteriously Found At Man-made Pond; 'It Doesn't Sound Possible'
date added: 2007-07-18  source:

Pirates and plunder: Why swordfish is off the menu this summer; 'not a sustainable choice'
date added: 2007-07-17  source:

Japan to tighten control over tuna fishing
date added: 2007-07-16  source:

Indian fishermen convinced to switch from 'dolphin oil' on bait
date added: 2007-07-16  source:

The Boater Versus the Beast: Flying Sturgeon Can Weigh 300 Pounds, Shatter Bones on Impact
date added: 2007-07-16  source:

Study: Recovery of fish populations from overfishing can take decades; 'up to 37 years'
date added: 2007-07-15  source:

No Fish Story: Chemical Spill In River Benefits Fish Population; 'We've Been Encouraged'
date added: 2007-07-14  source:

Tiny desert fish makes big ripple in survival game; 'It's a conundrum'
date added: 2007-07-11  source:

Got grouper? How to check to see if it is real
date added: 2007-07-10  source:

Report: Many Fish In The Great Lakes Are Unfit To Eat
date added: 2007-07-10  source:

Study: High-power sonar did not harm fish; 'some small behavioral responses'
date added: 2007-07-09  source:

Sea Shepard crew stops illegal fishing in the Galapagos in longline seizure and sea cucumber raid
date added: 2007-07-07  source:

fishcamsBrits: 'Fishcams' make their case for conservation
date added: 2007-07-06   source:

Researchers: 'Vicious' Piranhas Are Really Wimps That Seek Safety in Numbers
date added: 2007-07-04  source:

Chinese angered over US seafood ban; 'repeated contaminations'
date added: 2007-07-03  source:

tunacanDebate Rages Over What Level Of Mercury In Tuna Is Considered Harmful
date added: 2007-07-03   source:

U.S. Halts Chinese Catfish Imports Over Safety Concerns; 'Illegal Substances'
date added: 2007-07-01  source:

Scientists: Fish use the threat of punishment to deter mating 'queue jumpers'
date added: 2007-06-29  source:

Expert: Bigger Fish, More Turtles Mean Fewer Jellyfish
date added: 2007-06-28  source:

'Poaching Frenzy' Takes Caspian Sea Sturgeon to the Brink of Extinction
date added: 2007-06-27  source:

Tassie authorities alarmed as fish farms crank up antibiotic use; 'It is disturbing'
date added: 2007-06-26  source:

The scourge of overfishing, disgraceful restaurants, and surprisingly sustainable McDonald's
date added: 2007-06-25  source:

Study: Herpes Virus Number One Threat to Coral Reefs; 'When You Put People Next to Reefs, They Die'
date added: 2007-06-25  source:

A Mystery Of Fish Mortality: Elusive Illness Plagues Some Virginia Rivers
date added: 2007-06-24  source:

EU fleet caught fishing illegally one day into bluefin tuna recovery plan
date added: 2007-06-22  source:

Black sea bass 'deflated' off Catalina Island after accidental catch
date added: 2007-06-21  source:

Researchers: Any Rise in Sea Temps Due to Global Warming Could Decimate Great Barrier Reef Fish
date added: 2007-06-15  source:

World record as Florida angler snares 200th world record fish
date added: 2007-06-12  source:

Scientists urge total North Sea cod ban; 'radical changes'
date added: 2007-06-11  source:

Two arrested in conspiracy to import falsely labeled Vietnamese catfish
date added: 2007-06-10  source:

Scientist: Excessive fishing 'destabilized' Black Sea ecosystem; jellyfish ascend after 'regime shift'
date added: 2007-06-09  source:

Groups Seek Ban On Detergent Ingredient, Fish Gender-Bending Chemicals; 'A Danger Signal'
date added: 2007-06-08  source:

fishbitelegFish take bite out of Minnesota kid's leg; 'there was tons of blood'
date added: 2007-06-03   source:

Chinese ship's doctor dies after eating blowfish
date added: 2007-06-01  source:

Researchers: Color patterns on reef fish drive evolution of new species; 'we were at the frontier'
date added: 2007-06-01  source:

Oceana fishery research vessel attacked by fleet of illegal french driftnetters
date added: 2007-05-29  source:

Tingling, Then Death: FDA Warns Imported Chinese Monkfish Really Highly Poisonous Pufferfish
date added: 2007-05-28  source:

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