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Month-long intensive Asian carp hunt comes up with empty nets
date added: 2010-03-17  source:

EU Backing For Bluefin Tuna Trade Ban Sparks Japan Protests; 'Like Telling The US To Stop Eating Beef'
date added: 2010-03-17  source:

Indonesian fishermen arrested for possessing explosives; 'destructive habit'
date added: 2010-03-16  source:

ESPNOutdoors Issues Correction To 'Opinion' Article About Obama Banning Recreational Fishing; 'Several Errors In Editing'
date added: 2010-03-15  source:

All 27 EU countries to back Atlantic bluefin tuna international trade ban
date added: 2010-03-12  source:

Four arrested for aquarium fish smuggling in Phuket
date added: 2010-03-11  source:

Tsunami-hit Chilean fishermen now 'scared of sea'
date added: 2010-03-10  source:

Scales of Justice: In Zurich, Even Fish Have a Lawyer
date added: 2010-03-10  source:

Do fish have feelings too? It's a slippery question for science
date added: 2010-03-09  source:

Mature females key to beluga sturgeon survival; 'stop fishing -- or drastically reduce it'
date added: 2010-03-08  source:

fishingboyAussie fishers unite against world's most expensive recreational fishery
date added: 2010-03-07   source:

Official: Japan will not comply with tuna trade ban
date added: 2010-03-07  source:

U.S. Backs Efforts To Ban International Trade Of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna
date added: 2010-03-07  source:

Study: Popular nanoparticle causes toxicity in fish; 'there is reason to be concerned'
date added: 2010-03-05  source:

NOAA chief talks of 'flexibility;' no promises to fishermen over rationing catch
date added: 2010-03-04  source:

barramundianglerAussie angler grabs 30kg barramundi in drainage ditch, with his bare hands
date added: 2010-03-04   source:

Research: Fish use 'secret' ultraviolet vision to distinguish between species
date added: 2010-03-03  source:

Research: Farmed tuna has less heavy metals than wild; feed 'low in mercury'
date added: 2010-03-02  source:

Japanese scientists uncover rare Akame fish behavior
date added: 2010-02-25  source:

Conservation group troubled by commercial netters in Bahamas; 'it could have a devastating effect'
date added: 2010-02-24  source:

New insights into helping marine species cope with climate change; 'they have to adapt'
date added: 2010-02-24  source:

Research: Involvement of locals important in marine park success; 'there is a lot of ocean out there to patrol'
date added: 2010-02-24  source:

Japan Plans To Ignore Any Ban On Bluefin Tuna; 'It's A Pity But It's A Matter Of Principle'
date added: 2010-02-24  source:

Researcher: Damage to threatened Gulf of California habitats can be reversed with 'reduced fishing activity'
date added: 2010-02-24  source:

Brit aquarium staff using chain mail gloves to feed piranha
date added: 2010-02-23  source:

Survey: Deep-sea Trawling Is Destroying Coral Reefs And Pristine Marine Habitats
date added: 2010-02-23  source:

filterfeederResearch: SUV-Sized Fish Were Earliest Filter-Feeders
date added: 2010-02-23   source:

First day of Chicago canal expedition fails to locate Asian carp
date added: 2010-02-21  source:

FDA: Virus-carrying salmon will not sicken humans; 'no information that there is any harm'
date added: 2010-02-21  source:

Asian Carp Threat Stirs Rethink of Century-Old Feat: Linking The Great Lakes To The Mississippi
date added: 2010-02-19  source:

New Scot salmon tagging scheme aims to beat the poachers
date added: 2010-02-18  source:

deadliestcatchCaptain of 'Deadliest Catch' dies; 'he was someone who never backed down'
date added: 2010-02-14   source:

U.S. To Commit $78.5M To Fight Asian Carp
date added: 2010-02-13  source:

Scientists: People eating fish that eat fish that eat plastic
date added: 2010-02-12  source:

Giant bizarre deep sea fish filmed in Gulf of Mexico; 'We saw this bright vertical shiny thing'
date added: 2010-02-11  source:

Spitting fish learn target practice with artificial flies at Brit aquarium
date added: 2010-02-11  source:

Venomous lionfish spreading throughout the Florida Keys
date added: 2010-02-11  source:

International celebrities add their voice to call for protection of Bluefin tuna
date added: 2010-02-10  source:

Europe Moves Closer To Bluefin Trade Ban; 'There Is Still Powerful International Lobbying From A Big Country'
date added: 2010-02-07  source:

Research: Egg disinfectant shown to prevent transmission of devastating viral hemorrhagic fish disease
date added: 2010-02-05  source:

swordfish'Force majeure' declared as swordfish attack Angolan oil pipeline
date added: 2010-02-05   source:

Fish Caught Evolving Into Three Different Species; 'There Are A Lot Of Unknowns Out There'
date added: 2010-02-05  source:

UN turns to forensic science to help combat illegal fishing; 'we need to push the envelope'
date added: 2010-02-04  source:

YouTube video could bring charges in California black sea bass incident
date added: 2010-02-04  source:

Florida officials: Recent cold snap mainly killing off exotic species of fish
date added: 2010-02-04  source:

Hungry otters ignore 'no-otter zone,' compete with Southern California fishermen
date added: 2010-02-03  source:

The end: Sicilian fisherman 'ruined' by €35,000 fine for fishing in Maltese waters
date added: 2010-02-01  source:

Research: Seabirds' Movement Patterns Tied To What Fishermen Toss Away
date added: 2010-02-01  source:

Virulent hemorrhagic fish virus identified for first time in Lake Superior
date added: 2010-01-31  source:

U.S. retailer Target to dump farmed salmon for wild Alaska salmon; 'incredible willingness to challenge old paradigms'
date added: 2010-01-31  source:

piranhabitePet Shop Owner Bitten By Man-eating Piranha; 'There Was Blood Everywhere'
date added: 2010-01-31   source:

Aussie green group rejects claims of tuna boom
date added: 2010-01-29  source:

Aussie Big Tuna: Stocks 'Booming' At Time Of Quota Cuts
date added: 2010-01-29  source:

blobfishGrumpy-looking blobfish in danger of being wiped out
date added: 2010-01-28   source:

Sea Shepherd heading to the Mediterranean to protect tuna
date added: 2010-01-28  source:

Fish Boom Makes Splash in Oregon; Population Surge Comes Despite Forecasts of Decline
date added: 2010-01-26  source:

barrackobamaWhite House To Hold Asian Carp Summit
date added: 2010-01-26   source:

Brit anglers slammed for risking their lives to save fish
date added: 2010-01-25  source:

RIP: Pirahna-like pet 'Jaws' was part of family for 3 decades; 'He would actually smile at me'
date added: 2010-01-25  source:

U.S. Court: Giant Leaping Fish No Reason To Shut Chicago Canal; 'Clearly This Is Not Good News'
date added: 2010-01-24  source:

Study: Red grouper to be 'Frank Lloyd Wrights of the sea'; sandy architecture 'a monument to interconnectedness'
date added: 2010-01-21  source:

Aussies school hatchery fish to fear predators; 'No one's attempted it on such a mass scale'
date added: 2010-01-21  source:

More than 200,000 descend on Korean fishing festival to catch trout in a frozen river
date added: 2010-01-21  source:

Biologists Cast Doubt On Long-held Theory That Fish Gills Evolved Primarily For Breathing
date added: 2010-01-21  source:

salmonheadSea Change: Environmental Group Gives First-Time Nod to Sustainable Salmon-Farming Method
date added: 2010-01-20   source:

Research: Three second fish memory 'just rubbish'; learning and memory 'quite sophisticated'
date added: 2010-01-18  source:

Louisiana chef wants to market 'flying fish'; Asian carp tastes like 'a cross between crab and scallops'
date added: 2010-01-16  source:

recordcarpBrit Angler Snags World Record Carp; Like 'Trying To Land A Small Hippo'
date added: 2010-01-15   source:

Aussie marine park blamed for fishing downturn
date added: 2010-01-14  source:

New acoustic telemetry system helps explain salmon migration; 'a clearer, more complete picture'
date added: 2010-01-11  source:

Florida tropical fish farms reeling as freezing weather settles in; 'Some ponds are complete losses'
date added: 2010-01-11  source:

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