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Great Lakes fish virus may threaten U.S. aquaculture
date added: 2007-04-25  source:

Bagged bass found at tournament remains unsolved mystery; 'still can't rule out foul play'
date added: 2007-04-23  source:

Beijing Admits Fish in Yangtze River are Dying; Damage 'Largely Irreversible'
date added: 2007-04-19  source:

Research: Sex change makes female fish 'king of the pack'
date added: 2007-04-18  source:

Japan develops technology to make human blood vessels from fish
date added: 2007-04-17  source:

Hope turns to hatchery as anglers await return of Kashmir's legendary 'tiger fish'
date added: 2007-04-15  source:

RhinaAncylostomasmRare Shark Ray Snagged by Bangladesh Fisherman
date added: 2007-04-14   source:

Researchers: Fish Pollutants' Link to Early Stage Diabetes
date added: 2007-04-14  source:

Can man improve nature's fishbowl? 'it seems like we’re going for the ego factor'
date added: 2007-04-13  source:

Research: 'Safe' Heavy Metals Hit Fish Senses; 'Don't Squirt Metals Up Your Nose'
date added: 2007-04-12  source:

90fishWhat a catch! Giant 100-year-old fish reeled in off Alaska
date added: 2007-04-11   source:

Protected marine species seized as Philippines' police raid warehouse
date added: 2007-04-11  source:

Groundbreaking new proposal closes 32% of New Zealand's seafloor to bottom trawling
date added: 2007-04-10  source:

Scientist investigates the mysterious winter migration of striped bass
date added: 2007-04-10  source:

albinomonkfishsmScot fishers snare 'ghost' fish, rare albino monkfish
date added: 2007-04-08   source:

Tuna 'ranches' feed appetite for bluefin; feed lots off Mexican coast find ready buyers in Japan
date added: 2007-04-06  source:

75000luckyfishsmChinese Restaurant Shells Out $75,000 for Lucky 'Golden Cash Tiger Fish'
date added: 2007-04-06   source:

Research: Certain individual fish in schools have greater influence when fleeing from predators
date added: 2007-04-04  source:

Fishermen on lower Yangtze River hang up their nets for fishing ban
date added: 2007-04-04  source:

Conference debates merits of offshore oil rigs as artificial reefs; 'let them be'
date added: 2007-04-04  source:

Hormonal chemicals may be imperiling fish; 'We don't know very much'
date added: 2007-04-04  source:

Pollution, Global Warming Leading to More Seafood Poisonings; 'I Really Thought I was Going to Die'
date added: 2007-04-03  source:

Study: Fish 'catch shares' scheme reduces by-catch, increases per-boat revenue, boosts safety
date added: 2007-03-31  source:

Chinese Hunger for Reef Fish Emptying Asian Seas 'Like a Vacuum Cleaner'
date added: 2007-03-29  source:

Experts: After 200 Years of Pollution, River Thames Now Clean Enough for Salmon
date added: 2007-03-29  source:

Report: Overfishing cited as twenty of world's 162 grouper species threatened with extinction
date added: 2007-03-25  source:

Melbourne aquarium fish soon to be swimming in 're-used' water
date added: 2007-03-24  source:

Scientists put fish 'antifreeze' protein under the microscope
date added: 2007-03-23  source:

Indian scientists: Fast-growing, bacterial-resistant fish developed; '17% more growth per generation'
date added: 2007-03-22  source:

Brits propose long-awaited marine protection bill; 'one of the biggest environmental challenges'
date added: 2007-03-21  source:

White House seeks to boost aquaculture by allowing fish farms in the deep ocean
date added: 2007-03-15  source:

Explosion of fish and bird life as floodwaters pour into world's largest ephemeral lake
date added: 2007-03-15  source:

Group: Labeling Farm-raised Fish 'Organic' Misleading; 'No Meaning' When Applied to Fish
date added: 2007-03-14  source:

Research: Farmed salmon could become an invasive species in forest streams
date added: 2007-03-13  source:

Scientists: Crawling robot reveals how fish evolved
date added: 2007-03-13  source:

California authorities make six arrests in sturgeon poaching operation
date added: 2007-03-12  source:

Group: Latest Warnings About Mercury in Fish Completely Ignore New Science
date added: 2007-03-12  source:

Researcher: Unchartered Waters Probed as 'Malaria' of the Fish World Studied
date added: 2007-03-12  source:

celestialpearldanioAquarium Fish Threatened With Extinction Just Months After Discovery
date added: 2007-03-11   source:

Malaysian police seize fisherman, 500kg of suspected 'bombed' fish off Borneo
date added: 2007-03-09  source:

Study: Critical nutrients in ecosystems change when fish become extinct
date added: 2007-03-07  source:

UN: Alien fish farming could imperil natives, change habitat, alter gene pool
date added: 2007-03-04  source:

Mistaken Identity? Threatened white marlin or enigmatic roundscale spearfish, only the DNA knows
date added: 2007-03-01  source:

Mysterious Herpes-Live Virus Wreaking Havoc on Aussie Abalone
date added: 2007-02-27  source:

'Ten Commandments' could improve fisheries management; 'we must consider whole systems'
date added: 2007-02-24  source:

orangeroughyExperts: Long-lived deep-sea fishes imperiled by technology, overfishing
date added: 2007-02-22   source:

Think you ordered the grouper? Don't be so sure; 'it's a rip-off'
date added: 2007-02-20  source:

Scientists: Fossilized Muscle Meat Found in 380-Million-Year-Old Fish; 'Our First Jawed Ancestors' -
date added: 2007-02-18  source:

Scottish salmon farm escapes 'decreasing'; 'Effective containment is a priority'
date added: 2007-02-17  source:

Research: Fish show evidence that visual cues affect timing of sexual maturation
date added: 2007-02-17  source:

Researchers: Plant-grazing Fish Boost the Resilience of Coral Reefs Facing Stress
date added: 2007-02-12  source:

cichlidssmResearchers: For some species, active inbreeding is advantageous
date added: 2007-02-09   source:

Scientists: World First as Endangered Fish Population Recovers; Shortnose Sturgeon Numbers Up 400%
date added: 2007-02-09  source:

Scientists: Irish winter weather 'confuses salmon'; climate change leads to 'false start'
date added: 2007-02-08  source:

U.N.: Fish Stock Collapse Possible by 2050
date added: 2007-02-08  source:

U.N. Partially Lifts Beluga Caviar Ban; 'Irresponsible Behavior By International Trade Officials'
date added: 2007-02-07  source:

Japan to cut Atlantic bluefin tuna catch by 23%
date added: 2007-02-06  source:

Brit supermarket takes monkfish off the shelf; 'a precaution'
date added: 2007-02-06  source:

Brit police plan to pounce on salmon poachers
date added: 2007-02-06  source:

Study: Female fish whisper to initiate sex; 'purring sounds in a vertical, head-up position'
date added: 2007-02-02  source:

Study: Male fish can determine their social rank by observation alone; 'transitive inference'
date added: 2007-01-30  source:

After 200 years, end of the line for Scottish family's link with salmon netting; 'awful'
date added: 2007-01-30  source:

Wounded Chinese sturgeon shows signs of recovery but remains weak
date added: 2007-01-29  source:

Scientists: How fish conquered the oceans; floating yolks
date added: 2007-01-28  source:

Alaska recreational anglers fight for their right to fish for halibut; one man, one fish
date added: 2007-01-26  source:

Fishing regulators meet to rescue tuna from disaster
date added: 2007-01-25  source:

WWF: Japan's Taste for Sushi Driving Tuna to Extinction; 'Massively Overfished'
date added: 2007-01-25  source:

Researchers: Environmental estrogens can have long-term effects on fish reproduction
date added: 2007-01-23  source:

jellyfishbritScientists: Brit fish stocks endangered by surge in jellyfish numbers
date added: 2007-01-23   source:

Study: Male Fish Turn to Cannibalism When Paternity Uncertain
date added: 2007-01-23  source:

Leviathan slain: Fish farmers win pollution case against Chinese government
date added: 2007-01-21  source:

Report: One-third of Fish Species in China's Yellow River Believed Recently Extinct
date added: 2007-01-21  source:

Mediterranean countries agree to protect dwindling fish stocks
date added: 2007-01-20  source:

Environmentalists: Chinese Poaching in the Philippines 'Organized Crime'; Pressure from Envoy's Letter
date added: 2007-01-17  source:

Scientists: New life forms discovered in the Arctic Ocean; 'picobiliphytes'
date added: 2007-01-16  source:

Panel: Strong, Clear Guidelines Needed to Regulate U.S. Offshore Marine Aquaculture
date added: 2007-01-15  source:

Chinese Scientists Turn Fish Into Estrogen Alerts
date added: 2007-01-14  source:

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