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Two missing as Japanese destroyer collides with fishing boat
date added: 2008-02-22  source:

weirdfishantarcticaWeird fish discovered off Antarctica; 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder'
date added: 2008-02-22   source:

China to Put 1.6 Million Fish Into Lake to Clear Algae
date added: 2008-02-22  source:

Aussie Mayor Urges Seagull Cull In Tuna Zone; 'The Birds Are Intelligent'
date added: 2008-02-22  source:

Save or savor? Its decision time for Atlantic bluefin tuna; 'you've got to keep a lot of bluefin in the bank'
date added: 2008-02-21  source:

Aussie Schoolboy Explodes Dumb Goldfish Myth; Memory 'At Least Six Days'
date added: 2008-02-21  source:

Study: Fish Devastated By Sex-changing Chemicals In Municipal Wastewater; Estrogen Eyed
date added: 2008-02-19  source:

Monterey Aquarium sunfish euthanized after health fails
date added: 2008-02-18  source:

New salmon parasite species described; farmed fish infected with serious disease
date added: 2008-02-14  source:

Study: Fishing Bycatch Is 'Junk Food' For Sea Birds
date added: 2008-02-14  source:

Florida seeks aid for shark fishing industry 'disaster'
date added: 2008-02-13  source:

Study: Dramatic Declines In Wild Salmon Populations Are Associated With Exposure To Farmed Salmon
date added: 2008-02-13  source:

monstersturgeoncaliforniaMonster sturgeon tows kayaker across bay; 'It was too big'
date added: 2008-02-12   source:

Study links population density, farming to intersex fish
date added: 2008-02-12  source:

See-through fish is created to give a clearer idea of how cancer spreads
date added: 2008-02-11  source:

Fish Go Into Space for Seasickness Study
date added: 2008-02-11  source:

humpheadwrasseBentleyBang a gong: Humphead wrasse 'Bentley' chews up bad memory theory
date added: 2008-02-08   source:

FDA: Seafood processors warned of ciguatera fish poisoning for catches near Gulf of Mexico marine sanctuary
date added: 2008-02-07  source:

Lebanese fishermen sound alarm on deadly blowfish
date added: 2008-02-07  source:

Menhaden: The most important fish you've never heard of
date added: 2008-02-07  source:

Scientists: Wind Is The Force Behind Fish Booms And Busts; 'Fluctuations Explained By Natural Phenomena'
date added: 2008-02-07  source:

Report: Illegal Fishing Boat Busted In Cocos Island National Park; 'Dolphin Safe' Tuna From a MPA?
date added: 2008-02-05  source:

newfishspeciesdeepsmScientist discovers six new species of deep sea fish; 'tremendously exciting!'
date added: 2008-01-31   source:

'Unprecedented Collapse' Of Salmon Stocks in California; 'Particularly Disconcerting'
date added: 2008-01-31  source:

Fishy story: The truth behind the scaremongering about mercury-tainted fish
date added: 2008-01-29  source:

Research: When accounting for the global nitrogen budget, don't forget fish
date added: 2008-01-27  source:

Blind fish see shadows; sightless cavefish still swim away from the light
date added: 2008-01-27  source:

Big Tuna: New York Times Should Retract Error-Filled Mercury Story
date added: 2008-01-25  source:

Fish bridge connects two aquariums; if only fish were smart enough to use it
date added: 2008-01-22  source:

monstersturgeonBrit Anglers Reel in Monster 100-yr-old, 500-lb White Sturgeon
date added: 2008-01-20   source:
seabirdlonglinesnaredsmFishermen from 30 countries to use new ways to avoid snaring endangered seabirds
date added: 2008-01-18   source:

Study: Warming oceans bad for sea harvests; smaller phytoplankton lead to fewer fish
date added: 2008-01-18  source:

Invasive Pacific Salmon Threatens Southern Atlantic Marine Life
date added: 2008-01-18  source:

Greenhouse ocean may downsize fish; 'the ocean biology is sort of on our side'
date added: 2008-01-15  source:

Researchers alarmed by levels of mercury and arsenic in Chinese freshwater ecosystem
date added: 2008-01-12  source:

NOAA: White marlin not threatened nor endangered; population to remain 'stable or continue to increase'
date added: 2008-01-12  source:

Sealife thriving as Florida suffers drought; 'Fish are more plentiful'
date added: 2008-01-10  source:

Scientists Restore Sight to Blind Fish, Reversing Half a Million Years of Evolutionary Change
date added: 2008-01-09  source:

Fish escape from underwater cage off Hawaii; 'They don't have any hormones'
date added: 2008-01-08  source:

Brit fishermen to challenge cod quota; 'blockading harbors and lots of militant action'
date added: 2008-01-07  source:

Florida increases fine for fish fraud; $500
date added: 2008-01-06  source:

'Several hundred tons' of anchovies bring unexpected joy to Brit fishermen
date added: 2008-01-06  source:

Aussie environmentalist worried about small fish, not big whale culls
date added: 2008-01-03  source:

Supermarket Flies Fish 5,000 Miles From Zimbabwe Where Millions are Starving... In the Name of Ecology
date added: 2008-01-03  source:

Pacific Salmon Invading Atlantic, Threatening Penguins; 'Potential Ecological Disaster'
date added: 2008-01-02  source:

Steven Spielberg livid over his koi fish being eaten by a raccoon
date added: 2008-01-01  source:

Despite investments, Rhine salmon face a difficult migration
date added: 2007-12-28  source:

Mystery as thousands of dead fish surface along Indian river
date added: 2007-12-21  source:

EU reaches deal on cod quotas against the recommendation of environmentalists
date added: 2007-12-21  source:

East China province expands artificial reefs to rehabilitate fish stocks
date added: 2007-12-20  source:

In China, farming fish in toxic waters; 'Our waters here are filthy'
date added: 2007-12-19  source:

Ancient fish bones reveal impacts of global warming beneath the sea
date added: 2007-12-17  source:

Global Warming Blamed For Drop In Philippines Tuna Catch; Sea Temps 'A Notch Higher'
date added: 2007-12-17  source:

Research: piddling fish face off threat of competition; 'the tip of the urinary pheromone iceberg!'
date added: 2007-12-14  source:

balifishermanBali's fishermen adapting to climate change
date added: 2007-12-14   source:

Fish study: When she's turned on, some of her genes turn off
date added: 2007-12-13  source:

U.S. may turn to open ocean fish farms as an alternative to imported fish
date added: 2007-12-12  source:

Sturgeon days may be numbered in Alabama waters
date added: 2007-12-12  source:

Economists: Reduce fish catch now for bigger net profits later; 'bigger stocks mean bigger bucks'
date added: 2007-12-11  source:

Research: Voyeurs put male fish off their ideal mate
date added: 2007-12-11  source:

Research: Sea Lice Widely Distributed Among Wild Fish Along The Norwegian Coast
date added: 2007-12-09  source:

Watchdog: EU Has No Idea How Much Fish It Catches
date added: 2007-12-07  source:

Fears mount for world's last great tuna fishery
date added: 2007-12-06  source:

BarredgalaxiaRescued Aussie fish head home to the hills after fire escape
date added: 2007-12-06   source:
polishcodwarningBrits tell Polish migrants to 'leave river fish' alone
date added: 2007-12-05   source:
ribbonfish4-meter-long Ribbon Fish Caught In China
date added: 2007-12-04   source:
albinoratfishIs this the only albino ratfish ever seen?
date added: 2007-11-27   source:

Researchers: WW2 bombs may have contaminated Baltic fish
date added: 2007-11-26  source:

No Government Help for Irish Salmon Farm Attacked by Jellyfish; 'Our Only Organic Salmon Fishery'
date added: 2007-11-26  source:

Despite overfishing, no cuts in Mediterranean tuna quota; 'shocking failure'
date added: 2007-11-23  source:

Push To Raise Cod Quota As 100M Tonnes Of Dead Fish Dumped Each Year; 'Immoral'
date added: 2007-11-22  source:

Japanese Emperor 'feels pained' over infestation of fish he imported
date added: 2007-11-18  source:

recordgrouperStudent lands record 359-lb grouper off Louisiana coast; 'I felt the big head shake'
date added: 2007-11-18   source:
newfishspecieseurope57 new freshwater fish species found in Europe
date added: 2007-11-18   source:

Researcher: Ice age imprint found on cod DNA; populations survived 'periods of extreme climatic change'
date added: 2007-11-16  source:

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