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EU proposes regulation on recreational angling; catches to be added to national quota
date added: 2008-12-20  source:

Biologist finds link between 'bloodless' icefish of Antarctica and anemia and osteoporosis
date added: 2008-12-20  source:

Human connection to our nation's fisheries comes alive through oral history project; 'stories to tell'
date added: 2008-12-19  source:

Kiwis give serial paua poacher three-year fishing ban
date added: 2008-12-18  source:

Pacific Nations Agree To Cut Bigeye Tuna Catch By 30%
date added: 2008-12-18  source:

Florida Governor Christ's wedding features Florida farmed-raised caviar; 'it's truly an honor'
date added: 2008-12-18  source:

Federal government considers ban on imported swordfish to protect marine mammals
date added: 2008-12-18  source:

Study: Ocean fish farming harms wild fish; higher density promotes infection, infection lowers fitness
date added: 2008-12-17  source:

FDA Draft Report Urges Consumption of Fish, Despite Mercury Contamination; 'An Astonishing, Irresponsible Document'
date added: 2008-12-17  source:

5'4" Carolina woman releases record-setting 5'4
date added: 2008-12-16  source:

Florida fish expert tries to save the last sawfish; 'They have become despised as net wreckers'
date added: 2008-12-12  source:

Dining with the fishes: Restaurant-aquarium 'a real craze' in Guatemala
date added: 2008-12-12  source:

Call To Widen Curbs On UK Fishing; 'We Have Dithered While Rome Burns'
date added: 2008-12-12  source:

stripedbasslarvaeStudy: Baby fish in polluted San Francisco estuary waters are stunted and deformed
date added: 2008-12-11   source:

Judge: No Reprieve For Dam Salmon-eating Sea Lions; 'Airtight Authority'
date added: 2008-12-10  source:

SomaliapiracyfishermanPrelude To Piracy: The Poor Fishermen of Somalia
date added: 2008-12-09   source:

Model developed to predict hot spots for mercury levels in fish
date added: 2008-12-04  source:

Researchers: Secrets of sex-changing fish in their ears
date added: 2008-12-04  source:

Project to probe cod's sensitivity to pain; 'Not much is known'
date added: 2008-12-04  source:

Scientists: Keep big fish in their small ponds -- or in the ocean
date added: 2008-12-03  source:

molamolaHunting down the elusive, strange-looking mola mola in Bali
date added: 2008-12-03   source:
bluefintunaBluefin tuna - magnificent fish too valuable to save
date added: 2008-12-02   source:

Study: Shrimp trawling may boost mercury in red snapper; 'an issue worth watching'
date added: 2008-12-01  source:

Prozac And Zoloft Make For Sad Fish; Slowed Reaction Time Could Be 'Death Sentence'
date added: 2008-11-30  source:

NOAA: U.S. pushes for strong measures to protect bluefin tuna; 'excessive fishing levels' putting species at risk
date added: 2008-11-28  source:

Worm discovery gives hope to fish farmers as cheap and effective way to remove pond sludge
date added: 2008-11-27  source:

Smithsonian puts tropical Eastern-Pacific shore fishes online
date added: 2008-11-27  source:

Farmed fish: Almost organic, and always polluting; 'floating pig farms'
date added: 2008-11-27  source:

U.S. military technology protects critically endangered goliath grouper; 'world's first use of an acoustic underwater camera'
date added: 2008-11-26  source:

Gold miners slam rules designed to save fish; 'I own the minerals and I have a contract'
date added: 2008-11-26  source:

Thousands join protest to save Mediterranean bluefin tuna
date added: 2008-11-24  source:

USDA panel approves first rules for labeling farmed fish 'organic'
date added: 2008-11-24  source:

Scots welcome EU cod target that protect stocks
date added: 2008-11-22  source:

Tuna commission set to decide the future of Mediterranean bluefin as populations 'poised for collapse'
date added: 2008-11-21  source:

Irish 'horrified' by EU cod target that protects stocks
date added: 2008-11-21  source:

Researchers use fluorescence to develop fast, simple method for detecting mercury in fish and dental fillings
date added: 2008-11-21  source:

NOAA: Restrictions Recommended As Three Common Pesticides Found To Harm Salmon
date added: 2008-11-21  source:

worldrecordroosterfishMonstrous roosterfish a record? The world will never know
date added: 2008-11-20   source:

NOAA Charges 'Unscrupulous' Charter Operators With Illegal Fishing For Striped Bass
date added: 2008-11-19  source:

Brits Pledge To End 'Scandalous Waste' Of Fish Thrown Back Into Sea
date added: 2008-11-19  source:

Study: Fish choose their leaders by consensus; prefer 'fat over thin, healthy over ill'
date added: 2008-11-17  source:

alabamasturgeonAlabama sturgeon on the brink of extinction; 'It's so rare because of the dams'
date added: 2008-11-16   source:

Illinois angler catches what may be a piranha; 'It was probably in someone's aquarium'
date added: 2008-11-15  source:

Scot fishing skipper runs aground after falling asleep at the wheel
date added: 2008-11-15  source:

dab'Unpleasant tasting' fish makes dinner table comeback because of credit crisis
date added: 2008-11-14   source:

Study: Overfishing threatens European bluefin tuna; stocks in the northeast Atlantic and Mediterranean at risk
date added: 2008-11-11  source:

Mauritania bans most fish exports to feed locals
date added: 2008-11-10  source:

codpoachingswedeenSweden convicts nine over record 100 tons of cod poaching
date added: 2008-11-09   source:

Fishing industry off Scotland's west coast facing 'devastating total shutdown'
date added: 2008-11-08  source:

Shifting Seas: Canada's commercial sockeye salmon fishing at rock bottom
date added: 2008-11-07  source:

Desperate Chesapeake Bay watermen threaten to sue EPA; 'we're backed into a corner'
date added: 2008-11-05  source:

Study: Fishing top threat to Hawaii's reef fishes
date added: 2008-11-02  source:

Scientists celebrate as 1,000th giant bluefin tuna tagged
date added: 2008-11-02  source:

Study: One-third Of World's Fish Catches Are Being Wasted As Animal Feed; 'It Defies Reason'
date added: 2008-11-02  source:

angelfishcarlasurgeryStitched up like a kipper - angelfish 'Carla' gets life-saving surgery
date added: 2008-11-01   source:

Scots condemn EU fishing plan industry 'bombshell'
date added: 2008-10-31  source:

Research: Coral bleaching disturbs structure of fish communities; MPA's have little impact on recovery
date added: 2008-10-31  source:

Scientists Confounded As Salmon Study Says Dams Make 'No Damn Difference' On Mortality
date added: 2008-10-31  source:

Aussie Group: Only 5% Of Imported Fish Tested For Toxins; 'Wary About Seafood From China'
date added: 2008-10-30  source:

Work done to save 'ugly' fish in Canada; 'Most people never see it'
date added: 2008-10-28  source:

fatheadminnowAre your birth control pills killing fish?
date added: 2008-10-28   source:

PETA: Fish 'should be rebranded as sea kittens' to boost public concern for their welfare
date added: 2008-10-27  source:

Deadliest Catch: Alaskan fishing boat with 11 aboard goes missing
date added: 2008-10-26  source:

Researchers: Mercury Pollution From Fish 'Damages Immune System' Of Seals, Possibly Humans
date added: 2008-10-24  source:

monstertunahurricanebankHurricane Bank yields monstrous tuna for intrepid anglers
date added: 2008-10-23   source:

Scientific hunch poised to save thousands from toxic ciguatera poisoning
date added: 2008-10-22  source:

U.S. 25 Years Ahead of EU on Fish Conservation
date added: 2008-10-21  source:

Research: Pairing up is better than being single in the sea; 'you end up providing a better service to your client'
date added: 2008-10-20  source:

'Fishapod' Reveals Origins Of Head And Neck Structures Of First Land Animals
date added: 2008-10-20  source:

Scientists: Fish Have Natural Rhythm 'To Avoid Predators'
date added: 2008-10-20  source:

Rare wild salmon turns up in Rhine; 'We could hardly believe our eyes'
date added: 2008-10-19  source:

ricksteinBritain's Top Seafood Chef vows to continue using endangered fish in his restaurants
date added: 2008-10-18   source:

Sri Lankan scientist: Fish behavior shows new tsunami warning
date added: 2008-10-17  source:

Group: Half of the tuna caught last year was illegal
date added: 2008-10-16  source:

Group gives bleak warning that U.K. fish face extinction
date added: 2008-10-16  source:

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