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Study: Mercury in Fish Seems Not To Harm Older Brains; 'Is It Causing A Problem?'
date added: 2006-09-13  source:

Report: Pollution suspected as abnormal male bass with eggs found in the Potomac river
date added: 2006-09-11  source:

Experts: High cancer level in estuary fish could link pollutants to disease in humans
date added: 2006-09-11  source:

Study: Washington's freshwater fish tainted with chemical flame retardants
date added: 2006-09-05  source:

Study: Half of all fish consumed is farm raised
date added: 2006-09-05  source:

Report: Chicago sushi suffers from mercury overload; 'a toxic threat to food safety'
date added: 2006-09-03  source:

Scientists: Beached tuna 'very unusual find' for Welsh waters
date added: 2006-09-03  source:

Tuna wars: French fishermen end 'siege' of Greenpeace ship; 'This is a form of censorship'
date added: 2006-08-30  source:

bubbagroupersm'Bubba,' famed cancer-surviving grouper, R.I.P.; 'overcame some Incredible odds'
date added: 2006-08-30   source:

Angry French fishermen lay siege to Greenpeace ship outside Marseille port
date added: 2006-08-29  source:

britfishBrit teens discover beached tuna; 'they've seen nothing like it before'
date added: 2006-08-29   source:

Kiwi claim: Japan ripping off $2b worth of tuna
date added: 2006-08-25  source:

Study: Over 1,200 Species of Venomous Fish; 'The Worst Pet on Earth'
date added: 2006-08-25  source:

Paul Watson: Toxic roulette and the revenge of the fish
date added: 2006-08-23  source:

Fishy behavior doesn't worry the rich tuna kings of Australia; 'This is not a dying industry'
date added: 2006-08-21  source:

Study: Overfishing and Pollution Killing One of World's Top Fisheries
date added: 2006-08-19  source:

Giant Jumping Sturgeon Stir Up Mystery in Florida River; 'There is No Parallel to an Attack'
date added: 2006-08-19  source:

Fishermen 'risking their lives' by trawling near undersea pipelines
date added: 2006-08-18  source:

Not grouper: Florida restaurant survey reveals bait and switch with cheaper fish 6 of 11 times
date added: 2006-08-11  source:

Research: Humble aquarium fish may be key to new therapies for birth defects
date added: 2006-08-11  source:

The grouper catch: Fish hard to find amid frustrating regulations, bitter politicking, seafood scams
date added: 2006-08-10  source:

Controversy as Aussies push plan for Asian fisherman floating prison
date added: 2006-08-08  source:

Angler Impaled by Giant Blue Marlin; Chest Wound 'as Big as Your Fist'
date added: 2006-08-07  source:

Study: Americans Don't Know Number of Documented Childhood Fish-related Mercury Poisoning Cases in the US
date added: 2006-08-07  source:

Biologist: Dispute Over Whether Farmed, Wild Salmon Can Coexist; 'Only Speculation'
date added: 2006-08-07  source:

redbannerfishsmNOAA: Aquarium trade suspected as Middle Eastern bannerfish found off Florida coast
date added: 2006-08-05   source:

Scientists: Evolutionary Origin of Fins, Limbs Discovered; 'This Confirms a Lovely Idea'
date added: 2006-07-31  source:

sunfishWarmer waters bring giant sunfish, jellyfish to UK waters
date added: 2006-07-29   source:

Irish divers uncover anchor off Coolock coast; 'It was a big surprise'
date added: 2006-07-20  source:

UN Report: International Moratorium On Bottom-trawling Needed to Protect Deep-sea Species
date added: 2006-07-19  source:

Group: Imported tuna may have mercury levels over the FDA limit
date added: 2006-07-17  source:

Greenpeace: Marine Reserves Needed to Protect Mediterranean Fish Stock; Driftnet Ban Needs Enforcement
date added: 2006-07-17  source:

Researchers: Newly recovered fossils show how fish grew legs
date added: 2006-07-16  source:

humpbackwrasseindoEndangered coral reef fish seized in Indonesia; humphead wrasse headed for Hong Kong
date added: 2006-07-16   source:

Big Tuna: America's Health Crisis Exacerbated by Confusing Reports on Tuna; 'Healthy Staple'
date added: 2006-07-16  source:

Piranha stock puts Manila man in hot water
date added: 2006-07-14  source:

HeteropriacanthuscruentatussmScientists: Genetic contact made between reef fish across Darwin's 'impassible barrier'
date added: 2006-07-11   source:

Group: FDA urged to provide clear information about mercury in fish; survey shows public confused
date added: 2006-07-11  source:

Group: Needless fish warnings not good 'science,' not 'in the public interest'
date added: 2006-07-11  source:

'Reasonably valuable' ornamental fish stolen by Brit thieves
date added: 2006-07-10  source:

Scientists photograph five ancient coelacanth fish in Indonesia
date added: 2006-07-04  source:

California, Oregon lawmakers demand help for salmon fishermen
date added: 2006-07-04  source:

Research: Rockfish Thrive Around Offshore Oil and Gas Platforms; 'Natural Reefs are Small'
date added: 2006-07-04  source:

Conservation groups offer reward in fish heist; 'This loss is devastating to our local community'
date added: 2006-07-01  source:

Research: Evidence of human-like 'altruistic' fish behavior documented; 'pretty amazing'
date added: 2006-06-27  source:

Greenpeace: Mediterranean bluefin tuna 'close to extinction'
date added: 2006-06-27  source:

NOAA Releases Report on Status of U.S. Marine Fisheries for 2005; Overfishing in Decline
date added: 2006-06-26  source:

Expert: Increasing Number of 'Fossil' Fish Catches Off Tanzania Worrying; 'Six in One Night'
date added: 2006-06-25  source:

Researchers: Source of Antarctic Anti-freeze in Fish Discovered; Pancreas, Stomach Fingered
date added: 2006-06-22  source:

Lure of the Big Catch Robs Ocean of Valued Species; 'No. Never'
date added: 2006-06-08  source:

Consumer Reports: Pregnant Women Should Not Eat Canned Tuna; 'It's Prudent'
date added: 2006-06-08  source:

piratePirate fishermen live desperate life on the waves; 'It's very lonely'
date added: 2006-06-07   source:

China introduces fishing ban on the South China Sea
date added: 2006-06-06  source:

Research: Electric fish in Africa could be example of evolution in action
date added: 2006-06-06  source:

Study: Protein Myglobin Key to Common Carp's Ability to Survive with Little Oxygen
date added: 2006-06-06  source:

1000-lb, 11-Foot Sturgeon Caught in Minnesota River
date added: 2006-06-06  source:

Sea expert calls for moratorium on bottom trawling; 'I am not one to pussyfoot around'
date added: 2006-06-05  source:

California still fighting to put mercury warnings on canned tuna
date added: 2006-06-05  source:

Study: Colorful, Rare-Patterned Male Guppies Have Survival Advantage in the Wild
date added: 2006-06-05  source:

Vet Dispels Goldfish Three-Second Memory Myth; It's Three Months
date added: 2006-05-25  source:

Study: Great Lakes' salmon failing to thrive because of 'junk food' diet
date added: 2006-05-23  source:

Study: Governments have failed to stop overfishing; quotas, scientific advice ignored
date added: 2006-05-21  source:

Precision biochemistry tracks DNA damage in fish; 'very sensitive biomarkers'
date added: 2006-05-17  source:

Expert: Illegal fishing costs Indonesia $2-billion a year
date added: 2006-05-17  source:

Brits in protest march over freshwater aquarium plan
date added: 2006-05-16  source:

Scot fish farmers, politicians angered over advert that claims wild salmon is healthier
date added: 2006-05-08  source:

Thai Fishermen Vow to Resume Hunt of Endangered Mekong Catfish; 'We Need to Make A Living'
date added: 2006-05-08  source:

Sturgeon: The misunderstood fish? 'We're loving it to death'
date added: 2006-05-04  source:

Researchers: Fish tanks identified as common source of salmonella sickness
date added: 2006-04-27  source:

He sees beneath the surface: New England Aquarium VP loves his work
date added: 2006-04-22  source:

For some young fish, early gene expression is a clear harbinger of fated lifestyle
date added: 2006-04-20  source:

North Sea fish farms take the plunge with organic cod
date added: 2006-04-19  source:

Researchers trawl the origins of sea fishing in Northern Europe
date added: 2006-04-17  source:

Scientists try find the right formula to count fish in sea; politics enters the equation
date added: 2006-04-14  source:

Scientist to study sex-changes in black bass—and how to prevent it
date added: 2006-04-13  source:

Endangered Species in a Can? 'Lions and Tigers of the Sea' Being Fed to Children
date added: 2006-04-12  source:

Massive operation nets fleet of illegal fishers in Aussie waters
date added: 2006-04-11  source:

Life seeps back into the Aral Sea; 'we're seeing fish'
date added: 2006-04-11  source:

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